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08 October 2017

Elephant Round-up Side 2

Illuminated Records JAMS 42, 1984.
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Stereo Side One -

Groove Jumping
Declaration of Intent (re-mixed)
Them Thar Hills

Stereo Side Two -

For Jackie M
Lapwing Chant
Men of Divine Wind (The Kamikaze)
Perspective 3

Konstruktivits - Psykho Genetika, Third Mind Records TM02, 1983.

Side A -

Mansonik No1
Free Form Fetish
P.T.I. (Bebor Raket)
Aural Wallpaper

Side B -

For Each of Us
Andropov ‘84
Mansonik 2

Lustmørd - Heresy, Soleilmoon Recordings SOL-9-CD, 1990.

Heresey Part I
Heresey Part II
Heresy Part III
Heresy Part IV
Heresy Part V
Heresy Part VI

Muslimgauze - Citadel, Extreme XCD 026, 1994.

Dharam Hinduja
Masawi Wife & Child
Shouf Balek
Beit Nuba

David Jackman - Sol Mara, Robot Records RR-21, 1999.

Sol Mara 1
Sol Mara 2
Sol Mara 3
Sol Mara 4

Two down & two to go,

07 October 2017

& Other Galactic Funk

W. commented at All the Usual Suspects about The Elephant Table Album:
     "a rather fantastic collection of early works from some now well known electronic/experimental     artists." 

That made me dream up this insanity. I hope I can do the other three sides before my short attention span puts the kibosh to this plan. Well, at least, here’s Side One...

Portion Control - Psycho-Bod Saves the World, Dead Man’s Cureve DMC008, 1986.
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Side One -

Brain Scraper Death Dive
Siren City
Breaker Breaker
Danger Zone
Screen of Death
Coming for You Baby

Side Two -

Fistful of Creds
Trashville Baby
Cut & Thrust
H.O.T. Matter
Soap Distant

Chris & Cosey -  Technø Primitiv, Rough Trade ROUGH 84, 1985.

Side One -

Hazey Daze
Haunted Heroes
Stolen Kisses

Side Two -

He’s an Arabian
Last Exit
Do or Die
Technø Primitiv

Metamorphosis - Conception 1982 cassette, Flowmotion FM(C)004, 1982.

Side I -

Searching for a Secret
Canal Music
We Better Pray

Side II -

Fertile Ground
Flesh Trade
Cactus Land

Coil - Love’s Secret Domain, Wax Trax! Records WAXCD7143, 1991.

Disco Hospital
Teenage Lightning 1
Things Happen (with lovely Annie Anxiety)
The Snow
Dark River
Where Even the Darkness is Something to See
Teenage Lightning 2
Windowpane (with Rose McDowall)
Further Back & Faster
Titan Arch (with Marc Almond)
Lorca not Orca
Love’s Secret Domain (with Charles Hayward on drums)

Jnana Records JNANA 1974, 2004.

Side One -

Penis Fruit Loop (Deambulation mix)

Side Two -

A Perfectly Natural Expectation

06 October 2017

A Short (?) Respite Before the Insanity Begins Again

Enjoy this While you  May...

Edward Ka-Spel - High on Station Yellow Moon in its legendary entirety.

The Flick of a Switch
The Visitors Lounge
The Leary Cloud
Nowhere 2 Float 2
Layer Cake
Tresspass (sic)
Eight Mile Bridge
Good Book

Che Banana,

01 October 2017

All the Usual Suspects

If you liked that last one, here we go again...

X Tract Xx001, 1983.
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Side 1 -
Chew You to Bits - Portion Control
Raining Tears of Blood - Chris & Cosey
Muzak from Hawthorne Court - Metamorphosis
S is for Sleep - Coil
Nana or a Thing of Uncertain Nonsense - Nurse with Wound

Side 2 -
Beat the Devil - 400 Blows
Andropov ‘84 - Konstruktivits
Boning of Men - Lustmørd
Milens Jesenska (extract) - Muslimgauze
Edge of Nothing - David Jackman

Side 3 -
Despair - SPK
Vox Humana - MFH
Suffering Stinks - Nocturnal Emissions
Dream Sleep - Attrition
Surprise, Surprise - Legendary Pink Dots
Birth of Planetesimals (extract) - Paul Kelday

Side 4 -
Under the City - Bourbonese Qualk
Build Your Children - Sirius B
New Humanity Switchboard (extract) - New 7th Music
Alleycat - We Be Echo
Modelwerk - Bushido

Ellie Font Never Forgets

23 September 2017

Trouble in the Middle East

I guess to me personally the worst thing about my external hard-drive crashing & burning is the loss of all my Muslimgauze files.

