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29 August 2016

Trapping 50,000 Rastas at the Ghost Mall in One Fell Swoop

Byron Black / Living Objects – The Unexpected, Broken Records BR777, 1982.
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Top Side –

Bazootie Land
Micro Macro In-Between
Meetings with Remarkable Chicks
Youth in Asia

Outré Side –

Car Don’t Work
The Unexpected
50,000 Rastas
Car Pool Love with Trudy Lee
Ghost Mall


21 August 2016

Lawrence called it “the Dark Side of the 80s”

The 700 Club – Smash the State of the Art, Slithering Disc Records SDLP002, 1986.
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Side 1 –
What’s News
Crazy Money
Apres Moi le Deluge

Side 2 –
Put on a Happy Face
Servant of Love
Exit 1 Mile

Ride the Nova-X-Press,

17 August 2016

Hope is the Purpose iN Life

Two years ago, I shared a Keith Levene compilation here called Beyond Pil.  I recently realized that Levene didn't actually play on some of the songs.   A new comp is in order, both to rectify my mistakes and to bring us up to date with Keith's newest music.  He has been busy during these past two years creating music, film, paintings, and books.  

The guitar playing that sounded like Levene to my ears on Playgroup's Epic Sound Battles was mostly the work of Sean "Hogg" Oliver (e.g., "Hoggs Might Fly" and "Machine Gun Hogg").   The late Sean Oliver was a member of Rip Rig & Panic, Float Up CP, and Crucial.  Crucial backed Judy Nylon on her Pal Judy album.  Crucial members included "Crucial Tony" Phillips, George Oban, and Nick Plytas (all of whom were in Playgroup with Sean Oliver).   

Sean Oliver was a great guitarist, and he cowrote Terence Trent D'Arby's hit "Wishing Well".  Kendall Ernest and the Pop Group's John Waddington also played guitar on Playgroup's two LP's, but (as with many On-U productions) it's not really clear who did what.  

"Recording with Creation Rebel down at The Manor was nothing short of surreal sometimes, pure madness," Levene recalled in an interview. "The credits on the sleeves were often wrong as well -- quite a few of the tunes I played on and worked on I wasn't credited for on the sleeve notes."

Levene definitely played guitar on the On-U albums Threat To Creation and War Of Words, and he played keyboards on Tunes from The Missing Channel and End of the Century Party.  Though he wasn't on Epic Sound Battles, Levene borrowed a drum track from Playgroup for his song "Back Too Black".  

This new collection only includes songs where Keef is credited.  With the addition of more recent tracks, it spans 35 years of recordings.  Levene has released two albums in the past two years: Search for Absolute Zero and the crowdfunded CZ2014.  He has also written two books about his punk years, I Was A Teenage Guitarist For The Clash and Meeting Joe.   

Levene has a youtube channel called Teenageguitarist76 with videos about his books, his film "London 1976" and his ambitious (but unrealized) plans for a young artists' education program called the London 1976 Institute.  Levene remains to this day an innovative and visionary multi-instrumentalist who never abandoned his ideals to achieve mainstream success, and whose guitar style has influenced innumerable players during the past four decades.

 tracklist   –

Cowboys International - Wish
Positive Noise - Darkness Visible (edit)
Vivien Goldman - Launderette
New Age Steppers - Nuclear Zulu (edit)
Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers - Last Sane Dream
Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers - Chemical Specialist
Jah Wobble - Not Another
Public Image Ltd. - Chant
Public Image Ltd. - Go Back
Public Image Ltd. - Lou Reed, Pt. 2
Keith Levene - Back Too Black
Keith Levene's Murder Global - Aztek Dubd
Jah Wobble & Keith Levene - Back On The Block
Jah Wobble & Julie Campbell - Phantasms Rise
Mark Stewart feat. Keith Levene - Stereotype
bentcousin feat. Keith Levene - Widening The Vision
Keith Levene - Call It A Day
Keith Levene - Til Dawn Then Another Area
Keith Levene - Original Flow
Keith Levene - Bits Of Prague

Widening your vision,

15 August 2016


This morning, The New York Times reported evidence of $12.7 million in off-the-books cash payments in Ukraine. The bags of cash were designated for Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

Sure, Manafort worked as a consultant in Ukraine for years, but off-the-books money suggests corruption. & this now bleeds into our elections as Manafort is Trump's main advisor.

