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09 December 2018

Ultima Yule

Kung Fu Christmas is my all-time favorite Holiday song. I have posted it before, but this is the Ultimate Director’s Cut.

Enjoy & hasta lumbago.

The Dub before White X-mas

Present Arms in Dub was released by UB40 in October 1981. The album contains eight Dub versions of original tracks from Present Arms. The album was the first Dub music album to hit the UK top 40 charts. UB40 must have been listening to a lot of Lee Perry or smoking a lot of herb (maybe both) when they recorded this one. No vocals, no traditional song structures, just lots of echo-laden synth effects with awesome heavy Dub drum & bass.

White Dub for a white X-mas.

UB40 - Present Arms in Dub, DEP International LP DEP2, 1981.
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Present Arms In Dub
Smoke It
B Line
Kings Row
Return of Dr X
Walk Out\
One in Ten
Neon Haze
hidden track

The song "Neon Haze" ends at 4:02. At minute 4:06 a hidden track begins: it's an industrial noise that closes the album. I have presented it as a separate track.


18 November 2018

From the Scrapheap to Scraps

This started as a simple request from Scraps, a friend of NSS, for some follow-up musick by a favorite of mine, The Mabuses. But Nothin' ever stays simple around here for one reason or another.

The Mabuses' second album was The Melbourne Method, but when I went to retrieve it from my files, I realized that "Fetch the Hammer" & "Narc Fears" were corrupted. I immediately turned to their third offering, 2007s Mabused, only to realize that in the more than fifteen year span between releases 1 & 3, the original esoteric avant-pop of their self-titled had given way to the much more modern psychedelia / folk derived Brit pop mixture that was Mabused. Songs like "June" & "Russian Roulette" still harkened back to the earlier sound, but alas...

Then I realized that the best follow-up to their self-titled wasn't even by the Mabuses, but Egomaniacs. Egomaniacs finds The Mabuses' mastermind, singer/guitarist Kim Fahy & co-founder/ drummer Jamie Harley teamed up with Shimmy Disc honcho (Mark) Kramer of Bongwater / Shockabilly infamy. The three branch out from their usual devices & tackle a variety of other instruments, resulting in this group's most entertaining though one-off effort. Egomaniacs sounds distanced & strange, carrying the genre-mashing tendencies of the Mabuses forward into a slightly different, dreamier setting. Fahy's signature dry, reflective singing & the combination of acoustic guitar with spacey effects calls to mind a lot of early-70s psych/prog folk material. Harley's percussion is subtle & creative, leading where needed but otherwise carefully filling out the corners of the musical structures Fahy & Kramer create, though as the liner notes state, "Kim really wrote most of the songs."

Fahy, Harley, & Kramer - Egomaniacs, Shimmy Disc-068, 1993.
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I am Rolling
Your Sister
That Letter
Heavenly Bent
Father’s Day
From Nebraska
Mamma’s Collection
Your Lips are Nuggets
Indeed, This is the Creep
The Raven
The Pebbles
Kiss Your Wallet

& as requested, before all the rambling à moi...

The Mabuses - Mabused, Magpie Records 901, 2007.

Dark Star
Tiger Lilies
I'm the Greatest
Glass Eyed Pitter Patter
Garden Devils
Russian Roulette


28 October 2018


Recently I posted a bunch of cyberpunk related musick. In the course of that post I doled out some Cybotron. Thought you might like a bit more...but wait, this is Bill Laswell doing "Cybotron". Well, I’m always partial to the Bills around here.

Bill Laswell - ROIR Dub Sessions, Reachout International Records RSCD9500, 2003.
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Dread Iternal
Ethiopia / The Lower Ground


Nuggets from a Legendary Prick: Return of the Lord of Garbage

I've posted plenty Kim Vincent Fowley madness (Venus & the Razorblades,  Dyan Diamond, Kim Fowley, Jr - Son of Frankenstein, Kim Fowley - Snake Document Masquerade...) hereabouts.  Fowley was "charismatic & repulsive, brilliant & demented, a visionary & a scumdog". But I never posted up anything as gloriously Fowl(ey) as this slab. Dig in.

The 32 tracks are comprised of tunes Fowley released in the '60s either: under his own name; songs he wrote or co-wrote; & songs he produced. Impossible but True: The Kim Fowley Story is a trip through an alternate history of rock in the '60s.

