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15 April 2017

Jah & Sun Keeping Me Sane

Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras meet The Congos – Icon Give Thank,
RVNG Intl. FRKWYS09, 2012.
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Side A –
New Binghi
Happy Song
Food Clothing and Shelter

Side B –
Thank and Praise


02 April 2017

If Memory Serves

A visitor to this dump-site (Daniel Ramos) commented recently about Material (Bill Laswell band). He mentioned that Memory Serves is his all-time favorite Material release, I have to agree that it is also one of my favorites & I have not posted it up previously. I mentioned there would be more Bills here (Nelson, Laswell, Burroughs). The last Bill was Nelson so this takes care of Laswell for a while.

Material – Memory Serves, Celluloid CEL N.Y. 5007, 1981.
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Side A –
Memory Serves
Metal Test

Side B –
Conform to the Rhythm
Square Dance
Silent Land

bonus track (from later re-issue) – For a Few Dollars More


05 March 2017

Opus Illuminatus

I promised I'd post up some Bill (Nelson or Laswell or Burroughs) once I could break outta my funk (& I'm not talking about the 'adelic' kind). Well, I was listening to some Bill Nelson & the Gentlemen Rocketeers recorded in concert at Metropolis Studios, London in 2011 (included in the comments). Bill & Co. covered some of my favorite Be-bop Deluxe tunes previously heard live on 1977s Live in the Air Age (as well as ''Lady You’re a Strange Girl'' from Chimes & Rings below). You could tell the audience was thrilled to hear these great songs played once again live. I was equally thrilled & it gave me the impetus to round up this post. The first & third items are requests from fellow Nelsonophiles who visit here. They have been overlooked for far too long.

Cocteau Records has re-issued a great deal of Bill Nelson's back catalogue. If you're looking for something in particular, that would be a good place to start.

Here's a nugget that has not been rereleased yet. Originally released as part of the Demonstrations of Affection 4CD or 4CAS box sets. Written, performed, & recorded by Bill Nelson at The Echo Observatory & Studio Rose-Croix, Yorkshire 1988-89.

Bill Nelson ‎– Chimes & Rings, Cocteau Records JCCD24, 1989.
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tracklist –

Lady You’re a Strange Girl
Kiss Goodbye
Call of the Wild
Lost to Me
Dangerous Lady
Working Man
Giving it All Away
Ice & Fire
Wonder Where We Go
Dreams of Yesterday
Sell My Soul
Back to Dream
I Wait for You
Walking Away from Paradise
Playing Jesus to her Judas
Something’s Going On
The Miracle Belongs to You

The following year Bill released a limited edition cassette commemorating the 30th anniversary of The Fresco by Jean Cocteau performed by Bill & his brother Ian. Cocteau's The Fresco was painted at Notre Dame de France, a French Catholic Church on Leicester Place, just off Leicester Square.

The eight tracks were originally created for a live performance in Wakefield Cathedral as part of the city's 1990 Arts Festival. The performance was titled 'Opus Illuminatus' & featured live improvisations on guitar (by Bill) & saxophone (by his younger brother Ian) played over interactive backing tracks (what appears on the cassette minus the improvisations). It was finally re-released April 2014 as a digital download by Sonoluxe (CD032) so I'm only going to post up the first track.

Bill & Ian Nelson – Altar Pieces cassette, Orpheus Organisation, 1990

Side A –

& while I've got you all here, this is another project involving M. Nelson…Channel Light Vessel.

They are: Bill Nelson - acoustic & electric guitars, bass guitar, percussion, e-bow, soft piano, keyboards, & vocals; Roger Eno - piano, keyboards, horn, accordion, banjo, & trundle guitar; Kate St. John - vocals, saxophone, cor anglais, & oboe; Laraaji - zithers, bells, kalimba, chimes, & alien whispers; & Mayumi Tachibana - cello & ghost girl voice.

CLV is sort of an ambient super-group democratically creating this largely improvised dreamscape with former Dream Academy member Kate St. John providing the saxophone & oboe lines, while Bill draws his exquisite atmospheric guitar doodles. Roger Eno's keyboards intertwine with Mayumi Tachibana's wispy cello & Laraaji's usual collection of random haunting rhythmic devices. There are vocals thrown in the mix, usually by Nelson or a multi-tracked St John.

