On any post, if the link is no longer good, leave a comment if you want the music re-uploaded. As long as I still have the file, or the record, cd, or cassette to re-rip, I will gladly accommodate in a timely manner all such requests.

Slinging tuneage like some fried or otherwise soused short-order cook

23 May 2024

Musick that Needed Work - O: Otis Optic & the Option People

Otis Optic & the Option People are a German psychedelic rock band from the Dortmund, Ruhr area. All the musicians were born in the 80s, but live in the 60s. Their blend of 60s psychedelic & garage music is classic 60s organ/fuzz guitar driven sounds. 


Here OO&tOP is: Tobias Fonda - guitar & vocals; Philipp Kawalek - guitar; Dario Treese - organ & bass; & Elke Jamelle - drums.

Micrograms is a bonus track originally released as a single in 2005. 


Otis Optic & the Option People - self-titled, Nasoni Records NASONI 072-2CD, 2008.

Saints of Sound    
Shallow Fair    
Spot in Your Mind    
Traffic Lights    
Mass Confusion    
Among You    
Memory Dehydrating    
Liable to Fade    
Concept of Time    
Cold Rain (outro)    
bonus track -    


21 May 2024

Musick that Needed Work - O: ONO

The avant-gospel collective ONO have been around since 1980, pioneering/re-defining "noise".  Blending the slightest apparitions of jazz & funk with a primordial deluge of discordant sonic emanations driven by a poetic cadence of sing-speak-scream vocals exhuming our deepest, darkest thoughts, fused to the tempestuous now-you-hear-it-now-you-don't rhythmic arrangement. It is noise, but it is also dizzying, ponderous, profound, & so much more. 


Constant members are: travis (Travis Dobbs) - vocals & lap steel guitat; P. Michael - bass, keyboards, & electronics; & Shannon Rose Riley - vocals, keyboards, & horns along with an ever-changing cast of musical collaborators.

Village Voice-over sez:
     "über-legendary Chicago avant-everything cult freakazoids ONO are one of those radical groups who've earned that tag as 'one of the most influential bands you've never heard of'."

     "ONO is my idea of onomatopoeia before music.",
travis sez. 


ONO - Machines That Kill People, Thermidor T11, 1983.
all decryption codes in comments

Side 1 -
Machines That Kill People    
The Model Bride    
O Jackie O I    
O Jackie O II
WWV (locked groove)

Side 2 -
Pyramid of Drums    

The full ONO experience, however, happens in the live shows, which are tightly orchestrated, with a narrative arc & numerous costume changes. travis spits out words that weave history with personal pain, moving in & out of the crowd as he adds or subtracts a wedding gown, a headpiece, a tuxedo shirt, a lace veil. P.Michael helms the ship from behind a table covered by drum machines, samplers, & effects pedals. He crafts dense, groovy compositions that swell with travis's vocal performance.

So in case the first offering wasn't weird enough for some of you weirdos, here's a couple live shows. You kinda already know what happens New Year's Eve...
ONO - New Years Eve 1984, ONO self-released, 1985. 

ONO often performs a cover of the song "Heroin" by the Velvet Underground that is as solemn & painful as it is elegant.

P. Michael sez:
     "We've been doing it since the 80s. We knew so many people who were on heroin, so it means a whole lot to us to perform that piece. Which is why it takes so much out of travis to do, it always has to be at the end. He can't function after, because of all the folks we know and all the people who were at our shows that were doing heroin. And some of them are dead now because of that, so it's very intense."
ONO - Filmmakers2 - Heroin, ONO self released, 2007.


18 May 2024

Musick that Needed Work - O: Ofra Haza


Ofra Haza was a songwriter/singer & actress from Hatikva, Tel Aviv, Israel. Outside of her native Israel she was known as  "the Isreali Madonna". Ofra represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 1983, with the song "Hi", finishing second with 136 points. Her major international breakthrough came in the wake of the album Shirei Teiman ("Yemenite songs"), which she recorded in 1984. 



The album Shaday (1988) won the New Music Award for Best International Album of the Year. The single "Im Nin'alu", taken from that album, topped the Eurochart for two weeks in June that year. It was on heavy rotation on MTV channels across the continent. The song became a dance floor favorite across Europe & the US, topping the German charts for nine weeks.

