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26 January 2014

No Flowers

Brilliant blues album by legendary Sonny Boy Williamson with a dream team of Brit legendary musicians like Jimmy Page, Brian Auger, Joe Harriot, Alan Skidmore & Mickey Waller.

Of the many obscure projects Jimmy Page was associated with prior to Led Zeppelin, one of the most notable was a studio session he recorded live alongside noted keyboardist Brian Auger & famed bluesman Sonny Boy Williamson. The session took place at IBC Studios on January 28, 1965. Those present at the session included, Jimmy Page on guitar, Brian Auger on organ, Ricky Brown on bass, Mickey Waller on drums along with Joe Harriot alto & Alan Skidmore tenor saxophones, & Sonny Boy taking up vocal & harmonica.

In an interview conducted by Mick Wall for the book "Blues: The British Connection" drummer Mickey Waller recalled the session itself, “We started at 10.00 am & it was all done by 1.00 pm. Also it was done completely live: there were no overdubs. We all sat in a circle & played. Sonny Boy got drunk & his erratic sense of timing gave them some trouble.”

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Side One –
Don’t Send Me No Flowers
I See a Man Downstairs
She Was Dumb
The Goat

Side Two –
Little Girl, How Old are You?
It’s a Bloody Life
Getting Out of Town


16 January 2014

Up Periscope

 Back on May 19, 2010 I posted a great compilation from Pat Maley from Yoyo Studios in Olympia, Washington called Throw – A Yoyo Studio compilation. It got a lot of response & considerable downloads.

This past July I received a request to re-upload the file as it had been on Mediafire & was gobbled up in their stupidity sometime ago. While I was doing that I remembered that Jon had mentioned that Periscope – Another Yoyo compilation was also really good material. As often happens, I had meant to post that at some point, but it had slipped through the many cracks in my memory.

Well, it’s time to remedy that right now with this slab of marbled purple vinyl.


Mukilteo Fairies was a punk band from Olympia, Washington that existed from 1993 to 1994. Part of the ‘queercore’ movement, they were distinctive by virtue of their extreme style of hardcore punk that has often been described as grindcore. Members included Jason Reece, Jon ‘Quitty’ Quittner, Joshua Plague, & Rebecca Basye. After the band broke up, Jason Reece moved to Texas to form …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Rebecca Bayse moved to Columbus, Ohio. There she started The Emerald Down. Jon Quittner & Joshua Plague stayed in Olympia, creating a new queercore band Behead The Prophet, No Lord Shall Live. After that group broke up, Joshua’s next outfit was Lords of Lightspeed.


Started in San Francisco, CA in 1995, Go Sailor was mainly a side project for Rose Melberg (The Softies, Tiger Trap, Gaze), Amy Linton (Henry's Dress), & Paul Curran (Crimpshrine). After 3 great singles & 2 tracks on compilations (one here on Periscope), Go Sailor called it quits in 1996, much to the chagrin of twee-popsters everywhere, in order for the members to focus on other projects. Later that year Lookout! Records released all their songs on one CD.


Excuse 17 was a punk rock band from Olympia, Washington that performed & recorded from 1993 to 1995. Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater-Kinney & Portlandia fame), Becca Albee, & CJ Phillips came together to form Excuse 17, a band that would only last a few years but would prove to be influential. Carrie & Becca both played guitar & sang while CJ played the drums. After its inception, the band quickly recorded a demo tape. They then began playing & recording for various compilations on independent record labels. Their first full-length recording, Excuse Seventeen, was released jointly on Atlas Records (LP) and queercore label Chainsaw Records (CD).They would later release their second & final album Such Friends Are Dangerous on the indie label Kill Rock Stars in 1995, which displayed a boost in recording quality. They often found themselves playing shows with Heavens to Betsy, including touring, not surprisingly since both bands were an active part of the Riot Grrrl scene; as well, they both appear on the compilation LP/CD Free to Fight. Corin Tucker from Heavens to Betsy struck up a friendship with Carrie Brownstein. The two women decided to form Sleater-Kinney, a side project that soon evolved into their main focus as their respective groups ended. However, Excuse 17's recordings are still valued by fans of Sleater-Kinney, those interested in Riot Grrrl, & queercore recordings. Becca Albee is currently a photography professor at the City College of New York.


