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30 December 2009

It's a Crime (& the City Solution)

UPDATE : This post was re-uploaded 05/27/2014. Enjoy, NØ.

Everybody's talkin' Birthday Party but this is a wake, mutha. How about...Just South o' Heaven?

Crime & the City Solution - Just South of Heaven,
Mute Records STUMM 22, 1985.
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Side A -

Rose Blue
The Coal Train
Stolen & Stealing

Side B -

Five Stone Walls
Trouble Comes this Morn
The Wailing Wall

R.I.P. Roland,

20 December 2009

Flipper - 1982 demos

I posted up a shitload of Flipper in the past & links to most of the rest. Here's an unofficial release of some demo tapes from 1982. So unreleased material & alternate versions.

Flipper - 1982 Demos

Disc 1 -
In Your Arms
You Naught Me
Survivors of the Plague
In Life, My Friends
One by One
Now is the Time
On & On

Disc 2 -
In the Garden
First the Heart
I Want to Talk
Flipper Blues
Get Away
Talk's Cheap
The Light, the Sound, the Rhythm, the Noise


17 December 2009

Loving Hurts so Good

This is meant to be a Brumalian gift for dear friend Ib over at SibLINGSHOT on the Bleachers. He's been laying out some sweet Holiday Dub & I've been trying to help out. So to Ib & Rose & family, the best always in life & love. This one's for you.

Susan Cadogan/Upsetters - Hurt so Good b/w Loving is Good 7",
Magnet Records MAG 23, 1970

Side A:
Hurts so Good (Susan Cadogan)
Side B:
Loving is Good (The Upsetters)
produced & arranged by Lee "Scratch" Perry


13 December 2009

Black Humor

UPDATE: This file has been re-uploaded 08/09/2013. 
I also added a few more cover versions. Enjoy, NØ

I’ve been wanting to post this sucker for a while, just never got around to it. Well, here’s a Brumalian gift for you.

Love God Love One Another was released on Fowl records, Dan Houser’s record label in a run of 1000. The covers were hand made, designed by creatively altering existing album covers. The record & individual cover art were well received. Black Humor played about four shows in San Francisco & then soon self-destructed.

I spoke to Dan Houser about this time last year. He was living in Germany & expecting a baby any day. He said there were two labels interested in re-releasing Love God Love One Another, but as he honestly quipped, it ‘was all talk’.

Black Humor - Love God Love One Another, Fowl Records 003, 1982.
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Side This -

Undancing in the Dirt
Next Step
I Should’ve Let’em Die!
Hometown Vigilante
Zebra Killers
You can have it!

Side That -

Dull People’s Rights o.k!
Burn the Welcome Mat
Kill Themm!
Aufwiedersehn Juden
Karen Ann
Too Stupid to Die


UPDATE: For those who are interested, here are two five more versions of the cover to this slab o' vinyl. If anyone else would like to send in their covers, I'll post them all up here.


10 December 2009

The True Meaning of Brumalia

UPDATE: This post has been re-uploaded 08/10/2013. Enjoy, NØ

I posted this last holiday season & deleted it after the holidaze. Numerous friends have been ‘suggesting’ that I re-instate it, so here it be.

Thousands of years before Christ, people worshipped the sun. The shortest day of the year was December 21st. When they realized the sun was returning for longer periods each day, they celebrated...on December 25th. They exchanged gifts in decorated boxes, sang songs, played games & feasted. They also believed mistletoe, holly berries & evergreen wreaths (round like the sun) were sacred. They used them to decorate their houses.

The 12 Days of Brumalia was an internet event presented by The Residents & Residents.com in 2003 to celebrate the original holiday that the Roman Church adopted as Xmas. For 12 days, starting on December 25th, a new song was posted on Residents.com web site along with an illustration & a quote. On the 13th day, The Residents presented the epic musical work, The Feast of Epiphany. Ralph America compiled the audio tracks for a CD release in the summer of 2004.

From Residents.com:
"The Roman Catholic Church absorbed the Brumalian rituals around 350 A. D. In the fifth century the church ordered Xmas to be celebrated forever on the Brumalia, December 25, inasmuch as no certain knowledge of Christ’s birthday existed. The birthday of the sun, became the birthday of the son.