Haza's death from an AIDS-related illness added another layer to the public mourning, bringing the disease into the spotlight. The revelation of Haza's illness caused much surprise among fans, along with debate about whether the media invaded her privacy by rushing to report it.

Ofra Haza - Shaday, TELDEC CD43845, 1988.
decryption code in comments

Im Nin'alu    
Da'Ale Da'Ale    
My Aching Heart
Love Song    
Face to Face
Take Me to Paradise


17 May 2024

Musick that Needed Work - O: Old Time Relijun

There's a saying..."Give me that Old Time Relijun" but once you've got it, well... You either love that Old Time Relijun or you hate it, there’s no fence sitting. 


The band started in Olympia,WA. Their early releases were home-made cassette offerings on their own Pine Cone Alley label. They soon jumped to home town indie label K Records & became a regulars there. OTR is now based out of Portland, OR.

On this release, recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio, Old Time Relijun is: Arrington de Dionyso - guitar & vocals; Aaron Hartman - bass, & Phil Elvrum - drums. 


Old Time Relijun - Witchcraft Rebellion, K KLP 128, 2001.
decryption code in comments

Mystery Language    
Cune Form    
Vampire Sushi    
Dark of the Male, Light of the Female    
Mercury Snake    
Two Crows    
King of Nothing    
Book of Life & Crime    
Treasure Map    
Maenads in the Android Brothel    
Crocodile Theater    
Witchcraft Rebellion


15 May 2024

Musick that Needed Work - O: Orchid Spangiafora


This is an ongoing solo project of Rob Carey, sometimes joined by Byron Coley, head honcho of Ecstatic Peace! record label & occassionally Chris Osgood. This is OS's first release & very much the solo explorations of outsider psychedelia of Rob. Released on Twin/Tone Records. 


Alfred E Neuman sez:
     "Recommended for explorers of the remote & connoisseurs of the weird!"


Orchid Spangiafora - Flee Pasts Ape Elf, Twin/Tone Records TTR7910, 1979.
decryption code in comments

Side One -
Dime Operation    
Short Piece    
Flee Past's Ape Elf    
Mondo Stupid    
Hold Everything

Side Two -
Sheer Madness    
Some Crust    
Coarse Fish    
Trapped Heir Suite Part 2    
Persistance of F.M. (Fred McMurray)


13 May 2024

Musick that Needed Work - O: Oku Onuora


Another artist that I've shared in the past. Oku Onuora, born Orlando Wong in Kingston, JA March 1952, is a Jamaican Dub poet. His freeman name Oku Onura means "Fire that burns oppression" or "Voice of the people" in Nigerian. 


First up is the re-issue of his debut 1984 release with AK7 (with 5 bunus Dub tracks). Recorded at Tuff Gong Studio...

Oku Onuora & AK7 - Pressure Drop, Zola & Zola ZZCD012, 1993.

A Slum Dweller Declares
Dread Times
Last Night
Pressure Drop
(Heathen) Let Wi Go
The Call
Beat Yuh Drums
Change Yes Change
bonus tracks -
Changes Dub
Dread Dub
Sketches in Dub
Let Wi Go Dub
Pressure Dub

Here's a later effort released by ROIR with help from Sly & Robbie, Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Style Scott & many more...
Oku Onuora - Dubbin' Away, ROIR RUSCD8253, 1999.

Dub Out    
Untitled Dub    
Dubble Trouble    
We'll Keep on Struggling    
Dub Can't Wait    
Sun Dub (Solar Dub)    
Dub Pressure
Dub Sketches
A Slum Dweller Declares    
Dub Changes    
Dubbing Away    
Ruff Dub
Cumin Dub
More Dub
Fia Dub    


11 May 2024

Musick that Needed Work - O: The Offs

Another ongoing series that I'm really making a concerted effort to finish before this blog inevitably ends & I leave this incomplete ...Musick that needed work.

This project started in August 2015. At that time I opened a folder (always a dangerous act) I had labeled: "Musick that Needs Work'. It was a Pandora's box of files that needed some special attention, meaning anything from missing tracks to cleaning up the sound to fixing the tags to getting the art work, whatever. 

In the almost nine years since I started this, I have finished through letter N last month. Moving on to O. 


