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15 September 2007

It's a Dog Eat God World

Nathan Nothin' here again...
Here's another quick one.
An ep. cd. one-off by WWF (that's Weird White Fuckers)
entitled Dog is goD.
Brainchild of Luche Libre masked assassin Mighty Mark Mystery
with great growled vox courtesy of his late tag-team partner
Rod "Wildman" Manning (R.I.P.)
Four & a half originals...five stars
(M.M.M. co-wrote the Stiff Richards classic "Gangrape" covered here).

Sweatshop Kidz
David Hasselhoff (must die)
Rag Boy

The entire set clocks in at under seven minutes
(for those of us with short attention spans).

ps. here's a fun file I found somewhere???
Psychiatric Office Answering Machine

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