Channel Light Vessel – Automatic, All Saints Records ASCD19, 1994.

tracklist –

Train Travelling North
Dog Day Afternoon
A Place We Pray For
Bubbling Blue
Flaming Creatures
Bill's Last Waltz
Thunderous Accordions
Fish Owl Moon
Little Luminaries


22 February 2017

To the Dreamstealers We Say…

Inspired by Brother Jonder, Comrade in song against this Fascist State. Brother Jonder sez; "Nathan, I thought of another song that might fit your recent series of posts: "False Leader" by Gary Clail."

Brother Sibling sez: "May he choke on our collective output."

Brother Xtm sez: "Amen"

The Brotherhood of Dub will never rest.

& for the distaff visitors who might be wondering, many of the "Brothers" are "Sisters".

False Leader (Part 1 & 2) – Gary Clail & On-U Sound System from Emotional Hooligan
These Things are Worth Fighting For – Gary Clail & On-U Sound System from Dreamstealers
The Dangerous Dance – Gary Clail from Keep the Faith
Behind Every Fortune – from Dreamstealers
Two Thieves & a Liar – Gary Clail & On-U Sound System from End of the Century Party
Privitisation Program – from Keep the Faith
Rat Race – from End of the Century Party
No Sleep Tonight – from Keep the Faith

We Must Persist…Keep the Faith,

18 February 2017

Finally Someone is Mentioning the Obvious

Thousands of shrinks joined a new group called "Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism," which quickly released a "Public Manifesto" to warn America about its leader's apparent psychosis.

The American Psychiatric Association says that anyone exhibiting five of the following nine egotistical traits has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Count up how many Trump exhibits:

1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements).
2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
3. Believe that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with other special or high-status people.
4. Requires excessive admiration.
5. Has a sense of entitlement.
6. Is interpersonally exploitative.
7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others.
8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her.
9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

tracklist -

Shades of Hudson - Dennis Alcapone from Keith Hudson & Friends: The Hudson Affair
Zion Youth - Dreadzone from Second Light
Zion Youth - Dreadzone (Dan Donovan mix) from Zion Youth 12" Maxi-single
Zion Youth - Alborosie featuring Sugus from Freedom & Fyah
From Creation - Thievery Corporation from The Richest Man in Babylon
Dread Lion - Lee 'Scratch' Perry & the Upsetters from Super Ape
Zion Youth - Dreadzone (Underworld mix) from Zion Youth 12" Maxi-single
Zion Youth Part 2 - Vin 'Don D. Junior' Gordon from Fe-Me-Time Zion Youth 7"
This Version - Slightly Stoopid from Meanwhile...Back at the Lab
Zion Youth - Dreadzone (Digidub mix) from Zion Youth 12" Maxi-single
Zion Youth - Dreadzone (dreadzone mix) from Zion Youth 12" Maxi-single

Mental illness is an alternate fact,

04 February 2017

A Short Step from Wage Slave to Slave

Killing Joke - Corporate Elect (Dub mix) from Corporate Elect CD single,
Spinefarm Records SPINE717573, 2012.

Yas Massa,

28 January 2017

Comply or Die

Audio Active - 3.2.8. in a Police State from Bong EP, Birdman Records BMR 027, 2000.

Where anyone against the State is a CRIMINAL no matter how innocent they are,

27 January 2017

Puppetmaster T

Mark Stewart - The Puppet Master from Edit, Crippled Dick Hot Wax! CDHW 105, 2008. 

Blacklist this regime from existence,

25 January 2017

Week One

So far, Donald Trump has...

*     Approved the Keystone Pipeline & Dakota Access pipelines.
*     Rolled back overtime protections for American workers.
*     Made it more expensive for middle-class families to buy homes.
*     Signed the "global gag rule" on abortion, which prevents international aid organizations from providing safe healthcare to women worldwide.
*     Signed an executive order for a border wall & told ABC News construction will begin "within months."

Also, New York Times reports that tomorrow he will "effectively bar the entry of people from Muslim countries."

22 January 2017

Crucial Art Leak - The Birth of DTs

Uniform - "The Killing of America" from Wake in Fright , Sacred Bones Records SBR170, 2017.

Let's Wreck the Party,

20 January 2017

We are General Ludd

When they kick at your front door
How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun?

