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06 December 2022

Gone But Not Forgotten - Hamish Kilgour

R.I.P. Mr. Clean.

On this one:
     "Written and recorded in collaboration with Gary Olson, who captured the album at his Marlborough Farms studio and accompanies Kilgour on some songs" 


Hamish Kilgour - All of it & Nothing, Ba Da Bing! BING102, 2014.
decryption code in comments

Here it Comes
Going Out
Strength of an Eye
Crazy Radiance
H.K. Eleven Eight
Turn Around
Rave Up (for the Yellow Dogs)
Get on Up
Last Song

Never forget Syd’s pink wiring syatem,

05 December 2022

Even Though They Say Ziggy Played Guitar...it was Ronno


Michael 'Mick' Ronson was born in Kingston on Hull.

A new 8-foot (2.4 m) guitar sculpture memorial to Ronson, designed by student Janis Skodins, was unveiled on 2 June 2017 in Hull's East Park, where Ronson used to work as a gardener, now known as the Michael Ronson Garden of Reflection.


Another great axe victim that I've shared before over at Play, Don't Worry.  This is a posthumous disc from Beside Bowie bestie & Hull native Mick Ronson. I usually don’t bore you with all the bloody details as to who does what & when with whom for each song, but here the cast is an impressive lot, props to M. Ronson


Mick Ronson - Heaven & Hull, Epic 474742 2, 1994.
decryption code in comments

Don't Look Down
     Bass – Peter Noone
     Drums – Martin Chambers
     Vocals – Joe Elliott
Like a Rolling Stone
     Bass – Rene Wurst
     Drums – Mick Curry*
     Guitar – Keith Scott
     Keyboards – John Webster
     Vocals – David Bowie
When the World Falls Down
     Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals – Sham Morris
     Bass – Peter Noone
     Drums – Martin Chambers
Trouble with Me
     Keyboards, Bass, Drum Machine – Sham Morris
     Vocals – Chrissie Hynde
Life's a River
     Acoustic Guitar – Sham Morris
     Backing Vocals – Joe Elliott
     Bass – Mick Ronson
     Drums – Martin Chambers
     Vocals – John Mellencamp, Sham Morris
You  & Me
     Instruments [All] – Mick Ronson
Colour Me
     Backing Vocals – David Bowie, Joe Elliott
     Bass – Mick Ronson
     Drums – Martin Barker
     Keyboards – Sham Morris
Take a Long Line
     Bass – Peter Kinski
     Drums – Martin Barker
     Vocals – Ian Hunter, Joe Elliott
Midnight Love
     Instruments [All] – Mick Ronson
All The Young Dudes
     Alto Saxophone [Dog] – David Bowie
     Bass – John Deacon
     Drums – Roger Taylor
     Guitar – Brian May
     Lead Guitar – Mick Ronson
     Lead Vocals – Ian Hunter
     Vocals – David Bowie, Joe Elliott, Phil Collen

bonus track
Don’t Look Down (edit)


03 December 2022

TEECEEBEE II - Chasing the Blues Away

This all began with a comment on a December 2015 posting of Fad Gadget & Frank Tovey


On November 26 this year, D commented:
     "Hi, I have all the Fad Gadget albums, trying to find the 6 studios as Frank Tovey.
Any chance you have them? Thanks. D.".

To which I replied:
     "As far as Frank Tovey, I have Civilian & Tyranny & the Hired Hand as well as Frank Tovey & the Pyros - Worried Men in Second-hand Suits (& Grand Union which I found while digging things out of my garbage file dump). If you're interested in any of those, let me know."

D responded:
     "Yes anything by Tovey I would appreciate. Wiki shows he had 6 studios, I'll find them all eventually. I have a large collection so if you have been looking for anything let me know. Would love to return the favor. Thanks, D."

Well, as they say, that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I sent D a list of Bill Nelson titles I was searching for & he came up with 15!!!  Twelve from my want list & three that I wasn't even familiar with.

I reciprocated by sennding him a few things he was wishing for & I forsee a bright future in our tune trading. Swapping music through the cloud is fantastic. But full circle, here are the Frank Tovey items I promised, for D & everyone else here. Brumalia is fast upon us. 


