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24 May 2008

Good Gawd Almighty

What can I say other than...Sun City Girls!

They sprang out of Arizona in 1982 & tackled every conceivable genre
of music & made it their own. They are truly one of a kind.

In February 2007, drummer Charles Gocher lost his long struggle with cancer & the Girls were no more.

In tribute, the remaining two-thirds, brothers Alan & Richard Bishop are performing as the Brothers Unconnected, doing acoustic renditions of Sun City Girls material this Tuesday night at the Gallery Horse Cow. The show opens with a 45-minute film of Gocher's video experiments followed by two sets of music.

I'm gonna be there!

In honor & memory, here is probably my favorite:

Sun City Girls - Midnight Cowboys from Ipanema, Amarillo AM-587, 1986,1994.
(since the tracks all kinda run together, I just ripped each side in its entirety.)

Side 1:
I've Done It All
Fly By Night
Achram, Slow That Speedboat Down
Midnight At The Oasis
Gary Had Sex
Sweet City Woman
I'm Gonna Die Tomorrow
Who's That Lady
Cook Ya Homos
Love Train
Caco Demons

Side 2:
Radar Love
Canadian Dave
Tell Me Something Good
Me And Mrs. Jones
Ha Ha

"Sun City Girls...
A Young & Inspired group of Young & inventive musicians get together in a Phoenix Studio & lay down 20 great songs on tape. Here is a group that could easily become a Top Attraction - quickly. Amarillo presents another great entertainment value."
I guess this came out on cd. in 1996, but since then Amarillo has gone out of business, so I'm not sure about the availability.

Brothers Unconnected


17 May 2008

More Holy Sh*t

Guess I'll stick with the God theme for a while. (God's Chosen People - last post).

I wanted to present something by the great Tos Nieuwerhuizen. Since I see Jesus & the Gospelfuckers (& [Dutch] Agent Orange) have been well represented on the 'net, I decided to go for Tos' next divine band, GOD.

Tos played guitar in J&tGFers, & [Dutch]Agent Orange, then he completely transformed Communion era Funeral Oration's sound with his meaty power chords & Black Flag-meets-Gen X soloing. Soon thereafter, things sadly imploded for Funeral Oration & Tos left to reappear in God. He later played guitar in Beaver (2000) & currently I believe plays Moog in the live version of Sunn O)).

"Settling Down" is a great Motörhead-sounding track, "Teste Marce" is a challenging & complex tune, but my favorite is "Stomping Ground", an awesome ragin' slab.

Konkurrel K 031/110,

Tos Nieuwenhuizen: guitar, vocals
Michael Cavanagh: bass guitar, vocals
Daan Van Der Elsken: drums, vocals

Recorded Oct.1987 at Westlink Recorders, Pisa by GOD & Alexandro "Ovi" Sportelli, re-mixed 1988 by Ovi & Daan. Cover photo by Ed Van Der Elsken. Includes lyric sheet.

Side 1:
See Smoke, Smell Fire
The Finger
Settling Down

Side 2:
Teste Marce
Stomping Ground
Sack Blabht
So Be It!
The Asset of Punishment


09 May 2008

God's Chosen People

Nathan Nothin' here! I know it's been a while but springtime is upon us.

This is my busiest time of year, time to get the crops planted.

A farmer can't sit in front of a computer & expect the fields to till themselves.

Working with growing plants in the earth's rich soil makes a man think about a higher power, so here is...

God' s Chosen People
compilation, Old Glory Records NGR - 4, 1993.

Old Glory Records was responsible for a lot of great music by all your heroes: Assfactor 4, In/Humanity, Avail, Policy Of Three, Iconoclast or even Funeral Diner (ex-Portraits Of Past) later.

Old Glory has since gone under.

This is a really great comp. with all 12 tracks strong & rewarding. There is good variety in the styles but also contextual consistency to all the tracks that make the whole cohesive.

Side 1:
Avail - Sidewalk
Merel - Newfound Snide Remark

Elizabeth Herz - Easter Island

Askance - The Living

Puzzlehead - Degenerated

Native Nod - Back to Mimsy

Here we have some of the early 90s legends (Born Against, Merel, Native Nod, Avail & Rorschach) together with some bands who never got much attention (Groove, Shadowman or Greyhouse).

Side 2:
Rorschach - 21st Century Schizoid Man
Groove - Extension

Shadowman - Written Undefined

Iconoclast - Eleventh Hour

Greyhouse - Ever-Nearing Joy

Born Against - Lillian

Rorschach delivers a great version of the King Crimson classic. Native Nod (pre-Van Pelt, The Lapse, Ted Leo...) reveal their inherent potential. & Born Against whip up another of their classics. But my favorite track is Elizabeth Herz "Easter Island".

Listen & decide for yourself, but I'm sure you'll all...