Trump’s campaign is run by thugs (think Trump's fake "university") & inspired by thugs (remember Trump's hero-worship of Vladmir Putin). Can we really afford to find out what else Trump & his crew are hiding if we let them take over the White House?

14 August 2016

You Can Never Have Enough Smegma

I posted Smegma's Pig for Lepers on my previous AbsoluteEquinox Surrealist megapost.
Thought I'd deposit a bit more Smegma. This is a bit fresher than the last batch.

The CD was enhanced!!! It contained the following "Rails" Quicktime video.

This time, contributing their Smegma: Amazon Bambi; Borneo Jimmy; Burned Mind; Conroy; Dr. Id; John Logman; Ju Suk Reet Meate; Mark E.; Myrtle Tichnor; Oblivia; & Zazou Kazoo.

Smegma – Rumblings, Hanson Records HN122, 2005.
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Tracklist –

Oops #1
Johnny No!
In an Ornamental Garden
Rails (Uncoupled)
Fool for Your…
Oops #2
Oops #3


08 August 2016

Eat it...Eat it Raw!

After more than half a century as a vegetarian, I’m trying something new. My daughter is a life-long vegetarian & several years back she went vegan. She’s always giving me the business about it. We used to dine at a raw joint called The Green Boheme (they recently moved to Roseville & we haven’t made it to their new location). They always challenged everyone to go raw for a month. Well, I decided I’d one up Lao & go raw.

Now, I’m a Taurus & as bull-headed as they come, so sticking to something I start is no big deal. But man oh man…all I do now-a-days is dream about food, whether I’m awake or sleeping. Now it’s started creeping into my musick. See what you think of RAW!!!

Portion Control – Dining on the Fresh C10 cassette & flexi-disc,
In Phase Records POR CON 004, 1981.
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Side A –
Better Place
Wippy Dippy Dappy Do!

Side B –
Sweet Julia (new version)

Flexi Disc
Side 1 –
Across the Fence

Side 2 –
All of My Time
Minimal Man - Hunger is All She has Ever Known, Play it Again Sam Records BIAS71LP, 1988.

Side 1 –
A Little Surrender
Christine Says
Run, Devil, Run

Side 2 –
I Want You to Know
Dead Tired
I Heard

Bruce Gilbert – Music for Fruit, Mute STUMM77, 1991.

Side A –
Music for Fruit (edited)

Side B –
You Might be Called

Sun City Girls –Kaliflower, Abduction ABDT001, 1994.

Side One –
X + Y = Fuck You
Dead Chick in the River
& So the Dead Tongue Sang
Cigar Shaped the Moonlight
Archaeoptryx in the Slammer

Side Two –
The Venerable Uncle Tompa
I Knew a Jew Named Frankenstein

Tommy Guerrero – Soul Food Taqueria, Mo Wax MWR158CD, 2003.

Tracklist –
(intro) ‘lectric Chile Goat
Thank You (MK)
(interlude) Train of Thought
It Gets Heavy (featuring Gresham Taylor)
Thin Brown Layer
(interlude) So Many Years Ago / Terra Unfirma
Getting it Together (featuring Lyrics Born)
Another Brother Gone
Broken Blood
(interlude) & the Day Goes By
Lost Unfound
The Color of Life
Falling Awake

Tracklist –
Reason to Hide In
Weird Ideas at Work
Animal Sounds
By the Time I get Home There Won’t be Much of a Place for Me
Cut by the Brakes
Going to Switch the Lights On
New Space to Throw
Joker & clown
Close Approximation
Pack All the Things You Need
Part of a Corner

Pleasant dining,