Frank Tovey - Civilian, Mute CD STUMM 56, 1988.
all decryption codes in comments

New Jerusalem    
From the City to the Isle of Dogs    
Limelight / Curtains    
Bridge St. Shuffle    
The Brotherhood    
Unknown Civilian    
Desperate Dan 




'31 Depression Blues
Hard Times in the Cotton Mill
John Henry / Let Your Hammer Ring
The Blantyre Explosion
Money Cravin' Folks
All I Got's Gone
Midwife Song
Sam Hall
Dark as a Dungeon
Men of Good Fortune
Sixteen Tons
North Country Blues
Buffalo Skinners
Black Lung Song
Pastures of Plenty
Joe Hill

Bad Day In Bow Creek
When the Victim Takes the Tyrants Place    
Passing Through
Bethnal Green Tube Disaster    
Cities of the Plains    
Fallen Angel    
The Liberty Tree    
One November Morning    
The Great Attractor

Chasing the Blues Away
All That is Mine    
Just like Other Men
Only Doing Your Job    
Hey Bailiff
Crow's Nest Blues
Opportunity's Knocking
The Hermit of Hermes Point
You Won't Get That from Me
Doing Time    
Worried Man


30 November 2022


Thought I'd take care of some personal business to start off December. Take care of a couple requests.

Recently received a comment on an old (August 8, 2014) post of all things Angel'in Heavy Syrup.

Anonymous commented quite lyrically:
     "More Space Machine, please!"

Anon sez please, so here goes...

I posted Space Machine – Cosmos from Diode Ladder Filter, which is Space Machine 1. I am posting 3 but somehow can't find 2, which I have somewhere.


Space Machine - 3, Important Records imprec026, 2004.

Solo recordings at Space Machine Systems Studio -

Live at Bigcat, Osaka 12/19/2002 -
Space Machine - The First Week, Poweracoustics.org/guest 1.
The First Week
 Dimension Degenerator
(live at Penguin House Tokyo 2/25/2004)


28 November 2022

Prompted by Other Blogs, Part 6

I'm always cruising around the interweb, looking for interesting music. I'll see or hear something out there that sets me on a path.

Most of my blog visitations are prompted by a combination of: primarily the music shared & secondarily for the verbal content of the posts (really, mom, I go there for the articles, not the pictures) & the repartee of commentors. I very rarely visit blogs that just post music without content, unless I'm searching for something specific. One of the exceptions is Exystence.

Exystence has more postings than any other blog I know & they include content with every release, but the write-ups are music journal/ist reviews without much soul. They are a warehose of name-dropping (...they sound like...?...?...?...) but I barely skim the articles ( & the comments run to the "Thanks, EXY"..."Wow, man"  ..."This is shit" style).

The thing about Exystence is that most everything is days-old releases or this week's reissues of Classic albums, so it can be a treasure trove of music. For me, most of the new bands I have never heard, so I have to sift through a lot of chaff to fine a kernel of goodness. So I go there once a week when I have a few free (add time increment here)s & dowload everything that seems even slightly interesting. Then over the course of the following week I start sifting (by sifting I mean listening to a wide wide range of sounds) through all the downloads. I usually come up with one or two keepers a week.

So I have compiled this compilation from music I have deemed worthy. 


Various - The Kernels of Goodness, NØ Comp., 2022


The Worst is Done - Weyes Blood
El Bueno Y el Malo - Hermanos Gutierez
Stechmück - Pole
Tourmaline - The Mars Volta
Holy Mount Zion - Congo Natty
Scrolls of Doom - Dear Nora
No Hiding Place for Me - Jeb Loy Nichols
Socrates in Thin Air - Robyn Hitchcock
Imtaxaanka Dunida - The Iftin Band
Grauer Sand - Pole
Los Amantes - Hermanos Gutierez
Monsters on the Hill - Jeb Loy Nichols
Music 4 da Soul - Congo Natty
Flowers Fading - Dear Nora
It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody


