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30 December 2009

It's a Crime (& the City Solution)

UPDATE : This post was re-uploaded 05/27/2014. Enjoy, NØ.

Everybody's talkin' Birthday Party but this is a wake, mutha. How about...Just South o' Heaven?

Crime & the City Solution - Just South of Heaven,
Mute Records STUMM 22, 1985.
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Side A -

Rose Blue
The Coal Train
Stolen & Stealing

Side B -

Five Stone Walls
Trouble Comes this Morn
The Wailing Wall

R.I.P. Roland,

20 December 2009

Flipper - 1982 demos

I posted up a shitload of Flipper in the past & links to most of the rest. Here's an unofficial release of some demo tapes from 1982. So unreleased material & alternate versions.

Flipper - 1982 Demos

Disc 1 -
In Your Arms
You Naught Me
Survivors of the Plague
In Life, My Friends
One by One
Now is the Time
On & On

Disc 2 -
In the Garden
First the Heart
I Want to Talk
Flipper Blues
Get Away
Talk's Cheap
The Light, the Sound, the Rhythm, the Noise


17 December 2009

Loving Hurts so Good

This is meant to be a Brumalian gift for dear friend Ib over at SibLINGSHOT on the Bleachers. He's been laying out some sweet Holiday Dub & I've been trying to help out. So to Ib & Rose & family, the best always in life & love. This one's for you.

Susan Cadogan/Upsetters - Hurt so Good b/w Loving is Good 7",
Magnet Records MAG 23, 1970

Side A:
Hurts so Good (Susan Cadogan)
Side B:
Loving is Good (The Upsetters)
produced & arranged by Lee "Scratch" Perry


13 December 2009

Black Humor

UPDATE: This file has been re-uploaded 08/09/2013. 
I also added a few more cover versions. Enjoy, NØ

I’ve been wanting to post this sucker for a while, just never got around to it. Well, here’s a Brumalian gift for you.

Love God Love One Another was released on Fowl records, Dan Houser’s record label in a run of 1000. The covers were hand made, designed by creatively altering existing album covers. The record & individual cover art were well received. Black Humor played about four shows in San Francisco & then soon self-destructed.

I spoke to Dan Houser about this time last year. He was living in Germany & expecting a baby any day. He said there were two labels interested in re-releasing Love God Love One Another, but as he honestly quipped, it ‘was all talk’.

Black Humor - Love God Love One Another, Fowl Records 003, 1982.
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Side This -

Undancing in the Dirt
Next Step
I Should’ve Let’em Die!
Hometown Vigilante
Zebra Killers
You can have it!

Side That -

Dull People’s Rights o.k!
Burn the Welcome Mat
Kill Themm!
Aufwiedersehn Juden
Karen Ann
Too Stupid to Die


UPDATE: For those who are interested, here are two five more versions of the cover to this slab o' vinyl. If anyone else would like to send in their covers, I'll post them all up here.


10 December 2009

The True Meaning of Brumalia

UPDATE: This post has been re-uploaded 08/10/2013. Enjoy, NØ

I posted this last holiday season & deleted it after the holidaze. Numerous friends have been ‘suggesting’ that I re-instate it, so here it be.

Thousands of years before Christ, people worshipped the sun. The shortest day of the year was December 21st. When they realized the sun was returning for longer periods each day, they celebrated...on December 25th. They exchanged gifts in decorated boxes, sang songs, played games & feasted. They also believed mistletoe, holly berries & evergreen wreaths (round like the sun) were sacred. They used them to decorate their houses.

The 12 Days of Brumalia was an internet event presented by The Residents & Residents.com in 2003 to celebrate the original holiday that the Roman Church adopted as Xmas. For 12 days, starting on December 25th, a new song was posted on Residents.com web site along with an illustration & a quote. On the 13th day, The Residents presented the epic musical work, The Feast of Epiphany. Ralph America compiled the audio tracks for a CD release in the summer of 2004.

