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31 October 2010

Joyous Samhain

This album from Perth, Australia native Abbe May was knocked out in five days with members of Kill Devil Hills, The Lazy Railway & Abbe’s regular band The Rockin' Pneumonia. It is brimming with spectral sexual energy, perfect for knocking up a chilly Samhain eve.

Her MySpace page says: “Five days, four musicians, three chords, too many bottles of spliff wine & one Willie Dixon song.”

Abbe isn’t worried about evangelical threats of calling Satan into her life by using his name; she’s willing to play with the Big Boy if He’s willing to play with her. Well, are you, Natas, are you?

The Devil & Abbe May - Hoodoo You Do, Independent, 2009.

Hoodoo You Do
Call Me Back or I'll Unleash Hells Hounds
Oh Sweet Jaysus!
You Gonna Get It
A Wail of Sirens
My Heart, it Struck Sorrow
I’ve Been Thirsty, I Haven't Found Any Yet
The Soul of a Man
Howard Moon
Wang Wang Doodle
The Ballad of Ignatius Elliot Archer
Goodnight Irene


02 October 2010


UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/10/2013. Enjoy, NØ

This goes out to Salmagundi Syncopation. She posted some Buk on her blog & I’m returning the flavor.

This here masterpiece was recorded in 1966.

It was finally released by Steve Richmond’s Earth Books, 137 Holister Avenue, Santa Monica, CA. in 1977.

The great photos on the front & back covers & inside left & right gatefold are by Lawrence Robbin.

Bukowski is in fine form: drinking; smoking; & wise-cracking throughout the 90 minutes in hell.

According to legend, there were supposedly only 500 copies printed. I consider myself lucky to be one of those Fortunate 500.

Hank begins Side 4:
"Well, what’re you gonna do? All right, if you can’t waste tape, you can’t waste anything. If you can’t waste anything, you might as well quit. So, the next move is mine, right? & I’m too loaded to even be decent. All right, let’s try some more just for laughs. (Ho Ho Ho)."
He then follows up with the scathingly brilliant "A Report Upon the Consumption of Myself". Classic Bukowski, talking tough.

Charles Bukowski - 90 Minutes in Hell, Earth Books P.B. QT-2 01187, 1977.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -

Buffalo Bill
A Little Atomic Bomb
The Hairy Hairy Fist
An Action Afternoon
No Charge

Side 2 -

Love is a Piece of Paper Torn to Bits
Song for Sadists Without a Place to Sit Down
Genius of the Crowd
Their Finest Art
May Make Paris Yet (1st stanza)

Side 3 -

May Make Paris Yet (cont.)
Men And The Sun
The Japanese Wife / Bukowski Still At It
True Story

Side 4 -

A Report Upon the Consumption of Myself