Starry Nights - Adrian Quesada
Strip Elettrico (from Lula la Sposa Erotica - Alessandro Alessandroni
Flash Burns from Flashbacks - The Mars Volta
Speed King - Röyksopp
The Shuffle Man - Robyn Hitchcock
Hobolada Hooyibo - The Iftin Band
If You Feel It - Patrick Cowley
Feel It - Röyksopp
Casanova Sintetico (from La Parte più Appetitosa del Maschio) - Alessandro Allessandroni
Deeper than This? - The Soft Pink Truth
Blank Condolences - The Mars Volta
Turk’s Cap - Adrian Quesada
Graveyard Love - The Mars Volta
La Joie Devant la Mort - The Soft Pink Truth
A Wicked Tool - Patrick Cowley


25 November 2022

Running Through the Jungle


Been listening to Congo Natty's latest opus Ancestorz (Rootz of Jungle) for days now. 31 tracks of Congo at his best, then a 2 hour ten minute Ancestorz mixtape from the man himself. As I listened & enjoyed & luxuriated in the sounds, I realized I had slighted the great Rebel MC & creator of Jungle here at NSS. Filling that empty void right here & now.

A megapost of past tastes from Congo Natty or Ras Project or X Project or Tribe of Issachar or Conquering Lion or Blackstar or Lion of Judah or Rebel MC. Creating under any of these monikers, it all amounts to greatness. Dig in. 


Tenor Fly meets Congo Natty - 12 Years of Jungle 5x12", Congo Natty CONGOLP1, 2003.
all decryption codes in comments

Vynil 1 -
Comin on Strong 1990
Tribal Bass 1992

Vynil 2 -
Wickedest Sound 1991   
Jah Sunshine 1994

Vynil 3 -
Alaska Ride 1994
DJ School & DJ School (Dub) 1994

Vynil 4 -
'Ses' Jungle 2000
Trinity Way 2000

Vynil 5 -
H.I.M. War 2002
H.I.M. War Dub 2002 

While most Various releases have various artist, this is Congo in three of his various guises: Rebel MC; Tribe of Issachar; & X Project. 
Various - Most Wanted Volume 1, Congo Natty CNVCD 002, 2008.

Original Ses (Police in Helicopter) featuring Topcat
Yes Selectah
Champion DJ featuring Top Cat
Kunta Kinte featuring Topcat
Jah Sunshine featuring Tenor Fly
Code Red (original mix) featuring Super Cat
Jah Set It
Junglist (DJ Zinc remix) featuring Peter Bouncer
His Imperial Majesty featuring Topcat
Emperor Sellassie I
tracks 1, 3-6, 8-10 Rebel MC; track 2 Tribe of Issachar; track 7 X Project.
Various - Congo Natty Most Wanted Remixes 3x12" 45rpm, Congo Natty CNVLP003, 2009.

Disc 1 -
Wardance (Serial Killaz remix)
Police in Helicopter (Ray Keith 2004 remix)
Disc 2 -
Champion DJ (Shy FX remix)
Tribal Natty (Aphrodite remix)
Disc 3 -
Junglist (Zinc remix)
Champion DJ (DJ Ron London Someting mix)

Conquering Lion released numerous iterations of "Code Red" & remixes. This is the Serial Killaz 12" single. 

Side A -
Code Red (Serial Killaz remix)

Side AA -
Code Red (Serial Killaz VIP mix)

This one is a follow-up to Congo's Jungle Revolution from 2013. Many of our favorites producers do their Dub versions here: Adrian Sherwood; Dubkasm; Dougie Wardrop's Conscious Sounds; Vibronics; Mungo's Hi-Fi; & more.
Congo Natty - Jungle Revolution in Dub, Big Dada Recordings BDCD243, 2015

Intro - Lee Perry
Dub Souljah (Dubkasm Dragon Slayer mix)
Get Ready VIP Dub (Sukh Knight remix)
Nu Beginningz (Jinx in Dub Steppa remix)
Revolution in Dub (DJ Madd remix)
UK Allstars in Dub (Adrian Sherwood remix)
Intro (Scientist)
London Dungeons Dub (Young Warrior remix [son of Ja Shaka])
Rebel Tuff like Tuff Gong Dub (Joe Ariwa remix [son of Mad Professor])
Jungle is I & I (Hylu & Jago Future Dub mix)
Intro (Maia)
Jah Warriors in Dub (DJ Madd remix)
Microchip in Dub (King Yoof remix)
Nu Beginningz Dubwise (Mungos Hi-Fi remix)
Get Ready Dubwise (Vibronics remix)
Micro Dub [Say No] (Conscious Sounds mix)

& as one final bonus, a track from the new Ancestorz (Rootz of Jungle) here.

