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29 March 2016

Still Working the G Spot

Wouldn’t it be sad if there were no cones?

Girls Together:  Miss Pamela; Miss Sandra; Miss Cinderella; Miss Sparky; Miss Christine; Miss Mercy; & Miss Lucy with a bunch of Mothers: Frank Zappa; Don Preston; Jimmy Carl Black; Roy Estrada; Ian Underwood; & Craig Doerge & a bunch of Others: Jeff Beck; Nicky Hopkins; Rod Stewart; Ry Cooder & Lowell George also Rodney Bingenheimer being his usual annoying self.

GTO’s (Girls Together Outrageously) – Permanent Damage, Straight STS1059, 1969.
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Side A –
The Eureka Springs Garbage Truck Lady
Miss Pamela & Miss Sparky discuss Stuffed Bras & some early gym class  
Who’s Jim Sox?
Kansas & the B.T.O.’s
The Captain’s Fat Theresa Shoes
Wouldn’t It Be Sad If There Were No Cones?
Do Me In Once & I’ll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice & I’ll Know Better
The Moche Monster Review
T.V. Lives

Side B –
I Have a Paintbrush in My Hand to Color a Triangle
Miss Christine’s First Conversation with the Plastercasters of Chicago
The Original G.T.O.’s
The Ghost Chained to the Past, Present, & Future
Love on an Eleven Year Old Level
Miss Pamela’s First Conversation with the Plastercasters of Chicago
I’m in Love with the OOO-OOO Man


27 March 2016

Patching Up the G Folder

Good Horsey – Kazué, Trackshun Industries TRCD12, 1994.
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Tracklist –
Like the Cute One
How Oswald Bastable Ruined My Life
Ascending the Plateau Divine
Settle Down
Barely Walking
But She Knew
All My Accessories are a Reflection of My Perky Inner Spirit
Summer Replacement
Anna (Wash Your Hands)
Burn up the Sun

On Kazué, Good Horsey is: Justice Schanfaber – vocals, guitar, & ukulele; Mark Szabo – vocals, organ, xylophone, & bass; &  Max Lee – xylophone & drums.


There Will Be Dub

Professor Skank – Dub Plate from Industrial Democracy
Crutches & the Heptones – Kelly’s Place from Various – Java Java Dub
Errol T & the Matador – Third Dub from Various – David Rodigan’s Dubwize Shower
Dennis Alcapone & Augustus Pablo – Mava from Various - Java Java Dub
Congo Natty – UK All Stars in Dub (Adrian Sherwood remix) from Jungle Revolution in Dub
The Paragons – Man Next Dub from The Paragons Dubwise
Scientist – Murderer Style from Dub War (Coxsone vs. Quaker City)
Agrovators meets the Revolutionaries – Bionic Man from A meets R at Channel One
Jah Lloyd – Sharp Razor from Herbs of Dub
Alambic Conspiracy – Woody Slum Rusty Mix from Alambic Conspiracy: The Missing Dub Versions
Keith Hudson – Star Dub from Jammys Dub Encounter
My Neighbour Is – Illusion of the Revolution from Various – In Dub 4
Gregory Isaacs – Leaving from Slum in Dub
Dubcon (Twilight Circus meets cEvin Key) – Light it Up from UFO Pon di Gullyside
The Overnight Players – Marcus Garvey from Babylon Destruction
IInd Street Dreads – North Parade from Dub of the 70s
Israel Vibration – Perfect Dub from Dub Vibration
Public Image Ltd. – I Must Be Dreaming from One Drop
Mahom – No War (featuring Ital Roots Player) from Underground Dubwise
Grace Jones – Party Girl (Dub remix) from Party Girl 7” B-50072
Rockers All Stars – Dub the Plan from Hungry Town Cramp Babylon Plan 7”
Alborosie – Real Dub Story from Dub Clash
Meat Beat Manifesto – Echo in Space Dub from …In Dub
The Agrovators – Fatty Boom Boom Dub from Rasta Dub ‘76
Iba Mahr – Travellin’ Dub (Umberto Echo Dubmix) from The Name of Dub
Scientist & Dubiterian – Java Dub from Tribute to Augustus Pablo
Impact All Stars – Guiding Dub from Java Java Java Java
Pat Kelly – How Long Dub from Various – Sound System Dub Plate Specials 1975-79

Coo yah,

25 March 2016

These are the Masters of the Universe

This is version twoness of the Oneness here at NSS (version juju here).