What you celebrate is not important. The important thing is to notice the circle, the cycle of life & acknowledge it with a bit of celebration. Each human is allowed a limited number of year cycles. Make this year count & do something cool.

The Residents - The 12 Days of Brumalia,
Ralph America RA17, 2004.
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Tracklist -

The True Meaning of Brumalia
1st Day - Partridge Pairing
2nd Day - Turtle Dove
3rd Day - Chicken of the Oui
4th Day - Calling Bird
5th Day - Golden Rings
6th Day - Lying Goose
7th Day - Swami Swam
8th Day - Maid Being Milked
9th Day - Wiggling Wahines
10th Day - Leaping & Lords
11th Day - Pieta's Piper
12th Day - Big Hand
The Feast of the Epiphany


09 December 2009


 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 10/22/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

The Avengers only managed two eps in their brief two-year existence but paved the way for female-led Punk bands. The band came together in early 1977 as the brainchild of two San Francisco Institute of Art students, Seattle immigré & vocalist Penelope Houston & drummer Danny Furious. Joined by guitarist Greg Ingraham & bass player Jon Postal, the band began their short career opening for The Nuns at the Mabuhay Gardens in June ‘77. Shortly after this gig Jimmy Wisley took over on bass as Postal opted out to join The Readymades. This quartet proceeeded to demolish the Californian punk scene. The Avengers released the three-track ep We Are the One for the Dangerhouse label in Dec. ‘77 (“We Are The One”, “I Believe in Me”, & “Car Crash”)

The Avengers opened for the Sex Pistols at Winterland for the Sex Pistols fated last show. This four-song ep was produced by Sex Pistol Steve Jones & engineered by Geza X. It was released on White Noise Records in 1979 just a few months after the Avenger broke up. “The American in Me” & “Uh Oh” are different versions than those released on the Pink Album.

Avengers - Avengers EP, White Noise Records WNR 002, 1979.
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This Side -

The American in Me
Uh Oh

Other Side -

Corpus Christi
White Nigger


03 December 2009

Dim Stars

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/23/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Dim Stars were basically a punkstars collaborative project from the early 90s between downtown NYC legends: Richard Hell & Robert Quine of the Voidoids; Thurston Moore & Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth; & Don Flemming of 1/2 Japanese & Gumball.

They released three singles & this one full length lp.

Dim Stars not only marked Hell’s first album of new material after an 8 year retirement from music, but also what has so far been the last bit of new music he has released (Hell recently released Destiny Street Repaired, a re-edited of Destiny Street).

Dim Stars - Dim Stars, Paperhouse Records paplp 014 (UK), 1992.
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Side 1 -

She Wants to Die
All My Witches Come True
Memo to Marty
Natchez Burning (Chester Burnett)
Stop Breakin' Down

Side 2 -

Baby Huey (Do You Wanna Dance)
The Night is Coming On
Downtown at Dawn
Try This
Stray Cat Generation
Rip Off (Marc Bolan - saxophone by Jad Fair)



As requested by Garageland, I have re-upped Ken Colyer's Jazzmen & Skiffle Group (featuring Alexis Korner) from 1954.

Assfactor 4

Assfactor 4 was a assfaster hardcore band from Columbia, South Carolina formed by ex-Tonka members Jay & Alex & ex-Unherd members Eric & Kevin. They got together in the fall of 1992. This album was recorded & mixed in 36 hours at Sweetwood Sounds, New Jersey.

Assfactors are basically the obstacles that prevent us from living the kinds of lives we want to live, things like bosses or cops or parents or stupid rules. The point of this band was to overcome these obstacles, to refuse to acknowledge them or their power over us. You’re lucky if you only have four.

Assfactor 4 - Assfactor 4, Old Glory Record NGR-18, 1995.

Side 1 -
Hey Stinky
Life is Wacky
I Reckon
Mama Yongue
Fuck Hate Breeders
This Shit is for the Birds
#1 Main
Dear Grampa
Billy I Got Your #

Side 2 -
To the Powers that Be
Can't Fight the Feeling
Nuked up Dreams?
Attempted Control (Code of Honor cover)
Assfactor 4