Olympia, Washington’s Fitz of Depression began back in 1988. They have been plugging along on & off in some incarnation or another ever since. Over two decades they've amassed a large number of releases, a laundry list of famous bands they've played with, a large number of tours & live shows, & more than a few ex-band members. Two things that have remained constant are: their blend of heavy rock mixed with catchy punk; & frontman Mike Dees.


Love as Laughter was the brainchild of Sam Jayne after the 1994 dissolution of Olympia, Washington’s mess-rock poster children Lync. Leaning more toward Thin Lizzy/T-Rex/early Tom Petty instead of his previously thick, sneering Lync work, Jayne’s Love as Laughter songs are brilliantly disheveled pop gems about dirty tricks, regret, miscommunication, bathroom graffiti, & misadventure. One of Love as Laughter’s recurrent thematic calling cards has always been Jayne’s tongue-in-cheek wit, manifesting itself in the form of sly musical allusions and lyrical innuendo.


I don’t know anything about the band Tummy Ache other than that on this compilation Tummy Ache contributes an great ode to racial confusion entitled, "Purple Violet Squish."


Sheila Burgel & her friend Jen started a band in the early 90s as sophomores in high school in New York called Wednesday, where they played lots of Bikini Kill & Babes in Toyland covers. Towards the end of high school they formed the band Raggedy Ann. They played all originals & somehow got to record for Pat out in Washington who featured their song "Orange Juice Star" on this compilation.


Cub was an indie rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia that formed in 1992. The band was made up of Robynn Iwata on guitar, Lisa Marr on bass, & Lisa G. on drums. All three provided vocals. They disbanded in 1997. They played a melodic, jangly form of pop punk. Their song "New York City" was covered by They Might Be Giants on their album Factory Showroom. Neko Case played drums on some early recordings as well as on tour in later years (she sang live in front of an audience for the first time ever during a Cub show in Ohio - the song was Cub's "So Far Apart").


The Crabs were a Portland, Oregon based indie-rock band. Originally formed as a duo with Jonn Lunsford (vocals & guitar) & Lisa Jackson (vocals & drums), the pair later added keyboardist Sarah Dougher.




Bloodthirsty Butchers were a long-running indie rock & punk band from Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan. Although little-known in the West, they have contributed to two compilations from the Yoyo label. The band has also released a split single with Rocket from the Crypt. The members were Hideki Yoshimura (vocals & guitar), Masahiro Komatsu (drums), & Takeshi Imoriya (bass). On May 27th, 2013, Hideki Yoshimura died unexpectedly of acute cardiac failure. He was 46.


Neutral Milk Hotel. If I have to explain this band for you, you must be dead & I’m just wasting my time.


Long Hind Legs was a side project of Vern Rumsey of Unwound. Unwound was a post-hardcore band based in Tumwater/Olympia, Washington that formed in 1991, consisting of Justin Trosper (vocals, guitar, songwriting), Vern Rumsey (bass), & Brandt Sandeno (drums), all of whom had previously been in a band called Giant Henry. Rumsey & his friend Greg Allen formed the enigmatic New Romantic-styled pop band Long Hind Legs in the 1990s. Rumsey used the pseudonym ‘Wolfgang’ & Allen used the alias ‘Paul’, with only astute Unwound fans aware of their real identities. Following a slew of singles, their debut self-titled album came out in 1997 on Kill Rock Stars. The 12" EP "Open Wide" (+ remixes)/ "Alphabets of Unreason" was released simultaneously. Atop peppy, carnival-esque backing music, "Alphabets of Unreason" features the odd lyrics, "Atoms, boys' cars, dead-end fags/ God, his image, & Jerry's Kids/ Love-making noon orgies/ I want to kill, I want to kill.../ Pills, quinine reveries... Scornful tramps, unwitting vamps, wasted xenophobes & all the young zeroes/ I want to kill, I want to kill..." (note the first letter of each of the main words in the verses, then refer back to the song title).


