On any post, if the link is no longer good, leave a comment if you want the music re-uploaded. As long as I still have the file, or the record, cd, or cassette to re-rip, I will gladly accommodate in a timely manner all such requests.

Slinging tuneage like some fried or otherwise soused short-order cook

01 June 2023

The Diabolyn Made Me Do It

This month I feel like an SOB. 
You might get it later. 

Satanique Samba Trio is a Brazilian instrumental-experimental crew formed in 2002.  The name is a definite misnomer as the band is neither Satanic nor a trio.  Their music combines Brazilian traditional rhythms with punk & free jazz all overshadowed by a caustic faux-satanism that colors their themes. It has been variously described as Grimoire folk or Faustian world jazz. If those aren't two of your favorite genres, well, sorreeeee!

But I'm not...I'm just being DEVILISH

Dig in, guys & ghouls.


Satanique Samba Trio - Misantropicalia, Amplitude 003, 2004.
all decryption codes in comments

Canção Para Atrair Má Sorte (ato 1)
Deus Odeia Samba Rock
Canção Para Atrair Má Sorte (ato 2)
Gafieira Bad Vibe
Canção Para Atrair Má Sorte (ato 3)
Seis Temas Temas Tropicais Para Mestre Lúcifer I
Seis Temas Temas Tropicais Para Mestre Lúcifer II
Seis Temas Temas Tropicais Para Mestre Lúcifer III
Seis Temas Temas Tropicais Para Mestre Lúcifer IV
Seis Temas Temas Tropicais Para Mestre Lúcifer V
Seis Temas Temas Tropicais Para Mestre Lúcifer VI
Canção Para Atrair Má Sorte (ato 4)
Dança Das Quiumbas
Satanique Samba Trio - Sangrou, Amplitude 007, 2007.

Os Sininhos Dizem Morte
Kit De Amputação Asasulista
Estilo Ricky Ramirez
Auto-Retrato Em Tripas De Cachorro (Face 1)
Chuve De Sangue Em Exu (Pe)
Salsa Em Carna Viva
Comendo Faca
Todos Os Santos Na Grelha
A Alma Boca Afora
Morre, Brasília!
Auto-Retrato Em Tripas De Cachorro (Face 2)
Salve Satã E Ponto Final
Canção Para Atrair Má Sorte (Ato Vi)
Peça Para Pó, Pele E Osso Em Dez Por Oito

May Day Special!

Taking advantage of the short-lived exposure provided by Instagram Stories, Satanique Samba Trio (here a quintet) presented the world with 15-second lo-fi tunes every day throughout the month of February 2019.  Taken together, it's like a 7 minute mini-mixtape trip into the tropi-concrete world of SS3. 

Parts 1 - 28


29 May 2023

Now I’m High on LKJ

People in the streets protesting racism. A feeling that black lives are regarded as worthless. A lack of prospects & deep division. All of these are amply handled by Mr. Johnson. 


Linton Kwesi Johnson (aka LKJ) was born in Chapelton, Jamaica. He moved to Brixton, UK at age 9. In high school, he joined the English Black Panthers. Together they created a poetry workshop called "Rasta Love". LKJ began to be published in the magazine "Race Today" in 1973. He released his first book of poetry in 1974 (Voices of the Living & the Dead) followed by his second in 1975 (Dread Beat an' Blood) which was also the title of his first album in 1978.

On his albums, Linton Kwesi Johnson doesn't sing. He doesn't DJ. On record, Johnson simply speaks his verses over a deep, heavy rhythmic backing, a style that became known as Dub poetry. He has always used his Dub poetry to fight racism, giving voice to the fact that black lives are not worthless, that there are indeed prospect to be found & pathways to bridge the deep division. 

I have been asked what is the point of LKJ without the words. Dub has the ability to tranlate all the meaning of the words into sounds that tap the heart of our unity. The point of LKJ in Dub is obvious to any ear that truly gives listen. But to please everyone, I'm including one of LKJ’s greatest Dub poetry volumes, his very first.  