The Offs

I shared them before when I was first starting out. Now many years later I'll share their first record with cover artwork by Jean Michel Basquiat. 
The Offs - First Record, CD Presents, Ltd. – CD 025, 1984.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -
You Fascinate Me    
Cool Down    
True Story
Why Boy?

Side 2 -
Body Hesitation
I've Got the Handle    
One More Shot    
Bye Bye Baby


09 May 2024

The Naterock Album Dump Part 8


Continuing on with part eight of a continuing series, 1982 - 1983. Remember, a .zip file marked simply Albums List will be included in each dump, so youcan decide from that what you want or simply reference the list below (& with each posting).

Naterock Album Dump Part 8

Part Two -
Bad Brains - Bad Brains
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Siouxsie & the Banshees
Descendents - Milo Goes to College
The Clash - Combat Rock
Flipper - Generic Flipper
The Gun Club - Miami
Sparks - Angst in My Pants
Mission of Burma - Vs
The Dream Syndicate - Tell Me When it’s Over
Cleaners from Venus - In the Golden Autumn
D.O.A. - Right to Be Wild
Dicks - Kill from the Heart
Minor Threat - Out of Step
Sad Lovers & Giants - Feeding the Flame


07 May 2024

A Little Porno Detour - $igue $igue $ex $tars

Taking a breather from filling the gaps & connecting the dots. Here's a first for NSS.

The brain child of former Generation X bass player Tony James, Sigue Sigue Sputnik formed in 1982 with Martin Degville on vocals & Neal Whitmore (Neal X) on guitar, later to be joined by Chris Kavanagh & Ray Mayhew, both on drums, as well as Yana YaYa on keyboards & synths. 


The key to Sputnik's sound was gifted largely by The Clash. Mick Jones donated a Pro 1 synth & Roland guitar synthesizer while Topper Headon & Terry Chimes each donated drum kits to Ray & Chris respectively. When combined with Neal X's riffs, Degville's vocals, along with the inclusion of some of the first sampled dialog & effects in music, a new SSS unique sound was birthed.

Kirkland Ciccone sez it best:
     "a group of refugees from a dystopic future propel themselves backwards in time to Thatcher's Britain, bringing their music with them. And the music? Synth heavy Dubby dance tracks with samples crashing in and out of sync, complete with jagged bursts of guitar, like a car's exhaust pipe farting outside a pop party in Covent Garden."

Flaunt It! might be their highest ranked, but this is my favorite... 


$ci-Fi $ex $tars - Rock 'N' Roll Mixes, Sigue Sigue Sputnik self-released, 2000.
decryption code in comments

Rockit Miss U.S.A. (Madman Vs Speedranch)    
Love Missile F1-11 (Dakeyne megamix)
Teenage Thunder (Sputstyle)    
Razz Crazy    
The Future's on Fire with Rock 'N' Roll    
Monalisa Overdrive    
Youth Juice    
Suicide (Live Sept. '86 London)    
From the Gutter to the Stars


05 May 2024

Epic Gap


During the April Three Epics posts, one of the truly epic bands I shared was Zenzile, a French troupe that began as a Dub unit & gradually expanded outward to encompass & enhance all the styles & sounds their members loved & loved playing.

As I sez at the time:
     "Following Living in Monochrome (2007), Zenzile expanded their sound in numerous sound experiments: (Pawnshop - pop); (Electric Soul - soul); (Berlin - film soundtrack); (Elements - audio-visual installation). I will explore those four in a further edition featuring this great band...What began as Dub became broad & cinematic, with the band dabbling in rock, progressive, electro, new wave, funk-punk or krautrock until Dub had almost completely disappearred on the 2017s Elements release."

The entire purpose of the Three Epics posts was to showcase three bands that didn't simply re-do there previous releases each time out, but used their creativity to branch out to various styles that fit their own personal design. Of the three, Zenzile perhaps personifies that concept to the greatest degree. As varying as each release is, each one is a masterpiece on its own, showcasing the band incredible mucical talents over a wide range of styles, while never forsaking or forgetting that they are at heart a Dubwise unit of the highest order. In every iteration you can still feel the truest soul of Dub.

With this share I will illuminate a fantastic ten-year creative period in the developement of Zenzile.

First off Zenzile takes a stab at their own unique twist on folk/pop.

