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29 April 2016

Tales of Future Past

This was posted on that other blog I worked on (DigitalMeltd0wn) back in September of 2010. It is no longer available there (or anywhere else that I could find). I guess I grabbed it back then so I'm re-posting it here.

The rock opera California '99 is set in a dystopian future of a bankrupt America. It is a lawless apocalyptic country where survivors live on a diet consisting mainly of cannabis-addicted insects.

The rock opera was created by renowned composer/arranger Jimmie Haskell (producing artists like Ricky Nelson, The Grass Roots, Blondie... writingThe Hollywood Squares theme... soundtracks for more than 25 movies including The Jericho Mile & Night of the Lepus...Grammies for arranging "Ode to Billie Joe", "Bridge Over Troubled Water" & more) based on a story by Tom Gamache.

Some great guest performances (like blues great Jimmy Witherspoon doing an intense version of the Band's "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"; Joe Walsh; Denny Doherty).

The album cover unfolds to a poster sized map of the US with alternate history - 1975 to 1998.

Jimmie Haskell – California '99, ABC Records ABCX728, 1971.
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Side 1 –
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
To Claudia on Thursday

Side 2 –
Intro & Prelude
Jessica Stone
California Fairy Tale


Skanking with King Barnabas

Ja-Man Allstars – King’s Dub, Manzie D.R.S. LP002, 1980.
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Side 1 –
King’s Dub
Nuclear Bomb
Poor Man Skank
Censemania Dub
Hotter Claps in Dub

Side 2 –
East Man Skank
West Man Skank
Higher Ranking Dub
Hot Steppers Dub
Downtown Rub-a-Dub

Ja-Man Allstars recorded at Channel One: Dougie Bryan – lead& rhythm guitar;  Bingy Bunny – rhythm guitar; Ansel Collins & Gladstone Anderson – keyboards; Tommy McCook – tenor saxophone; Deadley Headley Bennett – alto saxophone; Bobby Ellis – Trumpet; Calvin Cameron – trombone; Ranchie McLean – bass; Uzziah 'Sticky' Thompson – percussion; & Mikey 'Boo' Richards & Sly Dunbar – drums.

Step hot,

24 April 2016

It is a Remix Wrapped in a Version inside Dubwise

Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Yah, Burial Mix BMD-4, 2005.
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Tracklist –
See Mi Yah – featuring Willi Williams
Dem Never Know – featuring Jah Cotton
Rise & Praise – featuring Koki
Truly – featuring Freddy Mellow
Lightning Storm – featuring Rod of Iron
Let Jah Love Come – featuring Sugar Minott
Boss Man – featuring Walda Gabriel
Poor People Must Work – featuring Bobbo Shanti
Let We Go – featuring Ras Donovan & Ras Perez
Free for All – featuring Paul St. Hilaire
See Mi Version

Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Yah (remixes), Burial Mix BMXD-1, 2006.

Tracklist –
See Mi Version (Basic reshape)
Free for All (Soundstream remix)
Let We Go (Villalobos remix)
Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig remix)
Boss Man (Tiki’s Pure Blue remix)
Let Jah Love Come (Sweet Substance remix)
Lightning Storm (François K. remix)
Truly (Vladislav Delay remix)
Rise & Praise (Vainqueur remix)
Dem Never Know (Sleeparchive remix)
See Mi Yah (Hallucinator remix)

My work is done,

23 April 2016

Not the First Time I’ve Given You Malaria!

As may have been hinted at by my posting of Psychopomps, I've been revisiting some heady coldwave of late. Here’s some more…

Coldwave or NDW (or whatever label) band Malaria! was an integral part of the vital electro-industrial scene happening in Germany in the early 1980s (the Geniale Dilettanten [Ingenious Dilettantes] movement, a merger of new wave & post-punk). The all-female band was formed by Berlin art-scene staples Gudrun Gut who had been an early member of Einstürzende Neubauten & Bettina Köster. Both had been members of Mania D, a group championed by John Peel. Peel referred to Gut, Köster, & Beate Bartel as his "Queens of Noise". He chose Mania D's release Track 4 as the single of the year 1980.