Poet & the Roots - Dread Beat an' Blood, Front Line FL 1017, 1978.
all decryption codes in comments

Side One -
Dread Beat an' Blood
Five Nights of Bleeding
Doun di Road
Song of Blood (vocals by Vivian Weathers)

Side Two -
It Dread inna Inglan (for George Lindo)
Come Wi Goh Dung Deh
Man Free (for Darcus Howe)
All Wi Doin is Defendin 

The rhythms of his Dub poetry albums, already deep & deadly, further come into their own on LKJ in Dub, a mesmerizing instrumental remix album of tracks from Bass Culture & Forces of Victory. On all of his albums & live performances, LKJ appears with the Dub Bands, led by Dennis Bovell - producer, bass, percussion, piano.
Linton Kwesi Johnson - LKJ in Dub, Mango MLPS-9650, 1980.

Side A -
Victorious Dub
Reality Dub
Peach Dub
Shocking Dub

Side B -
Iron Bar Dub
Bitch Dub
Cultural Dub
Brain Smashing Dub

With snippets of his poetry sliding in & out of the delay / echo, with the phenomenal weight of Dennis Bovell's bass pinning everything down, LKJ in Dub Volume Two is up there with best OG style Dub.
Linton Kwesi Johnson - LKJ in Dub Volume Two, WEA Music 3984-24819-2, 1992.

Historic Dub
Cold War Dub
Guyanese Dub
Timeless Dub
Sensical Dub
Sensical Dubprise
Face Card Dub
Dub Tale
Dubbin di Revalueshan

All of the fine LKJ in Dub platters offered here are produced & mixed by Dennis Bovell. His mixing is infinitely subtle yet drops like thunder. It is the original British Dub sound distilled.

Volume Three continues this series that began in 1980. Dub's greatness is its ability to whittle reggae down to its barest, most primal essence, the beat & the bassline. Well, LKJ has the ability to push Dub even further. This volume is a perfect distillation of Dub's power, at once achingly sparse yet at the same time profoundly deep.
Linton Kwesi Johnson - LKJ in Dub Volume Three, LKJ Records LTD - LKJ CD 0021, 2002.

Dirty Langwidge Dub
Rootikal Dub
Liesense fi Dub
Dubbin di Tradition
Time fi Dub
Row Man Tik Dub
Mensch Dub
Afro-German Dub
Dubbin di Diaspora
Poetic Dub


26 May 2023

L-speak xx Lacy

Originally recorded for Holland's Korm Plastics label, this project was instigated by Korm label boss Frans de Waard. He phoned the Legendary Pink Dots household with the brief request, "Why don't you make something for our ambient series?"

The session was organized with Edward Ka-spel, his then-wife, Elke, their 2-year-old son, Calyxx, & fellow Pink Dot Ryan Moore. The session lasted 3 days. All of this was edited & mixed by Ka-spel. The name "DNA Le Draw D-Kee" is an anagram of Edward & Elke. 


DNA Le Draw D Kee is a one-off that draws upon the more atmospheric qualities of the Legendary Pink Dots.

Line-up: Edward Ka-spel - keyboards, & musical box; Elke Ka-spel - keyboards, & percussuion  Calyxx Ka-spel - Babyphone, & Ryan Moore - drums, percussion, guitar, bass.
DNA Le Draw D-Kee - Decay / DNA, Korm Plstics kp 5295,1995.
decryption code in comments

Side A -
Decay (21:13)

Side B -
DNA (18:09)


23 May 2023

It’s Robot Fightin’ Time

I am a hard-core BattleBots enthusiast. I started following robot fighting in the early 90s while living in San Jose,CA. I had been to numerous Survival Research Laboratory's shows , the brainchild of Mark Pauline, in San Francisco. These shows tied in perfectly with the punk & industrial music scenes burgeoning in the Bay Area.

The first show I attended was The Misfortunes of Desire (Acted Out at an Imaginary Location Symbolizing Everything Worth Having) in 1988 in the parking lot of Shea Stadium.  The show included a shock wave cannon, a 4-legged walking machine, a high power flame thrower, a radio-controlled tank, & a 1,200-pound catapult.

