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23 February 2008


UPDATE: This post was was re-uploaded 11/15/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

It's the weekend & I felt like a bit of a change of pace. You have to keep changing those 45s so often & I'm trying to unwind some before band practice at 5:00pm. I decided to play LPs, & one of the ones I grabbed was Dawson. I don't know much about this band other than their music, which says enough.

Gruff Wit - Gruff003, 1991.
decryption code in comments

Before you had Lung Leg, Dick Johnson, or Pink Kross, there was the amazing Dawson. Glasgow's premier noise wavers are often forgotten in conversations about the Ex, Gang Of Four, or the Pop Group…but their debut album in 1991 stands up to the rest.

Of the bands mentioned, Dawson were closer in sound to the Ex or especially pre-Ex commies, the Rondos. Barfmarket...is a relentless attack with plenty of the Ex style political rantings. It all sounds quite brilliant still today.

If you are a fan of those earliest recordings of the Ex then this record is well worth having. All of the band’s output was great, but this is the most well-rounded effort.

Members : Jer Reid, Ali, Richie, Ceebe - sound engineer : Dawson - recording studio : Tower Studios


Fickle Pie
Diddley Squat
White Colonial
Face of W. Biryani
Paranoid Git
From the Loins of Mr. & Mrs. Neurosis
Biceps (Flexed mix)
False Freedom Breaks Dilute
General Specific
Grinding Dub
Process Purpose Vacuum Pack
Molicoke Cocktail
DJ Shinrip
Fifty Years


22 February 2008

Here Come the Warm 45s, Pt. II...

MDC - "Thanks for giving me what I didn't want...", New Red Archives NRA 41, 1993.

The title song is a reaction to the artificially generated nationalistic Judeo-Christian holidays foisted on the submissive masses & also a call to arms against holidays like Columbus Day & Thanksgiving. More & more Americans each year are using these holidays as days of resistance, with un-Thanksgiving celebrations happening around the country.

In the summer of 1992, MDC toured Russia, the first American hardcore band to do so. During the summer, things in Russia are relatively good, it is warm & food is relatively plentiful, but not far off is the cruel Russian winter, thus "The Winter of '92".

In the words of MDC, "If Christmas doesn't sit well with you, celebrate the Winter Solstice---a much older & more natural day to recognize. Easter shmeaster...celebrate spring! Do pacifist feelings have you confused? Fuck Vetrans' Day---march for Martin Luther King,Jr. no matter what Arizona's Governor thinks. You can invent your own holidays, then call your boss & tell him or her you're taking the day off. IT'S YOUR YEAR---DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH IT!"

Call them Millions of Dead Cops, Multi-Death Corporation, Millions of Dead Christians, whatever...MDC always fights for social, sexual, racial, & global justice.

MDC are: Dave Dictor - voice, Chris Wilder - guitar, backing vocals, Erica Liss - bass, & Al Schvitz - drums. Engineered by Matt Kelley & Gary Creiman (GRC) at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, Ca. Produced by MDC & GRC. Two songs by MDC, one by Johnny Cash (you guess which one), Cover art & concept by Mark Tippin. Russian lines in "Winter" by Max Naive

Side 1a - Thanks for Giving Me What I Didn't Want
Side 1b - The Winter of '92
Side 2 - Big River

ripped from beautiful translucent red vinyl

Charles Manson "I'm on Fire" b/w "The Hallways of the Always",White Devil Records,WD-001, 1994.

I usually try to give a bit of info about the band or performer for the uninitiated, but about this performer what can I say that isn't already known? About the record then...

The a-side "I'm on Fire" is variously credited as being taken from either Live at San Quentin (songs & improvisations actually recorded at Vacaville in 1983) or White Rasta (same songs as Live... but in an alternate order) or else the Commemoration CD (this CD was released in 1994 to commemorate Manson's sixtieth birthday and to commemorate ..."sixty years of struggle against cowardice, stupidity & lies"), but track lists of all three of these show no song "I'm on Fire". The more I listen to this the more I get a Captain Beefheart meets Butthole Surfers vibe. I think I must be on fire.