When Kim ran away from home in 1959, the world of rock 'n' roll became his life. After working as a publicist, promotion man, & song publisher, he co-produced his first #1 hit in 1960, "Alley Oop" by the Hollywood Argyles. More hits followed including B Bumble & the Stingers' worldwide smash "Nut Rocker" (written by Fowley) in 1962, & the Murmaids' "Popsicles & Icicles", a Fowley production that hit #1 in Record World in early 1964. The rest of the decade saw him involved with a multitude of projects in a multitude of roles: PJ Proby, the Hellions (with Dave Mason & Jim Capaldi), the Lancasters (with Richie Blackmore), the Mothers of Invention, Cat Stevens, the 'N Betweens (later to become Slade), the Belfast Gypsies (Them), Soft Machine, the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, & Gene Vincent, to name just a few.

Despite all his industry connections & his ear for a saleable gimmick, Fowley remained one of pop's supporting players, a loose cannon condemned to a fringe role. His ear was more finely tuned to outrage than mainstream. It may have seemed like a good idea in 1968 to record the homicidal garage-rock song "Animal Man", with its promise to "butcher all the girls on the floor of my living-room". A year later, after the Manson Family murders, it probably didn't seem so funny. Kinda prophetic yet timing is everything.

This sucker appropriately starts with "Animal Man". I’ve included the 36 page booklet.

decryption code in comments

Animal Man
Bubblegum - Kim Fowley
Justine - The Rangers
To Die Alone - The Bush
Alley-Oop - The Hollywood Argyles
Reputation - The Rangers
Nut Rocker - B. Bumble & the Stingers
Popsicles & Icicles - The Murmaids
Shush Boomer - The Alpines
The Trip - Kim Fowley
The Comedown Song - Spider
Security - The 'N Betweens
Daydreaming of You - The Hellions
Portobello Road - Cat Stevens
Satan's Holiday - The Lancasters
Charge! - The Renegades
You Been Torturing Me - Gary S. Paxton & the Hollywood Argyles
Like Long Hair - Paul Revere & the Raiders
Heads Up, High Hopes Over You - The Pharoahs
Gloria's Dream - The Belfast Gypsies
Ski Storm (Part 1) - The Snowmen
No More - Little Victor & the Vistas
Louisiana Teardrops - Elfstone
Wild Thing - Cathy Rich
Space Odyssey - Kim Fowley
Fallin' Off the Edge of My Mind - The Seeds
Rainbow at Midnight - Gene Vincent
Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin' - The Soft Machine
People! Let's Freak Out - Freaks of Nature
Pink Dominos - The Crescents
Honest I Do - The Innocents
Papa Oom Mow Mow - The Rivingtons

Its too dirty, it'll be banned,

22 October 2018

Adam in Burning Chrome Chains

There was a time back in the mid-80s to mid-90s when I read every good cyberpunk offering I could lay my hands on. Gibson, Sterling, Rucker, Snow Crash-era Stephenson, John Shirley...ad infinitum. A few months ago I picked up a copy of Gibson's Peripheral at a used bookstore I frequent. After blazing through it way way too fast, I had strangely rekindled my jones for all things Sprawl, Bridge, Blue Ant, & beyond. I decided to reread all his books, grabbed Neuromancer, & dug in. It was way cool to read the various trilogies in three book chunks (when they first arrived we were forced to await the author's whim per further installments). I just finished rereading Peripheral. Now all I have to do is pick up a cheap copy of Agency & I’ll be a happy camper.

Here's some music I channeled while digging the cyberlit.

While Billy Idol's album Cyberpunk is about the cyberpunk culture in general, it's primary source of inspiration was William Gibson's 1984 novel Neuromancer, from the overall visual esthetic of the artwork to songs such as "Wasteland" & "Neuromancer," (even the cover of Velvet Underground's "Heroin" as a tie-in to Neuromancer's protagonist Case & his various addictions).

Billy Idol - Cyberpunk, Chrysalis F2 26000, 1993.
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Shock to the System
Tomorrow People
Adam in Chains
Power Junkie
Love Labours On
Heroin (Velvet Underground cover)
Shangri La
Concrete Kingdom
Then the Night Comes
Mother Dawn

Transverse City is not every Zevon fan's favorite, but it's admittedly his most dismal album. Zevon always projected a dark side but he usually dressed his real-life horror stories in droll humor & a sense of wicked fun. But with Transverse City  he forgoes that formula. Although his lyrics stray away from murder & mayhem, songs like "Run Straight Down" & "They Moved the Moon" are easily among the bleakest, darkest songs from this excitable boy. Yet they're done without even a touch of humor. "Run Straight Down" is a grim ode to despair with stressfully swirling synths & David Gilmour guitar solo. The song begins with a menacingly chanted chemical formula & spirals ever dark from there. "Went walking in the wasted city/ started thinking about entropy" ala William Gibson.