Cosmick jazz phunk at its very finest. Deep space rendezvous making musick for Planet Earth deep as midnight sky of blue.

If you want to read a great heart-felt piece "Personal Random Ramblings" by Plunky hisself, try this. It reminded me so much of my own past in the late 60s. It also gave me a feeling of great pride in what Bernie Sanders is attempting right now (Bernie is also a product of the radical 60s).

The distance between here & there is one thought. The time between somewhere & anywhere is the same. Places & things are collections of thoughts…mountains…molecules…molehills…Mars men. Quantum metaphysics.

On X, Oneness is: Plunky Nkabinde – vocals & saxophone; Chris Beasley – guitar; Kevin Christopher – keyboards & drum/bass loops; Carl Lester Jr. – bass; & Ronnie Cokes – drums with the help of Paris 'Pee Wee' Ford & Scott Harlan – additional bass heaviness, Rudy Faulkner – additional rapness, & Desiree Roots – additional vocal sweeeeetness.

Plunky & the Oneness of Juju - X Marks the Spot,Soulciety Records me00432, 1996.
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Tracklist –
Can’t Hold Back
X Marks the Spot
F the Funk
Love’s Will be Done
Jazz Phunk Soul Food
Masters of the Universe
Journey of a Lifetime
Quantum Metaphysics
Cosmic Karma
Love Letters
Just Keep on Doin' It!


20 March 2016

Let the Children Play

I was ripping a copy of Lee Perry's Cutting Razor for a friend & while I was listening, the U Roy track just grabbed me. I dug out the single & here it is. U Roy scats along with Lee Perry's kids Omar & Marsha keeping the rhythm with backing vocals.


Neither Dubstar, Dub, nor Disco…interesting nonetheless

Currently both OOP & unavailable as mp3 download from Echo Beach, here for your aural pleasures…

More an electro remix project than anything else. For me, "Politik Kills" is the stand-out track (featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson).

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Tracklist –

Terence Trent D`Arby - Sign Your Name (remix by Lee "Scratch" Perry)
Grace Jones - She Lost Control (Dub version)
Simply Red - Picture Book in Dub (Mick Hucknall & Adrian Sherwood remix)
Manu Chao - Politik Kills (Dennis Bovell Dub vocal remix feat. LKJ )
Tony Joe White - Rainy Night in Georgia (Boozoo Bajou´s Georgia Dub)
Stereo MC´s - Elevate My Mind (Dub version)
Nusfrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Duck Pond Dub)
Brian Eno & David Byrne - The Jezebel Spirit (2006 digital remaster)
Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime (2005 remastered album version)
Will Powers - Adventures in Success (Dub copy)
New Order - Blue Monday (Andrea mix by Jam & Spoon )
Cabaret Voltaire - Here To Go (Little Dub by Francoise Kervorkian)
Paul Weller - Kosmos (SX Dub 2000)

Welcome to Spring,

16 March 2016

The Tears of a Clown

Looking into the Crystal Ball, I see...

There are 27 primaries & caucuses between now - June 7, which is the day that Bernie Sanders overtakes the Hillary Clinton campaign in pledged delegates needed to win the nomination.

All recognized National Polls have Bernie Sanders beating Donald Trump in the Presidential election by a considerable margin.

Can't wait to see the tears of the Clown.

Nathan Nothin'
Prognosticator Supreme  

14 March 2016

Angie B’s Life Story --- Tell Me (Baby)

Rolling Stone Magazine once declared, 
     "When soul music was in the lost and found, she came along to claim it."