The b-side "The Hallways of the Always" is taken from the Commemoration session which yielded Manson's first studio album in the 25 years since Lie. It was recorded in a small studio set up at the Vacaville Medical Facility chapel; exceptional sound quality throughout. Compiled from Sept. 1982, April 1985 & Sept. 1984 session tapes.

The ATWA logo on the reverse sleeve is variously said to be an acronym for Air • Trees • Water • Animals or All • The • Way • Alive The defenders of ATWA state: "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment / test on or for our sport or entertainment. We are all intertwined & one with the Universe. We are a part of nature not apart from nature. ATWA(Air.Trees.Water.Animals) is our only truth."

Digitally remastered by Bob Ferbrache & Jim Banner. Front & back cover art by Nick Bougas.

Enjoy (if you dare)

20 February 2008

Here Come the Warm 45s...

GaryChching from Always Searching for Music got me going on these singles.

He posts such great stuff that I have never heard or haven't listened to in years & it got me thinking, I should dig through my 45s & (re)discover what my declining brain-cell count has forgotten.

It was quite an adventure.

The first set goes out with ASFM in mind, some Brit punk that I've always enjoyed (I've always been more of a devotee of US crust/street punk, but these tracks are da bomb!).

Discharge - Discharge 45, Clay 1, 1980.

Discharge was a very influential British punk band formed in 1977. The original line-up consisted of Terry 'Tez' Roberts on vocals, Tony 'Bones' Roberts on guitar, Roy 'Rainy' Wainwright on guitar, Nigel Bamford on bass & Akko on drums. Soon after forming, Nigel Bamford left the group, & Rainy moved to bass. This line up sounded much more like the Sex Pistols, but only recorded one demo. The line up as well as their sound changed in 1979. It became: Kelvin 'Cal' Morris on vocals, Bones on guitar, Rainy on bass & Tez on drums, which many consider to be the 'classic' Discharge line up.

The band pioneered a heavy, distorted, & grinding guitar-driven sound with anti-melodic shouted or screamed vocals focusing on anarchist & pacifist themes, frequently mentioning nuclear war. They were connecting to metal as well punk while maintaining punks political themes.

The back cover says...all lyrics & music by Discharge. Recorded at Redball Studios in 3 hours. Thanks to no fuckers. Sleeve design: Martin H. - rear photo: M. Stone - engineered & mixed by Steve Carr - produced & mixed by Mike Stone. for information: Clay Records, 26 Hope St., Hanley, Stoke on Trent.

1A - Realities of War---They Declare It

1B - But After the Gig---Society's Victim

Ripped screaming from its original vinyl

Subhumans - Subhumans, Bluurg XEP2, 1982.

The U.K. anarchist punk collective Subhumans formed in the Trowbridge area of Wiltshire in 1980, comprised of vocalist Dick, guitarist Bruce, bassist Grant, & drummer Trotsky. The band enjoyed success as one of the more literate & musically athletic British punk ensembles between 1980 & 1985, occupying the middle ground between the Clash's political song-craft & Crass' experimental warfare. Through five full-length records on their own BLUURG label (The Day the Country Died, From the Cradle to the Grave, Worlds Apart, 29:29 Split Vision, & Rats) plus six EPs (not to mention a bevy of D.I.Y. cassettes), the band challenged both the government & its citizens to not only rage against the world, but to improve it. The band, which had split off into Citizen Fish (Dick also spent time with Culture Shock in between), reunited in 1998 & reappeared in 2004 with two live releases, Live in a Dive on Fat Wreck & the All Gone Live DVD through Cleopatra.

The back cover says...Dick/voice - Bruce/guitar - Grant/bass - Trotsky/drums. Recorded Southern Studios, 31 Jan. 1982 - produced by Pete Stennett & Subhumans. All words/music/artwork by Subhumans 19@T2 - thanks to everyone who bothered.