"Told my little Pollyanna/There's a place for you and me/
We'll go down to Transverse City/Life is cheap, and Death is free
Past the condensation silos/Past the all-night trauma stand
We'll be there before tomorrow/Pollyanna, take my hand"

"Show us endless neon vistas/Castles made of laser lights
Take us to the shopping sector/In the vortex of the night
Past the shiny, mylar towers/Past the ravaged tenements
To a place we can't remember/For a time we won't forget
     from "Transverse City"

Warren Zevon - Transverse City, Virgin America 2-91068, 1989.

Transverse City
Run Straight Down
The Long Arm of the Law
They Moved the Moon
Splendid Isolation
Down in the Mall
Nobody’s in Love This Year

Not only did Cybotron and Gibson more or less create entire genres within their fields (Detroit techno & cyberpunk, respectively), both presented dystopian, idiosyncratic visions of the future that, unlike the vast majority of similar predictions, have actually come true.

Cybotron - Enter, Fantasy F-9625, 1983.

Side 1 -
Alley of Your Mind
Industrial Lies
The Line

Side 2 -
Cosmic Cars
Cosmic Raindance
El Salvador

Dope Stars Inc. play primarily hardcore industrial with a special emphasis on technology & cyberpunk imagery. Keeping with a technological style, the band has focused on the strength of computers & society's over-dependence on them. The title of their first album, ://Neuromance, is an obvious homage to Gibson's initial novel.

"Born from the dust of the cyber world/there is no chance of salvation/but we fuckin' like it!" Dope Stars Inc. from "Rebel Riot".

Dope Stars Inc. - ://Neuromance 2xCD, Trisol TRI  229 CD, 2005.

CD 1 (link) -

Code Capricorn: Rise of the Machines

10,000 Watts
Infection 13
Platinum Girl,
Make a Star
Generation Platic

Code Saturn: Ultaviolent E-Volution

Rebel Riot
Theta Titanium
Self Destructive Corp.

Code Cancer: Epicentre Gigaheartz

Defcon 5

CD 2 (link) -

Code Cancer (cont,)

I'm Overdriven
Kiss (London After Midnight cover)
Right Here in My Arms (HIM cover)
10,000 Watts (Funker Vogt remix)
Vyperpunk (Deathstars remix)
Make a Star (Siderartica version)
Self Destructive Corp (Mortiis Midnight Mass remix)
10,000 Watts (Punto Omega remix)
Generation Plastic (Carmilla remix)
Make a Star (High Level Static Maximegalon remix)
10,000 Watts (Needleye Flatline remix)
Make a Star (Esoterica remix)
Plug'N'Die (Underwater Pilots remix)
Make a Star (Sundealers Panzer edit)
Platinum Girl (Endraum remix)
Infection 13 (DJm0 feat. Stephanie Luzie remix)
Generation Plastic (Pilori Decaydance remix)
Vyperpunk (Spiritual Front version)

Like lots of teenagers, Jasper Patterson was obsessed with The Matrix Trilogy when the films came out. Then his mother gave him a copy of William Gibson’s groundbreaking cyberpunk sci-fi novel Neuromancer. “This is where it all started,” she told him.

Ever since, Patterson, who creates electronic music under the moniker Groundislava, has been a major league cyberpunk fan. Frozen Throne encapsulates his passion in literature within his passion for music.

Groundislava - Frozen Throne, Friends of Friends FOF 134CD, 2014.

Girl Behind the Glass
Terminate Uplink
Frozen Throne
Under the Glow
The Descent
Feel the Heat
October Acid
A Way Out
October Pt. 2
Steel Sky

"The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel." – William Gibson, Neuromancer.

Information Society or InSoc chose their name from George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984,there called Ingsoc. They're here for the Mirrorshades.

Information Society - Hack, Tommy Boy 9 26258-2, 1990.

Seek 200
How Long
Think / Wenn Wellen Schwingen
A Knife & a Fork / R.I.P.
Now That I Have You
Fire Tonight
Can't Slow Down / T.V. Addicts
Hard Currency
Move Out / CP Drill KKL
Mirrorshades  We Don't Take
Hack 1 / Charlie X
If Only
Come with Me
Slipping Away / Here is Kazmeyer

Renown bassist Stuart Hamm's first solo album, 1988s Radio Free Albemuth, was inspired by the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name. Kings of Sleep is the second solo album released by Hamm. The title of the album as well as many of the songs were inspired by the novels & short stories of William Gibson: Neuromancer ("Black Ice"); Count Zero(track title as well as the name of Gibson's second novel & the hacker handle of one of its protagonists); & the short story "The Winter Market" (Kings of Sleep is the name of a fictional stim-album in that story).

Stuart Hamm - Kings of Sleep, Relativity 88561-1013-2, 1989.