Let’s Punk the Trumpocalyse

To paraphrase Jello Biafra, we've got a bigly problem now.  I'm tempted to wave a white flag, but it's high time to hoist the black one.  As the hypocrisy of Trumpocracy begins to reign, and the ghost of Joe McCarthy stalks the land, someone observed that at least we can expect some great punk rock during the next four years.  There are some great young punk bands out there such as Muuy Bien, Tenement, & Uranium Club.

Here are three dozen covers of California punk classics, from 1985s "My War" back to 1977s "Class War".  In this hour of darkness, I find it heartening to hear these bands (some new, some not) breathing fire into the embers of these timeless tales of terror.

HELLACOPTERS:  The Creeps (I Just Wanna Give You)  (Social Distortion)
BRUTAL TRUTH:  Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs  (Minutemen)
TURBONEGRO:  I Don't Care About You  (Fear)
THE SCREWS:  Kill Someone You Hate  (Red Cross)
THE ERGS:  The Todd Killings  (Angry Samoans)
BIOHAZARD:  We're Only Gonna Die   (Bad Religion)
JAPANDROIDS:  For The Love Of Ivy  (Gun Club)
PRONG:  Kids Of The Black Hole  (Adolescents)
UNSANE:  Ha Ha Ha  (Flipper)
SEPULTURA:  Drug Me  (Dead Kennedys)
PIG DESTROYER:  Deny Everything  (Circle Jerks)
THE MARS VOLTA:  Back Up Against The Wall  (Circle Jerks)
THE BRONX: Los Angeles  (X)
L7:  Bloodstains  (Agent Orange)
CEREMONY:  American Society  (Eddie & The Subtitles)
OSAMENTAH:  Hey Hey  (Descendents)
JACK O'FIRE:  Joe McCarthy's Ghost  (Minutemen)
THE REDS:  Ack Ack Ack  (Urinals)
DIE KREUZEN:  Land Of Treason  (Germs)
BLACK FORK:  A Gain, A Loss  (Plugz)
LEAVING TRAINS:  Black Hole  (Urinals)
CRIMINAL WAVE:  122 Hours Of Fear  (Screamers)
CBiHCiTY:  Out Of Vogue  (Middle Class)
THE BRIEFS: Kill The Hippies  (Deadbeats)
MELVINS:  Lexicon Devil  (Germs)
GALLOWS:  Nervous Breakdown  (Black Flag)
YOU AM I:  We're Desperate  (X)
THE BRIGGS:  We Got The Neutron Bomb  (Weirdos)
TEENGENERATE:  Wild Weekend  (Zeros)
THE DICKIES:  Solitary Confinement  (Weirdos)
THE DIDJITS:  Give It Back  (Dickies)
THE RIVER CITY TANLINES:  Nothing Means Nothing Anymore  (Alleycats)
SHADES APART:  We Are The One  (Avengers)
DILLINGER FOUR:  You're Not Blank  (Dils)
D.O.A.:  Class War  (Dils)

Let’s Wreck the Party,

18 January 2017

Zoot Allures with Zappa & Beefheart

Flies all green and buzzin'
In this dungeon of despair
Prisoners grumble and piss their clothes
And scratch their matted hair
A tiny light from a window-hole
A hundred yards away
Is all they ever get to know
About the regular light in the day

And it stinks so bad the stones been chokin'
Weepin' greenish drops
In the room where the giant fire puffer works
And the torture never stops
The torture never stops

Slime and rot and rats and snot and
Vomit on the floor
Fifty ug-a-ly soldiers there
Holdin' spears by the iron door
Knives and spikes and guns and the likes
Of every tool of pain

And a sinister midget with a bucket and a mop
Where the blood goes down the drain
And it stinks so bad, the stones been chokin'
Weepin' greenish drops
In the room where
The giant fire puffer works
And the torture never stops
The torture never stops,
The torture
The torture
The torture never stops

Flies all green and buzzin'
In this dungeon of despair
An evil prince eats a steamin' pig
In a chamber right near there
He eats the snouts and the trotters first
The loins and the groins are soon dispersed
His carvin' style is well rehearsed
He stands and shouts
All men be cursed
All men be cursed
All men be cursed
All men be cursed
And disagree, hell no one durst
He's the best of cause of all the worst
Some wrong been done
He done it first