From Residents.com:
"The Roman Catholic Church absorbed the Brumalian rituals around 350 A. D. In the fifth century the church ordered Xmas to be celebrated forever on the Brumalia, December 25, inasmuch as no certain knowledge of Christ’s birthday existed. The birthday of the sun, became the birthday of the son.

What you celebrate is not important. The important thing is to notice the circle, the cycle of life & acknowledge it with a bit of celebration. Each human is allowed a limited number of year cycles. Make this year count & do something cool.

The Residents - The 12 Days of Brumalia,
Ralph America RA17, 2004.
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Tracklist -

The True Meaning of Brumalia
1st Day - Partridge Pairing
2nd Day - Turtle Dove
3rd Day - Chicken of the Oui
4th Day - Calling Bird
5th Day - Golden Rings
6th Day - Lying Goose
7th Day - Swami Swam
8th Day - Maid Being Milked
9th Day - Wiggling Wahines
10th Day - Leaping & Lords
11th Day - Pieta's Piper
12th Day - Big Hand
The Feast of the Epiphany


09 December 2009


 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 10/22/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

The Avengers only managed two eps in their brief two-year existence but paved the way for female-led Punk bands. The band came together in early 1977 as the brainchild of two San Francisco Institute of Art students, Seattle immigré & vocalist Penelope Houston & drummer Danny Furious. Joined by guitarist Greg Ingraham & bass player Jon Postal, the band began their short career opening for The Nuns at the Mabuhay Gardens in June ‘77. Shortly after this gig Jimmy Wisley took over on bass as Postal opted out to join The Readymades. This quartet proceeeded to demolish the Californian punk scene. The Avengers released the three-track ep We Are the One for the Dangerhouse label in Dec. ‘77 (“We Are The One”, “I Believe in Me”, & “Car Crash”)

The Avengers opened for the Sex Pistols at Winterland for the Sex Pistols fated last show. This four-song ep was produced by Sex Pistol Steve Jones & engineered by Geza X. It was released on White Noise Records in 1979 just a few months after the Avenger broke up. “The American in Me” & “Uh Oh” are different versions than those released on the Pink Album.

Avengers - Avengers EP, White Noise Records WNR 002, 1979.
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This Side -

The American in Me
Uh Oh

Other Side -

Corpus Christi
White Nigger


03 December 2009

Dim Stars

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/23/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Dim Stars were basically a punkstars collaborative project from the early 90s between downtown NYC legends: Richard Hell & Robert Quine of the Voidoids; Thurston Moore & Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth; & Don Flemming of 1/2 Japanese & Gumball.

They released three singles & this one full length lp.

Dim Stars not only marked Hell’s first album of new material after an 8 year retirement from music, but also what has so far been the last bit of new music he has released (Hell recently released Destiny Street Repaired, a re-edited of Destiny Street).

Dim Stars - Dim Stars, Paperhouse Records paplp 014 (UK), 1992.
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Side 1 -

She Wants to Die
All My Witches Come True
Memo to Marty
Natchez Burning (Chester Burnett)
Stop Breakin' Down

Side 2 -

Baby Huey (Do You Wanna Dance)
The Night is Coming On
Downtown at Dawn
Try This
Stray Cat Generation
Rip Off (Marc Bolan - saxophone by Jad Fair)



As requested by Garageland, I have re-upped Ken Colyer's Jazzmen & Skiffle Group (featuring Alexis Korner) from 1954.

Assfactor 4

Assfactor 4 was a assfaster hardcore band from Columbia, South Carolina formed by ex-Tonka members Jay & Alex & ex-Unherd members Eric & Kevin. They got together in the fall of 1992. This album was recorded & mixed in 36 hours at Sweetwood Sounds, New Jersey.

Assfactors are basically the obstacles that prevent us from living the kinds of lives we want to live, things like bosses or cops or parents or stupid rules. The point of this band was to overcome these obstacles, to refuse to acknowledge them or their power over us. You’re lucky if you only have four.

Assfactor 4 - Assfactor 4, Old Glory Record NGR-18, 1995.