Black Ice
Surely the Best
Call of the Wild
Terminal Beach
Count Zero
I Want to Know
Prelude in C (Johann Sebastian Bach cover)
Kings of Sleep

Here's a final handful of tracks to round out this fiasco. Del the Funky Sapien singing about Neuromancer, a pair of Gibson inspired tunes from Sonic Youth, & two by Steely Dan that influenced Gibson: "Barrytown" (Bobby 'Count Zero' Newmark's New Jersey home town is Barrytown, where the youth culture is dominated by gangs who fetishize haircuts & clothing styles ["But look at what you wear/And the way you cut your hair"] & "Deacon Blues" (Reclusive artist Slick Henry lives in a place named Factory in the Dog Solitude, a large poisoned expanse of deserted factories & dumps on the tattered edge of The Sprawl. Slick Henry is a convicted car thief & ex-Deacon Blues gang member ("drink Scotch whiskey all night long & die behind the wheel / They got a name for the winners in the world / I want a name when I lose /They call Alabama the Crimson Tide / Call me  Deacon Blues"). Wrapping up this wrap up is a tune from The Matrix Trilogy by Juno Reactor called "Mona Lisa Overdrive" (Gibson's third novel & finale of The Sprawl Trilogy) & a Zomboy jest. But enough palaver...

Nothin' Sez Count Zero - bonus tracks
no code needed here

Deltron 3030 - 3030
Steely Dan - Barrytown
Sonic Youth - The Sprawl
Steely Dan - Deacon Blues
Sonic Youth - Pattern Recognition
Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa Overdrive
Zomboy - Vancouver Beatdown

All Tomorrow's Parties,

18 October 2018

Munch Some Bush

"Cowboys in Africa" has always been one of my pick-me-up songs. The version here is sublime. & their cover of "Cold Turkey"...I say no more.

Bush Tetras - Tetrafied, Thirsty Ear THI21311.2, 1996.
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Punch Drunk
Fess Up
In Mind a Run
Das ah Dub
Dub in the Night
Funky Dub
Cowboys in Africa
Cold Turkey
Boom Lakka Lakka
Make Sure
Stare You Down
Point that Gun
Race for Space
Juana la Gusta
Rare & unreleased recording from 1980 - 1982...tracks 7, 8, 10, 13 - 16 live.

Bush Tetras is: Cynthia Sley - vocals; Pat Place - guitar; Laura Kennedy - bass; & Dee Pop - drums,  compiled by Henry Rollins & Dee Pop.

Make Sure,

14 October 2018

She’s as Beautiful as a Foot

In May 2009 I offered a birthday salutation to a fellow Taurean "Then Cäme the Läst Däys of Mäy". It was called "3 & a half minutes of aural beauty". It featured one of my favorite BÖC tunes, from their initial self-titled album of 1972. The three song set that ends that first side is also one of my favorite chunks of "aural beauty". I decided to post up those three song but when I dug into the BÖC stack, I reacquainted myself with other tunes I had left to another time.

Culled from the first seven Blue Öyster Cult studio albums (primarily the first three "Black & White" releases...by Cultosaurus Erectus I could only really offer up "Divine Wind"). If the band was in decline since the Black & White trilogy, then they went to total shit when Al Bouchard was fired after Fires of Unknown Origins. This compilation ends with the three song set this concept began with....big finish!

She’s as Beautiful as a Foot
ME 262
Divine World
The Red & the Black
This Ain’t the Summer of Love
The Revenge of Vera Gemini
Harvester of Eyes
Joan Crawford
Morning Final
O.D.’d on Life Itself
Death Valley Nights
Sole Survivor
Dominance & Submission
Flaming Telepaths
I Love the Night
Then Came the Last Days of May
Stairway to the Stars
Before the Kiss, a Redcap

Also I have added the band's(???) swansong (IMO) Imaginos. One of the best BÖC albums you probably never heard. The story behind Imaginos is interesting enough to tell here, I believe. If you want the in-depth stuff, check out Imaginos: Cult-album enigma, titanic turd, or both?

The concept of Imaginos was originally created by the young Sandy Pearlman for a collection of poems & scripts called The Soft Doctrines of Immaginos. Pearlman was Blue Öyster Cult's lyricist/producer. Bouchard began writing music for Imaginos following the release of the BÖCs first album in 1972. There were plans as early as 1975 to release a concept album dedicated to Pearlman's scripts, but the material was not ready. All of the songs had been written by 1977. At least four of them ("Astronomy", "In the Presence of Another World", "I Am the One You Warned Me Of", & "Imaginos") were completed & recorded during the sessions for the album Spectres. Demos of the other tracks were recorded by Bouchard & remained in various stages of development during the following years. Two parts of the narrative, "Subhuman" (now entitled "Blue Oyster Cult") & "Astromony" appeared in earlier iterations on 1974s Secret Treaties (last of the Black & White trilogy). By 1981, when work began in earnest on Imaginos, it had become essentially Bouchard’s solo project. Both Bouchard & Pearlman were out of the Cult.