Zenzile - Pawnshop, Discograph 6144982, 2009
all decryption codes in comments

Histoire de Papiers
Life's a Dance
The Crooked Man
Fire Eater
Mind over Matter
White Spirit
National Quota
Thursday Night Rover Disco
Caution Horses

This one should be self-evident... 
Zenzile - Electric Soul, Yotanka YO26, 2012.

No Idol   
Mind Control   
Yuri's Porthole   
Magic Number
Chewin' Mi Mic   
Man Made Machine

Next Zenzile created a live soundtrack for the famous documentary directed by Walter Ruttmann in 1927, Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt), a fascinating depiction of a single day in the Berlin of the 1920s.
Zenzile - Berlin, Yotanka YO37, 2014.

Der Zug   
Die Architektur    
Die Strasse    
Die Fabrik   
Die Laden   
Die Bourgeoisie   
Der Verkehr   
Der Windergarten   
Die Brucke   
Die Freizeit   
Der Tanz

Having found great success with their soundtrack effort, Zenzile embarked on their next project, music for an audio-visual art installation. The final fill in the ten year gap...
Zenzile - Elements, Yotanka YO56, 2017.


Epic enjoyment,

03 May 2024

Going to a Go-Go

This will be the fifth installment of Yoyo Recordings compilations from Yoyo Studios head honcho, Olympia, WA's Pat Maley. Previously I've shared: Periscope; Throw; Julep; & Projector.



Here's Yoyo A Go Go, a 2xCD recording of almost two hours of live performances from the first Yoyo A Go Go music festival held at the historical Capitol Theater in Olympia, a five day affair that took place July 12-16, 1994, for your musical edification...

Various - Yoyo A Go Go, Yoyo Recordings yoyo cd-4, 1996.
decryption codes in comments

CD1 -
The Rickets–    Three Reichs You're Out   
Carson    - Excuse 17
Lost in Time - Bloodthirsy Butchers   
Another Schizoid Embolism - godheadSilo   
Ax Men - Heaven to Betsy   
Take it Away - Fitz of Depression
Freedom Riders - The Halo Benders   
Mongoose - Copass Grinderz   
Push Push, You Make Me Wanna Choke - Mukilteo Fairies   
My Home Town - Girl Trouble   
Me Big Mouth - Karp   
Title Unknown, Sleeping Bag     - Beck
Your Bed - Cub   
P.R.O.D.U.C.T. - New Bad Things   
I Love You Anyway - The Stinky Puffs   
I Walk Alone - Mecca Normal   
D - Codiene   
Helsinki - Mary Lou Lord

CD2 -
The Lesbionic Story - Team Dresch   
She's Amazing - Team Dresch   
Love You on a Tues. - Neutral Milk Hotel   
Lone Surfer Ghost - Dig Yr Grave   
Empty Patches - The Softies   
Dream Boat - The Crabs   
Blonde's Blonde - Kicking Giant   
F-Train - Georgia & Ira   
Frog - Versus   
Shot - Satellite   
Forever Nearly True - Crayon   
Crimson Tide - Nuzzle   
R is for Rocket - Long Hind Legs   
Apple - Some Velvet Sidewalk
Strumpet - Lois   
Day Old Tree - Hush Harbor   
Special Sunrise - Blair Mailer   
Valentine Card - Unwound


01 May 2024

What is This Strange Attraction?

This month is primarily going to be about connecting the dots & filling in the gaps. I'm going to be sharing items from artists & groups that I've shared here in the past while continuing on with on-going series.

As I said, filling in the gaps & connecting the dots. This first one connects the dots...Legendary Dots & Pink to boot...

On a Legendary Pink Dots post from June 2022  I included a release by Strange Attractor titled Mettle


Strange Attractor was a Dutch downtempo project active between 2004 - 2010 featuring Richard van Kruysdijk (Sonar Lodge), Niels van Hoorn (LPD) with the help of vocalist Marie-Claudine, Graham Lewis (Wire, He Said, Duet Emmo, more), Ryan Moore (LPD), David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, solo), Winston Tong (Tuxedomoon), Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Coil),  & many others.

I've decided to share a few more items from this great collective.

First off is their first output (two releases, Rorschach & Rorschach II) issued in 2006 as a 16 track compilation called Everything is Closer.