Side 1 -
Hey Stinky
Life is Wacky
I Reckon
Mama Yongue
Fuck Hate Breeders
This Shit is for the Birds
#1 Main
Dear Grampa
Billy I Got Your #

Side 2 -
To the Powers that Be
Can't Fight the Feeling
Nuked up Dreams?
Attempted Control (Code of Honor cover)
Assfactor 4


27 November 2009

All tied up Zero to Ø


Decided to remedy things here. Below the original BOMP release that was removed, I have posted up the self-titled 7" from Munster Records in Spain with a taste of the Mexican Ramones.

Always a band near & dear to this Ø, the Zeros formed in 1976 in Chula Vista, California. On vocals & guitar was Javier Escovedo of the super musickal Escovedo family. His brothers include: the famed Latin percussionists Coke & Pete(Pete’s daughter being Prince collaborator Sheila E); Mario, who fronted the hard-rock band The Dragons; & Alejandro of The Nuns notoriety & lengthy solo career (his latest being 2008s Real Animal produced by long-time Bowie cohort Tony Visconti). Robert Lopez also played guitar & now is more commonly know as El Vez. Filling out the group were Hector Penalosa on bass & Baba Chenelle on drums.

This records contains music recorded in 1977 & released on their first three 7"s (“Don’t Push Me Around” b/w “Wimp” - 1977, “Beat Your Heart Out” b/w “Wild Weekend” - 1978, & “Getting Nowhere Fast” b/w “They Say that [Everything’s Alright]” - 1980) & unreleased material from that same year.

The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around, BOMP Records BLP 4035, 1991.

Side A-
Don't Push Me Around
Main Street Brat
Handgrenade Heart
Beat Your Heart Out
Wild Weekend
Side B -
Cosmetic Couple
Rico Amour
Beat Your Heart Out
Getting Nowhere Fast
She's Just a Girl on the Block
They Say that (Everything's Alright)

The Zeros – The Zeros 7” EP, Munster Records TFOSR 7006, 1989.
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Side A –
Rico Amor
Cosmetic Couple
Main Street Brat

Side B –
Siamese Tease
Handgrenade Heart


26 November 2009

Jerry's Kids

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/19/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

How about this shit. A bunch of kids with muscular dystrophy making hardcore punk. Oh, wait a minute, not those Jerry’s Kids. This was one of the earliest Boston hardcore bands. They first appeared on the Modern Method Records This Is Boston, Not L.A. compilation in 1982. Shortly after, frontman Bryan Jones & rhythm guitarist Dave Aronson left the band. Bass player Rick Jones, Bryan’s brother picked up the vocals chores & Chris Doherty of Gang Green took over on rhythm guitar. They recorded this classic 12 song LP Is This My World? on X-Claim in 1983.

Jerry's Kids - Is This My World?, Xclaim! Records X-6, 1983.
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Side A -

I Don't Belong
Cracks In The Wall / Tear It Up
Crucify Me
Break The Mold
Raise The Curtain

Side B -

Vietnam Syndrome
Build Me A Bomb
New World
No Time
Is This My World?


24 November 2009

Some more black Tar

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 10/19/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

I’ve been smoking the Tar since the last post. Here's a couple more bindles.

Tar - Jackson, Amphetamine Reptile Records AMREP 004, 1991.
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Side A -

Short Trades
Cross Offer
Walking the King
On a Transfer

Side B -

Dark Mark
Land Luck
Viaduct Removal

Tar - Roundhouse, Amphetamine Reptile Records ARR 11/108, 1990.

Side A -

Les Paul Worries
Glass Grief
Pick One
Black Track

Side B -

Bad Box
Mercury Block
Gag Reflex


19 November 2009

Tar - Handsome

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 11/17/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Joe Stumble posted up the Tar Teetering 7“ over at Last Days of Man on Earth 2.0 so if you want more info about the band & whatnot, go over there. It just got me listening to & thinking about Tar again. It had been a while. Now I’m doing more of the same for you.