I know that a lot of you are not great Muslimgauze fans but I’m kinda fan-atic. I prided  myself in having all of Bryn's releases (which numbered 96 at the time of Jones sudden demise in January 1999 & I’ve forgotten how many more posthumous new items). Until such time as I can afford to retrieve the material on said dead drive, I’m shit outta luck Gauzewise.

Fortunately for me, when I sold off my record collection I kept my top 100 albums (mostly Beefheart, Mark Stewart, King Tubby...well, you all know the musick that I favor). I kept everything Muslimgauze that I had on vinyl. One of the treasures that I managed to hang on to was a compilation released by Final Image in 1987. It features not only Muslimgauze but Bourbonese Qualk, another favored band, as well as a great deal more musick that will probably bug the hell out of most of you.

 Mission accomplished NØ Sez...

decryption code in comments

Side 1 -

Green is the Colour of the Prophet - Muslimgauze
Do This - Pump
Half Deepmen - Biting Tongues
New York, 1940 - Gush
Lullaby - Bourbonese Qualk

Side 2 -

That Marilyn Walk - John Avery
The Moors - Tim Story
Zone - Mute Calm
First Soundtrack - Human Flesh
Another Journey - O Yuki Conjugate


18 September 2017

What's Goin' On?

I guess I owe it to all my dear friends here at NSS to explain what’s been going on with me since March. It’s a mighty grim tale & I’ll probably start ranting before I finish, so here’s some sweet Dub music to soothe the edges. From the early days of M. Lloyd Barnes Bulwackies great work recorded at the original Wackie’s House of Music on White Plains Road, NYC in 1979.

Bullwackies All Stars - Black World Dub, Hardwax Records 1040LP, 1979.
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Side A -

Recording Connection
Troubled Land
Morning Star
United Rock

Side B -

Black World
Simple Little Woman
Tribute to Studio One
Shining Star
Rain from that Cloud


So here goes...

It all began on the morning of March 17th.

I’m not really one to make future plans, chosing mainly to live in the Here & Now, but I was so caught up in my plans for the up-coming week-end. I was going to start my planting the following two days. Much earlier than usually, but I was going to attempt something I had never tried before this year. A life-long friend & fellow grower had been extolling the virtues of early planting as a sure fire way of sexing one’s plants, an early identification system for boys & girls. If I could weed out the boys before I even got very far into the season & only kept the girls, I could save myself a great deal of needless work & expense.

So I’m sitting in our breakfast nook having a fresh baked croissant & a cup of Tieguanyin before I head off to work when the phone jangles. I grab it so as not to awaken the distaff duo sleeping in the adjoining bedrooms (Black Dahlia & Lao respectively).  It’s our landlord calling to let me know that the owner of our house is putting it on the market this very day. We have sixty days to vacate the premises.

I just kinda crumble back into my seat. WTF! I just drop the handset back into the cradle. I’m incapable of movement or thought for quite some time. So much for this years crop...that’s my first thought, as my mind was already awash with the plans for the next two days. Then it all sweeps over me like an avalanche...I was just finishing a major five month project enclosing the rear patio into a catio for Ralf, Lao’s cat...now in full recovery from having her left rear leg amputated. As a former outdoor cat, now needing much more territory than our house afforded her...we made her a new world...this was our WORLD...we had no plans to move...what about all the detritus we had accumulated over the years???how were we going to afford to move??? Sixty days.

Fuck. Hold up. I just can’t do this. I’m finally coming out the other end & this feels like just so much bullshit bitchin’ right now.

I could explain about digitizing all my music & then selling off my record collection. About how the very next day...yeah, the very day after I copied the last CD & parted ways with all things jewel case bound, that my external hard drive (8T) crashed & burned. 