However, as the early Bouchard/Pearlman Imaginos sessions ramped up, the two were joined by Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser, Joe Bouchard, & Allen Lanier along with several other notable guest stars, including Robby Krieger of the Doors (on two tracks, including "Blue Oyster Cult" [the rewrite of "Subhuman"]), Aldo Nova, Kenny Aaronson & Thommy Price (both from the Billy Idol band).

Despite the star power, however, this first mix of Imaginos was summarily rejected by Columbia Records, sending the project further along on its strange odyssey. Pearlman would continue tinkering, adding future Blue Öyster Cult bassist Jon Rogers on vocals for the title track, a young Joe Satriani on "The Siege & Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein's Castle at Weisseria" (the guitarist actually traded for studio time to finish Surfing with the Alien, his 1987 breakthrough), as well as parts from Karl Precoda of the Dream Syndicate, among others. Still more new vocals & guitar parts were added, along with a keyboard overdub by Allen Lanier’s BÖC successor Tommy Zvoncheck. The final version was finally released in 1988.

Blue Öyster Cult - Imaginos, Columbia Records FC 40618, 1988.
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Side 1 -
I am the One You Warned Me Of
Les Invisibles
In the Presence of Another World
Del Rio’s Song
The Siege & Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria

Side 2 -
Magna of Illusion
Blue Öyster Cult

Man, this started out as just some Blue Öyster Cult flight of fancy...then it metamorph’d into some entirely different soft doctrine.

After Albert was fired from BÖC in 1981, he returned to work with Sandy Pearlman on the Imaginos project, recording all the basic tracks by 1982. Then Albert brought Joe Bouchard, Allen Lanier, &  Buck Dharma to play certain portions of some of the tracks. By 1984, the Imaginos work was essentially completed. Sandy Pearlman first approached CBS about putting the album together around 1981, & CBS was initially interested in the project. But BÖC basically imploded by 1986.  Now CBS’s only interest was as a new BÖC album with Eric Bloom & Buck Dharma singing lead vocals.

With the band re-forming in mid 1987 without Albert or Joe Bouchard, Albert abandoned the Imaginos project. However, Sandy Pearlman & BÖC went forward with the project, re-doing some of the tracks by early 1988, releasing Imaginos as a Cult album later that year. The original 5 members of the band are credited as performing on the album, along with several other musicians (see section about BÖC - Imaginos).  However, it is not clear how much of a BÖC album it really was, beyond Eric & Buck’s lead vocals.

According to Albert Bouchard, the bulk of the instrumentation credits should go to former Ian Hunter guitarist Tommy Moringiello, former David Johansen guitarist Jack Rigg, Tommy Mandel (keyboards – uncredited on the album), Kenny Aaronson (bass) & Thommy Price (drums) both of Billy Idol band. Tommy Zvoncheck later indicated that most of Tommy Mandel’s keyboard parts were replaced by his own on the Columbia version of Imaginos.

Give these demos a listen if you care about such things...it’s worth it just for the Subhuman Dub ("Blue Oyster Cult (reprise)").

Albert Bouchard & Friends - Imaginos Demos, Al Bouchard studio soundboard, 1981-1984.

I Am the One You Warned Me Of
Gil Blanco County
Del Rio’s Song
Blue Oyster Cult
Les Invisibles
The Girl That Love Made Blind
The Siege & Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria
In the Presence of Another World
Blue Oyster Cult (reprise)
Astronomy 1984
Magna of Illusion
Magna of Illusion Chorale

musicians on these demos: Al Bouchard – lead vocals, drums, guitar; Tommy Moringiello – guitars; Jack Rigg – guitars; Phil Grandee – guitar; Tommy Mandel – keyboards; Kenny Aaronson – bass; Thommy Price – drums; & Jon Rogers – additional lead vocal (“I Am The One You Warned Me Of ”) with backing vocalists Jeff Kawalik, Corky Stasiak, Helen Wheels, Glen Bell, Peggy Atkins,  & Casper McCloud

Radios Appear,

06 October 2018

I’m Feelin’ Really Funked Up (Oh My Baby Pussy) Everything Is On The One Up In Here

Last night the Mothership landed & freed my mind. My honkey ass soon followed. Been a while since I laid down any good P-Funk. I’ve been boosting Dub for the last few months to get the biggest bang for my bud. Now I’m slick as any puffin’ viper ever struck a stride. Here’s a quart’ o’ puro FUNK.

