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22 September 2021

Dub September - 22nd

Rebelution in Dub features dubs of eleven of Yami's Rebelution album's fourteen tracks.

Yami is mostly known for his amazing vocals & lyrics, but this Dub offering presents some top-flight Dubwise. The album's highlights are "Ancient Trod Dub" (''Ithiopia"), "More Ises Dub" ["Pray"], the enchanting "Night to Day Dub" ("Empress I Love You") & the #1 hit "Break Free Dub" ("Liberation"). 



Yami Bolo - Rebelution in Dub, Zion High Productions, 2009.
decryption code in comments

Ancient Trod Dub
No Captivity Dub
Clean Up Dub
Independence Dub
More Ises Dub
Upful King Dub
Break Free Dub
Righteousness Prevails Dub
Night to Day Dub
Joyful Dub
November 2nd Dub


21 September 2021

Dub September - 21st

Black Uhuru -  The Dub Factor, Mango MLPS 9756, 1983.
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Side A -
Ion Storm
Big Spliff    
Boof  'N' Baff  'N' Biff    
Puffed Out    

Side B -
Android Rebellion
Back Breaker    
Black Uhuru - Mystical Truth Dub, Mesa Recordings – R2 79059, 1993.

Slippin' into Darkness   
Give My Love   
Don't You Worry   
Dreadlock Pall Bearers   
One Love (Textural)   
Pay Day   
Ozone Layer   
Living in the City   
Young School Girl   
Mercy Street   
Slippin' into Darkness (vocal Dub)   
Dreadlock Pall Bearers (bass Dub)   
Living in the City (acappella)   
Mercy Street (vocal Dub) 
Black Uhuru - Dubbin' it Live, Tabou 1 TB1CD50, 2001.

Party Next Door    
What is Life    
Here Comes Black Uhuru    
I Love King Selassie    
Bull in the Pen    
World is Africa    
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner


20 September 2021

Brief Interlude

Just dropping this post out of sheer pleasure.

Yesterday I was digging through the used records at a thrift shop in Indiana & came across this treasure for $4.

An original (not reissue) of Demon Fuzz - I Put a Spell on You / Message to Mankind / Fuzz Oriental Blues 7" 331/3 rpm maxi-single on Dawn Record from 1970. Just need to share this great find with someone before I burst from joy. 


Demon Fuzz - I Put a Spell on You 7", Dawn DNX 2504, 1970.

Side 1 -
I Put a Spell on You (Screamin' Jay cover)
Message to Mankind

Side 2 -
Fuzz Oriental Blues


Dub September - 20th

Two offerings from the OnDubGround roster of Dub artists. 


Miniman - Inside, Original Dub Gathering ODGP110, 2016.
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Praises to the King
Dub Core   
Different Way   
Let Them Free   
Choc of the Elements   
Warrior Dub   
Running Dub   
Dub for the King
Elements of Dub 
Fulldub - Hard, Original Dub Gathering - ODGP136, 2016.

In Your Mind   
Speed of Light   
Break Your Neck


19 September 2021

Dub September - 19th

Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy Pt. 10: Psychedelic Dub, Ariwa ARICC 057, 1990.
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Cool Runnings Mandela
Go Deh Nelson, Go Deh
In King David's Style
Don't Drink the Piss
1990 Ariwa Style
Psychedelic Dub
Bammie' Riff
Raging Storm
Open Troppen
Man from Senegal
Miss Mood

Middle Eastern Affair   
Rude Boy Dub
Sea Salt Dub   
Superman Dub   
Down in Favela   
Encalhada Dub   
Judgment Dub   
Liberation Nation   
Feminine Rock   
Gossiping Tonques   
Packman Dub


18 September 2021

Dub September - 18th

Dreadzone - Dread Times, Dubwiser Records DUB011CD, 2017.
decryption code in comments

16 Hole    
Black Deus    
Music Army    
Area Code (vocals - Louchie Lou & Michie One)
Keep it Blazing    
Never Going Back (vocals - Lena Cullen)
Where is My Friend    
After the Storm


17 September 2021

Dub September - 17th

First let me say, there are two Burning Spears. However, they are both Winston Rodney. 