I love the Subhumans. The lyrics & vocal delivery of "Cancer", some of the exquisite guitar leads of "Reason for Existence" & the twist ending of "Peroxide" all amount to some mighty tasty & also cerebral music. Ah, nostalgia...

Skull Side -
Big City

Bluurg Side -
Reason for Existence

Subhumans - Evolution, Bluurg fish 2, 1983.
Bluurg Records, 2 Victoria Terrace, Melksham, Wilts. Same line-up as above, except backing vocals on "Not Me" by Pete the Roadie. Recorded Southern Studios, 29 Jan. 1983 - engineered by John Loder, produced by Subhumans. All words/music/artwork by Subhumans 19@T3, front cover by Nick Lant. The back cover has a list of cruelty free cosmetic companies, stating "sorry we do not print a list of companies that do test on animals as sadly the list would be too long."

While the call & response of "Not Me" is traditional punk, this is a much more rock oriented venture than the above 45. "Evolution" is just a classic rock 'n' roll song, Animal Liberation style & again, listen to the guitar leads & the rhythm section of "So Much Money". However, by far my favorite here is the Wire/Buzzcocks sound of "Germ", one great, great song.

Skull Side -
So Much Money

Bluurg Side -
Not Me
uncredited track (Song #35 - thanks anon)
(maybe someone more knowlegeable than myself can 'Name that Tune')

ripped screaming from its original vinyl

17 February 2008

Long time no post...

Greetings from the void.

If anyone really cares, I'm still here, doing what I do.
Today maybe doin' the du.

I was playing 12" 45s the other day & I started listening to A Certain Ratio.
The funky/punky dance thingy had my toes tappin' & raised my spirits.

A Certain Ratio was one of the first groups to sign to the legendary Factory Records in Manchester. While many people credit New Order &/or The Happy Mondays as the group(s) who brought Dance music into the sound of Manchester (later Madchester!), it is in fact ACR who were there in the beginning.

If you want to find out more about ACR, there is a wealth of material available elsewhere, as they were a influential band primarily ahead of their time musically. But briefly...

Formed in 1978, the initial line-up was Simon Topping (vocals), Martin Moscrop (guitar & trumpet), Peter Terrell (tape loops) & Jeremy Kerr (bass). Their debut seven-inch "All Night Party" was Factory Records fifth release. Soon after this Donald Johnson joined on drums. Shortly after came a cassette only release The Graveyard & The Ballroom containing early versions of future ACR classic tracks like "Do The Du" & "Flight".

"Shack Up" was released as a single before finding its way, along with a new version of "Do the Du" onto Facus 4 (commonly titled Do the Du). Although "Shack Up" originally came out in Belgium, on a new Belgium subsidiary, Factory Benelux, & consequently was only available on import, it had originally been recorded by Banbarra in the US & had been a Northern Soul/Funk favorite in the U.K.

Unlike many bands of this period, ACR were happy to mix the two traditions of their collective Manchester upbringing (Punk & Northern Soul). "Shack Up" manages to be one of punk's funkiest ­ dance-floor material, sly humor,& Northern post-industrial alienation. This release became an underground dance fave in New York (Billboard chart position 52!). This would lead to their first gigs in New York at places like Danceteria & The Roxy. On their first gig in New York they were supported by a young Madonna!

Although Do the Du - Facus 4, Waterline - Fac52, & Brazillia - FBN32 are OOP, several of the tracks have been released on Early by Soul Jazz Records, U.K. Early covers the (duh!) early period of their career (from 1978-1985). Soul Jazz remarks, "Hopefully this CD is a testament to one of the most influential groups that the UK has ever produced in the last 25 years!"

(Early - Soul Jazz Records 2xCD £ 11.99 - Out of Stock 2xLP £ 9.99
----Amazon says 4 used & new available from $71.99)

So with other further bullshit from me, Do the Du, one track from Waterline & both sides of Brazillia.

