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15 January 2011

Mouthpiece Mega-post

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/31/2013. Enjoy, NØ.
 Guess today I’ll be the mouthpiece for Suavity’s Mouthpiece. Don’t know if it’ll make me suave or not.

I first came across Suavity’s Mouthpiece over at thee Brad Miller’s place with the release The Audial Equivalent of John Wilkes Booth. (since Brad's blog is no more, I have placed a link to the file here).
all decryption codes in comments

Brad said:
“This one was sent by a friend of the blog.... I told him people would either say it's the best thing ever or a joke. Either way, you will end up scratching your head with a WTF expression on your face.”

Well, I mighta had a WTF expression on my face but I definitely liked it & have played it many times since then. So here is some of what is known about SM...& most everything musickally from them (really mainly ‘him’ & frenz).

Suavity's Mouthpiece is the current vehicle of Pittsburgh,PA-born singer-songwriter Justin Trafford. Born Justin Antoszewski. His earliest musick was influenced by The Smiths & Magazine/Howard DeVoto. Trafford’s first release, 2002s single, "Empty Dreamer" was on his own Widowed Majesty label. Using the name Sinclair McRickson, Trafford blended styles reminiscent of 1920s/30s crooning with post-punk music. The single drew attention to Trafford (McRickson) in the outsider art community.

McRickson - The Very Last of My Promenade Days (revisited),
End of Music EOM94, 2009.

all decryption codes in comments

Trafford began working on his first commercial full-length album, which was to contain his specialized brand of crooning baroque pop he had presented in the first single. The album, The Very Last of My Promenade Days was released in 2002. The song "Interlude" from this album would re-appear on the Because We Must: The Smiths & Morrissey release in 2009, but unfortunately, TVLOMPD languished without much notice.

Justin was determined to make his next album a masterpiece. It seems as though he would be successful, as the first single, "Undesirable" from his sophomore album, The Winedark Serenatas (released in 2005) garnered several prizes around the Internet. He was awarded "Most Original" & "Best Mood" in the indie rock genre from prestigious artist review site GarageBand.com. "The Rapture Incarnate", also from Winedark was a huge hit & remains a staple in Suavity’s live shows.

Trafford's next full-length album, Embrace the Nocturne(2006) would continue the pattern of his baroque pop sound, but in a much less confrontational, more robust mood. He strove to recreate the atmosphere of his post-punk fave Magazine's sophomore album, Secondhand Daylight.

In early 2008, Trafford announced plans for his fourth studio endeavor, which was to be entitled These Thoughts Dost Seasons Manifest, but before even half of the album was recorded, Trafford had a falling out with the web-based distributors at his very own Widowed Majesty label, & vowed to dispose of the label after his new project was released. Under the new title Citta Creatura Viva (a deluxe version including tracks recorded after the trouble at Widowed Majesty)...taken from a book by obscure Italian poet Biagia Marniti...the album was finally released on Trafford's 18th birthday, 13 November 2008. The album yielded four successful singles: "Rush Toward the Hilltop"; "Killjoy"; "I Ebb to the Wayside"; & "Fast Car, Sharp Bend, I Will Love You Always". While the essence of baroque pop remained, Citta Creatura Viva was the first of Trafford's albums to rely heavily on distortion guitar & synthesizer.

Battery - The Beatles Would've Hung Themselves single,
Love Torture Records LTR171, 2009.

By January 2009, Trafford had signed to two separate labels, Love Torture Records in Canoga Park, California & End of Music in Pavia, Italy to better facilitate the release of his works worldwide. By early February, Trafford had released a new single entitled "The Beatles Would've Hung Themselves" under the new moniker Battery. The release stood apart from anything previously written by Trafford up until that time, building on a melodic punk vibe reminiscent of the late 70s singles of The Buzzcocks.

Suavity's Mouthpiece - Know Your Place single,
Love Torture Records LTR199, 2009.

With the release of a second new single, "Know Your Place", Trafford announced that Battery would record one more single leading up to a full-length album entitled The Audial Equivalent of John Wilkes Booth. Before the album was ready, Trafford announced that his new band would be called Suavity's Mouthpiece as he had run into publishing problems with another band from the southern California area already called Battery. "Know Your Place" garnered more acclaim than any previously released McRickson single, being dubbed by LOSINGTODAY UK magazine as ''a twinkling bed of celestial halos...strangely amorphous...operatic.''

At the time of the release of the third single leading up to The Audial Equivalent of John Wilkes Booth, entitled "The P.E. Survivors", Trafford's close friend Meredith Bigatel began accompanying him on the bass guitar & rhythm guitar in live performances. Bigatel's brother Nick was an active voice in Pittsburgh's Iron City punk scene with his band Bad Influence. The Audial Equivalent of John Wilkes Booth was released in April of 2009 to critical acclaim. The 9-track pseudo-electronic opus announced the arrival of Suavity's Mouthpiece on the popular music scene.
Suavity's Mouthpiece - Luck Be a Lady, Love Torture Records LTR220, 2009.