This super Soul-power made Angie B. Stone the main woman for emerging record labels when they were creating their signature sound & vision. In the 70s it was Angie Stone who helped to define the sound of the now legendary Sugar Hill Records, when she was one of the first recorded female rappers/singers in the ground-breaking trio Sequence.

Later, music mogul Clive Davis tapped Stone's iconic sound in the early 00s, when he launched J Records. She recorded her gold-selling Mahogany Soul for that label.

Angie has worked with Mantronix. 

She sang backing vocals on Lenny Kravitz's fifth studio album, 5

During the early 90s she moved on to become a part of the trio Vertical Hold (releasing two albums: A Matter of Time [1993] & Head First [1995]). 

Stone shared songwriting credits on D'Angelo's first two studio albums, Brown Sugar (1995) & Voodoo (2000), as well as touring with him & providing backing vocals.

In 1996, Stone teamed up with Gerry DeVeaux (Lenny Kravitz's cousin) & Charlie Mole to form the group Devox. They recorded one album, Devox Featuring Angie B. Stone.

Devox featuring Angie B. Stone – Self-titled, Devox TOCP 8923, 1996.
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Tracklist –
You Can’t Hide Love
When Will I See You Again (The Three Degrees cover)
Life Story
Tell Me
Let it Go
Simple Song
So Beautiful
My Lovin’ Will Give You Something
Taking Care of Business
All You’ve Been Doing

 & a bonus track from her latest Dream (Shanachie SH5827, 2015)


Surf's Up!

All songs are covers of songs by The Astronauts, a 60s Colorado mountain-surf band. 

The Astronettes is: Fifi; Mademoiselle X; Carol; & Patricia Bass(if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell).

The Astronettes – The Astronettes, Astro Records, 1990.
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Side One –
Che! Che? Che!
Martian Pyramid Stomp
Movin’ Beyond
Hot Dog Food Pouch
Firewaters of Alpha Gabba
Space Party
Drinkin’ & Astronavigatin’

Side Two –
Surf into Space
Quiet Planet
Space Silent
Space Dock
Quasimoto X-9

bonus tunes (three by the original The Astronauts) –
Che! Che? Che!
Pyramid Stomp

Hang ten,

13 March 2016

“I wanna live in the jungle. You don’t gotta wear no clothes.” Marcel Duchamp

For their initial outing, Sonia Dada is: Michael Scott, Paris Delane, & Sam Hogan – vocals; Daniel Laszlo – guitar; Dave Resnik – guitar; Chris 'Hambone' Cameron – piano & organ; Erik Scott – bass; & Hank Guaglianone – drums with additional help from Shawn Christopher & Yvonne Gage – vocals; Billy Beck – organ; Jim Hynes – trumpet; Kahil El’Zabar – percussion; Leddie Garcia – percussion; & Bobbye Hall – congas.

Sonia Dada – Sonia Dada cassette, Capricorn Records 42033-4, 1994.
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Side 1 –
We Treat Each Other Cruel
You Don’t Treat Me no Good
Jungle Song
As Hard as it Seems
You ain’t Thinking (about Me)
The Edge of the World
Cut it up & Cry

Side 2 –
New York City
Never See Me Again
I Live Alone
Deliver Me
Deliver Me (slight return)
Mamba Wan Gamma


Lately I've Been Under a Lot of Impressure

Impressure was set up by the Freedom in a Vacuum label to release five limited edition albums, exquisitely produced & packaged. They were to include Aegri Somnia Vana by Empirical Sleeping Consort, along with works by Tibetan Red, PBK, a  split with Kaiser Nietzshe & Yuzuru Syogase, & a collaboration by Hirsch Quadrant & Merzbow. Only two of the five were released. The Empirical Sleeping Consort release that follows was the first one.

