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26 July 2008

The (original) Ramonas

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/22/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

The Ramones have spawned many “tribute bands” around the world, such as

The Gabba Gabba Heys, or...

Their album
The Good, The Bad, & The

The Pinheads from Chicago, or...

The Pinheads from Cleveland.

There are also many Ramonas.

There are the L.A. Ramonas now known as The Sheenas (all fems)...

the U.K. Ramonas (mostly fems)...

even the Bavarian Ramonas (dudes ???).

The (original) Ramonas...

But the original Ramonas were from San Francisco & were not a "tribute" or "cover" band. They were four women who loved the Ramones & if anything, their music was an homage to the punk foursome (think The Donnas only punkier). The Ramonas performed throughout the Bay Area, once opening for Nirvana at the Warfield & on Dec. 17, 1999, played a reunion show at the official Ramones CyberPunk Blitz at CBGB, New York City.

The Ramonas are: Kitze - vocals; Suzze - guitar; Patty - bass; & Shelly - drums.

Their song "Santa's Got A GTO!" appears on Rodney on the Roq's Fave X-Mas Songs cd., Dionysus Records 1997. You can listen to it here.

They released one 45rpm EP, Out of the Basement (12"), Detour Records 1990, one cassette, Santa's Got a GTO! (fan club only, limited ed. of 100), 1991, & one 7", Misdirected/I Don't Like You/She's A Bitch, Detour Records 1992.

All the Ramonas music was recorded at Lowdown Studios in San Francisco.

The Ramonas - Out of the Basement 45rpm EP, Detour Records DTR 1001, 1990.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -

Let Me Be
He's the One
She's a Bitch
Gone Gone Gone
Side 2 -

Betty's Dead
Teenage Stoneage Tarzan
Here Comes My Baby
Run Run Run

Original artwork by Mike Reject 1990.


24 July 2008



I just want to say that D.C.3 are the shit! They were years ahead of their time by playin' RAWK & paying respects to the bands & musicians that had rocked their world. Musick to 'excite us', what a fucking concept. I sometimes listen to one of my albums, one I had nearly worn out playing in its heyday & now find it sounding dated. I listen to D.C.3 & think how fresh they sound, how of this moment. I hope you all will give them a listen, they surely know how to entertain the brain.

This Is the Dream

This first albums features: Dez Cadena (Black Flag, Redd Kross) - guitar, vocals, backing vocals; Paul Roessler(45 Grave, Twisted Roots) - bass keyboard, keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocal on "Dance of the Imbeciles"; & Kurt Markham - drums.

On This Is the Dream, Dez writes:

"D.C.3 started out a concept - a group of friends getting together in the studio to record an album in the style of the records that used to excite us when we were young (such as Deep Purple's Machinehead, Captain Beyond, Humble Pie, Mountain, etc...You get the idea). In this, our very first recording effort, I think we've accomplished that goal. I appreciate all the people & bands that helped put love, & other strange emotions, in my heart."

D.C.3 - THIS IS THE DREAM, SST 033 ,1985.
decryption codes in comments
Side 1:
We Feel the Sky
I Believe It / Apparent Doom / Ain't No Time Here Now / Overtime
This Is the Dream
Hidden Track (backward masking)
Hidden Track (reversed for you)
Side 2:
Twisted & Turning Inside
Dance of the Imbeciles
I Hope Tomorrow's a Better Day
98 Malvern St.

You're Only as Blind as Your Mind Can Be

The third album features Dez & Paul, but now includes Ceasar Viscarra(bass) & Louie Dufau(drums). These two had played together in the seminal 1980's speedrock band The Stains. They added a new & dynamic element to D.C.3 (still called 3 even with 4 - kool). They joined prior to D.C.3's second release The Good Hex. On this third outing, the bands sound has matured & although it is at heart an homage to great 70s rockers, there are deeper elements at play. There are hints of Mississippi blues, R&B, free jazz, & punk rock.

Reviewing a D.C.3 show at Café Modé for Public News, John Lee wrote:

"The new D.C.3 is even better than before evidenced by their superlative performance at Café Modé last weekend...For those of us longing for a group that can deliver hyperspace rock like no one since Hawkwind, D.C.3 comes close."