Funkadelic - America Eats Its Young 2xLP, Westbound Records 2WB 2020, 1972.
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Side 1 -
You Hit the Nail on the Head
If You Don’t Like the Effects, Don’t Produce the Cause
Everybody is Going to Make it This Time

Side 2 -
A Joyful Process
We Hurt Too
Loose Booty

Side 3 -
America Eats Its Young
Biological Speculation
That Was My Girl

Side 4 -
Miss Lucifer’s Love
Wake Up

Parliament - The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein, Casablanca NBLP 7034, 1976.

Side 1 -
Gamin’ on Ya
Dr. Funkenstein
Children of Production
Getten to Know You

Side 2 -
Do That Stuff
Everything is on the One
I’ve Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)
Funkin’ for Fun

Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Bootsy? Player of the Year, Warner Bros. Records BSK 3093, 1978.

Side 1: Radio Active -
Bootsy? (What’s the Name of This Town)
May the Force Be with You
Very Yes

Side 2: Monster Rock -
Hollywood Squares
As in (I Love You)

Side One -
Never Buy Texas from a Cowboy
I’m Holding You Responsible

Side Two -
Smoke Signals
Mother May I?
Party Up in Here
Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love

As in I Love You,

I Recently Noticed

...a great deal of activity on the Cruising...with Ruben & the Jets post. It’s needed re-upped for a long time now but...doh. I re-ripped it from not-bad-for-50yr-old vinyl at 48,000 HZ 320Kbps so it should sound even better this time than last. If I gots ta du it ova, eyes mite asswell dew eet rite.

I’m starting to funk out. I’ll post the results of that when I shake it all out. Until that time here’s the shout out...no bout adout it.

Here’s the link to the original post where the notice arose..

Later that night...I cried my heart out.

01 October 2018

Grey Poupon Dub

After the great Jamaican Dub diaspora, Dub spread across the globe. It settled in some very unexpected places. The Dub scene in Great Britain is well documented (I’ve certainly posted a large share of On-U Sound / Conscious Sounds). Places like Germany (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill / Umberto Echo), Austria (Dubblestandart / Shalamanda HiFi), Netherlands (Twilight Circus),  France (Art-X / Panda Dub), & Italy (Imperial Sound Army / Alambic Conspiracy) are also happy homes to some fantastic Twenty-first Century Dub.

Original Dub Gathering is a French net-label created by Ondubground, promoting a wide range of music in Roots, Dub, Stepper & Dubstep style, for free & legal download (under Creative Commons license), from various artists around the world. Label name is shortened to ODG Prod.

Full Dub is producer Fabien Romain from Dijon, France.

Full Dub - Hard EP, Original Dub Gathering ODGP136, 2016.

In Your Mind
Speed of Light
Break Your Neck

Full Dub - Heavy EP, Original Dub Gathering ODGP163, 2017

Legendary Horn featuring Soulprodz
The Wall
Heavy Breaking

Full on Dub,

23 September 2018

Burn Your Fun

HG & TB are: Holly Golightly - guitar, banjo, & vocals; & Lawyer Dave Drake - guitar, other things with strings, percussion, & vocals.

Damaged Goods DAMGOOD 315-LP, 2008.
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Side 1 -
Bottom Below
Up off the Floor
Burn Your Fun
Slow Road
My 45
Cluck Old Hen
Indeed You Do

Side 2 -
Gettin’ High for Jesus
Three Times Under
Accuse Me
Boat’s up the River
For All This
I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya


15 September 2018

In Cold Blood

I'm knee deep in it right now. Three genos of Kush & the Green Krack chopped so far. Three genos of Tomorrowland & Steve'a Sativa still to go. First time trying Aphrodite's Extraction, Flawless Finish, & Boveda 62%. So far, extremely excellent results. The terpenes are through the roof & the drying is much more controlled. Best ever. This has to be short but guaranteed sweet.

Back on March 19, 2015 I posted an entry called Essential. It was a dub mix of Essential tuneage for a Thursday to usher in the weekend. In a reply to a commenter I mentioned two Essential discs from Skin, Flesh, & Bones: Fighting Dub produced by Lloyd "Spiderman" Campbell; & Dub in Blood produced by Phil Pratt recorded at Channel One Recording Studio.

On April 26, I posted Fighting Dub as a birthday tribute to Brother Ib. I never seem to have got around to Dub in Blood, which leads full circle back to the beginning ala Finnegans Wake. Dub in Blood is IMO one of the most Essential & yet under-rated albums in Dub. Give it a deep listen for the REAL sound of Dub. I promised sweet...from the very first moments of "Dub in Blood" to the final fantastic surprise ending.  Jah Jah Jah Jah Jah RasTafari-i-i-i-i.