Burning Spear 1.0 is the reggae trio of vocalists Winston Rodney, Rupert Willington, & Delroy Hinds during the early days from Studio One sessions to Man in the Hills in 1976. They released Garvey's Ghost, the Dub mix of the groups tour-de-force Marcus Garvey in 1975. 


Burning Spear 2.0 is group founder Winston Rodney continuing with the Burning Spear name. He issued the Living Dub mixes of Burning Spear 2.0 recordings. 


Garvey's Ghost is the Dub Mix of Burning Spear's Marcus Garvey 1975.

Burning Spear - Garvey's Ghost, Island Records ILPS 9382, 1976.
all decryption codes in comments

Side A -
The Ghost (Marcus Garvey)     
I & I Survive (Slavery Days)
Black Wa-Da-Da (Invasion)     
John Burns Skank (Live Good)
Brain Food (Give Me)

Side B -    
Farther East of Jack (Old Marcus Garvey)     
2000 Years (Tradition)     
Dread River (Jordan River)     
Workshop (Red, Gold & Green)
Reggaelation (Resting Place)


Living Dub Vol. 1 is the Dub mix of Burning Spear's Social Living 1978.

Burning Spear - Living Dub Volume One, Heartbeat CHB 131, 1993 (originally released 1979).

Children of Today
Jah Boto
In Those Days
Run Come Dub
Help Us
All Over
Hill Street Dub


Living Dub Vol. 2 is the Dub mix of Burning Spear's Hail H.I.M. 1980.

Burning Spear - Living Dub Vol. 2, Hearbeat Records CD HB 132, 1993.

Cry Africa
Telegram in Dub    
Offensive Dub
Majestic Dub
Pirate's Dub    
Marcus Dub    
World Dub
Over All Dub


Living Dub Vol. 3 is the Dub mix of Burning Spear's Rasta Business 1995.

Burning Spear - Living Dub Volume 3, Heartbeat Records HB 207, 1997.

Side A -
Dub Creation
African Dub
Smart Dub
Burning Dub

Side B -
Chanting Home
Dub Old Timer
Subjective Dub
Friendly Dub
World Dub
Loving Dub


Living Dub Vol. 4 is the Dub mix of Burning Spear's Appointment with His Majesty 1997.

Burning Spear -  Living Dub Volume 4, Heartbeat Records  HEARTBEAT 1161-7741-2, 1999.

Dub it Clean
Dub Appointment
First Time Dub
Physician Dub
Jah Dub
Dub Smart
Peaceful Dub
Dub African
My Island Dub
Music Dub
Loving Dub


Living Dub Vol. 5 is the Dub mix of Burning Spear's Calling Rastafari 1999.

Burning Spear - Living Dub Vol. 5, Burning Music BM329, 2006.

Hit Dub
Dub Liberty
Security Dub
Holy Dub
Dub Jah
Reggae Dub
Dub Move
Calling Dub
Dub Me
Vision Dub
Dub Continent
Want Me To

Living Dub Vol. 6 is the Dub mix of Burning Spear's Freeman 2003.


Burning Spear - Living Dub Vol. 6, Burning Music BM331, 2007.

Trust Dub
Dub We Feel It
Dub Ha Ha
Dub Not Guilty
Dub Rock & Roll
Dub Dready
Dub is Free
Dub is What I Am
Dub Rise Up
Old School Dub
Dub Can
Dub Don't Change


16 September 2021

Dub September - 16th

Mato - Homework Dub, Stix STIX039CD, 2014
decryption code in comments

Side A -
Daftendirekt Dub    
Wmato 83.7 FM Dub
Revolution 909 Dub    
Da Funk Dub    
Phoenix Dub    
Fresh Dub    
Around the World Dub    
Rollin' & Scratchin' Dub

