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18 March 2021

On the Move - Temporary Closure


Closing down the rodeo for a couple months. Relocating back to the right coast, to my natal native soil of Penns Woods. I’ll check in occasionally & try to address any issues, but I'm leaving you with this.


Some flicks, TeeVee, & books to fill in your time 'til I return. My tastes in other forms of entertainment may seem as outré as my taste in music, but give 'em a try if you know 'em or not. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I'll be back...

Jeff Beal – Carnivàle OST, Varèse Sarabande 302 066 627 2, 2004.
all decryption codes in comments

Carnivàle (Ben's Theme)
Dora Mae's Funeral    
Carnivàle Main Title Theme
Meet Samson, Ben's Dream
Justin at Mr. Chin's (Justin's Theme)    
His Name Was Michael
Storm's Coming    
Ben Heals the Girl
Rita Sue & Jonesy
Lodz & Ben    
The Carnivàle Convoy    
We Can Be Saved
The Mark of the Beast
The Silent Film    
Fix Up Dora Mae
Black Blizzard    
Ben Heals Kerrigan    
Justin Calls Iris    
Management's Advice    
You're the One    
The Russian Front    
Ben Searches the Templar Hall    
Sofie Reads the Cards for Ben    
Lodz & Management Plot
Lucky to Have Jonesy (Sofie's Theme)


Jay Chattaway - Maniac OST, Varèse Sarabande – STV 81143, 1981.

Side 1 -
Maniac Theme (Main titles)
Apocalypse N.Y.
On the Beach
Hooker's Heartbeat
A Little Knife Music
Inner Voices
Maniac Strikes Again

Side 2 -
Window Shopping
Subway Terror
Goodbye Rita
Cemetery Chase
Cry for Mother
Mannequin's Revenge
Maniac's Theme (End titles)


This is a soundtrack to Greil Marcus' book  Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century (1989), originally published in the US by Harvard University Press. I've included the book as .txt & .pdf as well.

Various - Lipstick Traces, Rough Trade R2902, 1993.

A Boring Life - The Slits
It’s Too Soon to Know - The Orioles
L'Amiral Cherche une Maison À Louer - Trio Exvoco
Roadrunner - Jonathan Richman
Hurlements en Faveur de Sade (excerpts from soundtrack) - Guy Debord
Ambience - The Roxy, London
Instrumentation Verbale (Face 2) - Jean-Louis Brau
Boredom - Buzzcocks
One Chord Wonders - The Adverts
Phonème BBB - Raoul Hausmann
At Home He's a Tourist - Gang of Four
Gary Gilmore's Eyes - The Adverts
U (Angry side) - Kleenex
Critique de la Séparation (excerpt from soundtrack) - Guy Debord
Stage Talk, Roadhouse, London, Sept.23, 1976 - The Clash
Never Been in a Riot - Mekons
Split - LiLiPUT
Röhrenhose-Rokoko-Neger-Rhythmus - Roman Bunka, Holger Czukay, & Raymond Federman
Wake Up - Essential Logic
You (Friendly side) - Kleenex
Mégapneumies, 24 Mars 1963 (Face 1) - Gil J. Wolman
In Love - The Raincoats
Hurlements En Faveur De Sade (excerpt from soundtrack) - Guy Debord
Karawane - Marie Osmond
I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground - Bascam Lamar Lunsford
The Building - Mekons
Lipstick Traces (on a Cigarette)- Benny Spellman

Henry Mancini - Music from "Mr. Lucky", RCA Victor LSP-2198, 1960;

Side 1 -
Mr. Lucky
My Friend Andamo
March of the Cue Balls
Lightly Latin

Side 2 -
Floating Pad
One Eyed Cat
Night Flower
Chime Time
Blue Satin
That's It & That's All

The Lions & the Cucumber    
Psycho Contact - Part One    
There is No Satisfaction    
Psycho Contact - Part Two    
The Message    
Psycho Contact - Part Three    
Ghosts or Good & Bad Onions    
Psycho Contact - Part Four    
Countdown to Nowhere    
Psycho Contact - Part Five    
Droge Cx 9    
Dedicated to Love    
People's Playground - Version A    
We Don't Care    
People's Playground - Version B    
The Ballad of a Fair Singer    
People's Playground - Version C    
Kama Sutra    
People's Playground - Version D    
Shindai Lovers    
People's Playground - Version E    
The Six Wisdoms of Aspasia

Tracks 1 - 11 taken from the movie Vampyros Lesbos performed by The Vampires' Sound Incorporation & directed by Jess Franco in 1970. Tracks 12 - 24 taken from the movies Sie Tötete in Ekstase (She Killed in Ecstasy) 1970 & Der Teufel Kam aus Akasava (The Devil Came from Akasava) 1971 directed by Jess Franco.