True Robot fighting got its start in October 1989 at the MileHiCon, a science fiction convention in Denver,CO. The MileHiCon featured the first actual tournament promoting robotic battles called the Critter Crunch. A small group of mechanical engineers known as the Denver Mad Scientist Club envisioned the event after viewing videos of the Survival Research Laboratory shows & learning of a competition at MIT that required homemade robots to compete in mechanical tasks. By coupling these influences the group created a robot combat event like no other. It was part eccentric spectacle, part brutal fight to the death, & all fun.

Eventually, word of the Critter Crunch began to spread. Other conventions around the country began hosting robot combat events as well, most notably at DragonCon in Atlanta.


The 25 pound robots of the first Critter Crunch were quite different from the 250 pound behemoths of BattleBots today. 

While these non-commercial events thrived in the convention world, another man was independently developing a bigger picture view of robot combat.

Marc Thorpe, a San Francisco based animatronic designer, had created special effects for Parts 2 & 3 of the Star Wars trilogy for LucasFilm. While independently working on a remote control vacuum cleaner in 1992, Thorpe looked at the device & realized its sinister potential which he dreamed could be transformed into a metal-crunching death machine. Building on this thought, Thorpe realized the potential behind a remote-controlled robot combat tournament. 


A feature in a 1994 issue of Wired Magazine about Thorpe's concept of ROBOT WARS finally enabled Thorpe to put on the competition. 

Robots & Robot Wars have come a long way since their humble beginnings at the end of the 20thCentury. Now the spectacle of the Battle Box arena & BattleBots.

I decided to create a music compilation to honor some of my favorite Bots. I narrowed the competition to the field of 32 & let them fight it out. The field of 16 is represented here. Starting with my favorite Bot, driven by Daniel Freitas...Minotaur. 


Various - BattleBots Rock, NØ Comp., 2023.

Minotaur - St. Paul & the Broken Bones
Overhaul - Ray TJ
Quantum - Martin Garrix & Brooks
Riptide - Vance Joy
Tantrum - Whitey
Blip (Club mix) - Wongo
Jackpot - Joceln Alice
Whiplash - MercyMe
Bloodsport - Sneaker Pimps
Cobalt - Enzalla
Black Dragon - The Vines
Glitch - Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan
Hydra - Toto
- Kendra Morris
Rotator - VAN DUO
Witch Doctor - De Staat

Let the Robot battle begin,

22 May 2023

You Be Haty’n

Haty Haty is David Douglas & Johannes Sigmond.

David Douglas is a Dutch electronica producer. He released his debut EP Royal Horticultural Society in 2012 & released his debut album Moon Observations in 2014.


Johannes Sigmond, otherwise known as Blaudzun, is from Amersfoort, The Netherlands, so I guess that makes him Dutch as well (asswell!!! nudge-nudge).

Their only release was 2016s High as the Sun. I'm a bit higher than that right now so that's my story, & I'm sticking to it. 


Haty Haty - High as the Sun, V2 VVNL28302, 2016
decryption code in comments

High as the Sun
Tell Me Something
Uptown Angel
After All


20 May 2023

Pray TV Part 3

Starting Dec. 13 last year I featured All India Radio & Martin Kennedy related posts for the Twelve Days of Yule & onward to the months end. On Dec. 30 I shared Horizontal Life by Pray TV, the band Martin played guitar in prior to forming All India Radio.

Pray TV Part 2 -

In a comment on that post,  fellow blogger viacomclosedmedown on youtube requested more Pray TV. 

I followed up with Swingers Paradise. At the time I sez I may be posting more Pray TV soon (March). Well, now it's May & I'm finally getting back to it. 


Pray TV - Westona, The Hypnotized Label HIP018CD, 1996.
decryption code in comments

Casino Royale
Solid Gold Hell
Far to Fall
Don't Waste My Time
Let it Go
New York Romance Blues
Crying Shane
Into the Blue
Stay (or Stay Away)


18 May 2023

Reach for the Skye

Another favorite of mine is Morcheeba. More correctly, Morcheeba that features Skye Edwards.