Do the Du - 12": US Jan.1981 (Factory US FACUS 4)

2:45 Do the Du
3:00 The Fox
3:07 Shack Up
2:04 Son and Heir

Waterline - 12": UK Dec.1981 (Factory FAC 52)

4:09 Waterline
5:19 Funaezekea

Brazilia - 12": BL Feb.1985 (Factory Benelux FBN 32) (Virgin 80199/PM 132F) (Crepuscule Au Japon/Shinseido Sirius SC-??)

6:08 Brazilia
5:57 Brazilia (Extended Mix)


I've got a Headache

UPDATE:  This post was re-uploaded 08/07/2014.
Enjoy, NØ.

Another great 12" 45 is:

Touch & Go Records T&G#20, 1987.

1. My Disco

Originally released in 1987. A noisier affair than Atomizer, the four-song Headache EP was accompanied by a band-written sticker warning that it's not as good as the preceding LP. However, Headache isn't a forgettable part of Big Black's catalog. "Ready Men" & "Grinder" are satisfyingly ornery, & the noise-fest of "My Disco" isn't far behind. Personally I think "Pete, King of All Detectives" is way cool, also.

2. Grinder

The commonly found (above) comic-style cover is drawn by someone named "Savage Pencil".

3. Ready Men

Headache will forever be remembered for its original limited edition sleeve: the limited version of this goes for about $100, in a black polyvinyl 'bodybag', foil seal, & an up-close picture of a shotgun suicide victim. How graphic is it? Well, one of the pix the person has what's left of his head held together so you can kind of see his face(pic. 1) & the other he doesn't(pic. 2). Also includes red vinyl copy of Heartbeat 7". (Blast First! editions have Il Duce instead of Heartbeat for some obscure reason.)

4. Pete, King Of All Detectives (aka "King Dick")

All cuts ripped from the original vinyl.


Died Pretty on this EP were:

Vocals: Ronald S Peno

Guitar: Brett Myers
Keys: John Hoey
Bass: Mark Lock
Drums: Chris Welsh
Guests: Joe Borkowsky - Cello

Next to Nothing (Citadel Records Cat#: CITEP901, May 1985) has always been
a favorite EP of mine, being Nathan...& all.

Died Pretty are often regarded as one of the great Australian acts of the late 80s & early 90s.

1. Ambergris

An Australian rock & roll band formed in 1983 by veterans of the Sydney scene, Died Pretty was founded by deranged frontman Ronald S. Peno, organist Frank Brunetti, & guitarist Brett Myers. Owing in part to Brunetti's journalistic career, the group immediately attracted attention & drew comparisons to the Doors.

2. Plaining Days

Died Pretty jumped straight out of the starting block, releasing the wonderful "Out Of The Unknown" single followed by the impossibly cool "Mirror Blues", a psychedelic 12-minute epic spread out over both sides of a 7-inch release.

3. Desperate Hours

However, the real critical acclaim arrived in the form of the Next To Nothing EP that, in light of the previous two singles, revealed the band as a sort of modern day Aussie Velvet Underground. Next to Nothing established Died Pretty's potential to succeed in the worldwide market.

4. Final Twist

All cuts ripped from vinyl.

03 February 2008

Groundhog Day

Obviously I haven't been doing much posting here recently.

Had a lot on my plate as is said.

Waited for Groundhog Day to get my meteorology report, you
know, the "Science of Weather". What better to trust than a
marmot (not a ferret).

Since I could care less about the Stupor Bowl
(the Patriots, give me a break),
I'm not wasting the day like much of America.
I haven't been able to sit still for more than a few minutes,
too much turmoil boiling up in my head,
so I've haven't been able to prepare any music to present. However...

I'm totally hot for chip...no wait, oh yeah, Feb.4 - UK,
Feb.5 - US,
Hot Chip - Made in the Dark
I'm recommending it, & if you can't wait, try
Clash Magazine

Hot Chips MySpace