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24 October 2012

Bosnian Rainbows

Went to see the Omar Rodríguez-López Group last night at Harlow's. I knew there was no certainty as to what would touch my ears from this genius of myriad musickal tastes other than that it would be fantastic. I was privileged to be entertained by the phenomenal Bosnian Rainbows: Omar on guitar & backing vocals; keyboardist Nicci Kasper of Dark Angels; drummer Deantoni Parks of Dark Angels, The Mars Volta, & other renditions of ORLG; fronted by vocalist Teri Suarez of Le Butcherettes. You can read elsewhere around the interweb what others have to say about BR, but I lack the words to properly exclaim their excellence. Just listen to the clip above & as usual...


20 October 2012

Going to a Go-Go

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/01/2013. Enjoy, NØ,

Au Go Go is a French expression meaning 'in abundance, or galore', derived from the ancient French la gogue which means 'happiness or joy'.

Go Go dancing blew up in the early 60s.

In 1964, Carol Doda, the "Perfect 36", began go go dancing at the Condor Club in North Beach, San Francisco, CA. Shortly thereafter, go go dancers were hired in places as far reaching as New York, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin...

When London was Swinging, there were clubs like the Whiskey-a-go-go on Wardour Street, a bar which was known for their 'go-go' dancers, energetic if not erotic dancers to amuse the lively clientele. It was named after the original disco in Los Angeles which opened in 1963. Discotheque a go gos popped up all over the world, especially after Bill Haley & the Comets released their album Bill Haley-a-Go-Go.

Well, here's some tunes from the early early days of Go Go...1962, even before the rest of the world caught on.

Various Artists -Discotheque Au Go Go!, Design Records DLP-194, 1962.
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Side A -

Hole in the Ground - Johnny Rivers
Please Love Me - Betty Everett
You're My Baby - Roy Orbison
Please Come Back Baby - Gene Pitney
Pony Time - Don Covay

Side B

Set Me Free - Irma Thomas
Hey! Little School Girl - The Paragons
Call a Doctor - Johnny Cymbal
I Got a Girl - Tommy Roe
Love Potion No. 9 - The Clovers

Go ape & have a blast, cats & chicks.

16 October 2012

The $230,000,000 Man

Just got done watching another debate. What a waste of time. Everyone keeps saying that Romney's numbers just don't add up.

Listen, people.


If the growth of economy could somehow keep up with the growth of population, then it might be slightly feasible that in order for the wealthy to become more wealthy that no one else would need become poorer. Since that will never happen, then in order for the wealthy to become wealthier, many of us must lose what little we have.

In an era of such economic tragedy the likes of which very few living today have ever experienced worse, what doesn't really add up to me is electing the richest candidate ever to run for President. His interests are not our interests. He only wants to add to his pile. If the wealthy have more, they're not going to pass it on to us. They're going to buy more luxury cars, more yachts, more countries, more prostitutes... whatever they spend it on now, only more.

Romney is full of Mitt. Everything he says is Mitt. The 230 Million Dollar Man.


I can get any lower than

Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon

14 October 2012

Where to Go from Here???

Several days ago I discovered that my Mediafire account had been suspended. There went so much great musick. I think I have most of it saved to back-up. What I don't have backed up I can probably still rip again from the original vinyl. So for now, if you want anything re-upped, you'll have to contact me at my email. I will contact you back with links to the material. If you email me, only include the original post name & date & the musick you are searching for...no attachments or I will not open the email. You can send requests to dumpbush@outgun.com. Please put something in the SUBJECT line to let me know it is a re-up request. I get tons of junk mail & delete most or all of it unread. This is the best I can do right now. Leave any suggestions or solutions in comment on this post & check back if you care.

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