And he stinks so bad his bones been chokin'
Weepin' greenish drops
In the light of the iron sausage
Where the torture never stops
The torture never stops
The torture
The torture
The torture never stops

Flies all green and buzzin'
In the dungeon of despair
Who are all those people
That he's locked away down there
Are they crazy
Are they sainted
Are they zeros someone painted
That had never been explained
Since at first it was created
But a dungeon like a sin
Requires not much lockin' in
Of everything that's ever been
Look at her
Look at him
That's whats the deal we're dealin' in
That's whats the deal we're dealin' in
That's whats the deal we're dealin' in


14 January 2017

DTs At the Lodge

I'd like to apologize to all the casual visitors & regular friends of this here web-blob. I have been more than remiss in my musickal dissemination of tuneage as of late. I have to admit that I have been suffering from a major bout of depression. I call it the DTs, or the Donald Trumpitis. Very few activities are able to even momentarily shake me from my dread. As Zardoz so succinctly stated, "I have seen the future, & it does not work." One thing that works is blaming anything negative on Trump, even the smallest of events, like stubbing my toe or a hang-nail, a bad driver or a stoopid redneck. Another is that every time I see feces lying about in public, be it canine, human, or other, I loudly declare, "Trump!" But the best thing that keeps me from thinking about the inevitable is 24 hr DUB.

So while anyone who visits here knows, I loves my Dubs, I am after all a proud member of the Brotherhood of Dub, but I have been only (infrequently at that) posting up Dub (it's what I'm listening to constantly, it is my mental balm). I have been ignoring all the other great craziness with which I usually enjoy polluting this space. I have some exciting new Bill musick (both Nelson & Laswell) I need to share. Literally hundreds of visitors have asked me when I'm going to post up the rest of the Mongolian music from Musick Around the World (Mongolia 2.0 – some 57 different releases – the first section was only 27 releases). I definitely need to get back to the project I began in August 2015, going through a folder I have called "Musick that Needs Work". That meant anything from cleaning up the sound to fixing the tags to getting the art work, whatever. The last time I worked on that gem was July 2016 with "What the H". That's still the most heavily viewed & downloaded posts here. I need to get on with I, but in these tragic times I have a hard time concentrating on I.

I do promise that as soon as I can get my head above the surface of this morass I will start posting all the above mentioned things (& more). Because I believe I owe it to you all, here is a taste from I.

Ikara Colt – Chat & Business, Fantastic Plastic Records fpcd005x, 2002.
decryption code in comments

tracklist –

One Note
Bishop’s Son
City of Glass
Pop Group
Sink Venice
After This
At the Lodge
Here We Go Again
May B 1 Day
Video Clip Show

hidden track – Escalate

Ikara Colt is: Claire Ingram – guitar & vocals; Jon Ball – bass & keyboards;
Paul Resende – keyboards & vocals; Dominic Young – drums.

Let's Wreck the Party,

19 December 2016

Back in Style Hot We Hot Roots Radics 2-fer

From 1989, Roots Radics roots reggae & Dub. I left Hot We Hot in its original playing order, adjusted Hot We Hot Dub so that the songs match up. Taken from: Roots Radics – Hot We Hot, Real Authentic Sound RAS 3045C, 1989 & Roots Radics – Hot We Hot Dub, ROIR (Reachout International Records) A-171, 1989.

Roots Radics – Hot We Hot & Dub
decryption code in comments

tracklist –

1-2 Hot We Hot / Dub
3-4 Mix Me Up / Dub
5-6 Joy to the World / Dub
7-8 Shuffle the Deck / Reshuffle Dub
9-10 Me For You / Dub
11-12 Don’t Turn Me Down / Dub
13-14 Book of Love / Dub
15-16 Watch Your Step / Dub
17-18 Come Out of We Land / Dub
19-20 Nice to Be with You / Dub


17 December 2016

The Babylon Saga: the Sequel – Babylon A'falling (by popular vote)

The End of an American Dream…

…so, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,
Blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

& did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
& did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage? 