Gene Page - Blacula, RCA Victor LSP-4806, 1972.

Side 1 -

Blacula (The Stalkwalk)
Heavy Changes
Run, Tina, Run!    
There He is Again
Main Chance

Side 2 -

Good to the Last Drop    
Blacula Strikes!
What the World Knows
I'm Gonna Catch You
Finding Love, Losing Love    
Wakeeli (Swahili Farewell)

Hunter S. Thompson - Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Magaritaville Records 314-524 309-2, 1996.

On the Road to Las Vegas... (voice – Hunter S. Thompson)
On the Road to Las Vegas...    
Strange Medicine in the Desert...    
Covering the Story...Ugliness & Failure    
A Night on the Town...Drug Frenzy at the Circus-Circus
Paranoid Terror...A Flashing Of Knives & Green Water
A Savage Invitation from the Police    
Aaww, Mama, Can This Really Be the End..Down & Out in Vegas with Amphetamine Psychosis Again
Another Day, Another Convertible & Another Hotel Full of Cops    
Savage Lucy
A Terrible Experience with Extremely Dangerous Drugs    
Getting Down to Business...Opening Day of the Drugs Convention    
Breakdown on Paradise Boulevard
Heavy Duty at the Airport...    
End of the Road...
Outro (voice – Hunter S. Thompson)

Narrated by Harry Dean Stanton with Maury Chaykn as Dr. Gonzo & Jim Jarmusch as Raoul Duke with a host of others.

Additional Music: "Sympathy For The Devil" recorded & mixed at House of Blues Studios;
"One Toke Over the Line" courtesy of Buddah Records by arrangement with RCA Special Projects; "Joy to the World" courtesy of MCA Records, Inc.; & "White Rabbit" courtesy of The RCA Records Label, a unit of BMG Entertainment.

Various - Gummo, London Records 422-828 927-2, 1997.

The Gold Torques of Ulaid - Absu
Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere - EyeHateGod    
D.W.S.O.B - The Electric Hellfire Club    
Gummo Love Theme    - Spazz
Schuld Uns'res Knöch'rigen Faltpferd's - Bethlehem    
Rundgang um die Transzendentale Saule der Singularitat    - Burzum
Equimanthorn    - Bathory
Smokin Husk - Dark Noerd    
Dragonaut - Sleep    
Matando Gueros 97 - Brujeria    
The Medicine Man - Namanax    
Hellish Blasphemy - Nifelheim    
Skin Peeler - Mortician    
Give the Human Devil His Due - Mystifier    
Mom's & Dad's Pussy - Destroy All Monsters
Verschleierte Irrelgiositat - Bethlehem
Suite No. 2 for Solo Cello in D Minor-Prelude - Mischa Maisky    
Some Grass - Sleep    
Jesus Loves Me - Rose Shephard & Ellen M. Smith

Mission: Impossible Main Title
        Suite from "The Contender"     
The Plot    
Sleeping Phelps    
        Suite from "Submarine"    
More Plot    
Mission: Impossible Theme    
        Suite From "The Killer"    
Bower Hotel    
Check Out Time    
The Trick    
        Suite From "Takeover"    
Signal Light    
Kate Thomas    
        Suite From "Underground"    
Tape Machine    
Good Job    
Mission: Impossible End Credit    
     from the original series, music by Lalo Schifrin
Mission: Impossible 88 Main Title    
        Suite From "The Plague"    
Tricky Ears    
This Is The Chase    
        Suite From "The Bayou"    
Croc Bait    
Not Worth It    
        Suite From "The Cattle King"    
Nice Boat    
Bait the Hook    
Hot Time    
I Guess It Is    
Freak Time    
Whacko Time    
        Suite From "Deadly Harvest"    
Melt Down    
        Suite From "Church Bells In Bogota"    
Ring Around The Finger
Mission: Impossible 88 End Credit    
     from the 1988 reboot, music by John E. Davis
An Interview With Peter Graves
Mission: Impossible Theme (The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lalo Schifrin)