Rumble in the Jungle,

22 November 2022

From Me (& On-U Sound) to You All for Thanksgiving


Sherwood at the Controls was a series of two (so far) releases showcasing Adrian's productions & remixes, well, at the controls, don't ya know. 

Here's the Japanese release on this first one with bonus Deadly Headley - "Liberty City Dub" with complete 32 page booklet. Every time I listen to this I think that never in a million years would I have picked these track for a compilation yet how spectacularly perfect a set it is in its depth & breadth of sound. Truly a masterpiece. 


Various - Sherwood at the Controls Volume 1: 1979-1984, On-U Sound BRC-450, 2015.
all decryption codes in comments

Hungry, So Angry - Medium Medium
Let it Take You There - Maximum Joy
Some Day My Caliph Will Come - Nadjma
Learning to Cope with Cowardice (flexi version) - Mark Stewart & Maffia
Middle Mass - The Fall
Strange Clues - Gardening by Moonlight
Mistah Linn He Dead - Shriekback
Running (Feeling Wild) - Voice of Authority featuring Congo Ashanti Roy
Man Next Door - The Slits
Third Gear (Kills) - Annie Anxiety aka Little Annie
Nuclear Weapon - Prince Far I
Reaching the Bad Man - Singers & Players
In a Trap - African Head Charge
Private Armies Dub - Vivien Goldman
bonus track    
Liberty City Dub - Deadly Headley 

This one, while featuring more obvious choices, is still a perfectly knit bundle of musical joy.

Hypnotized (12" mix) - Mark Stewart
Mind at the End of the Tether - Tackhead
Don't Forget that Beat (alternate Dub) - Doug Wimbish & Fats Comet
The Value of Nothing - Flux
Masimbabele 89 (Adrian Sherwood remix) - The Unknown Cases
These Sounds - Keith LeBlanc
Television (dance mix) - The Beatnigs
Girls & Boys - Pankow
All Day (Adrian Sherwood remix) - Ministry
Big Bondage (Kinky Sex wet mix) - Rinf
Don't Blow Your Top (Adrian Sherwood remix) - KMFDM
Snatch-a-Style - Dub Syndicate
Music & Science Madness - Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Haunting Ground Dub - Bim Sherman
Hold Some Version - African Head Charge
Early Mafia - Dub Syndicate

Everyone give of yourself to those you love ,

19 November 2022

The Act You've (not) Known for All These Years


The Desert are a 4-piece Art-Pop band from Bristol, England. The band takes its name from "the desert of the self", a concept that Carl Jung writes about in The Red Book.

Frontwoman Gina Leonard's soul-bearing narratives sit atop the symphonic acoustics of Tom Fryer & Ryan Rogers, held down by Jonny Parry's rhythms.

Their evolution since urban-folk debut EP Playing Dead has been transcendent, elevating them out from the shadows of the Bristol-sound, into a genre-breaking, sonic experience.

Their plans for world domination were put on hold during the Covid lock-down, as they are a captivating live outfit. Luckily though, the band had a chance to play some of the best independent venues in the country (such as Liverpool’s Sound City), enjoyed radio airplay by BBC Introducing as well as Tom Robinson on his BBC Radio 6 show, perform at several boutique UK festivals (including The Great Escape Festival in Brighton), & showcase their craft at Austin's SXSW.

I have collected all their output that I could find to date in this compilation. 


