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30 May 2009


Saw Ozric Tentacles Wednesday night. What an incredibly excellent & entertaining show.

Here's a taste from their latest, The Yumyum Tree, which you can buy many places around the Interweb.

Here's one of my all-time favorites, from 1990:

Ozric Tentacles - Erpland 2xLP, Dovetail Records Dove LP1, 1990.


24 May 2009

Spam Blog

I have just been informed that this here Nothin' Sez has been flagged by Blogger as a Spam Blog.
I don't know what the hell that means, but I find it awfully insulting, being a life-long vegetarian.
Just serve me up some long pork instead.

23 May 2009

Broke out of the Haze

UPDATE: This post has been re-uploaded 08/09/2013.  Enjoy, NØ
Woke up this morning with a hankering for some Haze. Flipped on Games, Dames, & Guitar Thangs from 1977. I was groovin' ta da FUNK!!! before I even realized I was over my affliction. My Pink Dots mania had subsided to a manageable level. Eddie Hazel, maestro of "Maggot Brain", a sad-life artiste of rock excess, but a six-string GAWD nonetheless. Original lead guitarist for George Clinton's Funkadelic. Left the band in 1974 amid a flurry of drug use. After splitting, The Haze played for The Temptations, contributing to "Standin' On (Shakey Ground)". Did some time in prison on a drug-related charge. Reunited with Clinton & P-Funk Mob to create this, his only album.

(There are three posthumous releases:1994s Rest in P album that was released by P-Vine Records in Japan, comprised of previously unreleased tracks recorded by Eddie Hazel around 1975 & 1976, which features musical support from various members of the P-Funk stable [Despite being heavily sought after by collectors, Rest In P has never been released outside of Japan.]; four tracks on the Jams from the Heart EP, included as bonus tracks on Rhino Records' 2004 limited-edition reissue of Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs; & 2006s At Home (with Family) which is an uneven collection of home studio recordings & living-room jams.)

Released in 1977, Games, Dames & Guitar Thangs is a full-tilt, jam-filled showcase for Hazel's far-out virtuosity. He cuts loose on fiery extended versions of The Mamas & The Papas' "California Dreamin'" as well as The Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy)." Elsewhere he taps the Parliament/Funkadelic tradition with "Frantic Moment," "So Goes The Story," & "Physical Love", all co-written by Clinton & Bootsy Collins. The P-Funk Brides Of Funkenstein handle the majority of vocal duties.

Hazel's hard living eventually caught up with him. The Haze died in 1992 of liver & kidney failure.

Eddie Hazel - Games, Dames, & Guitar Thangs, Warner Bros. Records BSK 3058,1977.
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Side A:
California Dreamin'
Frantic Moment
So Goes the Story

Side B:
I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Physical Love
What About It?
California Dreamin' (Reprise)

Eddie Hazel - Rest in P, P-Vine Records PCD-2884,1994.

Until it Rains
Beyond Word and Measure
Relic 'Delic (Purple Hazel)
Straighten Up
Juicy Fingers
We Three
Why Cry
We Are One
No, It's Not!
Until it Rains (reprise)

Eddie Hazel - Jams from the Heart EP, J.D.C. Records INC.
JDC 3452-2,1994.

Smedley Smorganoff
Lampoc Boogie
Unkut Funk
From the Bottom of My Heart

Eddie Hazel - At Home (with Family), CD Baby (Brenda Hazel), 2006.
Eddie's Jam
You Had It All
I See You
Turn Me Loose
Who Said Love is Fair
California Dreaming
Outro-Eddie With Family

Enjoy, I sure have...

10 May 2009

I Put a Ka-Spel on You

Happy Muthasday, you Muthas.

Prayer for Aradia has gone through many changes since its initial inception. This one has been released several times, originally in 1985 as a 30 minute cassette on the French label Bain Total (K24). The original tracklist is as follows:
A1 Premonition 8 (1:53)
A2 Flesh Parade (5:08)
A3 Purity (2:42)
A4 Purified (0:26)
A5 Forgotten (2:25)
A6 Davritt (0:46)
B1 Outsider (2:54)
B2 Invocation (0:35)
B3 Love In A Plain Brown Envelope (3:32)
B4 Love On A Stained Glass Window (1:08)
B5 Close Your Eyes, You Can Be A Space Captain (4:01)
B6 Premonition 9 (3:05)

These tracks were recorded in 1981/82 at Chez Dots in London using primitive equipment. This was before LPD had relocated to Amsterdam.

The Legendary Pink Dots - Prayer for Aradia,
Terminal Kaleidoscope TEKA 666 NL,1996.