Various – David Lynch's Inland Empire, David Lynch Music DLMC002, 2007.
Ghost of Love - David Lynch
Rabbits Theme - David Lynch
Colors of My Life - The Mantovani Orchestra
Woods Variation _ David Lynch
Three To Get Ready - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Klavier Konzert – Boguslaw Schaeffer
The Secrets of the Life Tree - Kroke
The Locomotion - Little Eva
Call from the Past - David Lynch
Als Jakob Erwachte - The National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Novelette Conclusion / Lisa
  a.  Novelette Conclusion (excerpt) - Antoni Wit & National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
  b.  Lisa (edit) - Jay P.Work, Joseph Altruda, & William McNeil
Mansion Theme - David Lynch
Walkin' on the Sky - David Lynch
Polish Night Music No.1 - David Lynch, Marek Zebrowski
Polish Poem - David Lynch & Chrysta Bell
Sinnerman (edit) - Nina Simone


28 February 2021

This is Eddie’s House, Junior


Just got back from getting my first Covid vaccination.



Not really sure what I'm feeling about it all. It should mean somethin' but as usual, nothin'. It all seems so...kinda strange. With everything we've all been going through since early last year, perhaps I'm not really aware of how numb I've become. But it's more than that. It's like it's some...odd deja vu. Like I already saw this moment happening but I have no inkling of what comes next. But I ramble on...it's probably just the drug...been listening to "Death Letter" too much...

February 28



Always thought it weird that Black History Month was given February (yeah, Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglass' birthdays), the shortest month of all. Systemic racism or just my pessimism? Last day of the month, thought I'd post up all my leftovers. 

Incorporated Thang Band - Lifestyles of the Roach & Famous, Warner Bros 1-25617, 1988.
all decryption codes in comments

Side 1 -
Body Jackin'
Still Tight
Androgynous View

Side 2 -
Jack of All Trades
I'd Do Anything for You
What if the Girl Says Yes?

P-Funk spin-off - the Andre Foxxe connection.

Trey Lewd - Drop the Line, Reprise Records 9 26319-2, 1992.

I'll Be Good to You
Hoodlum who Ride
Duck & Cover (Nuclear Butt-Bomb Booty Bang Bang)
Yank My Doodle
Nothing Comes to a Sleeper but a Dream
Wipe of the Week
Drop the Line
Man of All Seasons
The Next Thing You Know (We'll Be)
Squeeze Toy

Andre Foxxe, Trey Stone, &  Tracey Lewis (son of George Clinton & Tamala Lewis) connection.

Black Nasty - Talking to the People, Enterprise ENS-1031, 1973.

Side One -
Talking to the People
I Must Be in Love
Nasty Soul
Getting Funky Round Here
Black Nasty Boogie

Side Two -
We're Doing Our Thing
I Have no Choice
It's Not the World
Rushin' Sea
Booger the Hooker

Mentored by Johnnie Mae Matthews, Black Nasty featured her son Artwell Matthews on drums & her daughter Audrey Matthews as a lead singer.

Side A -
Across 110th Street
Harlem Clavinette (instrumental)
If You Don't Want My Love
Hang on in There (instrumental)
Harlem Love Theme (instrumental)

Side B -
Across 110th Street (instrumental)
Do it Right
Hang on in There
If You Don't Want My Love (instrumental)
Across 110th Street Part II

More Bobby...you can never have too much Womack. Instrumentals by J.J. Johnson.

& wrapping things up, we mustn’t forget the Blues on Black History Month...

Son House - Father of the Delta Blues 2xCD, Columbia C2K 48867, 1992.