Strange Attractor - Everything is Closer, Big Blue Records 8483403, 2006.
all decryption codes in comments

Rorschach (Heritage Pt. 1.01)
Black Earth
The Mind Travels Further Than the Body
Never Say Never
In the End It's All Pretend
Scrap Metal
26 September
Five Below Nothing
Melancholy Station
Fifteen Years of Sorrow

Next up was Mettle, which as I mentioned I shared before. Mettle was followed by the Youth EP.
Strange Attractor - Youth EP, Big Blue Records 8483490, 2009.

Dorian Gray
Only Sleeping

This was followed by the full-length Anatomy of a Tear.
Strange Attractor - Anatomy of a Tear, Big Blue Records 8483502, 2011.

A Moment featuring Marie-Claudine
Ray Potato featuring Blaine L Reininger
Hide & Seek featuring Marie-Claudine
Otherworld featuring Jarboe
Iron Horse featuring Graham Lewis
The Corridor featuring David J
Anatomy of a Tear featuring Marie-Claudine


30 April 2024

Prompted by My Last Post

Here's a match made in musickal heaven...

The idea for this session came about following the tragic passing of Andrew Weatherall & then an incredible show in Manchester featuring Dub maestro Adrian Sherwood a few days later. At the start of the evening Adrian paid touching tribute to Andrew Weatherall, friend & oft-times collaborator.

This mix celebrates those connections with selections from both producers that span nearly 40 years from squelchy Dub in the early 80s through to deep electronica from 2020. The pallet of both producers is vast. The session features both of their work with Primal Scream, as well as Dub to pulsing floor fillers. The commonality here is heavyweight bass.

Mixed by Gentleman Kush.


Brain Damage (Adrian Sherwood & Jazzwad remix) - Easy Star Allstars
JU-87 - Primal Scream
Boys Outside (Andrew Weatherall Dub 1) - Steve Mason
Here Come the Warm Dreads (featuring Brian Eno) - Lee “Scratch” Perry
Ravi Shankar - Dub Syndicate
Higher than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts) - Primal Scream
Two Semi Tones & a Raver - Adrian Sherwood
Wilmot meets Lord Scruffage - Sabres of Paradise
Wilmot - Sabres of Paradise
UK All Stars in Dub (Adrian Sherwood remix) - Congo Natty
Loaded (Andy Weatherall mix) - Primal Scream
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Weatherall’s ‘A Mix in Two Halves’ remix) - St Etienne
Late Flowering Dub - Asphodells
Release the Pressure (Adrian Sherwood mix) - Leftfield
Unknown Plunderer (Radioactive Man remix) - Andrew Weatherall
Ribcage (Adrian Sherwood remix) - Dubfire
The Only Redeemer (Adrian Sherwood remix) - Noiseshaper
Direct Action (Weatherall remix) - Radical Majik
Glide by Shooting - Two Lone Swordsmen


29 April 2024

Musick that Needed Work: N - Noiseshaper


As I've stated before when I reopened this can of worms --- 2015 --- at the time I opened a folder (always a dangerous act) I had labeled: "Musick that Needs Work". It was a Pandora's box of files that needed some special attention, meaning anything from missing tracks to cleaning up the sound to fixing the tags to getting the art work, whatever.


Noiseshaper is a Dub/reggae duo formed in 2000 in Austria, now based in Berlin, Germany made up of Florian Fleischmann & Axel Hirn. Their music incorporates Dub, conventional reggae, electronic music, & numerous other genres.

This one from Noiseshaper is on the Echo Beach label, arguably the greatest German Dub label. It was founded in 1996 by Nicolai Beverungen, label manager for On-U Sound & Crammed Discs Germany. Recorded at On-U Sound Studio, London & deftly mixed, Dubbed, & over-Dubbed by Adrian Sherwood. 


Noiseshaper - Real to Reel, Echo Beach EB059, 2006.
decryption code in comments

Vice Vanity (Noiseshaper remix)
Me Done (Noiseshaper remix)
The Creator
Love to the Rhythm
You Take Control
The Only Redeemer
Jah Dub
Moving Together
All a Dem a Do
Bushmaster (Kid Kenobi Session remix)
Walls of Silence (TV5 remix)
Fire fe Me Roots (Automatic Real to Reel edit)
Wake Up
Rough out There (Tokyo Tower remix)


28 April 2024

Musick that Needed Work: N - Nils Landgren


As I've stated before when I reopened this can of worms --- 2015 --- at the time I opened a folder (always a dangerous act) I had labeled: "Musick that Needs Work". It was a Pandora's box of files that needed some special attention, meaning anything from missing tracks to cleaning up the sound to fixing the tags to getting the art work, whatever.