The End of an American Dream – Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Mash Down Babylon (with the Chosen Brothers) – Rhythm & Sound
Babylon Dub 1 – Paul Fox
Bad Minded Dub – Leroy Smart
A Living Version – The Aggrovators
Crazy World – Panda Dub
Babylon Attack – Far East Band
Dub Struggle – Vibronics
Take Cover – Israel Vibration
Settle Babylone – Winston McAnuff & the Bazbaz Orchestra
Babylon Fall Dubwize – Negritage
Sufferation Dub – Brain Damage / Vibronics
Babylonia – Pressure Dub Sound
Babylon Dub 2 – Augustus Pablo
Dub Mi Nuh Babylon – Ackboo
Babylon River Dub – Alien Dread
Chant Down the Walls of Babylon – Social Living Sound
National Style – Little Axe
Burning Babylon Down Vibes – Akila Barrett & the Wailers Band
Babylon Dub 3 – Vibronics
House of Sin (remix) – Lee 'Scratch' Perry
War Zone – Sly & Robbie
Darkest Night Version – The Chuckles

Money is not Our God (Babylon Dub) – Killing Joke
Stop & Frisk – Ted Sirota / Scientist
You Lie Dub – King Culture
Fuck the Racists (Cosmopolitan mix) – Anima Sound System
No Government – Iries in Roots
Tribulation Dub – Mafia & Fluxy
War & Crime Dub – Val Dawa (Dawa Hifi)
Dub Missiles Against NWO – Miniman
Hypocrisy Dub (live Version) – Soul Majestic
Stop the Dub Fight – Leroy Smart
Mugger in the Hi-Wah – Soferno B
To Be Rich Should Be a Crime – Jeb Loy Nichols
Hazard Dub – Aldubb
Dub Over Evil (featuring Murray Man) – Miniman
De System – Mutabaruka
Police Brutality Dub – Fred Locks
Gun Too Hot – Dub Syndicate
Dub the Government – Sly & Robbie
Stop Your Lying Dub – Alpha & Omega
Empire’s Falling – Dub Syndicate
Radical Intruder – Black Out
I Shot the Sheriff Dub – The Wailers
Dub in the Time of War – S.O.J.A. (Soldiers of Jah Army)

Days Ain't Bright (Gary Clunk remix) – Ackboo featuring Horace Andy
Dubbing Against Oppression – Fred Locks
Healing of the Nations – Roots Tonic meets Bill Laswell
Dub Mightier Than the Sword – Alpha & Omega
Warrior in the Dub – Dub Engine
Throw Down Your Gun – Dub Syndicate
Break Free Dub – Yami Bolo
Dub Revolution (Raw Shaka mix) – The Disciples
Dub Freedom – Michael Rose
Tear Down the Walls – Black Roots
Throw Away Your Guns/Whatchagonadoonthejudgementday – Suns of Arqa (featuring Prince Far I)
Rastafari Army – Brother Culture
Declaration of Peace – Miniman
Dub Revolution - Dub Presidents
Sounds of Freedom – The Rootsman
Underprivileged Dub – Leroy Smart
Heal the Nation Dub – Scientist
Struggle Dub – Black Roots
Warrior Dub – Celt Islam (featuring the Renegade Sufi)
None Shall Escape the Dubment – Johnny Clarke
Where from Here – Little Axe
We Need a Solution – Tokyo Tower
I Wish You Were Here – Alpha Blondy

A 23 Skidoo Joint Drop,

10 December 2016

Staying in Style

Roots Radics - Eric 'Bingy Bunny' Lamont & Dwight Pickney – guitar;  Gladstone Anderson – piano; Wycliffe 'Steely' Johnson – organ; Dean Fraser & Ronald 'Nambo' Robinson – horns; Errol 'Flabba' Holt – bass; Christopher 'Sky Juice' Blake – percussion; & Lincoln Valentine 'Style' Scott – drums. Mixed & recorded at Channel One by Scientist in 1982.