Side 1:Lost Someone
Party for One
You're Only as Blind as You're Mind Can Be
(I'll Never) Kill Myself over You
I Ain't Got You
Side 2:
Sweet Buttercup
Talkin' to the Mirror
Baby, You Know Ehere I Live
Malena (My Love is Here Forever)

Dez & Black Flag


20 July 2008

That's what Frenz R 4

These were requested by a couple friends of mine, so without further ado...

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
...for MAJ

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (named after a vague tongue twister [try Unique New York] ) were a Leeds, England quartet, formed in 1981 by vocalist Chris Reed & joined shortly thereafter by guitarist Dave "Wolfie" Wolfenden. These two would be the Lorries core-lineup through their fourth album, Blow (1989). Red Lorry Yellow Lorry have often been lumped into the British Goth Rock scene, much to their dismay & confusion, as they were so not goths. (& they have been relegated a 'minor players' status in the Goth pantheon to make matters worse.) The Lorries released a slew of crucial early singles released almost entirely on the British Red Rhino imprint. Though overtones of Joy Division are fairly evident, the Lorries busier, more guitar heavy, more robust arrangements sonically put them more in line with the post-punk sound of Killing Joke or the Chameleons UK. The band themselves preferred to cite Wire as an influence. Try "Jipp", its jangly, & tastee!

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Walking On Your Hands 45rpm 12" ,
Red Rhino Records REDT 66, 1986.
Side 1:
Walking on Your Hands
Side 2:
Which Side
Jipp (Instrumental Mix)

Laika & the Cosmonauts ...for Mike

In 1957, Laika the Soviet space dog, became the first earthling launched into orbit, paving the way for human spaceflight. She is shown here in her flight harness. Laika died a few hours after launch from stress & overheating, probably due to a malfunction in the thermal control system. The true cause of her death was not made public until decades after the flight. The original Laika...She never came back, no she never came back.

Laika & The Cosmonauts was founded in 1987 in Finland by Mikko Lankinen (guitar), Janne Haavisto (drums), Matti Pitsinki (organ, guitar) & Tom Nyman (bass). Their first album, C'mon Do The Laika was released in 1988. The group has since released five more studio albums, all with the same line-up.

Their popularity in Finland & the rest of Europe began, surprisingly, only after they had made themselves a name among the surf/garage/punk/alternative fans in the U.S. There the foursome had released three original albums: Instruments of Terror; The Amazing Colossal Band; & Absurdistan as well as a compilation of their early material from C'mon do the Laika & Surfs you right!. With these records the Cosmonauts got rave reviews, a good amount of airplay on the college & alternative radio & won over the hearts of many famed musicians from "the king of surf guitar" Dick Dale, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' Mike Campbell & Benmont Tench, Mike Palm from the surf-punk band Agent Orange & John Jorgenson from The Hellecasters. In US they have done six nationwide tours, one of which was as a supporting act for Ministry on their Filth Pig tour. Al Jourgensen of Ministry wanted Laika & The Cosmonauts to join the tour because, in his words; "They are the best fucking band in the world!"

By the way, did I say Finnish Surf musick?

Their musick relies heavily on the Finnish rautalanka tradition, a Finnish style of instrumental music played mainly by a quartet (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar & drum kit). The word rautalanka literally mean 'iron wire', which refers to the strings of the electric guitars. The heyday of rautalanka was in the early 1960s. Typical features of rautalanka are: sharp, clear melodies; fast tempos; & extensive use of echo (tape echo & reverb), but little or no overdrive or fuzz. What distinguishes rautalanka most clearly from other twangy guitar genres is that the melodies tend to be in minor keys.

Cover design & art work by Alvar Gullichsen

Laika & the Cosmonauts - The Amazing Colossal Band,
Upstart Records 010, 1995.
Side 1:
The A-Treatment
The Ipcress File
Global Village
Side 2:
The Avengers
Aztec Two-step
The Downwinders
Café Equator
O.C.C.C. (Oahu Community Correctional Center)
Get Carter
The Man From H.U.A.C.
Azure Blue

To MAJ, Mike & everyone,

15 July 2008

Life is Ugly so...