Tattle Tale was a Seattle-based music group formed by Jen Wood & Madigan Shive in 1992 at the ages of 15 and 17 respectively. Tattle Tale existed between 1992 & 1995. They were well known in the Riot Grrrl scene, playing what was later to be termed folk punk.They played on numerous compilations before releasing their first single, titled "Early Daze," which was followed by their second single, "Alderwood Mall." On November 9, 1993 they released a self-titled demo-cassette on the record label Kill Rock Stars. On July 14, 1995 they released an album titled Sew True, which is now out of print. In 1995, the band broke up, with Wood pursuing a solo career & several collaborative efforts including vocals on 2005 releases by The Postal Service, while Shive fronted the chamber-punk group Bonfire Madigan.


Team Dresch is an punk/riot grrrl band from Portland, Oregon, originally formed in Olympia, Washington, which was initially active from 1993 until 1998. In the early 2000s, Team Dresch reunited, & they continue to perform. The band made a significant impression on the DIY movement queercore, giving voice to the passions & concerns of those in both the LGBT community & the punk movement. The line up of the group was originally Donna Dresch (guitar & bass); Jody Bleyle (guitar, bass, & vocals); Kaia Wilson (guitar & vocals); & Marci Martinez on drums. All were veterans of other musical outfits; Donna Dresch had previously played & recorded with such bands as Dinosaur Jr., Dangermouse, Screaming Trees, Rastro!, Fifth Column, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Lois, Mary Lou Lord, & The Go Team; Jody Bleyle was simultaneously in the bands Hazel & Lovebutt while playing in Team Dresch; Kaia Wilson had been in the band Adickdid; & Marci Martinez in Calamity Jane.


Noisy rock quartet from Japan with a heavy junky barrage of detuned guitars, neurotic vocals, & hard drumming. Lo-fi tunes for a lo-fi world. Members are Enemoto Zero of Copass Grinderz & Molugu (guitar, effects, & vocals); Yukio Nagoshi of Copass Grinderz, Mi-Gu, & Vasilisk (guitar, percussion, keyboard, strings, & vocals) Daisuke Oochi (drums); & Hideki Yoshimura of Copass Grinderz & Bloodthirsty Butchers (guitar & vocals).


Beck. Same info as Neutral Milk Hotel


Various – Periscope: Another Yoyo Compilation, Yoyo Recordings, 1994.
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Side A –

Bloody Breath – Mukilteo Fairies
Last Year – Go Sailor
Sevenwhateverteen – Excuse 17
Piss Butt – Fitz of Depression
Super Christ – Love as Laughter
Purple Violet Squish – Tummy Ache
Orange Juice Star – Raggedy Ann
Flaming Red Bob Sled – Cub
Chubbette – Crabs
High – Appleseed

Side B –

I Hate You – Bloodthirsty Butchers
Bucket – Neutral Milk Hotel
Dress in My Bed – Long Hing Legs
Girls Go to Heaven – Tattle Tale
Fake Fight – Team Dersch
Bakuonki – Copass Grinderz
The World May Lose its Motion – Beck


11 January 2014


Although the name of the band is Lumumba & that is also the name of the lead vocalist, this is really the work of Rim Kwaku Obeng. Obeng is a noted Ghanan drummer who played with Fela Kuti. Rim moved to Oakland, California in the 70s. Rim released an album in 1980 called Rim Arrives. It is known as one of the funkiest disco-fied Afrobeat albums ever recorded. He also released music under the name Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng on small indie labels & private presses, mostly solo drumming affairs.