The Man with the Red Horn - Nils Landgren

Born in 1956, Nils Landgren began playing drums at the age of six, before finally discovering the trombone at age 13. Between 1972 & 1978 Nils studied classical trombone at the music college in Karlstad with David Maytan , as well as at the University in Arvika with Ingemar Roos.

After his graduation Nils moved to Stockholm to work as a professional trombone player.
He was soon touring with the most successful Swedish pop star of that time, Björn Skifs who got to #1 in the US pop charts with "Hooked on a Feeling". In 1981 Thad Jones invited the Nils to join his new big band project Ball of Fire as lead trombone.

During his career, Nils Landgren has been involved in many musical styles: jazz, rock, soul, hip-hop, Big Band, funk...by his own reckoning, hundreds of albums including such international stars as ABBA, The Crusaders, Eddie Harris, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Wyclef Jean, Herbie Hancock, Ray Parker Jr., & more

In 1992 Nils formed the Unit which in 1994 became The Funk Unit. Numerous albums came out of this Funk Unit & Nils created Funk for Life, teaming up with Doctors Without Borders, contributing one Euro of every unit sold. In 2007 Nils Landgran Funk Unit released their eighth funk album Licence to Funk teaming up with Ray Parker Jr.

Here's NLFU's second paring with Ray...


Nils Landgren Funk Unit with Ray Parker Jr. – Unbreakable, ACT9039-2, 2017.
decryption code in comments

Just a Kiss Away
Get Down on the Funk
Friday Night
Stars in Your Eyes
Rockin' after Midnight
Old School
Bow Down


27 April 2024

Musick that Needed Work: N - Natural Self


As I've stated before when I reopened this can of worms --- 2015 --- at the time I opened a folder (always a dangerous act) I had labeled: "Musick that Needs Work". It was a Pandora's box of files that needed some special attention, meaning anything from missing tracks to cleaning up the sound to fixing the tags to getting the art work, whatever. 


Natural Self is the ongoing project of producer, vocalist, & DJ Nathaniel Pearn. Originally inspired by the rhythmic force of The Bomb Squad, hip hop was the primary influence on his first forays into music before crate digging culture shed light on a whole new range of influences from funk to soul, jazz, latin, & electronica. 2008 saw Pearn releasing his highly anticipated album entitled The Art of Vibration. 


Natural-Self - The Art of Vibration, Tru Thoughts TRUCD162, 2008.
all decryption codes in comments

Welcome to the Ascension   
The Rising
In the Morning
Alright Turn it Up Now   
Breathe Deep
Ghost in the Machine   
The Crush   
The Laws of Motion   
Feet Keep Moving   
Another Land   
Alexander & Gabriel

In 2009 Natural Self released My Heart Beats like s Drum featuring guest vocal spots from French singer Elodie Rama. 
Natural Self - My Heart Beats like a Drum, Tru Thoughts TRUCD199, 2009.

The Shock You Heard   
Days Get Brighter
Every Day
Midnight Sun
Even Planets Get Lonely   
All Static   
My Heart Beats like a Drum
Our Lives are Like Waveforms, Changing Through Time
The Origin

Natural Self released Neon Hunts My Eyes in 2012. This release brings a change of direction for Pearn to a more straight forward singer-songwriter style for the first time, at the same time keeping his well honed production skills & his trademark killer rhythms. Beat-heavy & with synths aplenty, this is electronic music with warmth, energy, & heart. It has a sense of being at once futuristic & at the same time nostalgic as it explores themes of technology, the environment, the passing of time, & our place in the world.
Natural Self - Neon Hurts My Eyes, Tru Thoughts TRUCD250, 2012.

Red Wire Blue Wire   
Take it Back   
An Invisible Light   
In a World
Mirror to the Sky
O Superman (Laurie Anderson cover)
The Valleys
Paper Skyline