CD1 -

Death Letter
Louise McGhee
John the Revelator
Empire State Express
Preachin Blues
Grinnin' in Your Face
Levee Camp Moan

CD 2 -

Death Letter (alternate take)
Levee Camp Moan (alternate take)
Grinnin' in Your Face (alternate take)
John the Revelator (alternate take)
Preachin' Blue (alternate take)
President Kennedy (previously unreleased)
A Down the Staff (previously unreleased)
Motherless Children (previously unreleased)
Yonder Comes My Mother (previously unreleased)
Shake it & Break It (previously unreleased)
Pony Blues (previously unreleased)
Downhearted Blues (previously unreleased)

Eddie James House, Jr...from Riverton, Mississippi to Detroit, Michigan to the World.

Hopefully saving the most important lesson for last, hoping to make that lasting impression. 

Black history is American history. American history is Black history.


26 February 2021

Down to Now


 Last history lesson from the Last Poets.


The Black Panther Party & Black Lives Matter are American history. Let us ponder on the lessons we can learn by examining the systemic injustice meted out against them by the racist power elite.


This is the music of Black lives. Listen & learn. We can overcome if we stand strong & proud...if we raise our voices in song united.

Various - Black & Proud Vol. 1, Trikont US-0302, 2002.
all decryption codes in comments

Heritage of a Black Man - Sam Dees
Panther - Last Poets
Right On - Son of Slum
Brand New Day - Staple Singers
Get Involved - George Soule
Be Black - Grady Tate
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron
Message from a Black Man - Derrick Harriott
You're the Man - Marvin Gaye
Tell it Like it Is - S.O.U.L.
Black Wish - Last Poets
James Brown - Ghetto Reality (Nancy Dupree)
Ghetto Child - Curtis Mayfield
Let My People Go - Darongo
All Hid - Camille Yarbrough
Swee Sweetback's Baadass Song / Won't Bleed Me - Melvin Van Peebles
Stand Up & Be Counted - Getto Kitty
Do You Remember Malcolm - Miriam & Mbongi Makeba


Various - Black & Proud Vol. 2, Trikont US-0306, 2005.

I'm Talkin 'Bout Freedom - Syl Johnson
Who'll Pay Reparations on My Soul - Gil Scott-Heron
Malcolm X - Earl Sixteen
There's Something Wrong with This Picture - Galactic
2000 Years - Cipher Jewels
Walk Tall - Cannonball Adderley
Black Seeds - The Main Ingredient
Brown Baby - Derrick Harriott
Sounds of Black - The Sounds of Black
Blackenized - Hank Ballard
What We Need - Wendell Harrison & Phil Ranelin
Respect Yourself - Staple Singers
Don't You Know You're Wrong, Brother - Walter Heath
Wake Up - Larry Williams
I Wish I Knew (How it Would Feel to be Free) - Marlena Shaw
Lady Day & John Coltrane - Gil Scott-Heron
Down to Now - Last Poets featuring Chuck D
Reluctant Warrior - Assata Shakur featuring Asian Dub Foundation


24 February 2021

Soul Men

 Four Lessons



Studying the lives of the following four musicians will teach a great lesson in Black History. I will leave it to others better equipped & better acquainted to tell those tales.

Here are a few choices:
Curtis Mayfield - People Never Give Up, author Peter Burns
Bill Withers - Still Bill directed by Damani Baker & Alex Vlack: documentary 1h 18m
Bobby Womack - Midnight Mover memoir: autobiography
Charles Bradley - Soul of America, a documentary directed by Poull Brien

These men tasted Amerikkka at it bitterest & its sweetest. They filled their music with that heady repast & all its intimate tastes. If we just listen & learn, enjoy to the depths of our souls, we will all be better people.

Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Lee Mayfield (June 3, 1942 – December 26, 1999) was an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, & record producer. Mayfield was one of the most influential musicians behind politically conscious African-American music.  Mayfield sang openly about civil rights & black pride. He is  known for introducing social consciousness into African-American music. Having been raised in the Cabrini-Green projects of Chicago, he witnessed many of the tragedies of the urban ghetto first hand. Curtis was quoted saying "With everything I saw on the streets as a young black kid, it wasn't hard during the later fifties & sixties for me to write my heartfelt way of how I visualized things, how I thought things ought to be."