When it was re-released on cd in 1996 by Dutch label Terminal Kaleidoscope (TEKA 666), the tracklist was as follows:
1. Prayer for Aradia Part One:
Premonition 8
Flesh Parade
2. Prayer for Aradia Part Two:
Love In A Plain Brown Envelope No. 1
Love On A Stained Glass Window
Space Captain No. 1
Premonition 9
3. Premonition 5
4. A Spanish Bridge
5. Stoned Obit 1980
6. Peace Crime 2
7. Professional
8. Brill
9. Sensory Deprivation
10. Temper Temper
11. Amphitheatre Shuffle
12. Before The End
13. Fin

The original cassette release was now the first two tracks, titled "Prayer for Aradia Part One" & "Part Two", with no track seperation. Track 3, "Premonition 5" is from the 1983 Rising from the Red Sand cassette compilation on Third Mind (TMT04). Track 4 & 5 are previously unreleased. Tracks 6 thru 13 are from Chemical Playschool Volumes 1 & 2, originally released in 1981 as a limited edition on two cassettes from the U.K. label Mirrordot (02/03).

Big Blue, a Polish label re-released the TEKA cd in 2003 (L 0142) with the same tracklist but with different cover art.

Musicians on the original release are: Edward Ka-Spel - vocals & keyboards; The Silverman - keyboards; Stret Majest (Barry Gray) - guitar; & Patrick Q. Paganini - violin, viola, & piano. Various additional musicians appear on the subsequent releases.

Second Birth. Sing While You May. Lazhmelih

03 May 2009

Bucket O' Love

Sure, I'm a trash picker...
digging thru the detritus of modern living is my secondary education...
before recycling was PC or dumpster diving was de rigueur sport,
I sifted thru manorwomankind's waste like an archaeologist in search of the missing link...
only I was searching for instant gratification...
a satchel of cash, a briefcase of drugs, a diamond ring,
a rat's asshole I could sell as a diamond ring...
but what I found the other night was beyond even my most twisted desire.

I was driving down Cap. City Freeway the other night, coming from the lamest Beltane celebration I'd ever had the displeasure of attending.
Not only wouldn't the Wicci (Wiccas??? Wicc ass??? whatever) present let us make a human sacrifice (we said we'd go find our own virgin 'cuz we knew they were all fucked...but NOOOOO!!!), but they wouldn't even let us make a pentangle on the coffee table with neither salt, cornmeal, nor chicken entrails. We had brought along the Satanic throws so we just spread them out nonetheless & onward.

After we'd smoked the wormwood / lizard-tail concoction
& consumed all the blood, the 'Cum-Bye-Yah' drove me out in search of ablution.
I was driving down Cap. City Freeway in the darkest wee hours when something caught my eye. It was a 5 gal. bucket setting upright beside the roadway.
It drew me like a magnet to its Holy Grail.

I pulled over & walked back to check it out.
Before I got all the way next to the bucket, I could hear her voice.
She kept repeating, "You won't be sorry. Just help me. You won't be sorry."
I didn't know where the voice was coming from at first,
but as I got closer & closer to my intended prize,
I realized the voice was coming from inside the bucket.
Little did I know that the ultimate prize of my life-long trash picking days lay before me.

Not cash nor drugs nor diamonds nor assholes, but my own true Bucket o' Love.

I don't know how she got in that bucket
& I don't really know how she came to be setting by that roadside,
but I do know that she's fine where she is in that bucket
& all that she needs is loving.

She's got all her openings, so the imagination is the limit as to what we can do.
She never seems to tire & she never gets enough.
I know she'll never leave me, even if I treat her rough.
She's the woman of every man's dream.
She ready day or night
& she always treats me right.
She likes lots of fluids,
they seem to keep her running smooth
& she's got the silkiest mouth I've ever felt,
she's got the tightest groove.
She might give me lots of lip,
but she carries a heavy load.
She never bitches 'bout her life
'cuz she could be setting by the road.

I don't want you to get the wrong idea...
I always treat her nice.
I keep her warm...
I keep her dry...
I give her pleasure once or twice
a day...
I love her in my own small way...
I take her with me when I stay away
from the maddening crowd at dawn.
I never ridicule...
I never force her to go to school...
I always wipe her drool
on my pant-leg when I'm thru,

I know you'll all condemn me
but I know you'd take my place
for just one day of unconditional commitment from my beautiful bucket o' love.
All you members of the jury...
& you, your honor, you must believe me...
she's no slave to sex or pawn of lust...
she's the only woman that ever loved me...
I'm the only one she trusts.
Just because her lot in life is loving a loser like me
doesn't make the fact that she lives her life in a bucket
any less than free.
She could be dead or in a specimen jar up on a scientist's shelf,
instead she's loving me in every way & gratifying herself.
Her family couldn't pleasure her because of incestuous guilt,
but every time I slam my rod buried to the hilt
in that bucket o' circumstance,
in that bucket o' quivering need,
I know I've made my bucket o' love smile...
I know I've done the selfless deed.

So if you're ever driving home late after a pissy Satanic night,
remember, the bucket you see by the side of the road
just might
serve you right.
I know that the shrinks have examined my skull
& couldn't find a clue
But I know you'll surely understand
if this ever happens to you.