Paul & Ross Godfrey along with Skye Edwards launched Morcheeba in 1995. By 2003 things had become so strained between the three that the Godfrey brothers dismissed Skye. The GBs ran through two more singers before producing an album of all guests vocalists, but to no avail. We fans wanted Skye back. Paul & Ross finally asked Edwards to return in 2010.

That year they released Blood like Lemonade with Ms. Skye on vocals. It was a spectacular reunion & a tremendous album. However, the acrimony between Paul & Ross, both musically & personally finally came to full boil after the release of Head Up High album in 2013. Paul decided he was leaving the band, which he made official in 2014. 


Ross Godfrey & Skye Edwards had always had a good musical relationship. Ross for his part is a extremely talented but much under-rated guitarist. Though Paul had handled much of the past Morcheeba songwriting, Ross had full confidence in Skye's songwriting chops. She had honed them well during her solo days between Morcheeba phases. 

I've posted much of her wonderful catalogue here. The two announced a new project in 2016 named Skye ][ Ross. They released their self-titled album that year. The band started as just an acoustic duo but were soon joined by  Edward's son Jaega on drums, her husband Steve Gordon on bass & Godfrey's wife Amanda Zamolo providing backing vocals. Ross & Skye then went on to release Blaze Away under the old Morcheeba moniker in 2018.

Since then they have once again remained true to the Morcheeba sound. But in my opinion, Skye ][ Ross is one of the very best Morcheeba recordings. A rose by any other name... 


Skye & Ross - Skye ][ Ross, Fly Agaric Records FAR002CD, 2016.
decryption code in comments

Repay the Saviour   
Light of Gold   
All My Days   
How to Fly   
Clear My Mind   
Hold On   
Feet First   
Head Home   
The Point of No Return


17 May 2023

She’ll Get Medieval on Your Ass

I was listening to Roseland (Azam Ali & Tyler Bates). 

As always when I listen to it I am transported, primarily by the voice & musical direction of Azam Ali. I featured the beautiful songstress midway through recovery from my 70th birthday melee party several years back.

I wanted to post some more of Ms. Ali but realized I had already shared both her previous bands: Vas with In the Garden of Souls; Niyaz with their self-titled Niyaz; & the one that prompted this post...Roseland. I also shared both Azam’s solo Elysium for the Brave & the Elysium Remixes albums.

Here is Azam's first solo release from 2002, while she was still recording with Greg Ellis (both of Vas).


Azam Ali - Portals of Grace, Narada World 72438-11390-2-8, 2002.
decryption code in comments

Lasse pour Quoi    
La Serena    
Breton Medley    
O Felix    
Ben Pode Santa Maria    
O Quanta Qualia    
Aj Ondas    
A Chantar M'Er    
El Rey de Francia


16 May 2023

Always on My Mind

For the next three posts I'm going to be featuring artists that I have touched on before, Massive Attack, Azam Ali, & Morcheeba. I've followed all three throughout their careers & listen to them regularly. The selections I decided on have been always on my mind but never posted here. 


I'll start with Massive Attack. I remember when Blue Lines came out. I ate it up. It was the best. 

Then I heard Protection / No Protection & I was over the moon. This was the best. 

Then Mezzanine showed its insectoid face. It was an out of body experience. It was the best. & so it went with Massive Attack...every release the perfect vehicle of its time. 

100th Window. Sublime. 


The last real Massive Attack release was 2010s Heligoland. Any time I hear "Pray for Rain" with vocals by Tunde Adebimpe I shudder. 

Many of the usual guest vocalists are assembled: Horace Andy; Martina Topley-Bird; Hope Sandoval; Damon Albarn. This is the best.


Massive Attack - Heligoland, Virgin 5099960946621, 2010.
decryption code in comments

Pray for Rain
Splitting the Atom
Girl I Love You
Flat of the Blade
Paradise Circus
Rush Minute
Saturday Come Slow
Atlas Air


14 May 2023

Missing the Mark

When I posted up two tracks, "Vanishing Shadows" & "Welcome to It" by Liela Moss in the S-EXY New Faces set, friend Jonder reminded me that Liela had been vocalist (& more) in The Duke Spirit. I was mildly surprised that she sounded quite different from the rocking style my mind associated with The Duke Spirit. Being only a casual TDS listener, I hadn't recognized the name.