Engineered by Steve Albini May 7-8,1988 (“Mumper”, “Seam”, & “Mel’s”) & September 3,1988 (“Same”) & Iain Burgess September 17-18,1988 (“Static” & “Downtime”). Surprisingly enough, the tracks engineered by Burgess are the more ‘noise’ tracks & the Albini tracks are more straight ahead ‘punk rawk’, except for one, the almost ButtholeSurferish in-yer-face standout track of the mini,”Mel’s”. All songs mixed by Iain Burgess & Tar.

Recorded in the basement. Mixed upstairs in the back room off the kitchen. The basement flooded while we were upstairs mixing Downtime. Sorry Steve. Insert was nixed. These are the highlights:See these teeth...I will stay at the machine...shoo di no weh...Meet the rate...Gave you the gift...One more thing...

Tar - Handsome mini-lp,
Amphetamine Reptile Records ARR 89160-1, 1989.
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Static Side -

(secret track)

Downtime Side -



15 November 2009

Peace Thru Vandalism

UPDATE:This post was re-uploaded 10/22/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Peace thru Vandalism...the debut EP by So-Cal punk rock band The Vandals, released in 1982 on Epitaph Records (EPI-V1). Fast punk rock with humorous, tongue-in-cheek lyrics & subject matter.

The Vandals here were: Stevo Jensen - vocals; Jan Ackermann - guitar; Steve Pfauter - bass; & Joe Escalante - drums with Brad Gurewitz (Bad Religion guitarist & Epitaph records founder) on back-up vocals for “Anarchy Burger”.

The Vandals - Peace Thru Vandalism EP
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Side 1 -

Wanna Be Manor
Urban Struggle
The Legend of Pat Brown

Side 2 -

Pirate's Life
H.B. Hotel (Elvis Presley cover)
Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government)


17 September 2009

& thanks for the memories!

From left - Artiste Mark Ritch working the soundboard & bon vivant Henry Lee aka NØ
taken at the notorious Poopoopalooza debacle better known as Punchupaloser

Well, as I mentioned in the Zarkons post, Tuesday past was my two year anniversary here at Nothin' Sez Somethin'. I've never given a rat's ass about whether or not anyone comments, though I am indeed thankful to all who do & try to respond in kind, but when my TWO YEAR mark came & went with nary a word, not even from my so-called netfriends, well...in the words of Blue Cheer to Bill Graham when he denied them a slot on the last days of Fillmore West extravaganza, "Fuck you & thanks for the memories!"

14 September 2009

Like a Plutonium Coughdrop

Jim Carrol - R.I.P.

Bill & Jim

I turned one night the other way,
faster than I should have
and this beam of purple light shot
slowly from your wrists like a tired
lazer, straight to my eyes...and
dyed them blue, I swear...then I tilted
back my head to suck it to my lips,
and felt it melt down in layers
like a plutonium coughdrop...I turned
the other way to hear the reverberations
of purple light in the hollow of its flux,
it was the sound that steals snowbirds
from the wire to sing...we sleep, we
sleep without dreams, too distant from
the mirror...imitating clarity...
disguising childhood terror.

I turned the other way...always turn
the other way. One night you kissed me you
were drunk. I thought of Candy Darling
in 1971, the back room of Max’s Kansas City
with Jackie Curtis, leading me out the back
door with Lou, changing places in
the alley-way until the circle was full
and the snow turned to fire while the birds
wept on the wire for the purple light to
sing. We went back inside...it was
empty and we didn’t care. Candy
was dying and she didn’t care...
Ginger, why don’t you smile next time
they take your picture? Why are you
looking so sad in each photograph?
©1980 - Jim Carroll

Goodnight Sweet Prince,

13 September 2009

Look into the Eyes of the Beacon Street Union

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/18/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Though part of the trinity with Ultimate Spinach & Orpheus in the MGM scheme for 'the Boss Sound of Bosstown', The Beacon Street Union was a far superior band. They were second only to Boston’s Listening (who released the phenomenal eponymous album) in reality. But like other bands used in the Bosstown promotion, the Beacon Street Union suffered from the hype, & although both their albums made the charts, they never had much of a chance to succeed.