Side B -
Teachers Dub    
High Fidelity Dub
Rock 'n' Roll Dub
Oh Yeah Dub    
Burnin' Dub    
Indo Silver Club Dub    
Alive Dub    
Funk Ad Dub


15 September 2021

Back Atcha

Nairobi backing Super Ape Lee "Scratch" Perry



Unknown from Argentina commented on Dub September - 14th:
     ''Fantastic dubtastic September! Thank you again! Here goes a link to The Big Upsetter and Mad Professor's adventures in Argentina with locals Nairobi. A humble return to all the great sounds you deliver in this shitty times. We fully appreciate your vibes and it's big help to keep us going. Saludos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLe1GP1XLYg''.

Although I do this thing for the pure pleasure of sharing (KARMA POINTS!!!), comments like these help keep me going in these "shitty times".

I'm hopefully posting Mad Professor on the 19th, but thought I'd return Unknown's kindness with a bonus Dub September - 15th

Nairobi meets Mad Professor - Angkur, Estamos Felices EFLP004, 2013
decryption code in comments

Side A -
Bruce Lee
Channel 12
El Pibe Dub
Melodion Dub

Side B -
No More
Storm Dub
Arca Dub


Dub September - 15th

Dub Specialist is a name used for a series of Dub LP releases from Studio One throughout the 70s. These limited edition albums were mixed down by a number of engineers over the decade, including Sylvan Morris, Syd Bucknor & Overton "Scientist" Brown, all under the auspices of legendary producer, sound system pioneer, & music entrepreneur, Clement "Coxsone" Dodd. 



Dub Specialist - Zodiac Sounds, Studio One Matrix #DB 110, 1975.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -
Aquarius Dub
Pisces Dub
Aries Dub
Taurus Dub
Gemini Dub
Cancer Dub

Side 2 -
Leo Dub
Virgo Dub
Libra Dub
Scorpio Dub
Sagittarius Dub
Capricorn Dub


14 September 2021

Dub September - 14th

Clinton Fearon - Faculty of Dub, Kool Yu Foot Cd 1105, 2008.
decryption code in comments

Lesson One - Kingston Walk
Lesson Two - Street Talk
Lesson Three - Wha Dat
Lesson Four - Ghost
Lesson Five - Nah Run
Lesson Six - Fight Back
Lesson Seven - Dirty Water
Lesson Eight - Get Out
Lesson Nine - Polluted Minds
Lesson Ten - Back Off Satan
Lesson Eleven - Full House
Lesson Twelve - Who's the Winner
Lesson Thirteen - Peace of Mind
Lesson Fourteen - Come Forward
Lesson Fifteen - Sweetness


13 September 2021

Dub September - 13th

John Brown's Body - Kings & Queens in Dub, Easy Star Records ES1047, 2015.
decryption code in comments

People in the Light Dub (Dub Fader remix)
Give Up the Ghost Dub (Jay Spaker remix)
Worldwide Dub (Dub Fader remix)
Sound & Fury Dub (Dubmatix remix)
Seneca Dub (Dub Fader remix)
Fracture Dub (Dubmatix remix)
Pulsing Dub (Yesking remix)
My Guiding Dub (Lord Echo remix)
Land of Plenty Dub (Ticklah remix)
Gallows Pole Dub (Dennis Bovell remix)
Sweet Undertow Dub (Easy Star All-Stars remix)
Paint the Sky Dub (Nathan "Silas" Richardson remix)


12 September 2021

Dub September - 12th

Side a -
One Drop
Side b -
Judgement in a Babylon


11 September 2021

Dub September - 11th

U Roy - Serious Matter Dub, Walboomers WBLP 06, 2000.
decryption code in comments

Side A -
Half Me Get Dub
Money Dub
Serious Matter Dub
Miss Till I Kiss Dub
Same Vibe Dub

Side B -
Attention Dub
Know Yourself Dub
Bass Power Dub
Ska Version Dub
When Jah Come Dub