Curtis Mayfield - Give, Get, Take, & Have, Curtom CU 5007, 1976.
all decryption codes in comments

Side 1 -
In Your Arms Again (Shake It)
This Love is Sweet
P.S. I Love You
Party Night

Side 2 -
Get a Little Bit (Give, Get, Take, & Have)
Soul Music
Only You Babe
Mr. Welfare Man

Bill Withers

William Harrison "Bill" Withers Jr. (July 4, 1938 – March 30, 2020) was an American singer-songwriter & musician. Withers was known for his "smooth" baritone vocals & "sumptuous" soul arrangements. He wrote some of the most covered songs of the 1970s, including "Lean on Me" and "Ain't No Sunshine". The ultimate homespun hitmaker, Withers had an innate sense of what might make a song memorable. He had little interest in excess attitude or accoutrements. Ultimately Withers reminded us that it's the everyday that is the most meaningful: work, family, love, loss.

Lovely Day
Use Me
Just the Two of Us
Lean on Me
Ain’t No Sunshine
I Don’t Know
Who is He (& What is He to You?)
Kissing My Love
Hello Like Before
Let Me Be the One You Need
Watching You, Watching Me
In the Name of Love
Tender Things
Lonely Town, Lonely Street
I Don’t Want You on My Mind
Grandma’s Hands
I Want to Spensd the Night
I Wish You Well

Bobby Womack

Robert Dwayne Womack (March 4, 1944 – June 27, 2014) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, & record producer. Born in Cleveland's Fairfax neighborhood, near East 85th Street & Quincy Avenue, Bobby was the third of five brothers. They all grew up in the Cleveland slums, so poor that the family would fish pig snouts out of the local supermarket's trash. He had to share a bed with his brothers. His mother told him he could "sing his way out of the ghetto." Recalling his childhood, Bobby said, "We came up very poor.  The neighborhood was so ghetto that we didn't bother the rats & they didn't bother us. Womack honestly recalled his frequent drug use. Womack said he began using cocaine sometime in the late 1960s. He had become close friends with Sly Stone & was an enthusiastic participant in Stone's infamous drug binges. Womack told Rolling Stone in 1984: "I was really off into the drugs. Blowing as much coke as I could blow. And drinking. And smoking weed and taking pills. Doing that all day, staying up seven, eight days. Me & Sly were running partners."

Here's Bobby's very last hurrah...

Bobby Womack - The Bravest Man in the Universe, XL Recordings XLCD561, 2012.

The Bravest Man in the Universe
Please Forgive My Heart
Deep River
Dayglo Reflection
Whatever Happened to the Times
Stupid Introlude
If There Wasn't Something There
Love is Gonna Lift You Up
Nothin' Can Save Ya
Jubilee (Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around)

Charles Bradley

Charles Edward Bradley (November 5, 1948 – September 23, 2017) was an American singer. After years of obscurity & a part-time music career, Bradley came to prominence in his early 50s. He had traveled the world but in the mid 90s he returned to Brooklyn to be near his mother. It was there he began making a living moonlighting as a James Brown impersonator in local clubs under the name "Black Velvet".  While performing as "Black Velvet", he was eventually discovered by Gabriel Roth (better known as "Bosco Mann"), a co-founder of Daptone Records. Bradley's performances & style were consistent with the revivalist approach of Daptone Records, celebrating the feel of funk & soul music from the 1960s / 1970s.

Charles Bradley - No Time for Dreaming, Daptone Records DAP-022, 2011.

The World (is Going Up in Flames)
The Telephone Song
Golden Rule
I Believe in Your Love
Trouble in the Land
Lovin' You, Baby
No Time for Dreaming
How Long
In You (I Found a Love)
Why is it so Hard
Since Our Last Goodbye
Heartaches & Pain

Nothin' can save ya.


20 February 2021

Break Down the Walls of Injustice




During his maiden session with Was (Not Was), Randy Jacobs met Sweet Pea Atkinson on a cold night in the Motor City at Sound Suite Studio. The connection was immediate & a life-long bond was forged between the two artists.

