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28 November 2015

Yes it is Bless

Dub Syndicate - Pure Thrillseekers is essentially a collection of previously released Dub Syndicate material from the Europe-based Lion & Roots label (much of it familiar to No Bed of Roses & Acres of Space owners, listeners, or followers).

Dub Syndicate – Pure Thrillseekers, Shanachie 45062, 2005.
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Tracklist –

Tricks (vocals by Cornell Campbell)
Weeping Eyes (vocals by Gregory Isaacs)
Breath of Fresh Air
Guns & Cocaine Crime (vocals by Jah Bless)
One in a Billion (vocals by Luciano)
Private Dub
Kingston 14 (vocals by Gregory Isaacs)
Time Dub
Ready for the World (vocals by Moses)
God is a Man (vocals by Junior Reid)
Yes it is Bless (vocals by Little David)
Sound Clash (extended)

bonus tracks –
Time (live)
Time (version)

Live on, Style!

26 November 2015

Delayed Impact

Massive Dub from Clive Chin recorded at Randy’s Studio 17 North Parade Kingston Jamaica between 1972 & 1975 with all the heavy hitters: Bertram "Ranchie" McLean, Karl Pitterson, Mikey Chung, & Tarzan Nelson – guitar; Ansel Collins – keyboards & melodica; Augustus Pablo, Earl "Wire" Lindo, Robbie Lyn, & Tyrone Downie – keyboards; Tommy McCook – tenor saxophone; Vin Gordon – trombone; "Chicago" Steve – harmonica; Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Lloyd Parks, & Val Douglas – bass; Eric Lamont – percussion; & Carlton Barrett, Mikey "Boo" Richards, & Sly Dunbar – drums.

Impact All Stars – Forward the Bass: Dub from Randy’s 1972-1975,
Blood & Fire BAFLP 022, 1998.
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Side One –
Ordinary Version Chapter 3
Extraordinary Version
Wire Dub
Shining Dub
Easy Come Dub

Side Two –
Dubwise Situation
Last of the Jestering
Oh Jah Dub
Sabotage Dub
S-Corner Dub
Just Another Dub
Upbeat Version
Verdict in Dub


Deadly Dreams

Various – The Men with the Deadly Dreams cassette, White Stains Tapes werk 002, 1981.

Side A –
Christopher R. Watson – News Cut-up 2/5/81
Rema Rema – Why ask why?
Eyeless in Gaza – Pale saints
Culturcide – Land of Birds
Side B –
Chris Carter – Climbing
Rema Rema – Christopher
A House – Words From a Radio
Richard H. Kirk – Powermad
M. A. Peacock – Voices


11 November 2015

If You Can't Afford to Take Care of Veterans You Can't Afford to Fight a War.

If you watched last night’s debate, there was a lot of talk about war in places like Iraq and Syria, but very little about how to care for the men and women who serve after they return home.
Today is Veterans Day — a fact that went unmentioned during the Republican debate. And that’s important, because the truth is that while planes and tanks and guns are a cost of war, so too is taking care of the service members who use those weapons and fight our battles.

Last year, as chairman of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I authored and passed the most comprehensive veterans’ legislation in decades, reaching across the aisle to team up with Sen. John McCain. Amid reports of unacceptable wait times and calls to dangerously privatize veterans health care, we actually authorized funding for 27 new medical facilities and hired more doctors and nurses to care for the surging number of veterans returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After two wars over 14 years, never before have so few been asked to do so much for our country. I voted against the Iraq War, which I think will go down as one of the worst foreign policy blunders we have ever seen, but I have never wavered from my commitment to caring for the women and men who served, and continue to serve, in that conflict.

You may not have heard much about it from the Republican candidates last night, but how we care for our veterans is going to be a central issue this election. The Koch-connected Concerned Veterans for America is prepared to spend untold millions of dollars supporting the privatization of veterans’ health care. And almost every Republican candidate running for president supports their plan to place the profits of private corporations over the promise made to our veterans.

I believe we should take a different approach — that we should stand with the majority of veterans who believe we should continue strengthening the VA. Now I want to know that you’re with us.

This issue is very important to me and it’s why I am so happy to receive so many letters from veterans who appreciate my work on their behalf.

People like Hilary from Polk County, Iowa who wrote to our campaign saying, “Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a track record of fighting for veterans and veterans' rights. I know as president he won't send my brothers and sisters in arms into needless wars and for those that have served our country, he will ensure that they have access to the benefits and health care they earned through their service.”

And Peter from San Diego, “Retired Navy. Like [Bernie’s] stand on taking care of veterans. If you can't afford to take care of veterans you can't afford to fight a war.”

And also Jack from Massachusetts, “I'm a disabled Marine combat veteran, Bernie has always supported veterans with deeds and not just hot air. I'd love to have a President like that.”

I will always fight for Hilary, Peter, and Jack. And if we all stand together, we can protect and strengthen the care we provide for everyone who has served our country.

The United States has spent trillions of dollars sending our young men and women to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Surely we can come together to ensure the Department of Veterans Affairs has the resources needed to care for them when they return.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

10 November 2015

Bright Star

My friend Jonder said it best:

"It was nice of Bernie Sanders to fill in as a guest blogger while Farmer Nathan was busy toiling in the fields."

I am deeply indebted to Senator Sanders, but he doesn't post enough musick. Let's start to fix that right now.

Tenor Saw (Clive Bright) was a Prince of Jamaican Dancehall. He is hailed as one of the most influential singers of the Jamaican digital era of the mid 80s.

In August 1988 he was killed by a motor vehicle in Houston, Texas. The official cause of death was listed as a hit & run accident. Many of those who knew him insisted that he was murdered. He was only 21 years old.

I like dancehall style well enough, but around here we favor Dub. Here's a compilation of Tenor Saw Dubwise.

Tenor Saw - In Dub, various sources, 1985.
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Tracklist -

Lots of Dub
Woman Dub
Shirley Dub
Sunday Dub
Eni Meeni Mini Mo Dub
Progress Dub
Dub Fever
Give Up Dub
Jah Guide Dub
I & I Dub
Rub-A-Dub Dub
Run Come Dub Me
Time Dub
Praise Jah with Dub