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/18/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

I was living in NYC when I first got into punk, but shortly thereafter (summer 1979) moved to the Bay Area, CA. I became a regular around the San Francisco clubs. There was an incredibly lively scene (The Mab, On Broadway, Deaf Club, then later Club Foot). There was also a burgeoning L.A. scene so I scarfed up every comp. I could find (Hell Comes to Your House, Keats Rides a Harley, etc.) in order to learn the So-Cal bands & decide which ones I liked. I think my all-time favorite album & one I listen to a great deal even today is Life Is So Ugly Why Not Kill Yourself (if only for the cynical Saccharine Trust "Disillusion Fool", possibly their greatest tune)

New Underground Records NU-11,1982.
decryption codes in comments

Side 1 -

RED CROSS "Rich Brat"
DESCENDENTS "I Want to Be a Bear"
ANTI "Fight War Not Wars"
ANTI "I don't Wanna Die"
ILL WILL "Paranoid"
ILL WILL "Midnite Deposit"
CIVIL DISMAY "You're So Fucked to Me"
CIVIL DISMAY "Warhol Genius"
CHINA WHITE "Criminal"
CHINA WHITE "Solid State"

Side 2 -

MINUTEMEN "Shit You Hear at Parties"
MINUTEMEN "Maternal Rite"
100 FLOWERS "Sensible Virgin"
URINALS "She's s Drone"
ZURICH 1916 "The Children's Song"
PLEBS "Payday"
SACCHARINE TRUST "Disillusion Fool"


UPDATE: Borneojimy wanted to know about the other two Life is... albums. Mark Underground has posted both Life is Boring & Life is Beautiful.
Thanks for the comment & request Borneo
Thanks for the post Mark

UPDATE update: there seems to be some confusion about the song order & track listing for Life is Beautiful..., so be sure to read the comments after the post.

UPDATE update UPDATE: It appears all versions of these two other great albums are no where to be found, so I took it upon my self to post them here. Also, a few notes about song list confusion: Marshall Mellow - "Marshmellow Children" is listed on both Life is Boring & Life is Beautiful. It is the 6th song on Side Two of Life is Boring, but is not on Life is Beautiful. This throws off the tracklisting for most who ripped the album & trusted the song list on the back. Also, the band MIA is the Ventura band & the songs on these comps are their only known extant tuneage, they are not the more well known Orange County band MIA.

Various - Life is Boring so Why not Steal This Record, New Underground Records NU-44, 1983.
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Various - Life is Beautiful so Why not Eat Health Foods, New Underground Records NU-55, 1983.
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12 July 2008

F*#% F! How about A to Z?

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded
08/30/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

My normally short attention span has been stretched beyond the breaking point with this continuing F thing. What about the other letters? What about A to Z?

Just where the Alley Cats / Zarkons come into the mix.

Anyone who's been around this place before knows that my musickal tastes are, well, mine alone & mighty damn strange, so you probably won't be too surprised when I proffer The Alley Cats as one of the great overlooked bands.

I saw them in a beat-up supper club on the nastier side of Hollywood Boulevard around '79 or '80 for $3. Randy Stodola could burn on the guitar, blasting the sharpest, smoothest riffs from his Fender Twin-Reverb amp.

Dianne Chai looked like a Chinese-American B-girl with a huge bouffant hair-do & sounded like Hell's angel.

Imagine a more heroin induced X with druggy lyrics that wallow in the excesses of the lowliest of street life. Michigan emigre Randy Stodola was the songwriter/guitarist & driving force, with a penchant for surreal narrative in his lyrics. His wife, Dianne Chai, on bass, & John McCarthy on drums made for one of the tightest outfits around.

Their earliest release, a single "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" b/w "Give Me a Little Pain" was released on Dangerhouse Records (the independent that once boasted such legendary acts as the Avengers, the Bags, & X) in 1978. (Of course I'd dug this one, nothin' means nothin' anymore was my motto 'til I outgrew a bit of my nihilism & meant somethin' sometimes.) The Alley Cats from LA's South Bay (Lomita, actually) put out this fantastic single on Dangerhouse. Live, the songs killed. Everything this band did was just top notch, they were loved by all - the Hollywood punk rockers, the South Bay kids, the Orange County kids... what was there not to like about band founders Randy & Dianne? They were the nicest people, played the greatest music, fit in on any bill, always gave it their all.

The Alley Cats appear in Urgh! A Music War doing "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore".
(see it on YouTube)

Dangerhouse LOM-22,1978.
all decryption codes in comments

This rip is from the "live shot" 7". I added as a bonus track "Too Much Junk" from Dangerhouse 2 to this re-uploiaded file.

(The original releases were on black vinyl only, 2500 pressed in two batches January 1978 - April 1978. Two picture sleeves issued: a black & white "live shot" foldover and a color "lounge" cover which is simply a double-sided 7" x 7" square.)

