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23 September 2018

Burn Your Fun

HG & TB are: Holly Golightly - guitar, banjo, & vocals; & Lawyer Dave Drake - guitar, other things with strings, percussion, & vocals.

Damaged Goods DAMGOOD 315-LP, 2008.
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Side 1 -
Bottom Below
Up off the Floor
Burn Your Fun
Slow Road
My 45
Cluck Old Hen
Indeed You Do

Side 2 -
Gettin’ High for Jesus
Three Times Under
Accuse Me
Boat’s up the River
For All This
I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya


15 September 2018

In Cold Blood

I'm knee deep in it right now. Three genos of Kush & the Green Krack chopped so far. Three genos of Tomorrowland & Steve'a Sativa still to go. First time trying Aphrodite's Extraction, Flawless Finish, & Boveda 62%. So far, extremely excellent results. The terpenes are through the roof & the drying is much more controlled. Best ever. This has to be short but guaranteed sweet.

Back on March 19, 2015 I posted an entry called Essential. It was a dub mix of Essential tuneage for a Thursday to usher in the weekend. In a reply to a commenter I mentioned two Essential discs from Skin, Flesh, & Bones: Fighting Dub produced by Lloyd "Spiderman" Campbell; & Dub in Blood produced by Phil Pratt recorded at Channel One Recording Studio.

On April 26, I posted Fighting Dub as a birthday tribute to Brother Ib. I never seem to have got around to Dub in Blood, which leads full circle back to the beginning ala Finnegans Wake. Dub in Blood is IMO one of the most Essential & yet under-rated albums in Dub. Give it a deep listen for the REAL sound of Dub. I promised sweet...from the very first moments of "Dub in Blood" to the final fantastic surprise ending.  Jah Jah Jah Jah Jah RasTafari-i-i-i-i.

Skin, Flesh, & Bones - Dub in Blood, Sunshot SS005LP, 1976.
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Side One -
Dub in Blood
Skin Dub
Flesh Dub
Bones Dub
Heart Dub

Side Two -
Dub to the Vein
Injection in Dub
Syringe Dub
Doctor Dub
Medicine Dub

bonus jams that I'm hittin' hard right now...

This is basically the Susan Cadogan album from 1975 with bonus tracks. Here are those bonus tracks. You figure it out, puzzle solvers!

Susan Cadogan - Hurts So Good, Trojan Records TJCCD087, 2003.

Bonus Tracks -
Hurts So Good (single version)
Loving is Good
Dub It - The Upsetters
Fever - Junior Byles
Influenza Version - The Upsetters
Lick the Pipe Peter Part 4 - Jah T
Hot & Cold Version - Augustus Pablo & the Upsetters
This World - Milton Henry
Rub A Dub - The Upsetters


01 September 2018


These tickled my earholes while I was doing the DubHead thing. Presented in chronological order...

All Nation Rockers - Rockers Arise 12" , Sound 'N' Pressure SNP 002, 1993.

This Side -
Travelling version

Other Side -
Rockers Arise
Rockers version

A.N.R. - Once Inna Dubtime 12", Sound 'N' Pressure SP 004, 1995.

This Side -
Talking Dreads version
Ruud Boy Sweeps in the Rebound version

That Side -
Once Inna Dubtime

Armagideon Sounds ASCD 003, 1995.
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Steppin’ Forward -
Zion I
Eternal Combustion
Heartical Vibes
Weakheart Drop
Hi Fibre
Not Only You
Cosmic Thread

Natural Elements Dub -
Mother Earth
Herbal Input
Free Spirit
Moving Air
Blazing Fire
Eastern Dawn
Galactic Travel
Joyous Arising Intro

Culture Freeman - Dread Inna Babylon, Conscious Sounds DNC 703, 1996.

A Side -
Dread Inna Babylon (Culture Freeman)

B Side -
Dread Inna Babylon Dub (The Bush Chemists)

Dangerous Dub
Tehilim (Psalms 30 & 47)
Meditation Rock
Zion Valley
Selassie I Highway
Meditation Rock (Horns version)
Yom Kippur
Trail Dub
4 Minute Dub
Voices Dub
Rimshot Get Clap
Playfool Dub
Mighty Sphinx Dub

Etherealites - Under the Influence, Dubmission Records uti001, 1999.

Logo Side -
La Bleu
La Dub
Dark Star (Part 1)

Text Side -
Dark Star (Part 2)
Theme Dub
Dub Theme

A Little Rain Must Fall
A Little version
Water Off a Ducks Back
Sweet as a Nut
How Are the Mighty Fallen
Wood of Life
Lignum Vitae
Middle Platt Skank
Gure Ametsa (Our Dream)
Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Far as the I Can See