After their European tour opening for Dire Straits in 1992 the Was Band went on hiatus. Randy started writing songs for a solo project while earning a living in Los Angeles playing with or recording for the likes of Bonnie Raitt, BB King, Seal, Paula Abdul, Kris Kristofferson, Ofra Haza, Tears For Fears, Warren Hill, & others. Likewise, Sweet Pea was also in Los Angeles doing background vocals for artists like Neil Diamond, Bonnie Raitt, Keb Mo, & Bob Seger.



Jacobs had been working with various singers looking for the right voice for his new band when Atkinson called to say that he wanted to be part of Randy’s brand new thing. 

So the Boneshakers journey began...

The Boneshakers - Book of Spells, Pointblank VPBCD 40, 1997.
decryption code in comments

Cold Sweat
Break Down the Walls
I Blew Up the United States
Part Time Man
I’m Living All of My Days for You
Welcome to My Life
Why Don’t You Want Me
Queenie’s Groove
Let’s Straighten it Out
The One You Run To
Don’t Tear My Heart Apart
Long Way Down
Fudgie Brown


14 February 2021

While We’re Driving...Let’s Head on Down to New Orleans in Bobby's Bus

Black History Month takes on The Big Easy

It’s hot up in here.

Since I over-stayed my visit to New Jersey, I’ve hit the road once more. Heading down to New Orleans for my next Black History hit.

Let’s start off with a man who does the sound of New Orleans I love the best...Emmett Ellis, Jr. More than seven decades into his storied music career, the Funky Old Man Mr. Bobby Rush.

Bobby Rush With Blinddog Smokin'  – Decisions, Silver Talon STF-393, 2014.
all decryption codes in comments

Another Murder in New Orleans
Bobby Rush's Bus
If That's the Way You Like it, I Like It
Funky Old Man
Love of a Woman
Stand Back
Skinny Little Woman
Dr. Rush
Too Much Weekend


Born in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, the unrivaled Queen of New Orleans Soul, a title officially bestowed on her by local officials, no less...Ms. Irma Lee Thomas. Sweet soul surrender.

Irma Thomas - Soul Queen of New Orleans, Maison De Soul LP 1005, 1978.

Side One -
Ruler of My Heart
Hittin' on Nothin'
Hip Shakin' Mama
For the Good Times

Side Two -
Don't Blame Him
It's Raining
Wish Someone Would Care

Born in 1938 in New Orleans, raised in a shotgun shack in the Gert Town neighborhood by his mother, Naomi Neville. The Dew Drop Tousan. Mr. New Orleans. Allen Toussaint.
Allen Toussaint - From a Whisper to a Scream re-issue, Kent Records CDKENM 036, 1985.

From a Whisper to a Scream
Chokin' Kind
Sweet Touch of Love
What is Success
Working in the Coal Mine
Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Number Nine

Rerelease of Toussaint on Scepter Records SPS 24003, 1970 with slightly different track order & addition song ''Number Nine''.

& finally, a mix of deep & dirty New Orleans Funk.

Various - Voodoo Soul, Metro METRCD060, 2001

Cissy Strut - The Meters
Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky - Lee Dorsey
Ride Your Pony - Betty Harris
Brother Man, SistervAnn - Clemon Smith
Here Comes the Metermen - The Meters
A Lover & a Friend - Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man - Skip Easterling
Occapella - Lee Dorsey
Fairchild - Willie West
Pass the Hatchet - Roger & the Gypsies
Ease Back - The Meters
Louie - Allen Toussaint
Get ta Steppin' - Robert Palmer
Sissy Walk - Skip Jones
Soul Junction - Backyard Heavies
We're Doing It (Thang) - Eddie Bo


12 February 2021

A Fantastic Voyage from Oklahoma City to Dayton, Ohio to Plainfield, New Jersey


 Black History Month on the move.

Start in Oklahoma City...

In the South it's usually a fact that if you live near the railroad tracks or by the river, you're probably live in the bad part of town. The Moore house was built on stilts, with the river on one side & the railroad tracks on the other.