Malaria! 's 1982 EP New York Passage introduced UK & US audiences to the group, with the record reaching the top ten on both US & Euro independent radio charts.

Malaria! – New York Passage 12" EP, Cachalot Records BIG 6, 1982.
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English side –
Your Turn to Run (I Will Be Your Only One)

German side –

Here Malaria! are: Bettina Köster – vocals & saxophone; Christine Hahn – guitar, keyboards, & drums; Gudrun Gut – backing vocals, guitar, & drums; Manon Duursma - guitar; & Susanne Kuhnke – synthesizer.

Also in 1982, Malaria! released the full length vinyl LP Emotion.

Malaria! – Emotion, Moabit Musik, MOABIT002, 1982.

Side A –
Geld – Money
Leidenshaft – Passion
Eifersucht – Jealosy
Einsam – Lonesome
Macht – Power

Side B –
Tod – Death
Traum – Dream


Gudrun Gut: "After Mania D. we had the most intense time with Malaria! We were constantly touring. We performed in New York with Nina Hagen at Studio 54 City and with John Cale at the Mudd Club, and we played with New Order and The Birthday Party. "

Beate Bartel: "And over and over at SO36. "

Gudrun Gut: "The Malaria! rehearsal room was just around the corner from the SO at Kottbusser Tor. We shared it with Die Haut, who lived in an apartment in Dresdner Straße together with Birthday Party. There was a second rehearsal room, too. Everything was wildly mixed up there as well. We were forever swapping musicians among each other. "

Beate Bartel: "And still, people were always asking us as an all-female band: 'Why are you only dancing with each other? ' We weren’t taken seriously as musicians yet. "

Gudrun Gut: "With Malaria!, we were always wearing these heavy boots. We were strong women, not delicate fairies, not flute players. We wanted to make a point of that."


In 1992, after years of intense touring (& the release of a split with Die Hausfrauen [1982 – the Malaria! side was simply the New York Passage 12" EP] & a 1983 ROIR cassette recorded at Danceteria NYC & 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.) Malaria! released their Elation CD maxi-single.

Malaria! – Elation, Moabit Musik MOABIT010, 1992.

Tracklist –
Slow Rotation
Old Man River

Here Malaria! are: Bettina Köster – vocals; Gundrun Gut – electronics; & Manon P. Duursma – keyboards.

The next year they released both Cheerio (I posted Malaria! 's 1993 release Cheerio here). 

& the following remix CD…

Malaria! - Delirium: Remixed • Remade • Remodelled,
Masterminded For Success MFS 7040-2, 1993.

Tracklist –
Kaltes Klares Wasser (Dr. Motte Crystalmix)
Cheerio (Microglobe & Mijk Van Dijk Milchbadmix)
Your Turn to Run (WestBam Ausser-Atemix)
You You (Sun Electric JuJu remix)
Elation (Dolfin', Kid Paul, Paul van Dyk, & Stefan Fischer Abstractmix)
Prophet (3 Phase Will Keine Propheten Falschen Brauchen)
Keep Me in Love (Moritz von Oswald Reshaped)
Warmes Wasser (Dr. Motte & Johnny Klimek remix)
Von Hinten (Voov Backdoor)

Sich erfreuen,

Magick from the Zulu Warrior

Before I plague you with my next disease, here’s the remedy in advance. Take it full strength & often.

Jah Shaka, Twinkle Brothers, The Fasimbas, & The Shaka Allstars.

Jah Shaka – Dub Salute 5, Jah Shaka Music SHAKA954, 1996.
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side one –
Jah Shall Reign Dub
Give Us the Power Dub
Rasta Surface Dub
New Day Dub

side two –
Praise H.I.M. Dub
Africa Dub
Rise & Shine Dub
Zion Dub

Fare the well, me bruthas (& sistas),

22 April 2016

Meant to Be Played Louder than Bombs

A psychopomp is a guide for souls to the place of the dead.