A departure from the old McRickson style, most tracks on the album have their basis in progressive keyboards & synthesized sounds with the propulsion provided by the guitar & vocals fashioned after the stylings of 1920s crooners, in particular 20s crooning sensation Russ Columbo, whose life was cut tragically short in the apex of his career in a freak antique dueling pistol accident.

Suavity's Mouthpiece - I Call it Madness, but You Call it Love single,
Love Torture Records LTR232, 2009.

In mid-June 2009, Justin announced plans for a new extended-play record by Suavity's Mouthpiece, to be heralded by a single dedicated to & bearing a unique twist on Columbo's signature tune, "I Call it Madness, but You Call it Love". Released in August 2009, the single continued Trafford's streak of topping his own material in popularity with each succeeding release.

Suavity's Mouthpiece - The EP, Love Torture Records LTR237, 2009.

The six-song EP Suavity's Mouthpiece was released a few weeks later, followed by a second single entitled "Au Revoir, Mssr. Meursault" released only on End of Music. It was at this time that Trafford began once again looking for new labels. He felt that the notable difference between his work & most of the more industrial or experimental acts on Love Torture Records worked against his band, despite the fact that Suavity's Mouthpiece had been garnering a substantial amount of business for the label.

Trafford opted to re-release "Au Revoir, Mssr. Meursault" on the new avant-garde Filipino label Kamias Road Records, headed by Lionel Valdellon, curator of electronic label QED Records. It was the first time since the beginning of Trafford's professional career that he was without backing from a US label.

In October 2009, Kamias Road Records released a compilation of twenty original singles spanning Trafford's seven year recording career (as McRickson, Battery, & Suavity's Mouthpiece), entitled Singles to Which Lovers Roll Their Eyes. The idea was to familiarize fans of Suavity’s Mouthpiece with the hard-to-find older musick, especially the McRickson catalogue which was basically out-of-print since the demise of his Widowed Majesty label.

It was at this time that the band began including more material from Justin’s back catalog in their live sets, specifically from the album Embrace the Nocturne. Trafford's next intended move was to follow-up The Audial Equivalent of John Wilkes Booth with a second full-length Suavity's Mouthpiece disc. Once again at odds with his label, he dropped Kamias Road Records. Suavity's Mouthpiece was soon signed by progressive Dallas,TX label Subspine Records. Now confident with the availability of his back catalog & finally with a US label again, Trafford looked forward to his next full length release, to be entitled The Passion of Suavity's Mouthpiece. The first new single from that project was the trumpet-blazing show tune called "The Brains of Flies" that was released in early December 2009. It immediately became a live favorite.

Suavity's Mouthpiece - I'm Sick of Your Tedious Girlfriend single,
Subspine Records SR-018, 2010.

The follow-up single "I'm Sick of Your Tedious Girlfriend" again caught the attention of Garageband.com, which awarded the new Suavity's Mouthpiece single five different awards for "Best Male Vocals in Alternative Pop", "Best Overall Programming", "Best Production in Alternative Pop", "Best Mood in Alternative Pop", & "Most Original Overall" along with making it the site's 'Track of the Day' on January 23rd. The new single featured a jazz-flamenco fusion rhythm with blaring trumpets & an exotic eastern breakdown, The sleeve for the single is the first to feature Meredith Bigatel alone, which Trafford jokingly has credited for the success of the single.

Suavity's Mouthpiece - Casual Friday, Subspine Records SR-024, 2010.

Suavity’s Mouthpiece are basically Justin Trafford & Meredith Bigatel with Ian Hatfield.

Suavity's Mouthpiece - The Rape of Laura Ingalls, Subspine Records SR-034, 2010.

Those who have participated in the sound of Suavity's Mouthpiece: Corey Florindi (the Gentlemen); Cody Kraski & Claire Secen (the Feel-Good Revolution); John Matta (Awaiting Daylight); Dr. Wes Miller (the Pocket Mystics); Megha Priya Pai; Zachary Santoro (the Spiffies); & Leland Shaw (Polar Opps Inc.)

Suavity's Mouthpiece - Apoplexy Index, Subspine Records SR-037, 2010.

Suavity's Mouthpiece - Suavity's Swansongs, bonus ep with Apoplexy Index.

Suavity's Mouthpiece - I've Been Expecting You, Subspine Records SR-039, 2010.
recorded for the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Luxuria album Beast Box



  1. Hello.
    I am Justin Trafford of Suavity's Mouthpiece. We recently discovered your blog post on us here and would like to commend you for going to the lengths of compiling a near-complete detailed chronicle of the our history and works. It means a great deal to us (and me, especially, as the writer of the material) that you so value what we do as to share it unconditionally through your own personal medium. We are privileged to be deserving of your recognition.

    Our undying appreciation; here's to the furtherance of your goals and ambitions.

    Require Suavity's Mouthpiece.
    J. Trafford

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    Apoplexy Index
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