According to Harold Moore Sr.: He had four children, Jr. & his three sisters who had been abandoned by their alcoholic mom. Harold Sr. worked for a very rich woman who took a liking to the kids & bought them musical instruments, even paying for lessons. She made the kids a deal that if they learned how to play at least three songs she would get them a slot on some local TV telethon. The kids took to music very quickly. Within a year they were appearing on local TV.  The response was so good that the woman paid for them to record an LP but suggested they write "original" songs. This is where Harold Sr. comes in. Dad wrote all the songs that appear on the LP, with most of them being attacks on the drunken & supposedly abusive ex-Mrs. Moore… "Mama drinks Tequila / She stays drunk all the time." Once the LP was recorded & pressed, the next step was to get them in the local record stores. At least one store told Mr. Moore that they could not stock them unless they were shrink-wrapped. Harold went to a butcher shop where his brother worked. Harold used their shrink-wrap machine to seal the LPs… unfortunately, this was a high heat machine. Sr. had melted every single LP in the process. This wasn't discovered until someone bought one & took it home. All the LPs were pulled from the stores. Rather than re-press it, the woman decided to release some 45s.

These 45s were compiled to recreate the original melted LP.

Jr. & his Soulettes - Psychodelic Sounds, HMM Records SH 954-955, 1971.
all decryption codes in comments

Side One -
Thing, Do the Creep
Momma Love Tequilla
Waw-Waw Rock
Love from Above
Flip Will
Do Your Funky Thing

Side Two -
Sweet Little One
Rock 'N Roll Santa
Rock Blues
Pop Junior Pop

Jr & his Soulettes: Harold M. Moore, Jr. - guitar & vocals  (age 10); Jacqueln Carol Moore waw waw organ & vocals (age 6); Vinita Marie Moore - bass & organ (age 6); & Denise Marshell Moore - drummer (age 7).

I never know how the lesson plan is going to turn out before I get ready for class. This time it was driven by a comment on the Wackies post from aboynamedstew. So mixing the classroom/roadtrip metaphor, I decided to detour to Dayton, Ohio before heading on to New Jersey.

Dayton Funk Connection

Being originally from Pennsylvania & spending much time in the musick dives of neighboring Ohio, as well as being a Funk fanadelic, Dayton Funk has always held a place in my heart.

Of course there's Ohio Players (I've posted Skin Tight over at digital meltd0wn blog). I'm giving some different tastes from FunkenTown so although the Players are sublime (& their covers even more sublime), you'll have to grab that Ohio elsewhere, player. Ditto Zapp (however I've added a tribute to Roger Troutman before I leave Dayton).

That's the easy ones, but do you all know Slave or Lakeside or Faze-O or Platypus?...

Steve Arrington of Slave:
     “Dayton's scene was all these bands that didn't sound anything alike. Ohio Players didn't sound anything like Heatwave who didn't sound like Slave; Slave didn't sound like Zapp; Zapp didn't sound like Lakeside. What we got from the Players was, we had to find our own voice. The Dayton sound was—innovation.

But they all had one commonality: Charles Spencer, a music teacher at Roosevelt High School, Dayton, Ohio.. Every band in Dayton that went on to sign a major label deal (including Platypus) had students of Spencer's in them. Spencer made his kids read music & study theory. He also staged battles-of-the-bands to raise money for the school. The funds were good for the musicians but so was the competition; it helped the players hone their skills & also build an audience.

Lakeside was loosely formed in 1969, on the cusp of the funk boom in Dayton. It wasn't until the late 70s & early 80s that this group really hit its stride with the hit song "Fantastic Voyage". The song hit #1 on the Billboard R&B charts, propelling the band into the national spotlight for the rest of the 1980s. Say yes.

Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage, Solar BXL1-3720, 1980.

Side A -
Fantastic Voyage
Your Love is on the One
I Need You

Side B -
Strung Out
Say Yes
Eveready Man
I Love Everything You Do
Say Yes (reprise)

Slave formed in the mid-70s in Dayton. They quickly had a hit single with their song "Slide".  They were known for their use of electric trumpet, fat bass licks, & soaring vocals. They had more hits in the early 80s like "Snap Shot" featured here. Disco funk...it's the spice of life. Smokin'.  I'm enSlaved.

Slave - Show Time, Cotillion SD 5227, 1981.

