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17 November 2012

Like, Smiling, Man

Yes, I've been gloating lately. My cheeks are sore from the smile pasted on my mug. Old rich white men can't simply buy our nation. Now they'll try as hard as they can to ruin it because they are spoiled losers. Let'em try. Let Hostess go out of business. Sorry for the 18,000+ workers, but I know for a fact that they'll get jobs...better jobs, in fact. & fuck Papa John. It might cost him 11 to 14 cents per pizza to pay for his employees health care. & we all believe that he can't afford that, right? He wants us to come in on Fridays & buy pizzas to stop Obamacare. Oh, we'll stop by on Fridays all right. We just might have another agenda. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive.

Live at Auditorio Serralves, Porto - Mark Stewart & Maffia, 04-14-2007.


  1. Hell yeah!
    .14 cents more per large pizza and thousands of more people get health care coverage.
    How cheap are these people?

    1. to jeffen,

      All we are is profit to them so if we're not at least .000000somethin' to the plus, then they'll fuck us or forget us. Some like Hostess realized as soon as the election was over that they had squeezed the last real dollars they could from workers & customers. They decided to get out while they still had a shirt. Now they're trying to blame the workers. (see new post for the truth about Hostess) This tactic will become more & more prevalent in the coming days. It will find believers among those disgruntled with the election results who only believe in democracy when their team wins. But the 99% are tired of the treatment by the 1% & are not going to take it much longer. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive.

  2. I received a racist comment from someone too chickenshit to leave their name, only their hate-filled screed. I took the liberty of deleting the comment.

  3. I tried a Papa John's pizza about fifteen years ago. It was over priced and completely sucked ass! Fuck corporate fast food, I try to patronize local joints in my area.

    1. Edward,

      My sentiments exactly...Fuck corporate anything. We never eat Papa John's & never will. Like you said, patronize locals, that's the real way to help. Thanks for the comment.