About the -4.5/-4.8 rental market here in Sacramento...yeah, there are between 4.5% to 4.8% more people looking for rentals than are available to rent.

About the fact that what five years ago rented for $850 now rents for $1300+.

About how mid-move, my pick up truck blew a head gasket & threw a rod.

About how on the day before we were finally moving to Oak Knoll, our latest abode, my coon-hound Hungry Chuck Biscuits (brother for the last eighteen years) died in my arms...

I could explain, but I won’t.

I’ll leave you with this (+ one more musical delight):

from T. Lobsang Rampa - The Cave of the Ancients, Corgi Books 1963
     Over us the stars wheeled on their course, endless, eternal. Smiling, the Lama Mingyar Dondrop reached in his robe and brought forth a box of matches, treasure brought all the way from far-off India. Slowly he extracted one match and held it up. “I will show you Creation, Lobsang!” he said gaily. Deliberately he drew the match head across the igniting surface of the box, and as it flared into life, he held up the blazing sliver. Then he blew it out! “Creation, and dissolution,” he said, “The flaring match head emitted thousands of particles each exploding away from its fellows. Each was a separate world, the whole was a Universe.   the Universe died when the flame was Extinguished. Can you say that there was no life on those worlds?” I looked dubiously at him, not knowing what to say. “ If they were worlds, Lobsang, and had life upon them, to that Life the worlds would have lasted for millions of years. Are we just a stricken match? Are we living here, with our joys and sorrows - mostly sorrows! - thinking that this is a world without end? Think about it, and we will talk some more tomorrow.” He rose to his feet and was gone from my sight.

from Rob Garza, half of Thievery Corporation. A bit rougher & tougher than TC.  Let me just say that "Cherubim Sing" saved my life.

Dust Galaxy - Dust Galaxy, Eighteenth Street Lounge Music ESL 124, 2007.

Sun in Your Head
Mother of Illusion
It’s All Yours
River of Ever Changing Forms
Sons of Washington
Cherubim Sing
Come Hear the Trumpets
Crying to the Night

What he sez,

02 September 2017

Life is so Bittersweet

I’m coming unraveled right before my very eyes.
It’s not a pretty sight
Life has become so bittersweet
Hope next time I get it right...

Bitter:Sweet is: Kiran Shahani (ex-Supreme Beings of Leisure / Bonglab) & Shana Halligan

Bitter:Sweet - The Remix Game, Quango Records QMG 1026-2, 2007.
decryption code in comments

Heaven  (Nicola Conte "West Coast Vibes" remix)
Bittersweet Faith  (Thievery Corporation remix)
Overdue  (Blackbeard remix)
Our Remains  (JAB remix featuring Menez One)
Take 2 Blue  (Roy Dubb remix)
The Mating Game  (Yes King remix)
Salty Air  (Fort Knox Five remix)
Dirty Laundry   (Skeewiff remix)
Moving Forward  (Atjazz remix)
Moody  (Marsmobil remix)
Don’t Forget to Breath  (Solid Doctor "Don't Forget the Beat" remix)

 Amara Dulcis

19 August 2017

I Might be Dying Here, but I Can Still Dance

decryption code in comments

tracklist -

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
The Carnival is Over
Enigma of the Absolute
The Lotus Eaters
In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-eyed are Kings
The Song of tye Sibyl
I Can See Now
American Dreaming
The Host of Seraphim
How Fortunate the Man with None

Keep dancing,

05 August 2017

Been a Dry Spell Here as of Late

Son House, born Eddie James House, Jr.on  March 21, 1902 in Riverton, Mississippi, was a teen preacher in African American Baptist churches across the South. By his twenties he had taken to whiskey & preachin’ the Blues. He made four double-sided recordings for Paramount, this being one.

Son House - Dry Spell Blues Parts I &  II, Paramount 10“ shellac 78rpm, 1930.