Psychopomps were a Danish coldwave band formed by Flemming Norre Larsen & Jesper Schmidt in 1991. Much of their best known early material ("Godshit", "Pub Ban (Trash Can Dance)", "Drunk City", "Baby-Terror, Baby") were re-released in 2014 on the Infection Start 90 collection.

Fiction Non Fiction is the last actual studio release by the band, with some great material & three fantastic cover songs. They even added Kaare Mogensen on guitar & bass to augment the electro-industrial sound, with excellent results.

If anyone is interested in this group, I also have the OOP Six Six Six Nights in Hell (a different sort of beast for sure, from 1995) on request.

Psychopomps – Fiction Non Fiction, Zoth Ommog CD ZOT206, 1997.
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Tracklist   –

The Infinite Road
Sweet Taste of Love
I Love You Love Me Love (Gary Glitter cover)
Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum cover)
Venus in Furs (Velvet Underground cover)
Black Out

Hail Natas!

19 April 2016

Fifty Shades of Dog

The Stooges
The 7 Stooges
Space Negros
Katharina Nuttall
Calling All Astronauts
The Merry Thoughts
Anti Pasti
Dakar & Grinser
British Electric Foundation (featuring Boy George)
Los Futuristas
Mephisto Waltz
Alejandro Escovedo
Joan Jett
Radio Birdman
The White Stripes
Pere Ubu
Psychonaut 4
Sid Vicious
Richard Hell
Emilie Simon
Soul Wax
Sister Chain & Brother John
Miss Kittin & The Hacker
David Bowie
Ai Laika
Nebulous State
Ascii Disko
Dead Generation
Meat Puppets
Atari Teenage Riot
Inside the Mind
GG Allin
The Toads!
Sex Pistols
Eril Lindgren
Uncle Tupelo
Gary Oldman
Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13
Sonic Youth
Unter Gluck
Tanz Ohne Musik
Iggy Pop

Arf! Arf!

A Sir (tain) (Ho)ratio

Sir Horatio – Abracadubra / Sommadub 12” single, 666 Mix 1T, 1981.

This Side –

That Side –


Cut with a Small Axe

Small Axe/Power Steppers – Dub Clash ’96 12” EP, Universal Egg EGGY18, 1996.

This Side –
Target – Small Axe (aka Ruts DC)

That Side –
Immersion – Power Steppers


14 April 2016

From Underneathica the Boardwalk, Down by the Long Beach

Hell Comes to Your House (Bemisbrain Records ‎– BB 123/124) was a shock to the senses when it came out in 1981, and it remains a classic compilation.  Established LA bands shared wax with exciting new groups.  HCTYH marked the debut of 45 Grave and Christian Death, two bands that cross-bred goth with West Coast punk.  I was the most impressed by a young Long Beach band called Secret Hate.

The breakneck tempo shifts of "New Routine/Suicide", the sneering voice, the hell-bent drumming, and those lyrics!   Who can forget "Standing in line wondering what to do/ I'm taking a piss when I think of you"?

After another compilation appearance (1982s You Cant Argue with Sucksess, Mystic Records ‎MLP 33102), Secret Hate released their 1983 EP, Vegetables Dancing (New Alliance Records NAR-016).

The EPs seven songs demonstrated an innovative musical range that incorporated Jamaican and Latin influences, reflecting the interests of the multi-ethnic band.  Along with Carla Maddog (of The Controlers) and D.H. Peligro (of the DKs), Secret Hate's guitarist Reggie Rector was one of the first black musicians on the West Coast punk scene, and vocalist Mike Davis (born Michael Lafiadi Garcia) is Hispanic.  They shared practice space with the Minutemen, who may have inspired Secret Hate to stretch their wings.  I think of Mike Davis as one of the most underrated punk singers (and writers).   Listen to his voice swell from Jim Morrison's Lizard King croon into a venomous rage worthy of Johnny Rotten on "Charade".  

Secret Hate split up in the mid-80's.

They appeared on the compilation When Men Were Men... & Sheep Were Scared (Bemisbrain Records 72927-1) in 1985.  