Jonder also mentioned that Duke Spirit guitarist (& more) Toby Butler could be found working under the moniker IYEARA. Thanks, Jonder.

Looked around for some IYEARA tracks & really enjoyed what I found. Here's some of what I stumbled across in my quest. 


Various - In I YEAR An I Day, NØ Comp., 2023.

Exhale - IYEARA
Magenta - The Duke Spirit
Killing Moon - Roman Remains
Lost Highway - LUSTS
A&E - The Ting Tings
London - Paris Youth Foundation
Shout featuring Liela Moss - IYEARA
Memories & Faces - Liela Moss
Muscles & Bugs (Empty Grave remix) - True Ghouls
Here I Am - The Boxer Rebellion
May I be the Light - LUMP
Score the Sky - Lost Horizons
W4U - Joycut
Enclosure - IYEARA
     (all tracks remixed by IYEARA)

While digging around for those tracks I came across this gem.  Mark Lanegan Band - Another Knock at the Door (IYEARA remixes of Somebody’s Knocking). Music is a lesser place without Mark. Although I was not always on board for all his musical ventures, his voice was soulful, dark, full of melancholy, divine. This album is a winner in my book. A great addition to Mark Lanegan's legacy. 

Here IYEARA is guitarist Toby Butler, producer Malcolm Carson, & vocalist Paul O’Keeffe. 
Flooded Soil Recordings FSR01LP, 2020.
decryption code in comments

Side A -
Disbelief Suspension    
Letter Never Sent
Night Flight to Kabul

Side B -
Dark Disco Jag
Gazing from the Shore
Stitch it Up
Playing Nero

Side C -
Penthouse High
Paper Hat
Name & Number

Side D -
War Horse featuring Liela Moss
Radio Silence
She Loved You
Two Bells Ringing


11 May 2023

Two Bulls

Another one for my Taurus friends out there skating the Interweb. 


A mix of reggae & Dub from an old favorite. John Brown's Body alum Craig Welsh delivers 10 Ft. Ganja's second offering, on ROIR. A cannabis runner's special luv.

10 Ft. Ganja Plant - Hillside Airstrip, ROIR RUSCD 8270, 2001.
decryption code in comments

Long Time Ago
Pure Sugar
Jah Will Go On
Two Bulls
Soul Love
Time I Know
Walkey Wall Talk
Hillside Airstrip
Born Free
New Day

Jah luv,

08 May 2023

Für Sven aus München

Ak'Chamel, the Giver of Illness recently released A Mournful Kingdom of Sand. While I was listening to this, the bands latest, I wondered why I had overlooked sharing this incredible music here before now. Remedying that as you read on. 


Ak'chamel is a cabalistic duo (or trio???) of Houston, Texas natives who prefer recording in ghost towns in the Chihuahuan Desert in far West Texas rather than the urban confines of modern Amerika. They play psyched-out desert exotica grooves armed with guitar, drums, bass, & multitudes of various ethnic & self-built instruments. They create an ensemble of atmospheres that recalls bands like Sun City Girls or Popol Vuh.

The shamanic group performs wearing homemade costumes & masks that places their aesthetics mid-point between the North American medicine men & Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain style. Ak'chamel create music drawing elements from the many traditions from cumbia to exotica, from black metal to Turkish, Anatolian, & Mauritanian music. Ak'chamel are true fourth world post-colonial appropriators. Murky lo-fi soundscapes of deep psychedelic folk that conjures the "fourth world of radical exotica", a place populated by old ghosts, forgotten magic, & discarded fetishes. This is music seemingly deriving from hacked pirate radio waves encircling the earth with fear & static, penetrating language, gender, mutation…to the core.

Much of their newer releases are available over at bandcamp. Transmissions from Boshqa & The Totemist I highly recommend but, behold, their latest - A Mournful Kingdom of Sand is a revelation. Here are a few of the bands earliest releases. 


