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27 October 2007

Loose Ends

Nathan Nothin' here!

October 10 I posted two 7''ers from The Retardos.
I remarked about the incestuousness of the San Jose
music scene back in those days...

Scott Cofer, drum whore extraordinaire commented,
"If you want more incest (OK, that sounds strange), I've got
the Hayride! demo. That's Dug (ByProducts, Retardos, other) on guitars,
Bob from Hell on Stilts on drums/vox and me on bass/vox.
We cover Rod McKuen..."
I'm always in the mood for more incest!

Well, Scooby sent me the following Hayride tracks:

Circles Under Squares
Sob Story

The other track's domain designation was truncated
in the comment so I was unable to to post it this time.
Thanks Scott

October 20 in Vinyl Room II... I posted some punk tunes I snagged
from vinyl. Uber Craig took the time out from stirring things up at
Marsugis Reunion to comment,
" Love the Rikk Agnew Album...how about OC Life?"
Your wish is my command, oh illustrious one.

OC Life - Rick Agnew - All By Myself 1982

Any more request?

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