In 1987 Reggie Rector was murdered in downtown Long Beach.  Then, almost a decade later, Secret Hate was unexpectedly in the spotlight when Sublime (another Long Beach band) covered "The Ballad of Johnny Butt". Sublime's self-titled album was a multiplatinum hit, and the punky reggae of "Johnny Butt" reached millions of ears.

Mike Davis, bassist Kevin Roach, and drummer Rick Selga found two new guitarists (Blake Davila & Bob Schaeffer) and recorded a new Secret Hate composition for a 1998 split single on Sublime's label (Skunk Records CRAS - VNL006) with Long Beach punks Das Klown.   Vegetables Dancing made it to CD in 1999 (Cornerstone R.A.S. CRAS-CD010) with bonus tracks, followed by an album of new songs called Pop Cult Vomit.

Then, once again, their Hate was spent.

The Vegetables Dancing CD is great, but two important pieces were missing.  The band was dissatisfied with their performance on Hell Comes to Your House and may have chosen to omit those two songs from the CD.  I'm guessing that the Cornerstone label couldn't reach an agreement with a certain moody mogul to include on the CD three more Secret Hate tracks from their 1982 comp.   So here is Secret Hate's full studio output from '81 through '85, plus a tribute to their roots from the reunited group on 1999's "Dick".

Vegetables Dancing remains a vital purchase, as the CD includes a hot live set from '82 that shows why Secret Hate were legends on the Long Beach scene.

Tracklist –

New Routine/Suicide
Deception – from Hell Comes to Your House

Misery Chord
Rich Man's Son – from You Cant Argue with Sucksess

Get on the Bus
Theme Song
The Ballad Of Johnny Butt
Midas Touch
Edge Marine
Latin Chongo - from Vegetables Dancing

Bomb Chic
Death In The Desert – from When Men Were Men…& Sheep Were Scared

Dick - from Long Beach Blvd. (Skunk Records ‎– SKNK-998, 1999)

We hate you, but it’s a secret,
Jonder (& NØ)

11 April 2016

Pulling Another One Out of the H-Hole

One of my favorite bands.  Jerry Teel & various cohorts (here Jerry - guitar, Lisa Wells – bass, & Sally Edroso/Barry – drums).  Honeymoon Killers.  I've posted their tuneage before, here’s something more…

Honeymoon Killers – Take it Off!, Buy Our Records Europe BORE8901/CD, 1989.
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Tracklist –
Love Bandit
Hard Life
I’m Glad My Baby’s Gone
Hanky Panky
Smotherly Love
Too Much!
The Sexorcist
Dazed ‘n’ Hazey


10 April 2016

This Dub is Beat Meat!

Tino Corp. TNO2008-1, 2004.
Reel Side –
Echo in Space Dub (album version)
Echo in Space Dub (DJ Wally remix)

This Side –
Retrograde Pt. 2 Dub We R 1 (album version)
Retrograde Pt. 2 Dub We R 1 (Dubloner remix)


Is it the Final Solution???

Final Solution (full vertsion) – from Composition, Beggars Banquet ALZB-3, 1989.
Instant Karma – mp3, Huuvola Music, 2009.
Final Solution (club mix) – from Composition
Space Oddity – mp3, Huuvola Music, 2009.
Final Solution (third & final mix) – from Composition


08 April 2016

What the H3öH?

With Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson.

The Hafler Trio - Bootleg, Ash International ASH 1.3, 1993.

Tracklist -
M.N.O. Gol’fish
Mind Loss


07 April 2016

See What I’m Doing Here?

Nick Manasseh’s first release on Roots Garden Records was Johnny Osbourne's "Black Starliner" b/w Manasseh's "Black Star Dub". Osbourne is a legendary Jamaican singer & songwriter with a career spanning nearly 4 decades, Here he delivers a serious rastaman vocal bringing a fresh edge to the popular repatriation theme. Manasseh serves up an excellent Dubwise version on side B.

Side A –
Black Starliner
Side B –
Black Star Dub

Black Star Line existed from 1919 until 1922. It was a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey, the revered Jamaican political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, & orator. Garvey was a staunch proponent of the Black Nationalism & Pan-Africanism movements. He was one of the creators of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). Black Star Line was an enterprise intended to provide a means for displaced Africans to return to Africa while also enabling black people around the Atlantic the means of exchanging goods & services. The company’s three ships were owned & operated by blacks. They made travel & trade possible between their US, Caribbean, Central American, & African stops.. Black Star Line became a key part of Garvey's contribution to the Back-to-Africa movement.