Ak'chamel, the Giver of Illness - Pus Ch'en, HysM? HysM?o85, 2013.
all decryption codes in comments

Irrevocable from Conception
Underworld Sweat Bath
Kohakawa Iyathtokyai
Weightlessness in the U.F.O. Corridor
Nahuati Tonalli
Swallowing the Damned 





Ak'chamel, the Giver of Illness - Old Norse Mara, Sirona Records Siro612, 2013.

A Ceremonial Harvest (intro)
Pussy Gloating the Give
El Carretero
Death Was on You from the Moment of Birth
Virgen del Mercedes
Slalom (Ennio Morricone)
Mountain of the Sleeping Lady
The Other Side of the Dark Waters 





Inrto/Devourer of Stars
Floating Rugs of Dakar
Evil Dark Face
Dos Gardenias
Yaje Chant
Funeral Fog

note:Tracks 1,3,&6 recorded live at Rudyard's; tracks 2&5 recorded live at a campfire performance; track 4 recorded live at Super Happy Fun Land. 



As a bonus, here is an hour's worth of juju as Ak'chamel continue their sonic assault on the false gods of neoliberalism with a stunning collection of unreleased tape samples & miscellaneous recordings from their archives. 



06 May 2023

More Wevie

A good friend of this here dump was having major issues with his internet provider. I had been in contact with him during the course of the interruption. He was able to read the latest posts, but unable to listen to the music. He finally got things straightened out. I received the following email the other day.

>I just wanted to thank you again for your posts and for the nice comment after my internet
> returned. It finally seems to work fine, again.
>I never heard of Wevie Stonder and I'm impressed with the album you posted. If you feel like
>putting more Wevie on Nothin', I certainly wouldn't mind.
>Best wishes,


After I posted the Wevie Stonder - Drawing on Other People's Heads album, an old friend (seems all my friends are old...how weird) sent me their first release, which I'm sharing with Sven & all.

There is a rectangular strip of clear tape below the front cover title, embossed with Eat Your Own Ears in Braille.

Here Wevie is: ITCHY genius, Henry music, & M.C. hat with guest vocals by Nanni & Guido. 


Wevie Stonder - Eat Your Own Ears, Skam ska014cd, 2000.
decryption code in comments

The Duel
Café Con Leccé
Gypsy Chimp
Dutch Barge Dog
Blue Horse Caroché
Future Dog Hairstyles
(track 10 is not listed on the back cover)


04 May 2023

Another MayDay

This set goes out to Ib Sibling, Bryant Bryant & wife, & all the other Tauri out there (& anyone else interested). 

A heaping pile of Bull. 


Chaz Bundick, the mind behind Toro y Moi, is a true Renaissance man. He is an eclectic multi-disciplinary artist whose career touches everything from music to design, from fashion to furniture.

As a musician he has been accused of romanticising the past. He thinks of it more as about bringing the past into the future, connecting generations, keeping retro current, making sure music is personal.

His earliest self-released was the June 2009 Comp.


Toro y Moi - June 2009 Comp, Toro y Moi self released, 2009.
all decryption codes in comments

Dead Pontoon
Best Around
Take the L to Leave
Girl Problems
New Loved Ones
Freak Love
Drive South
Sad Sams
Causers of This




Chaz was one of the progenitors of chillwave with his 2010 debut album Causers of This. Here's the Australian version with bonus tracks. 


Toro y Moi - Causers of This, Mistletone Records MIST038, 2010.

Imprint After
Fax Shadow
Thanks Vision
Freak Love
You Hid
Low Shoulder
Causers of This

bonus tracks -
Cold Sheets
Well Tusked

Now it's nearly 15 years since the dawn of chillwave. It's a much different world. Toro y Moi's latest is MAHAL, which derives from the Filipino word for 'love'. MAHAL's thematic anchor comes in the form of the Jeepney, an iconic mode of public transport that is as unique to the Philippines, ubiquitous throughout the country. Initially, the purpose of the MAHAL Jeepney was largely pragmatic, a way to get music out during the pandemic.