Side One -
Snap Shot
Party Lites
Spice of Life (oh Yes, You’re the Best)

Side Two -
Wait for Me
Steal Your Heart
For the Love of U
Funken Town

This L.P. is dedicated to Allah for the Concepts of Pure Growth!!

Faze-O was a late 70s funk group produced by Clarence Satchell of the Ohio Players,

Faze-O - Breakin' the Funk, She Records SH 742, 1979.

Side One -
Breakin’ the Funk
I Still Love You

Side Two -
Let’s Rock
I’m Tankful
See You Through the Night

Platypus was a little known, short-lived disco-funk band that was active in the late 70s-early 80s.They combined their appreciation of the Ohio Players & Parliament/Funkadelic with a lot of disco gloss & occasional rock elements. Unlike the Players or P/Funk, Platypus didn't use any horns.

Platypus - Platypus, Casablanca NBLP 7171, 1979.

Side 1 -
Dancing in the Moonlight
Street Babies
Love the Way You Funk
Don’t Go Away

Side 2 -
Dance if You Can
Running from Love
Body & Soul

Zapp.  Zapp & Roger.  Roger.  He wore many coats. He was gunned down by his brother.  Tribute.

Victim of Love
More Bounce to the Ounce
Dance Floor
Do it Roger
Heartbreaker (Pt 1 & Pt 2)
Computer Love
Girl, Cut it Out (maxi-single)
Thrill Seekers (extended remix)

Now were finally headin' for Plainfield & I feel the pull of the Mothership.

I've posted plenty Funkadelic nectar here & here & here & here, & elsewhere...you can search it out if you want it. Here's some close family representing.

Parlet - Invasion of the Booty Snatchers, Casablanca NBLP 7146, 1979.

Side 1 -
Ridin’ High
No Rump to Bump
Don’t Ever Stop (Lovin’ Me, Needin’ Me)

Side 2 -
Booty Snatchers
You’re Leaving

Parlet began as: Jeanette Washington (in 1975 she joined Parliament with...);  Debbie Wright (the first female members of Parliament & Funkadelic); & Mallia Franklin (also vocalist with Parliament-Funkadelic who introduced George Clinton & Bootsy Collins in 1971 as well as bringing ex-Ohio Player Junie Morrison to P-Funk in 1978).  Here Parlet is: Jeanette Washington; Shirley Hayden (replacing Debbie Wright): & Janice Evans (replacing Mallia Franklin).

These last two are not really Funk...they're Funk & Punk & Rock & Roll & Soul & Blues & Rap & Poetry & Jimi & they're all P-Funk. This is a Black History lesson for all who will listen. Last days for the revolutions of Jimi. Don’t crash & burn.

Blue Dog Records PCD-2827, 1994.

Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky - John Sinclair with Ras Kente
Purple Hazel - Eddie Hazel
Pleasure With the Dirt Devil - Blackbyrd
Positivity - Michael Hampton
Look Now Baby James Glass & the Get to Gettin’ Band
Fly On -  Blackbyrd
Reflections on Jimi Part 1 - George Clinton
Funky Kazoo - Michael Hampton
The Wind Cries Colors - Ras Kente
Get to the Gettin’ - James Glass & the Get to Gettin’ Band
Future Past - Randall & Allen Lynch
Should’a Known - Randall & Allen Lynch
Reflections on Jimi Part 2 - George Clinton
Debbie Does the Voodo Child - Point Blank

Thanx Jimi - Andre Foxxe
Return of the Gypsy - Johnny Graham
Oh Say Can You See, the Red, the White, & the Blues - Johnny Graham
Father forgive Um - Mud Bone Cooper & Michael Hampton
Jimi Why D-U Have ta Go - Dee Dee "Dirty Mugg" James & Bootsy's Rubber Band
Revolutions of Jimi - Bootsy Collins
Jimi Why D-U Have ta Go (dance version) - "Dirty Mugg" & Bootsy's Rubber Band
Future Equations - The Darryl Plummer Band
What You Gonna Do? - Ras Kente
Fishin; da Sea - Menace
I Need a Man - Menace
Last Days - Menace
Crash & Burn - Andre Foxxe

Both volumes recorded New Orleans, Lousiana; East Detroit, Highland Park, Michigan USA 1994.

Funk On!