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20 August 2009

I've got Dengue Fever

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/19/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

...but I'll survive.

Dengue Fever

Well, I'm over that now, so here it is for you to catch...
decryption code in comments

So Dr. Benway prescribes: One new Venus on Earth ™ dose daily for the next 11 days. If we're not completely hooked on the cure by the third day, then we must be dead already, just not willing to admit it. I'm more than glad to oblige the good Docktor. If you've got The Fever, you might want to treat your symptoms daily as well.

Seeing Hands
Clipped Wings
Tiger Phone Card
Woman In The Shoes
Sober Driver
Monsoon Of Perfume
Ocean Of Venus
Laugh Track
Tooth & Nail
Mr. Orange

Fair thee well, me bruthers, fair thee well,


  1. This is pretty outstanding. I like it.
    I trust you haven't actually contracted Dengue Fever for real, NØ ?

    What with Swine Flu on the rampage here, even a metaphor causes alarm. While the map dots of infection seem to be closing in, it is a minor cause for celebration that nobody as yet seems to have succumbed to it. Touch wood.

  2. That Swine Flu thing ? While Rosa suspects rampant exaggeration, I notice our government has drawn up plans for mass burial and cremation; with the recommendation that funeral services be truncated drastically to cope with the expected surge in volume. Meanwhile, we are advised not to overreact to any symptoms.

  3. The swine flu was created by the One World Government as a means of population control. All the scare tactics are just to prepare everyone for the coming pandemic.

    Or not.

    I really have Dengue Fever, but only in my heart. I caught it from a band, not a skeeter. I am allergic to silence & must fill all my quiet spaces with MUSICK-SICK-SICK.

  4. MEGA decryption code