Skin, Flesh, & Bones - Dub in Blood, Sunshot SS005LP, 1976.
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Side One -
Dub in Blood
Skin Dub
Flesh Dub
Bones Dub
Heart Dub

Side Two -
Dub to the Vein
Injection in Dub
Syringe Dub
Doctor Dub
Medicine Dub

bonus jams that I'm hittin' hard right now...

This is basically the Susan Cadogan album from 1975 with bonus tracks. Here are those bonus tracks. You figure it out, puzzle solvers!

Susan Cadogan - Hurts So Good, Trojan Records TJCCD087, 2003.

Bonus Tracks -
Hurts So Good (single version)
Loving is Good
Dub It - The Upsetters
Fever - Junior Byles
Influenza Version - The Upsetters
Lick the Pipe Peter Part 4 - Jah T
Hot & Cold Version - Augustus Pablo & the Upsetters
This World - Milton Henry
Rub A Dub - The Upsetters


01 September 2018


These tickled my earholes while I was doing the DubHead thing. Presented in chronological order...

All Nation Rockers - Rockers Arise 12" , Sound 'N' Pressure SNP 002, 1993.

This Side -
Travelling version

Other Side -
Rockers Arise
Rockers version

A.N.R. - Once Inna Dubtime 12", Sound 'N' Pressure SP 004, 1995.

This Side -
Talking Dreads version
Ruud Boy Sweeps in the Rebound version

That Side -
Once Inna Dubtime

Armagideon Sounds ASCD 003, 1995.
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Steppin’ Forward -
Zion I
Eternal Combustion
Heartical Vibes
Weakheart Drop
Hi Fibre
Not Only You
Cosmic Thread

Natural Elements Dub -
Mother Earth
Herbal Input
Free Spirit
Moving Air
Blazing Fire
Eastern Dawn
Galactic Travel
Joyous Arising Intro

Culture Freeman - Dread Inna Babylon, Conscious Sounds DNC 703, 1996.

A Side -
Dread Inna Babylon (Culture Freeman)

B Side -
Dread Inna Babylon Dub (The Bush Chemists)

Dangerous Dub
Tehilim (Psalms 30 & 47)
Meditation Rock
Zion Valley
Selassie I Highway
Meditation Rock (Horns version)
Yom Kippur
Trail Dub
4 Minute Dub
Voices Dub
Rimshot Get Clap
Playfool Dub
Mighty Sphinx Dub

Etherealites - Under the Influence, Dubmission Records uti001, 1999.

Logo Side -
La Bleu
La Dub
Dark Star (Part 1)

Text Side -
Dark Star (Part 2)
Theme Dub
Dub Theme

A Little Rain Must Fall
A Little version
Water Off a Ducks Back
Sweet as a Nut
How Are the Mighty Fallen
Wood of Life
Lignum Vitae
Middle Platt Skank
Gure Ametsa (Our Dream)
Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Far as the I Can See


26 August 2018

The Return of the (God)DubHead

By 2004 when Shake the Nation: A New Breed of Dub was released, Dubhead had already shot their load, IMO. They only pulled together 15 tracks as opposed to the 16 tracks they offered on the first three New Breed comps.

Most of their A-team Dubsters were MIA, having gone on to various other labels or projects: Nick Manasseh & Etherealites - Roots Garden; Ryan Moore (Twilight Circus) - Twilight Circus Dub Sound System; Centry, Music Family, Bush Chemists, Singer Blue, King General,  (all under the wing of the fantastic Dougie ‘Conscious’ Wardrop - East meets West, Hydroponics, The Dub Specialists) - Conscious Sound; Hi Tech Roots Dynamics (teamed with Martin Campbell) - Log On! & Channel One (UK); Mungos Hi-Fi - Scotch Bonnet; & Zion Train - Universal Egg.

These following Soundclash Sessions are from the more fertile 1999/2000 period with a healthy dose of the above mentioned artists. I’ll feature some of the individual acts in the next post. Since I’ve already touched on some of the sweet sounds of Conscious Sound, Roots Garden, & Twilight Circus, I’ll try to offer some less well known but equally righteous musick. But for now, my final Dudhead compilation.

Various - Dubhead Soundclash Series Session One, Dubhead DBHD 012CD, 1999.
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Shaka Dub Plate - Twilight Circus
Jah Come - Messenjah
Get Conscious - Bush Chemists
Top Line Special - The I-Tones
Rejection (Festival mix) - Iration Steppas
Silence - Dub Specialist
Kik Loop 16 - Twilight Circus
Give a Helping Dub - Messenjah
Live Up - Bush Chemists
De Jah Vu - The I-Tones
Tribesman Dub (Dubplate Dub Dat mix) - Iration Steppas
My Thang - Dub Specialists

Spirals of Dub - Urban Dub
Bitch Licks - Mad Professor
Sea Otter - Zion Train
Barking up the Wrong Tree (Bullseye mix) - The Love Grocer
Ahisma - Vibronics
Skenga Dubwise 3 - Manasseh
Everywhere I Go - Urban Dub
Jaffa Dub - Mad Professor
Trancedub 3 - Zion Train
Gure Ametsa - The Love Grocer
Samsara - Vibronics
Underground Dub - Manasseh


19 August 2018

36 Chambers Nike Dunk High

I have two more releases from Dubhead (Soundclash Series 1 & 2) & all the Dububerflow from those postings (All Nation Rockers, The Love Grocer, Etherealites & three more), but this just happened to come up.