Bosstown Sound was originally a publicity campaign by Alan Lorber of MGM started in January 1968. The idea was to present the groups on his label (Ultimate Spinach, The Beacon Street Union & Orpheus) as a package. The Bosstown Sound was to echo the San Francisco Sound that was very big at the time. The hype was a big turn off to the rock critics & rock audiences. Record sales never materialized. The campaign backfired & became an albatross.

TIME Magazine, May 10, 1968: “THE EYES OF THE BEACON STREET UNION (MGM). Among today's sound- saturated rock groups, The Beacon Street Union is refreshingly rare: it recognizes the existence of twin stereo speakers and utilizes them to separate its music into two compatible components.”

Not everyone agrees, citing the band as too eclectic (late 60s???) , but The Union deserved better management & better acceptance.

The Beacon Street Union were:John Lincoln Wright - vocals;Paul Tartachny - lead & rhythm guitar;Wayne Ulaky - bass;Robert Rhodes - keyboards; & Richard Weisberg - drums.

MGM Records SE 4517, 1968.
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Side A -

My Love Is
Beautiful Delilah
Sportin' Life
Four Hundred & Five
Mystic Mourning

Side B -

Sadie Said No
Speed Kills
Blue Avenue
South End Incident (I'm Afraid)
Green Destroys the Gold
The Prophet (4:33)

MGM Records SE 4568, 1968.
decryption code in comments

Side A -

The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens
The Clown's Overture
Angus Of Aberdeen
Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins cover)
A Not Very August Afternoon
Now I Taste The Tears

Side B -

King Of The Jungle
May I Light Your Cigarette
Baby Please Don't Go


12 September 2009

Between the Idea & the Reality...Falls the Shadow

 UPDATE:This post was re-uploaded 08/23/2013. Enjoy, NØ

It's been a great week for me & musick.

This Tuesday is my two year anniversary at Nothin' Sez Somethin' & I was trying to come up with somethin' good.

Yesterday I got a package from a friend of mine who lives in Massachusetts. He is a vinyl collector. He pillages the eastern seaboard for collectible vinyl. He occasionally sells off doubles he's accumulated or stuff he no longer listens to or wants. I never pay more than $5 per platter. I always have a standing order for certain types & genres of musick, plus certain specific request, so although I never know exactly what I'll be getting in my Care packages, Steiner never fails to come through & enthrall. In Friday's treasure trove were many wonders of vinyl heaven that I'll be getting to as time permits...but there were two ethereal gems with which to begin.

First off was an album from 1968 by a Boston band that I have been looking for for years, which I see on ebay sometimes being offered in the $40 - $60 range...The Beacon Street Union - The Eyes of... I had this disc back in the day. I finally wore it out I played it so much. Classic Boss Sound of Bosstown with just that somethin' to make it special. When I listened to it yesterday, I remembered the songs as if it was, well, yesterday that I had last heard it...but not in the way that I usually remember old favorites long unheard. They were fresh as my lover's smile in my mind. I had the strangest feeling that they were, unbeknown to me, the soundtrack of my deepest dreams.

Then I found an unexpected unrequested star.

If you've followed this blog for long, you probably have heard me blather on about The Alleycats & The Zarkons. Well, for a long time I've been looking for The Zarkons final album from 1988...Between the Idea & the Reality...Falls the Shadow. Well, lo & behold, there it was...& here it is. Although this was released as The Zarkons were in terminal meltdown, it is one hella great album in this man's opinion. If you're not sure, try "Shoot the Moon" for a taste. I think you'll be back to the platter for seconds. I'll get to the other things later.

The Zarkons - Between the Idea & the Reality...Falls the Shadow,
Atlantic 81846, 1988.
decryption code in comments

Side A -

Heart Full of Soul
Just Who We Are?
Rodeo Rider
Miasma of Illusion
The Hunchback in the Park

Side B -

Shoot the Moon
Among the Ruins
The Dark Horse
In the Realm of the Zarkons


03 September 2009

My Government is My Soul

This post was re-uploaded 11/04/2017.

When I was posting up the cassette-only release The Last Supper, I was re-listening to it & was reminded that Bourbonese Qualk is an extremely excellent band that I haven't revisited nearly enough as of late. I am remedying that situation now, by listening to all of their material that I have.