Side A -
Dry Spell Blues Part I

Side B -
Dry Spell Blues Part II


18 June 2017

& it's Only the 18th

Death in June – All Pigs Must Die, Leprosy Discs LEPER CD4, 2001
decryption code in comments

tracklist –
All Pigs Must Die
Tick Tock
Disappear in Every Way
The Enemy Within
We Said Destroy II
Flies Have Their House
With Bad Blood (Tick Tock remix)
No Pig Day (Flies Have Their House remix)
We Said Destroy III
Lords Of The Sties (Disappear in Every Way remix)
Ride Out!

Recorded between October 2000 & January 2001 at Big Sound Studios Australia,
Geyer Studios Germany, & Jacob's Studios England.

Enjoy or die,

10 June 2017

Another Yoyo comp

A friend of NSS has been enjoying the previous Yoyo comps (Throw & Periscope) & wondered if I had any more. & if I did, could I post them up here. I do, & I will.


Originally scissored between the previously offerings, here’s Julep, Another Yoyo Compilation, once more thanks to the hard of Pat Maley of Yoyo Recordings in Olympia Washington. Cover art by Sam Jayne.

Various – Julep-Another Yoyo Studio Compilation, Yoyo Recordings YOYOCD2, 1993.
decryption code in comments

Cake Walk – Kreviss
She’s the One – Heavens to Betsy
Hello Kitty – Cub
Bitch Theme – Bratmobile
Lucky – Kicking Giant
Half-life – Slowpoke
Penny Lock – Crayon
Backline – Young Ginns
Leather Face – Karp
Fly Away – Tattle Tale
No More – Nikki & Rachel
Alien Movie Star – Slant 6
Dusk - Long Hind Legs
Beer is the Answer – Rockin’ Rod & the Strychnines
Turtle – Lyne
13 – Fruit Bat
Bugs in Nevada – Adickdid
Sick Friend – Chorea
Baby Blue – Tiger Trap


21 May 2017

The (un)Usual Suspects

The Suspects: Kendra Smith - vocals; Steve Wynn - guitar; Russ Tolman - guitar; Steve Suchil - bass guitar; & Gavin Blair - drums.

Kendra Smith pre-Opal; Dream Syndicate; Mazzy Star & Steve Wynn pre-Dream Syndicate

Side A -
It’s Up to You
Side B -
Talking Loud

Talking Loud/Working Proud
Wanna Be Wild
I Got a Right


TV on the Interweb

Tom Verlaine / Television – The Twilight Zone EP, Eclectic Music EM342, 1978 -1984.

Poor Circulation
Psychotic Reaction
Wild Thing

Television - Poor Circulation recorded live with Television, My Father's Place, NYC, March 20, 1978

Tom Verlaine - Psychotic Reaction & Wild Thing recorded live at The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London, October 4, 1984


It's All Up in the Ari

The Slits – Live at Beat the Blues Festival, Alexandra Palace, London, 1980


Instant Hit
Heard It Through the Grapewine
Adventures Close To Home
Man Next Door
Walk About
Spend, Spend, Spend
New Town
Animal Spacier
In the Beginning There Was Rhythm
Man Next Door (again, with different lyrics)

Ari Up: vocals
Viv Albertine: guitar
Tessa Pollitt: bass
Bruce Smith: drums

The Slits - Live at Primavera Festival, Barcelona, May 29, 2010


World of Grown Ups
Typical Girls
Fade Away
I Heard it Through the Grapevine
Lazy Slam
Partner from Hell
Let’s Do the Split / Vindictive

Ari Up: vocals
Michelle Hill: vocals
Hollie Cook: guitar
Tessa Pollitt: bass drummer
Anna Schulte: drums


06 May 2017

Post Ward but Still the Best

I swear it’s so. 

Finally…the first FIRST 1st good thing to happen to me this year, 
& it’s already past MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

If you can’t dig this, fuck all!

ATDI 2017
decryption code in comments

Enjoy or die,
NØ much

15 April 2017

Jah & Sun Keeping Me Sane

Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras meet The Congos – Icon Give Thank,
RVNG Intl. FRKWYS09, 2012.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
New Binghi
Happy Song
Food Clothing and Shelter

Side B –
Thank and Praise


02 April 2017

If Memory Serves

A visitor to this dump-site (Daniel Ramos) commented recently about Material (Bill Laswell band). He mentioned that Memory Serves is his all-time favorite Material release, I have to agree that it is also one of my favorites & I have not posted it up previously. I mentioned there would be more Bills here (Nelson, Laswell, Burroughs). The last Bill was Nelson so this takes care of Laswell for a while.

