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10 October 2007

Marsugis Redux

Nathan Nothin' here!

Got a reply to one of my posts from an old acquaintance Gary Singh.

Gary was one of the masterminds behind the great art/noise
ensemble Gas Chamber Orchestra. They put on some of the
wildest shows I've ever witnessed, like the show at San Jose State
where they brought a car on stage & smashed it with sledge hammers,
ground it with electric power grinders, & chopped it up with various
industrial de-construction tools. The car & tools were miked & amplified,
the insane cacophony manipulated through various sound processors
while other members of the band 'played' on with more conventional
instruments. I will post up some of their compositions as soon as
my USB cassette deck is back from repairs.

So the Marsugis & Bart Thurber/House of Faith connection that
spawned Gary's reply (Blame it on the Bombs - 26 Sept. 2007)
made me dig out the following 45s that have a Marsugis/House
of Faith link. (Plus I had been meaning to put the ByProducts music
on here so this is a good time to start, since members
Food King, Otto Destruct, & Fudgie D. Clown were all vital in
EAT POOP! 'zine)

So it begins...

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