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Dream Side –
pt. I – ever of thee I’m fondly dreaming
pt. II – in the lap of Morpheus
pt. III – la colonne brulee
pt. IV – the ravell’d sleave of care
untitled mystery track after locked groove

EEG Side – 
pt. V – between Scylla & Charybdis

The second one was the Yuzuru Syogase / Kaiser Nietzsche split LP. Kaiser Nietzsche is: John Kamevaar & Thomas Hardy. Yuzuru – himself.

Kaiser Side –
Negative Space 11:34
Ceteris Paribus 10:04

Yuzuru Side –
Bichanco 11:41
Divizadero I 4:34
Divizadero III 2:30

Also from the same era, by the bands Impressure was intending to represent.

Tibetan Red – Tibetan Red cassette, Freedom in a Vacuum VACT.01, 1985.

Side A –

Side B –
Kalahari Fire Birth

PBK – Vivisection cassette, PBK Recordings, 1988.

Side A –

Side B –

Never have been able to find a compilation of Merzbow & Hirsch Quadrant(???).


& Lately I've been Collecting a Lot of Garbage

Always love an album that ends with Intro. 

This is twisted French post-punk noise ala Sonic Youth (this release was the first French noise rock album). 

Here Garbage Collector is: Armelle Kleffert – vocals; Stephane Andre – guitar & vocals; Franck Dupont – bass & vocals, & Philippe Soro – drums with a little help from their friends.

Garbage Collector – 1988, State of Mind SOM001, 1988.
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Side 1 –
Garbage Collector
Own Mind
A Youth Group
Films Story

Side 2 –
Tiny Killer
Before Dawn
Public Enemy


05 March 2016

It's a Wackie Showcase

I saw over at Roots Stone blog that they had posted a favorite of mine from 80s era Wackie’s, Wayne Jarrett – Showcase Vol. 1. It reminded me of a couple of other great Wackie’s releases from the same time frame also in the Horace Andy/Wayne Jarrett showcase Dubwise version stylee. If you’re a fan of Bulwackie’s inimitable work, you should really savor these.

Wayne Jarrett – Mini Showcase 10", Wackie's Wackie 1716, 1983.
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Side A –
You & I
You & I (Dubwise version)
Live it Up
Praise Jah Jah

Side B –
Truly (Lionel Richie cover)
Truly (Dubwise)
Live & Love
Live & Love (Dubwise version)

Side A –
Prophesy (Dubwise)
My Heart is Gone
My Heart is Gone (Dubwise)

Side B –
Come on & Tell Me
Come on & Tell Me (Dubwise)
You Rest on My Mind
You Rest on My Mind (Dubwise)

Check it deep,

04 March 2016

Higher Ranking Dubb

Produced by Dennis Bovell for Rama but never in general release. 

Bundled with The 4th Street Orchestras Yuh Learn & released on a compilation CD entitled Dennis Bovell Presents The 4th Street Orchestra ‎– Scientific, Higher Ranking Dubb / Yuh Learn! on EMI in Europe & the U.K. in 2006.

The 4th Street Orchestra – Scientific, Rama RM004, 1978.
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Side 1 –
Higher Ranking
One Life to Live
Still in Dub
Higking Ranher

Side 2 –
Hurting (Give it up)
Kunta Klap
Oh Lawd

Yeyewata naa more,

03 March 2016

Xmal Düsseldorf...or...Monika's Got a Big One (voice, that is)

Formed in 1980 in Düsseldorf, Germany (originally under the moniker Aspirin).

On Sunsierra, Asmodi Bizarr is: Monika Maasen – vocals; Michael König – guitar; Andreas Wahl – bass; & Katharina Müller-Elmau – drums.

Release includes a 6-song 12" & a bonus 3-song 12" EP. Engineered by Pyrolator.

Asmodi Bizaar – Sunsierra, BÜRO Records desk 29, 1985.
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Sun Side –

Spin the Wheel
The Bride

Sierra Side –

Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte
The Dreamvision Song

Dreamland Side –


Green Eyes Side –

Grüne Augen