Roots Radics – Radicfaction, Cha Cha Music CHALP0012, 1982.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
Weep & Wail
Road Block

Side B –
Babylon Armed
Dread in Confrontation
Judgement Time

Babylon armed & reloaded,

05 December 2016

The True Dub Style

Dub in Style is an eleven track dub album celebrating the memory of Lincoln 'Style' Scott, legendary drummer of the Roots Radics band who was brutally murdered in his home last year. All the riddims on Dub In Style were recorded with Style Scott at Tuff Gong Recording Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

Zion I Kings – Dub in Style: A Zion I Kings Tribute to Style Scott,
Lustre Kings Productions, 2016.
decryption code in comments

tracklist –

JAH Mercy Dub (feat. Ziggi Recardo, Earl Sixteen, & Taranchyla)
Cold War Dub (feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore & Lutan Fyah)
Generation Again Dub (feat. Akae Beka)
Sweetest Thing Dub (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)
Spare Change Dub
Dub for Ashes (feat. Akae Beka)
Snow Hill Dub (feat. Sara Azriel)
Dutchie Dub (feat. Glen Washington & Chet Samuel)
For the Children Dub (feat. Kabaka Pyramid & Jahdan Blakkamoore)
Dub a Warriah (feat. Akae Beka)
Nothing No Wrong Dub (feat. Pressure Busspipe & Akae Beka)

Priors Lincoln,

03 December 2016


So we’ve kept up with Mark Stewart since Pop Group…with the Maffia & solo projects. Now we’ve had an in-depth view of Gareth Sager. But what of Bruce Smith? I’m not going into as much detail as the truly informative four-part saga from Jonder. I’m just too much a lazy sod, so I’m just lumping this stuff all together. It is, however, a great listen. Tried to accentuate the beats, man. I stuck some great Vivian Stanshall featuring drums via Bruce in the mix as an additional treat.

Here goes…

The Pop Group 1.0 – Mark Stewart, Gareth Sager, Simon Underwood [until he left to join Pigbag then Dan Catsis], John Waddington, & Bruce Smith.

The Slits – (Ari Up lead vocals, keyboards, & percussion, Viv Albertine guitar, vocals, Tessa Pollitt bass, & Bruce drums & percussion – Dennis Bovell 2,3,4,6,7 Dick O’Dell others)

New Age Steppers -

African Head Charge -

PiL -

Rip Rig & Panic -

Float Up CP -

Playgroup –

Vivian Stanshall (kinda 67%)
This record was recorded on 8 track equipment during August Bank Holiday 1983 in All Saints Road London W11.

Plus various one-offs –

Terence Trent D’Arby
The The

Recently Bruce has been pounding the skins for both PiL & The Pop Group again.

PiL 3.0

The Pop Group today: Mark Stewart – vocals; Gareth Sager – guitar, saxophone, & keyboards; Dan Catsis – bass guitar; & Bruce Smith – drums, percussion.

tracklist –

3’38 (She is Beyond Good & Evil 7")
Thief of Fire (Y)
Amnesty International Report (We are All Prostitutes 7")
Where There’s a Will (The Slits/The Pop Group split 7")
Rob a Bank (For How Much Longer do We Tolerate Mass Murder?)
God Problems Communism (live)
Hotter than 1000 Suns (live) (Idealists in Distress from Bristol 2xCD) – The Pop Group 1.0
Earthbeat (Return of the Giant Slits) – The Slits
Animal Space (The New Age Steppers)
My Love (My Love 7")
Painstaker (Threat to Creation) – New Age Steppers
In a Trap (Environmental Studies) – African Head Charge
Open & Revolving (Happy?)
Same Old Story (9) – PiL
Shadows Only There Because of the Sun (God 2xLP)
Go Go Go (This is It) (Go, Go, Go! (This is It) 7")
Take a Don Key to Mystery (I am Cold 2xLP)
Storm the Reality Asylum (extended mix) (Storm the Reality Asylum)
Sunken Love (Attitude) – Rip Rig & Panic
Ghost Train Drive (Kill Me in the Morning) – Float Up CP
Going Overdrawn (Epic Sound Battles-Chapter Two) – Playgroup
Sir Henry at Ndidi’s Kraal pt. 1
Sir Henry at Ndidi’s Kraal pt. 2
Sir Henry at Ndidi’s Kraal pt. 3 – Vivian Stanshall
Seven More Days (Introducing the Hardline...) – Terence Trent D’Arby
Helpline Operator (Dusk) – The The
Crying (Debut) – Björk
Things You’ll Never Know
Circles (Stage [2]) – Sweetback
One Drop (This Is PiL 2xLP)
Spice of Choice (What the World Needs Now…) – PiL now
Box 9 (Citizen Zombie)
Instant Halo
Days like These (Honeymoon on Mars) – Pop Group 2.0