10 September 2021

Dub September - 10th

Alpha & Omega - Dub Magic re-issue, Zion's Gate Records ZGR008, 2015.
decryption code in comments

Side A -
The Roots
Pure & Clean    
Night & Day    
City of Dub    
Sacred Realm    

Side B -
Eternal Dub    
Rasta Far I
Words of Thy Mouth    
Merciful Jah    
Rightful Ruler


09 September 2021

Dub September - 9th

Prince Lincoln & the Rasses - Vortex Dub, Orange Street CDUB23, 2002.
decryption code in comments

Love the Way it Should Be     
Kingston 11     
Mechanical Devices     
People Love Jah Music     
People Minds
Natural Wild     
Interstellar Over Dub
Nebular Dub     
Time Warp     
Universally Dubbed
Terrestrial Dub    
Dub Vortex     
Regenerated Dub     
Cosmic Silence


08 September 2021

Dub September - 8th

Jamaican Recordings JRCD052, 2014.
decryption code in comments

Straight to Channel 1's Head
Straight to Jackson's Head
Watch This Version
Just a Version
Behold This Version
The Knock Out Punch Version
Straight to Edward's Head
Lifetime Dub
Come Softly Dub Version
Blessed Dub
So Much Version
You're All I've Got Version
Going Version
The Poor Barber
So Dub Say
King Tubby Dub
Caretaker Dub
At the Dub Market

Tracks 1-3,5-8,10-13 - The Aggrovators: tracks 2-4,6-10,13 King Tubby: track 9 Chinna & Tubby: track 14 Dirty Harry: tracks 15-18 Tommy McCook, The Aggrovators, & King Tubby.


07 September 2021

Dub September - 7th


Italian Dub Community is an Italian language bulletin board centered around all things Dub. Between 2008 - 2018 they released 5 Volumes of Showcase featuring bands involved in the Italian Dub scene. The following are the Dub tracks from Volume 2. It begins with a Dub from Alambic Conspiracy (Paolo Baldini, who I highlighted in my 21st Century Dub mix). 


Me Seeka Dub - Alambic Conspiracy
Evolve Dub - DSH
White Lion Dub - Fetta Keta
Touba Dub - King Kietu
Television Dub - Liberators
Just Multiply Dub - REsistence in Dub
Late in the Morning Dub - Suino Productions
Backfeed Dub Version - The Natural Dub Cluster
100 Dub - BrStylers
40 Inches of Dub - Dub All Sense
Zion Gate Dub - Habesha featuring Dub Tree
Warriors Dub - Lab Frequency
Shashamane Dub Land - MGDK
Lens Dub - Riddim Guerilla
Now is the Time Dubplate - Shakaroot
King Rising Dub - King Kietu
Jah Word Dub Explosion - Zipologists
Dub Trenches - Dr. Dubious
Clean up Your Style Dub Version - Dubline featuring McKiko
Dub Version - F050
Sin Cannot Dub - Imperial Sound Army
Jahovia Dub - LDM Sound System
16 Dub - Moa Anbessa
Baklava Dub - Sardinia Bass Legalize
Jah Never Let I Down Dub - Wicked Dub Division


06 September 2021

Dub September - 6th

Burning Babylon - Stereo Mash-Up, Mars Recordings MRSLP 002, 2005.
decryption code in comments

7 Nine Skank (The Creeper)
Addis Red Dub
Pressure Tones
Midnight to Six
Samora Version
Soundshack Rockers
Parkton Special
Heavy Dread
1500 Tons
Rude Boots
One Drop Funji
Trouble Dub
Version Killer


05 September 2021

Dub September - 5th

Jah Shaka - presents Dub Symphony, Mango 539 884-1, 1990.
decryption code in comments

Side A -
Black Steel
Dance Wicked   
Dub Symphony   
Come & Get Dub
Sound Clinic Dub

Side B -
Cryptic Dub
True Independence
Mystic Dub
Immortal Dub   
Earth Rightful Dub