Half Hearted
Playing Dead
Just Get High - Playing Dead EP, Funnel Music TDFM004, 2017.
Winning You Back
Distract Me
Bitterness - Winning You Back EP, Funnel Music TDFM008, 2019.
Disappearing Act
Cut Out
All I Know - Cut Out EP, 2020.
Beauty Queen


17 November 2022

A Little Bit More & a Little Bit More


Erez 'I.Zen' Eisen & Amit 'Duvdev' Duvdevani formed the PsyTrance unit Infected Mushroom in Haifi, Isreal in 1996. Erez is a classically trained musician. He learned to play the organ at age four. Amit learned to play piano at age eight. He played keyboards in a punk band as a teen. Infected Mushroom play a distinct style of hard, pulsing electronics with psychedelic stylings & contantly shifting tempos. They rely on a complex mix of acoustic guitars & synthesized basses

This, their seventh release, finally broke into the Billboard charts, reaching the Top 10 in Dance/Electronic albums of 2009. Constantly touring (averaging 120+ shows per year including Coachella & Burning Man - 2009, 2011, 2014, 2016, & 2022), Infected Mushroom live include Erez & Amit with additional vocalists & analog instruments (guitars & drums) set against a multimedia backdrop. 


Infected Mushroom - Legend of the Black Shawarma, Perfecto AMD 101140, 2009.
all decryption codes in comments

Poquito Mas
End of the Road   
Smashing the Opponent (vocals – Jonathan Davis)
Can't Stop   
Herbert the Pervert
Killing Time (vocals – Perry Farrell)
Project 100   
The Legend of the Black Shawarma   
Riders on the Storm (Infected Mushroom Remix)

The last song reminded me of this release. Bonus for my friends... 
Various - A Psych Tribute to the Doors, Cleopatra CLP1556, 2014.

L.A. Woman - Elephant Stone
Soul Kitchen - The Black Angels
Love Me Two Times - Psychic Ills
Hello, I Love You - Dark Horses
People are Strange - Camera
The Crystal Ship - Dead Meadow
The Soft Parade - Sons of Hippies
Riders on the Storm - Dead Skeletons
Light My Fire - Wall of Death   
Touch Me - Clinic
Roadhouse Blues - Vietnam
Love Her Madly - Geri X
The End - The Raveonettes


16 November 2022

A Rose for Randy’s

Charles Bobuck was Hardy Winfred Fox, Jr, one of the few known members of The Residents.

Fox was co-founder & primary composer of this Obscurity group.

According to the Cryptic Cprporation propoganda:
      "Chuck’s Ghost Stories is one of a string of Residents releases related to the group's Talking Light tour. It is a soundtrack album for the Randy's Ghost Stories video project, which stars the group's lead singer Randy Rose. The album contains music written & performed mostly by Charles Bobuck, the group's long-time composer & keyboardist.

It directly preceded the introduction of Bobuck's solo "contraptions", an outlet for extra-Residential recording activities which he could not pursue fully with the group. The first of these "contraptions" was the 2012 album Codgers on the Moon, though Bobuck had recorded similar projects as early as the 1990s.

Originally issued solely through the group's now-defunct Robot Selling Device online MP3 store & credited to "The Residents' Talking Light", Chuck's Ghost Music was later released on a USB thumb drive with a lanyard sold exclusively at stops on the Talking Light tour & again later in 2012 as a CD-R, credited in part as a Bobuck contraption."

Chuck's Ghost Music was reissued physically again on February 20th 2021 via Klanggalerie, credited simply to "Bobuck". This reissue features a new remaster of the album, as well as new cover art, both created by Hardy Fox prior to his death on October 30th 2018."

This is the 2012 CDR issue. 


Charles Bobuck - Chuck’s Ghost Stories, A Chuck Bobuck Contraption, 2012.
decryption code in comments

Ghost Snake   
Perchance to Dream   
Pudding in Disguise   
Unseen Sister   
Talking Light

Get cryptic,

15 November 2022

I Don’t Want to Die Tonight

Some Deutsche No-Wave-Musik
Quick Culture - Quick Culture, 46 Records PA 5000, 1982.

Side One -
Ich Will Nicht Totgehn Heute Nacht
Quick Culture 1

Side Two -
Quick Culture 2


14 November 2022

Friend of the Reatard...Addicted to the Blade

 Seth Sutton is the mind behind Useless Eaters. 

