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17 November 2017

We Are the Night Family

Been a while since we drew some tea with WSB. Remedy provided.

So, I make the shooting gallery 4:00 p.m. and spot Skipper B., an old “Deadliner”...I know him from light-years back, a shabby inferential presence at the Dream Machine in the penny arcade and he hiccups:

“Quiet the roses...”

We make it down to the waterfront, where the old Yacht Club used to be, and this Time vigilante jumps out on us:

“Are you a Member?”

Without changing his expression, the Skipper took a small handgun from his side pocket and shot him:

“Wretched idiot inhabitants...running, do you see, after me...”

Dusty sunlight...dingy cabin...it was a typical “Klinker”, as such tramp spacecraft are called...the Skipper brings out a lead bottle of “Heavy Blue” and pours two lead cups...we “blue” out. He looks at me and says:

“Tick ahead of the Geigers, eh mate?”

I tell him I am carrying maps and lay out a BG---Brion Gysin---on the table. He checks the BG against his MOA---map of the area---and nods:

“Seems all right...What’s it to be then?”

“First, we pick up friends in Frisco...”

“You chaps don’t want much for a map, do you now?”

“Well, look at your own situation...stranded here...no crew...no maps...”

“Shall we have the other half?” he pours another round of “Heavy Blue” and we make a deal.

excerpt from “Films” - The Third Mind by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, Seaver Books, New York, 1978.

Here’s a 3xCD anthology of cut-up tape pieces by William S. Burroughs. A remarkable collections of recordings made at various locations in Tangiers & New York between 1964-65. Here is rare & unpublished material, over three hours worth. This collection provides a valuable insight into Burrough's methodology. It is an important document of his expansion from cut-ups on paper to vocal permutations & sonic experimentations. Booklet contains informative essay by Barry Miles & a number of period black/white photographs.

William S. Burroughs - Real English Tea Made Here 3xCD
Audio Research Editions ARECD301, 2007.
all decryption codes in comments

Disc One -
It’s an Experiment
Cut-ins with Dutch Schultz
23 Skidoo
Are You Tracking Me

Disc Two -
Old Farmers’ Almanac
Puertos de los Santos

Disc Three -
The Piper Pulled Down the Sky
Wonderful Copenhagen
Towers Open Fire
We are the Night Family 

Enjoy a cuppa,