Chaz sez:
     "I was like, well, we're not playing in venues anytime soon so what if we just bring the record to the people? My thinking was...get a vehicle, take it to the record shops, take it to the coffee shops, pop up some speakers, & be face-to-face or at least mask-to-mask with fans."

Search out MAHAL if you like this stuff. I think it's his best yet.


03 May 2023

A Propitious Opportunity to Leave

May is upon us, always a favorite of mine as it is the month of my birth, as is today the anniversary of said natality.

Also the 5th month of the year. I am a firm believer in the Law of Five & the power of Virus 23. This also ties in with William S. Burroughs, who I touched on in the last post. That's where this post comes in to play. 


23 Skidoo took their name from an American slang phrase translating loosely as 'move it', or 'get out while the going is good'. This same philosophy - cut, run, & confound - would become a guiding principle for this unique, unorthodox group. They lifted the name from the famous Illuminati trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson & Robert Shea but 23 Skidoo has also had a place of prominence in the works of Aleister Crowley & William S. Burroughs (a favorite of the band).

The origins of 23 Skidoo lie in a punk-inspired schoolboy trio formed in North London in 1979.
By 1980, the 23 Skidoo collective had become a quartet, comprising Fritz Catlin on drums, Sam Mills on guitar, Johnny Turnbull on guitar & Patrick Griffiths on bass. They were soon joined by Alex Turnbull on percussion, drums, bass & Tom Heslop on vocals, electronics, saxophone.

23 Skidoo released a series of highly influential records fusing post-punk, dub, industrial, world, & hip-hop styles. Their influences ranged from The Pop Group to Parliament to Fela Kuti to Can to Eno to This Heat.

Their first single, Last Words reference Burroughs. Tom Heslop commented: ''Certainly I read a lot of William Burroughs, and we've played with the cut-up thing. Oh yeah, it works. It always comes out with some meaning, even if it's a bit strange.'' 


23 Skidoo - Last Words, Fetish Records FE 10, 1981.
all decryption codes in comments

Last Words b/w Last Words (version) 

September 16, 1981 Skidoo also recorded an impressive 4-song session for John Peel, with only "Four Note Bass" subsequently appearing on record as "Porno Base".

Macaw Gunger
View from Here
Four Note Bass
Retain Control

At the end of November Skidoo entered Jacob's Studio in Farnham to record the seminal Seven Songs. The eight tracks were recorded over three days & like Skidoo live shows were part funk & part experimental featuring: thumb piano & pygmy pipe on Martin Denny pastiche "Quiet Pillage"; a lock groove; & within "Porno Base" the refined voice of Diana Mitford, decrying the pernicious influence of pop music.
23 Skidoo - Seven Songs, Fetish Records FM 2008, 1982.

Side A -
Vegas el Bandito
Mary's Operation (then lock groove)

Side B -
New Testament
Porno Base
Quiet Pillage (then lock groove)

Immediately after the recording Seven Songs, Alex & Johnny left to travel in the Far East for three months.  A 'reduced personnel' trio of Fritz, Sam, & Tom  recorded Tearing Up the Plans.
23 Skidoo - Tearing up the Plans 12" 45, Fetish Records FP 20, 1982.

Side P -
Tearing up the Plans (pt. 1)
Tearing up the Plans (pt. 2)

Side F -
Just Like Everybody (featuring Tim Soar)

With the massive success of Seven Songs, the Turnbull brothers were hurriedly recalled from Singapore. Dates by the full band were hastily arranged. On June 16th, Skidoo headlined a prestigious London show at The Venue. Shortly before going onstage, Sam Mills & Tom Heslop were dismissed from the band, though to their great credit both still performed that night. For Fritz & the Turnbull brothers, it really was a case of Tearing up the Plans - ironically enough, the title of the newest EP featuring the 'reduced personnel' of Fritz, Sam and Tom. Ah, well, 23 Skidoo!

From this point onward, 23 Skidoo morphed into another enity. That, however, is a story for another day (next month...hint...hint).