Useless Eaters started as a one-man project in Memphis, where self-taught musician Seth Sutton grew up. The first EP Sucked In was released by Goner Records in 2009. Working with Goner Records, Seth met another Goner regular, Jay Reatard. The two hit it off & Seth began touring with Jay. Jay died in 2010, but Seth learned a lot from him in the last two years of his life.

"Jay always felt like he was running out of time," explains Sutton, "so he thought it was important to try and be as musically productive as possible." 


Useless Eaters grew into a touring band. Seth lived in Nashville, Toronto, & Germany before settling in San Francisco. Useless Eaters showcase Sutton's meaty melodies, loose-limbed riffs, & undying love of punk-not-punk artists like Television, Devo, or Wire. Sutton channels his lonely childhood living on army bases & his wanderings through Memphis, Toronto, Germany, San Francisco, & his current hometown Nashville into lyrics that reach well beyond tired punk tropes, whether that amounts to metaphorical love stories or brutally honest nervous breakdowns.

On Hypertension, Sutton clears away layers of dust from his scrappy sound, presenting haymaker hooks & restless rhythms. You'll find power chord progressions filled with stuttering guitar diversions in the background & creative disruptive note choices. This has all the hallmarks of retro garage punk. 


Useless Eaters - Hypertension, Jeffery Drag Records JD-17, 2013.
decryption code in comments

Side A -

New Program
Moody Bitch
Addicted to the Blade
Death Gripped
Life on a Grid
Black Night Ultraviolet

Side B -

Shapes of a Mannequin
Wyte Gurls
Smoke Alarm
Vertical Africa


12 November 2022

Death Interrupts Life Once More

Keith Levene, the founding guitarist of the Clash & Public Image Ltd., has died. He was 65.

Levene had liver cancer. He died at home in Norfolk, UK.

He co-founded the Clash in 1976 with guitarist Mick Jones & bassist Paul Simonon when he was only 18. It was Levene, alongside the band's manager, Bernard Rhodes, who asked Joe Strummer, frontman with the 101ers at the time, to join the Clash.

Levene, who was born Julian Levene in Muswell Hill, north London, remained in the Clash long enough to appear in early gigs & to contribute to songs, including "What's My Name" on their 1977 debut album. But he grew apart from the Clash's increasingly political direction.

When the Sex Pistols disbanded in January 1978, singer John Lydon & Levene formed the new band with bass player Jah Wobble. 

"John made a wise choice getting Keith," Wobble said in 2012.

The best condolence I've seen came from Andy Bell of Ride:

"RIP Keith Levene - a guitar tone like ground up diamonds fired at you through a high pressure hose"

You can find contributions from Levene elsewhere on this mess, just search if you want.


NOVv Back to NOVember NOVelties

Another trip-hop band from Bristol that I have not favored here yet. 

Formed in 1998, the band consisted of: Sian Evans - vocals; Darren 'Decoder' Beale & Mark 'Markee Ledge' Morrison - guitars, keyboards, & drums. Most of their back catologue was re-issued by Moksha Recordings in 2021. 

This compilation is assorted rare tracks from various source from throughout the bands career. 


Kosheen - Rare Tastes, NØ Comp., 2022.

Harder (Ashley Beedle Soultek vocal remix)
All in My Head (Tech Itch rmx)
High & Dry
Analogue Street Dub
Professional Friend
Get it Right
Live 4 Today
(Slip & Slide) Suicide [Kosheen Head mix]
Dangerous Waters (Decoder & Substance mix)
Always the Same
Yes Men
Hide U (Dubspeeks remix)
Freaks of Nature
Too Late
Hold Me Down

Track 1,18 - Harder
Track 2 - "All in My Head" single sided 12"
Tracks 3,8,11,13,19 -  Resist (Disc 2)
Track 4 - internet only bonus track
Tracks 5,6, - Damage (UK edition)
Track 7 - Overkill CDS
Track 9 - Hungry CDS
Track 10 - "(Slip & Slide) Suicide" AAC single
Track 12 - Wasting My Time CDM
Track 14,15 - Yes Men CDM
Track 16 - Hide U remixes
Track 17 - Damage (Special Edition bonus track)


10 November 2022

Hands Face Space...Nirvana for Øs...Must Have!