After Julian Gilbert & Steven Tanza left the group (to pursue writing & form the band The State, respectively), Simon Crab, original founding member & musical mastermind of Bo-Qu reformed the group with Miles Miles (guitar & other instruments) & Owen 'If' Rossiter (drums). The re-formed Bourbonese Qualk trio spent the next 3 years (1987-90) in a recording silence constantly touring Europe. Out of these years came the highly acclaimed LP My Government is My Soul released in 1990 on their own New International label. My Government Is My Soul is a more polished live-sounding album which occasionally hints at a rockier, slightly more commercial-edged sound than their earlier releases. It's a collection of hauntingly quiet passages, broken by unusually emotive angst, filled with sequenced bass rhythms, endless percussion & wonderfully noise-ridden synthesized voice.

You can read about the early years of Bourbonese Qualk & the infamous Ambulance Station over at Simon Crab's great site, The Stalker. You can also download the entire Bo-Qu back catalogue at their Archives, which documents their work from the beginnings in 1980 until the end in 2002, when, following the untimely death of guitarist Miles Miles in October of that year, the remaining members decided to disband the group.

Bourbonese Qualk - My Government is My Soul,
New International Recordings/FünfUndVierzig 34, 1989.

Featured on this release: Simon Crab - voice & electronics; Miles Miles - guitar & saxophone; Owen If (Rossiter) - drums & percussion; & Kif Cole - live sound.

Side A:
Let It Go
Ton Ton Macoute
Know Your Enemy

Side B:
Keep Pushing
Forget The Past
The Last Thing We Have Is Choice


02 September 2009

Word Falling...Photo Falling...Towers Open Fire

Something for the ears...The Fugs - Virgin Forest

Something for the eyes...

from Port of Saints 1973 - William S. Burroughs:

"Drifting sand, fish smells & dead eyes in doorways, shabby quarters of a forgotten city. I was beginning to remember the pawn shops, guns & brass knuckles in a window, chili parlors, cheap rooming houses, a cold wind from the sea. Dead eyes seemed to be looking at some distant beginning to remember the boy, an old skating rink...any minute now...Who said Atlantic City?...wire rusty around jagged holes...Van's Surgery...writing croaker...Globe Hotel...Great Atlantic Accident...name address hotel quite right?...a number...police line ahead frisking seven boys against a wall. Too late to turn back, they'd seen us. & then I saw the photographers, more photographers than a routine frisk would draw. I eased a film grenade into my hand. A cop stepped toward us. I pushed the plunger down & brought my hands up, tossing the grenade into the air. A black explosion blotted out the set & we were running down a dark street toward the barrier. Behind us the city went up in chunks."


29 August 2009

The Last Supper

Great cassette-only industrial (& other) release from 1984.

Various Artists - The Last Supper, Adventures In Reality ARR 007, 1984.

Side 1:
SPK - Ich Klage An (Euthanasia)
SPK - Satori
Gorilla Aktiv - Spiegelbild
Gorilla Aktiv - Ottos Pornos
Autentisk Film - Polaroid
Smersh - X, X, X, Going On L
Bourbonese Qualk - In The Flesh

Side 2:
Test Dept. - Forward
Audio Leter - A 'Lot' Of Time
Muslimgauze - Metropolis
Muslimgauze - Trans/Time
Tex Mirror H - Sister
Attrition - Mr. Toma (I Looked But It Was Gone)


26 August 2009

The Madison...dig that crazy dance

Found this recently on Infinite Foolishness.



Something to listen to while you read...Little Dragon - Never Never (2009)

Right now I'm reading Alfred Jarry. Most noted for the avant-garde black comedy Ubu plays (Ubu Roi, Ubu Enchaine, & Ubu Cocu), however, Exploits & Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician is a much more sublime endeavor. 'Pataphysics revolves about the truth of contradictions & exceptions. When writing Faustroll, Jarry suggested that he was writing over everyone's head, including his own & would have to experience death in order to catch up with himself.