Guess that pungent aroma is Morcheeba wafting on the breeze. Aid00 over at Welcome to Wherever You Are blog just posted several Morcheeba items.

 A few years back, I posted up Morcheeba’s Part of the Process. That posting got a big response (even two heads-up from Brotherhood of Dub OGs Ib & Jonder, both non-triphoppers) & one commenter hinted at more...well...cheeba as well as a request for Sneaker Pimps Becoming X. Sneaker Pimps are in my top ten trip-hop bands, but I felt at the time that Becoming was quite readily available elsewhere & so declined to follow up on the request. I briefly considered posting up Becoming RemiXed, but decided it was also around the interweb, so...

The other day I was reading an article about the Beastie Boys & their X-Large & sneaker love. The article used the term "sneaker pimp" to describe some nameless individual the Boys paid to dig for old-skool deadstock tennies. This leads full-circle back to Sneaker Pimps. According to Chris Corner (guitar, synthesizer, vocals), the band  took their name from said article.

Becoming X was SP's most popular release, due in large to the vocal stylings of Kelli Dayton. After the Becoming X tour, there was a parting of the ways between the boys (Corner, Howe, Pikering et. al) & Kelli. Splinter followed in 1999 & Bloodsport in 2001. Bloodsport has many of my favorite tracks, including the hyper-great "Loretta Young Silks".

Here is the album version of that song from Bloodsport, a trio of acoustic versions of other SP tunes, & the previously unreleased "Miami Counting".

Sneaker Pimps - Loretta Young Silks, Splinter Industries SP007CD, 2002.
all decryption codes in comments

Loretta Young Silks (Album version)
Empathy Low (acoustic)
M'aidez (acoustic)
Loretta Young Silks (acoustic)
Miami Counting

When SP were putting the finishing touches on Becoming X, they were still in search of a female vocalist. In a bar in Birmingham, they heard the band The Lumieres, a proto-pixie-punk group.
Kelli Dayton was the singer, songwriter, & guitar player. They talked her into working with them & Becoming X was the result.

Here is an ultra-rare three-track seven inch single from The Lumieres.

Side A -
Cinder Hearts

Side B -
Starry Eyes
In the Blue (Special Murder Version)

Kelli Dayton has been using her father's last name Ali for her solo releases since leaving the Pimps. Here is her second solo release (I wanted to post this but couldn’t resist the super hot cover from Tigermouth above).

Kelli Ali - Psychic Cat, One Little Indian US OLI335, 2004.

Hot Lips
Psychic Cat
Home Honey I’m High
In Praise of Shadows
Graffiti Boy
Last Boy on Earth

Back to the Sneaker Pimps.

Here is the SP4 demos from 2004. This was originally given to a record label, only to be refused thus making it unreleased. It's initial name was Recall, but was altered to SP4. This rejected fourth album was released on the Sneaker Pimps website, back when it was functioning.

Sneaker Pimps - SP4, not on a label, 2004

First & Careless Rapture
This Will Make You Love Again
Song of Imaginary Beings
One Method
Ma Fille Concrete
Kiss & Swallow
Naked but Safe

Many of the songs on this album were reworked for the first two IAMX albums. Chris Corner was becoming X, now he is...I AM X he declares. Taken from Kiss & Swallow / The Alternative, IAMX's first two releases, the I am X versions of SP4 tunes (plus two bonus tracks).

This Will Make You Love Again
Song of Imaginary Beings - The Alternative

Kiss & Swallow
I Polaroids
Naked but Safe - Kiss & Swallow

Song of Imaginary Beings (instrumental)
Kiss & Swallow (Moonbootica mix)

Back in 2005/2006, a music player was found in a Russian bar, it contained seven tracks which were suspected to be from the Sneaker Pimps. The tracks circulated the web for years with uncertainty, but several years ago, Liam Howe (keyboards) confirmed that they are indeed SP tunes. Howe referred to them as The Magnificent Seven. The vocalist on the tracks remains unknown. Here is the mp3 rip of the album.

Sun Ate the Moon
The Shutdown
Girl in a Box