I'm elated by musick. I'm high in the stratosphere. I'm not really back yet, but I just experienced the Museum of Human Happiness. You should give it an ear & a nod.

Be back soon,

08 November 2022

Going to the City of Brotherly Love


Wednesday I am driving to Fishtown in Philadelphia to see the Legendary Pink Dots at Kung Fu Necktie. Might miss a few days postings, but will be back to NOVember NOVelties as soon as I recover. Until then, here's this... 


Zone was formed in 1988 by the Welsh duo Andrew Cadmore & Chris Brandrick. Their eclectic musical influences range from the industrial sounds of Throbbing Gristle, the ambient electronics of Brian Eno & early Tangerine Dream, to the experimental & avant-garde of Karlheinz Stockhausuen, Fred Frith (Henry Cow & Art Bears), Faust, & Can.

Released as the initial Zone offering, Sword of the Sun is more accurately a collection of pieces created separately by Swansea's Andrew Cadmore & Chris Brandrick prior to their collaboration as Zone. Protoplasmic electro-organic/orgonic ambience, sublimated tape-looped rhythms, & traces of ethnomusical tinkering all come together for this set of songs.

Eschewing convention & compromise, always seductive & compassionate, Zone's isolated deceptively primitive approach to recording music has in itself become the third mind within Zone, where the whole is far more than the sum of the parts. 


Zone - Sword of the Sun, Potentia Records Zone CD001, 1992.
decryption code in comments

Stopping the World
The Wheel of Light
     a. Three Mile Island
     b. The Exterminating Angel
     c.  Dancer Beneath the Sky
     d.  Our Lady of Darkness
The Hospital Garden
Lost in a State of Grace
Sword of the Sun
The Prophet
To the Centre of the Cyclone
Caught in the Breath of Angels
Stolen Lightning
The Crystal Opening


07 November 2022

The Company of Us

Privately issued in 1977 – sold via advertisements in High Times, the album’s origins are mysterious – thought to be a product of USCO, one of the earliest multimedia art collectives based in New York – pioneers in the field of immersive sound and light environments. 

"PYTHAGORON™ is not just music-but sound controlled with electronic precision to alter your awareness, to get you high. Developed through years of research into the resonant interaction of sound and brainwave patterns, PYTHAGORON™ sound is unique in concept and production." 



Pythagoron™ - Pythagoron™, Pythagoron PY-1, 1977.
decryption code in comments

Side A -

Side B -


06 November 2022

Still My Favorite Game of All Time


Human Tetris are a four-piece band from Moscow, Russia formed in October 2008. They called it quits in 2012. They play post-punk / new wave, with modern post-punk revival & indie rock stylings.

The group reformed in 2016. These are all from their first foray.

Human Tertis are: Arvid Kriger - vocal &guitar; Maxim Keller - lead guitar; Maxim Zaytsev - bass; & Sasha Kondyr - drums.

All releases in single .zip file here.
decryption code in comments 


Human Tetris - Human Tetris EP, self-released, 2009.

Our Love Ends
Baltic Sea
My Story
No One
Human Tetris - Live Sessions, self-released, 2010.

Some Things are Gone Forever
Turquoise Dress
Human Tetris - Soldiers EP, self-released, 2010.

Kings & Queens
Stenciled Views
Human Tetris - Things I Don't Need single, self-released, 2010.

Things I Don’t Need
Human Tetris - Happy Way in the Maze of Rebirth, self-released, 2012.

Summer in Crimea   
Cold Wind   
Spread Your Wings   
Silver Tears   


05 November 2022

Winter of Artifice

On Eminence of Demons, Voodoo Church is: Tina Winter - vocals; Bob Reimer - guitar; Randall Cole - guitar, bass, & drums; & Ashes - bass, with guest guitarist Rikk Agnew & guest bassist
Dan Canzonieri. 



Voodoo Church - Eminence of Demons, Strobelight Records STROB 032, 2009.
decryption code in comments

Darker My Love
Burning Obsession
Death's Messengers
Glass Pyramid
Delicious Suicide
Veils of Masquerade
Unhappily Ever After    
Lullaby Curses
Idleness & Industry
Once Upon...