In Dr. Faustroll, the good Doctor is hounded for back rent of 372,000 francs 27 centimes for the past 11 quarters by Rene-Isidore Panmuphle, bailiff attached to the Civil Court of First Instance of the Department of Seine in session at Paris, who inventories & then seizes Faustroll's library of the twenty-seven most excellent volumes, as follows:

1. Baudelaire, a volume of E.A. Poe translations;
2. Bergerac, Works, Volume II, containing The History of the States & Empires of the Sun, & The History of Birds;
3. The Gospel According to St. Luke, in Greek;
4. Bloy, The Ungrateful Beggar;
5. Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner;
6. Darien, The Thief;
7. Desbordes-Valmore, The Oath of the Little Men;
8. Elskamp, Illuminated Designs;
9. An odd volume of The Plays of Florian;
10. An odd volume of The Thousand & One Nights, in the Galland translation;
11. Grabbe, Scherz, Satire, Ironie & tiefere Bedeutung comedy in three acts;
12. Kahn, The Tale of Gold & of Silence;
13. Lautreamont, The Lays of Maldoror;
14. Maeterlinck, Aglavaine & Selysette;
15. Mallarme, Verse & Prose;
16. Mendes, Gog;
17 The Odyssey, Teubner's edition;
18. Peladan, Babylon;
19. Rabelias
20. Jean de Chilra, The Sexual Hour;
21. Henri de Regnier, The Jasper Cane;
22. Rimbaud, The Illuminations;
23. Schwob, The Children's Crusade;
24. Ubu Roi;
25. Verlaine, Wisdom;
26. Verhaeren, The Hallucinated Landscapes;
27. Verne, Voyage to the Center of the Earth.

Faustroll manages to take Panmuphle prisoner & escapes in a skiff that travels on both water & land, with the bailiff tamed by drink & chained to his seat, along with the "twenty-seven equivalent books" & a hydrochephalous baboon, Bosse-de-Nage (bottom-face) who speaks only the two syllables 'Ha ha!'.

from "Concerning the Forest of Love" (chapter 14):

"Like a tree frog out of water, the skiff edged forward, drawn by its suction disks along a smooth descending road.

In this district of Paris no omnibus had ever passed, nor railway, nor tramway, nor bicycle, nor probably any openwork boat with a copper skin, moving upon three rollers...Here, instead of street lamps we could see ancient monuments of carved stone, green statues crouching down in robes folded in the shape of hearts; heterosexual ring-dancers blowing into unmentionable flageolets; finally, a seaweed-green calvary in which the eyes of the women were like nuts cloven horizontally by the suture line of their shells.

'Ha ha!' said Bosse-de-Nage, without further commentary.

Thus I remained in charge of the skiff with the baboon cabin boy, who passed the time by jumping on my shoulders & pissing down my back; but I beat him back with blows from a bundle of writs & observed with curiosity...the demeanor of the gaily dressed...

They were seated beneath a great archway, behind which was a second, & behind these there blazed the greenness & fatness of a historiated field of cabbages. Between the arches were tables & pitchers & benches set out in a barn & on a threshing floor, crowded with people dressed in sapphire-blue velvet, with diamond shaped faces & down-colored hair, the furry surface of the earth & of the people's necks being both like cows' hair. Men were wrestling in a blue & yellow meadow, disturbing sand-gray toads whose frightened croaks reached me in the boat; couples danced gavottes; & the bagpipes, from on top of the freshly drained barrels, droned out the flight of ribbons of white tinsel & violet silk.

Each of the two thousand dancers in the barn offered to Faustroll a girdlecake, hard cube-shaped milk, & different liqueurs in glasses as thick as a Bishop's amethyst is wide & holding less than a thimbleful. The doctor drank from them all. Each person threw a pebble into the sea, stinging the blisters on my hands, novice oarsman that I was, as I held them up to protect myself...stinging the multicolored cheeks of Bosse-de-Nage.

'Ha ha!' he growled, to express his fury...