They then jumped ship to Time Coast, which released their follow-up single "Too Much Junk"
b/w Night Along The Blvd." in 1980, (Time Coast TC#22, 1980) as well as their first album, Nightmare City, in 1981.

The Alley Cats - Nightmare City LP, Time Coast/Faulty TC2201, 1981.

Side 1 -

Nightmare City
Night Along the Blvd.
One More Chance to Survive
King of the Street Fight
Side 2 -

Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (album version)
Too Much Junk
Give Me a Little Pain (album version)
Black Haired Girl
When the World was Old

Their final album (on major label MCA), Escape from the Planet Earth, hit in 1982. This is by far the best over-all record by the Alley Cats. If you're not sure about this band, try starting with "Waiting for the Buzz", one great, great song. IMHO.

There is some rare footage from this iconic band doing "It Only Hurts the First Time" from Escape from the Planet Earth, taped at the bands rehearsal studio, filmed by director Dennis Dragon. A real Gem!
(see it on YouTube)

Side 1 -

Escape from the Planet Earth
It Only Hurts the First Time
Breath of the Barfly
Bitter Fruit
Waiting for the Buzz

Side 2 -

Night of the Living Dead
Naked Souls
The Hotel
After the Funeral
Just an Alley Cat

After this release, the band broke up. In 1985 they emerged again as the Zarkons, but some of the greatness had been lost during the shift to the ass end of the alphabet. What went wrong? Well, they signed with Ratt’s manager, Diane moved in with him, & they changed their name to The Zarkons. Drugs got bigger & bigger in their lives until they stepped into the darkness & just kinda disappeared.

Side 1 -

Screams in the Night
Live Free or Die
I'm Lovesick of the World
Queen of the Jungle

Side 2 -

White Rabbit
Darkness Synkopation
I Got a Hole in Me


05 July 2008

What the F? - part 6

Before the beginning..........

Although not what I'd usually post, but because this here is a peek into my vinyl vault, because it was requested by a very dear friend, & because I think Peter Green happens to be a phenomenal guitarists, What the F? presents...

Fleetwood Mac

Then Play On is the third album by once blues/rock but for this outing rock/blues band Fleetwood Mac, released in September 1969. It is often considered the best album by the Peter Green line-up of the band & one of the best rock albums of the late 1960s. It was the first of FM's original albums to feature Danny Kirwan & the last with Peter Green. Without Green, Fleetwood Mac sucked more & more with each passing year & album. The follow-up, Kiln House, is listenable but not the Green Mac.

Peter Green - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Danny Kirwan - vocals, guitar
John McVie - bass
Mick Fleetwood - drums

Additional Personnel:
Christine Perfect (soon to become Christine McVie)- piano, back-up vocals (uncredited)
Big Walter Horton - harmonica (uncredited)

(Although Jeremy Spencer is pictured on the inside of the album & is usually listed as member on Then Play On, he does not in fact appear on either this US release or the original UK release, as he only contributed the piano part on "Oh Well (pt. 2)". "Oh Well" was not released until after the September debut of Then Play On. After "Oh Well (pts 1 & 2)" (released November 1969) became a hit single, it was added to the US line-up, & some of the other songs were either deleted or moved to Side 2. The album presented here is the original US release.)

Then Play On - Fleetwood Mac, Original US LP Reprise RS 6386, September 1969

Side 1:
Coming your way (Kirwan)
Closing my eyes (Green)
Fighting for Madge (Fleetwood)
When you say (Kirwan)
Show-Biz Blues (Green)
Under Way (Green)

Side 2:
Although the sun is shining (Kirwan)
Rattlesnake Shake (Green)
Searching for Madge (McVie)
My Dream (Kirwan)
Like crying (Kirwan)
Before the beginning (Green)

The two songs ("One Sunny Day" & "Without You") were deleted from the US release as they had already appeared on the compilation English Rose, originally a US-only compilation, combining 6 tracks from the UK-only Mr. Wonderful, 3 UK non-album single sides, one other previously-unreleased track, & the two not-yet released songs from the UK version of Then Play On. Very confusing, but...


(a cd version of this album was released in 1990 & contains about the same songlist as the 1969 album re-release)

UPDATE - FOR LEESA...by request from a interested party, the two Danny Kirwan tracks left off the original U.S. release (see reason above).

One Sunny Day
Without You

Enjoy leesa & all,