Lumumba was recorded in 1974 in Los Angeles. Other than bassist Luther Coffey from Trinidad &
guitarist David T. Walker from Los Angeles, all the other main musicians are from Ghana. The identity of the
artist Lumumba is shrouded in mystery but it has been suggested that he might be Duke Lumumba. There are
a few similarities between this album & the Jungle Funk album Duke recorded to suggest this might be
true. George Bohanon plays occasional horns & (The Jazz) Crusader’s Wilton Felder plays bass on both
this & Duke’s album which were also both recorded in Los Angeles. Add to that the fact that Duke
played trumpet & Lumumba here plays flugelhorn. However, outside of this circumstantial evidence,
there's not much proof that they're the same person.

Other noted Ghananians on the album are sax player George Lee & keyboardist Emmanuel Rentzos who
played on Toots & The Maytals' Reggae Got Soul release & multi-instrumentalist Eddie Quansah
who also played on the Toots LP plus worked with artists as diverse as Osibisa & Slade. Here only 
Emmanuel plays his usual instruments while Lee & Quansah simply provide backing vocals.

On Lumumba, Lumumba is: Lumumba – narration, vocals, doroben urugya (whistle flute), ammoo durugya
(long flute), fritwiwa (thumb gong), dawuro (gong), akasawa (shaker), jews harp, conga, ntoa (round drum), 
& flugelhorn; Rim Kwaku Obeng – vocals, ntumpan (talking drum), drums, donno (squeeze drum),
fritwiwa (thumb gong), akaswaa (shaker), brekete drum, dawuro (gong), conga, ntoa (round drum), electric
piano, & ammoo durugya (long flute); Emmanuel Rentzos – vocals, electric piano, & organ; Luther
Coffey - Fender bass; Kwabena Gyanfi - Fender bass, electric guitar; & David T. Walker - electric guitar
with George Bohanon - bass euphonium; Red Callendar - acoustic bass; Bobbye Hall – conga; & Victoria
Miles, Gloria Green, George Lee, Eddie Quansah, & Willie Cheetan – backing vocals.

Lumumba – Lumumba, A&M Records SP-3610, 1974.
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Side 1 –
Sing With the Birds                 
Ahoma Trofo (Telephone)                   
Twoo Boe (Work Chant)                     
Ananse Sem (Akan Folk Tale)

Side 2 -                       
N.S.U. Shiw (Hot Water)                    
Love Is 50/50               
Kwaku Ne Kwaku

I’ve also included Duke Lumumba’s Jungle Funk to make for a most Lumumba day.
Duke Lumumba – Jungle Funk, Capitol ST-284, 1969.

Side 1 –
Jungle Funk
It’s My Time
Kusasi Rain
Mafam (My Part)
Peace Brother

Side 2 –
Money No Play
Let Me Have Fun
Like It Is


04 January 2014

Phil Robertson Embroiled in New Controversy

After making threats against not only live ducks, but also iconic rubber ducks in his recent GQ magazine interview, Phil Robertson has once again come under the gun himself. He is currently being detained & questioned in the death of a Dutch native visiting Taiwan. He is suspected of fowl play. After examining his phone records, it is known that Phil called the the 'Spreading the Joy' representative several times. Unnamed sources have quoted Robertson as saying,"Spread some joy?..I'll spread some pate".

More as the story unfolds.

The Marvelettes - The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

01 January 2014

Wishing You All a Great 2014

Since Brumalia I've been concentrating on re-uploading requests from visitors for files that met their sad fate during the MegaUpload/Mediafire file debacle. I'm slowly but continuously working to get everything (of interest to anyone) re-uploaded.

I've re-upped 20 7"ers, three albums, & four CDs in the past few days. I have at least 14 more albums to digitize, 6 or 7 CDs to rip, & several cassette tapes to struggle with (my least favorite transfer process) before I'm caught up to current requests. With new request coming in regularly, the end of the tunnel just keeps on moving further down the line.

Please be patient, & I'll get back to more regular posts soon. I'm going to try doing more writing this year: revus; fiction; & autobiographic. I just got kinda burnt out writing up all the info about all the Musick around the World posts & so when that was finished I just slapped up music that I'd been neglecting without any chatter.

Don't know what you folks like best, but, hell... I hardly give a care what others like, I pretty much just do what I will. After all, it;s Uncle Aleister's law.