The doctor returned to the sound of bells, with two big maps of the country...one representing realistically, worked in tapestry, the forest surrounding the triangular space: the rose-red foliage rising above the blue mass of the grass, & the groups of women, the wave of each group with its crest of white bonnets breaking gently against the ground, in an eccentric circle of dawn shadow.

& on it was written: The Forest of Love.

On the second map were enumerated all the products of this happy land, men at the market with their plump yellow pigs, themselves plump & blue, stuffed into their clothes like sausages. They were all as blown up as the cheeks of a bagpiper, as full of wind as a bagpipe or a stomach.

We rubbed the adipose cheeks of the hydrocephalous baboon against the slide rails of the felt seat; & when I had taken up the oars once more, & Faustroll had taken the tiller's silken guide ropes, I crouched & stretched out once again in the alternating movement of the oarsman, over the conjoined waves of the dry land."

After much travel through strange lands like that above, Faustroll starts a holocaust & Bosse-de-Nage dies, giving rise to an in-depth analysis of his cryptic "Ha ha!" After this, Faustroll sets Henri Rousseau in charge of a 'painting machine' to embellish the works of art in the Luxembourg Museum. The painting machine, named Clinamen, spazzes in an orgy of creative violence & produces thirteen paintings.

Adrift in a sea of this artifice, Faustroll must avoid collision with the creations & maneuvers the skiff into an 'aqueduct six hundred meters wide' & 'along with the canal barges were vomited into the river' where at the age of sixty-three, he makes the 'gesture of dying'. His body unrolls like a tight-wound scroll, revealing the future & a treatise on 'pataphysics.

" 'Ha ha!', he says succinctly; & he did not lose himself in further considerations."

15 August 2009

What's New? - Shits & Giggles

Just got my copy of Shits & Giggles first release, Trick or Treat. For those of you who haven't heard, it's Ariel Pink & the cats from Vas Deferens Organization (Eric Lumbleau, Jay Jernigan, Christopher Moock, & Matt Castille). It's on 180 gram vinyl from the Free Dope & Fucking in the Streets label (a VDO,er,well...organization).

Here's the title track for a little taste...

UPDATE: The bassist left a comment on the previous Nasal Sex post that he had come across a handful (7) of the original unopened Golly (Shove a Baloney Sandwich up Your Butt) lps, if anyone is interested, leave a comment here. I'll facilitate.

19 July 2009

The Nothing Changes

Just got finished re-reading Norman Spinrad's epic Bug Jack Barron. The godfather of the cyberpunk movement is my estimation. If you haven't..., you should have. In the immortal (literally) words of 'The Black Shade':
(last penultimate paragraph before the epilogue)

"You, out there, you suckers, you!"
he shouts.

"Look at the thing you made! We all made..., we always make...,because there'll always be men who know the Big Secret: we can all be bought. Who wants to die? Who wants to live in a rat-trap? Who wants to eat garbage? They know it, & they suck on it---politicians! Power-junkies, giving you just enough to keep you bought with Welfare & Medicare & Niggercare & nice-sounding Lies; crumbs from the table, is all! Just enough & not a crumb more. Hold your noses & take a good look around you for a change---we've got a thousand...calling themselves Governors, Congressmen, Senators, Presidents. What are you gonna do about it? Sit on your fat asses like you always have? Or maybe go out & get yours...

Well, suckers, had enough? Or are you gonna let it go on & on & on till you die? Just remember, though, when you die now, you die alone."

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - The Nothing Changes

18 July 2009

Rockin' with Wanda

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/17/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Culled from previously released singles going back as far as 1954, but no longer trying to tame her voice as they had on her self-titled first release, Capitol Records this time let Wanda rip. That's not to say that there aren't any mellow moments, but mostly Wanda just, as the title states, rocks. By request from a friend...

Wanda Jackson - Rockin' with Wanda, Starline/Capitol T-1384, May 02, 1960.
decryption code in comments

Side One -

Rock Your Baby
Fujiyama Mama
You're The One For Me
Did You Miss Me?
Cool Love
Honey Bop

Side Two -

Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
Baby Loves Him
Mean, Mean Man
You've Turned To A Stranger
Don'a Wan'a
I Gotta Know