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11 October 2019

Been lissenin' to Mucho Musick

Formed from the ashes of UK anarcho/reggae outfit Military Surplus (see bonus tracks "Time of the Dispossessed" & "Firepower" included below), Radical Dance Faction or RDF as they were most commonly abbreviated, was founded by Chris Bowsher in Hungerford in 1986. RDF's line-ups were erratic to say the least (with over thirty different people having been part of the band at one time or another). Founder, lyricist & vocalist Chris Bowsher is the only person who has been in every line up of the band.

Bowsher's lyrics are hip/beat poetry, more spoken than sung, with imagery of modern decay & capitalism gone wrong. The style is primarily Dub/reggae/ska. Bowsher is a veteran of the early punk explosion, particularly enamoured of bands such as the Clash & the Ruts who had attempted to bridge the gap between rock & JA sounds. Along with the Levellers, RDF became prime movers in the media-christened 'crust or crusty' movement. Much of their following was comprised largely the dispossessed & homeless, the young & the impoverished, bonded by a political consciousness that has its roots in hippiedom, beatnik romanticism & early 80s anarcho-punk.

Here RDF is: Chris Bowsher - vocals; Linda Goodman - vocals; Phil Astronaut - guitar; Brian Powell & Mark McCarthey - bass; Graham Spey = keyboards; Tim Hill - saxophone; Sid Wobble - harmonica; G.T. Moore - melodica & hand drums; Graham Usher - drums & hand drum; Style Scott - drums with Kay Beckett & Steve Swann - backing vocals.

Radical Dance Faction - Wasteland, Earth Zone EZ-003, 1991.
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Station X Red Flame
Working Class Hero
Tension Town
Tense (instrumental with surprise WSB)
Can’t Stand No More
Next Man in Europe
What the Man Made of Stone

bonus tracks:
 Time of the Dispossessed