Stafford 'Fred Locks' Elliott is a Jamaican roots reggae singer, born in Kingston June 7, 1950. He started recording at the age of 13 at Coxsone Dodd's, Randy's, & Lee "Scratch" Perry's. In 1971, having decided to immerse himself in the Rastafarian faith, Elliot allowed his locks to grow to a great length, giving rise to his nickname of 'Fred Locks'. During this time he was living on the beach near Harbour View. He was prolifically writing songs that shared his newly adopted faith. One of these tunes, "Black Star Liners", referring to Marcus Garvey's shipping line, came to the attention of producer & Twelve Tribes member Hugh Boothe. Boothe persuaded Locks to record the song. It was released in 1975 on the Jahmikmusic label in Jamaica & on Grounation in the UK. The song helped propel Locks to cult status in Jamaica.

Side A –
Black Star Liners
Side B –

 Various - Black Star Liner iterations & versions

Since 1975, there have been numerous covers & versions of this great song. Here are just a few…

Fred Locks – Black Star Liner in Dub from the Black Star Liner in Dub session VP Records VPRL5009
Ranking Dread – Black Starlina from Kunta Kinte Roots, Burning Sounds BS1037.
Jah Levi – Black Starliner (live) from Israel Healing Festival
Lee 'Scratch' Perry – Starliner from Alien Starman, Secret Records Limited SECCD001
Fred Locks – Black Star Liners Dubplate

Also there are these great takes on the subject…

Culture – Black Starliner Must Come from Two Sevens Clash, Joe Gibbs Record Globe
Reggae Regular - It's Coming (Black Star Liner Dub) from "The Black Star Liner" b/w "It's Coming", Barclay 640 164
Yabby You – Black Starliner from Yabby You meets Trinity at King Tubbys Dub Station, Prophet Record
Leah Rosier & the Dub Alchemist – Black Star Liner, self-released
Mikey Dread – Positive Reality (Black Star Liner) from S.W.A.L.K., Heartbeat Records HB009
Prince Far I – Black Star Liner Must Come from Long Life, Front Line Records FL1021
Yabby U – Starline Dub from "Black Starliner is Coming" b/w "Starline Dub", Prophet Record, Disco 45

Reespek Marcus & Selassie I,

04 April 2016

Love with a Stranger

Originally recorded by the Love Joys at Bullwackies Studio in Brooklyn, NY & featured on their 1983 LP Lovers Rock Reggae, here Daphne BlueBird delivers an emotive & heartfelt rendition of this deep & rootsy tune. Nick Manasseh reworks the rhythm track in fine style, his contemporary production sounds (cascading delays, sweeping phaser sounds, & saturated reverb hits paying homage to the trademark Wackies' sound) compliment the track's organic feel & live instrumentation. Then he turns up the FX to eleven on the heavyweight dubwise Version on Side B.

Daphne BlueBird & Manasseh – Stranger b/w Stranger Version 7'',
Roots Garden Records RGR:023, 2014.

Side A –

Side B –
Stranger Version


03 April 2016

The Joy of Love

Love Joys – Gimme Back 12" 45, Wackie's WACKIE-707, 1983.

Side A –
Gimme Back Part 1
Gimme Back Part 2 (Wackie’s Rhythm Force)

Side B –
Roots Vibe (featuring Roots Radic Band)

bonus track – Stranger Get Up (extended version)

Gaan ta bed,

Time to Reshuffle Wall Street

This goes out to everyone Feeling the BERN!!!

10cc – Sheet Music, UK Records UKAL1007, 1974.
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Side 1 –
The Wall Street Shuffle
The Worst Band in the World
Old Wild Men
Clockwork Creep

Side 2 –
Silly Love
Somewhere in Hollywood
Baron Samedi
The Sacro-Iliac
Oh Effendi