Material – Memory Serves, Celluloid CEL N.Y. 5007, 1981.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
Memory Serves
Metal Test

Side B –
Conform to the Rhythm
Square Dance
Silent Land

bonus track (from later re-issue) – For a Few Dollars More


05 March 2017

Opus Illuminatus

I promised I'd post up some Bill (Nelson or Laswell or Burroughs) once I could break outta my funk (& I'm not talking about the 'adelic' kind). Well, I was listening to some Bill Nelson & the Gentlemen Rocketeers recorded in concert at Metropolis Studios, London in 2011 (included in the comments). Bill & Co. covered some of my favorite Be-bop Deluxe tunes previously heard live on 1977s Live in the Air Age (as well as ''Lady You’re a Strange Girl'' from Chimes & Rings below). You could tell the audience was thrilled to hear these great songs played once again live. I was equally thrilled & it gave me the impetus to round up this post. The first & third items are requests from fellow Nelsonophiles who visit here. They have been overlooked for far too long.

Cocteau Records has re-issued a great deal of Bill Nelson's back catalogue. If you're looking for something in particular, that would be a good place to start.

Here's a nugget that has not been rereleased yet. Originally released as part of the Demonstrations of Affection 4CD or 4CAS box sets. Written, performed, & recorded by Bill Nelson at The Echo Observatory & Studio Rose-Croix, Yorkshire 1988-89.

Bill Nelson ‎– Chimes & Rings, Cocteau Records JCCD24, 1989.
all decryption codes in comments

tracklist –

Lady You’re a Strange Girl
Kiss Goodbye
Call of the Wild
Lost to Me
Dangerous Lady
Working Man
Giving it All Away
Ice & Fire
Wonder Where We Go
Dreams of Yesterday
Sell My Soul
Back to Dream
I Wait for You
Walking Away from Paradise
Playing Jesus to her Judas
Something’s Going On
The Miracle Belongs to You

The following year Bill released a limited edition cassette commemorating the 30th anniversary of The Fresco by Jean Cocteau performed by Bill & his brother Ian. Cocteau's The Fresco was painted at Notre Dame de France, a French Catholic Church on Leicester Place, just off Leicester Square.

The eight tracks were originally created for a live performance in Wakefield Cathedral as part of the city's 1990 Arts Festival. The performance was titled 'Opus Illuminatus' & featured live improvisations on guitar (by Bill) & saxophone (by his younger brother Ian) played over interactive backing tracks (what appears on the cassette minus the improvisations). It was finally re-released April 2014 as a digital download by Sonoluxe (CD032) so I'm only going to post up the first track.

Bill & Ian Nelson – Altar Pieces cassette, Orpheus Organisation, 1990

Side A –

& while I've got you all here, this is another project involving M. Nelson…Channel Light Vessel.

They are: Bill Nelson - acoustic & electric guitars, bass guitar, percussion, e-bow, soft piano, keyboards, & vocals; Roger Eno - piano, keyboards, horn, accordion, banjo, & trundle guitar; Kate St. John - vocals, saxophone, cor anglais, & oboe; Laraaji - zithers, bells, kalimba, chimes, & alien whispers; & Mayumi Tachibana - cello & ghost girl voice.

CLV is sort of an ambient super-group democratically creating this largely improvised dreamscape with former Dream Academy member Kate St. John providing the saxophone & oboe lines, while Bill draws his exquisite atmospheric guitar doodles. Roger Eno's keyboards intertwine with Mayumi Tachibana's wispy cello & Laraaji's usual collection of random haunting rhythmic devices. There are vocals thrown in the mix, usually by Nelson or a multi-tracked St John.

Channel Light Vessel – Automatic, All Saints Records ASCD19, 1994.

tracklist –

Train Travelling North
Dog Day Afternoon
A Place We Pray For
Bubbling Blue
Flaming Creatures
Bill's Last Waltz
Thunderous Accordions
Fish Owl Moon
Little Luminaries