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27 November 2009

All tied up Zero to Ø


Decided to remedy things here. Below the original BOMP release that was removed, I have posted up the self-titled 7" from Munster Records in Spain with a taste of the Mexican Ramones.

Always a band near & dear to this Ø, the Zeros formed in 1976 in Chula Vista, California. On vocals & guitar was Javier Escovedo of the super musickal Escovedo family. His brothers include: the famed Latin percussionists Coke & Pete(Pete’s daughter being Prince collaborator Sheila E); Mario, who fronted the hard-rock band The Dragons; & Alejandro of The Nuns notoriety & lengthy solo career (his latest being 2008s Real Animal produced by long-time Bowie cohort Tony Visconti). Robert Lopez also played guitar & now is more commonly know as El Vez. Filling out the group were Hector Penalosa on bass & Baba Chenelle on drums.

This records contains music recorded in 1977 & released on their first three 7"s (“Don’t Push Me Around” b/w “Wimp” - 1977, “Beat Your Heart Out” b/w “Wild Weekend” - 1978, & “Getting Nowhere Fast” b/w “They Say that [Everything’s Alright]” - 1980) & unreleased material from that same year.

The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around, BOMP Records BLP 4035, 1991.

Side A-
Don't Push Me Around
Main Street Brat
Handgrenade Heart
Beat Your Heart Out
Wild Weekend
Side B -
Cosmetic Couple
Rico Amour
Beat Your Heart Out
Getting Nowhere Fast
She's Just a Girl on the Block
They Say that (Everything's Alright)

The Zeros – The Zeros 7” EP, Munster Records TFOSR 7006, 1989.
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Side A –
Rico Amor
Cosmetic Couple
Main Street Brat

Side B –
Siamese Tease
Handgrenade Heart


26 November 2009

Jerry's Kids

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/19/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

How about this shit. A bunch of kids with muscular dystrophy making hardcore punk. Oh, wait a minute, not those Jerry’s Kids. This was one of the earliest Boston hardcore bands. They first appeared on the Modern Method Records This Is Boston, Not L.A. compilation in 1982. Shortly after, frontman Bryan Jones & rhythm guitarist Dave Aronson left the band. Bass player Rick Jones, Bryan’s brother picked up the vocals chores & Chris Doherty of Gang Green took over on rhythm guitar. They recorded this classic 12 song LP Is This My World? on X-Claim in 1983.

Jerry's Kids - Is This My World?, Xclaim! Records X-6, 1983.
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Side A -

I Don't Belong
Cracks In The Wall / Tear It Up
Crucify Me
Break The Mold
Raise The Curtain

Side B -

Vietnam Syndrome
Build Me A Bomb
New World
No Time
Is This My World?


24 November 2009

Some more black Tar

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 10/19/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

I’ve been smoking the Tar since the last post. Here's a couple more bindles.

Tar - Jackson, Amphetamine Reptile Records AMREP 004, 1991.
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Side A -

Short Trades
Cross Offer
Walking the King
On a Transfer

Side B -

Dark Mark
Land Luck
Viaduct Removal

Tar - Roundhouse, Amphetamine Reptile Records ARR 11/108, 1990.

Side A -

Les Paul Worries
Glass Grief
Pick One
Black Track

Side B -

Bad Box
Mercury Block
Gag Reflex


19 November 2009

Tar - Handsome

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 11/17/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Joe Stumble posted up the Tar Teetering 7“ over at Last Days of Man on Earth 2.0 so if you want more info about the band & whatnot, go over there. It just got me listening to & thinking about Tar again. It had been a while. Now I’m doing more of the same for you.

Engineered by Steve Albini May 7-8,1988 (“Mumper”, “Seam”, & “Mel’s”) & September 3,1988 (“Same”) & Iain Burgess September 17-18,1988 (“Static” & “Downtime”). Surprisingly enough, the tracks engineered by Burgess are the more ‘noise’ tracks & the Albini tracks are more straight ahead ‘punk rawk’, except for one, the almost ButtholeSurferish in-yer-face standout track of the mini,”Mel’s”. All songs mixed by Iain Burgess & Tar.

Recorded in the basement. Mixed upstairs in the back room off the kitchen. The basement flooded while we were upstairs mixing Downtime. Sorry Steve. Insert was nixed. These are the highlights:See these teeth...I will stay at the machine...shoo di no weh...Meet the rate...Gave you the gift...One more thing...

Tar - Handsome mini-lp,
Amphetamine Reptile Records ARR 89160-1, 1989.
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Static Side -

(secret track)

Downtime Side -



15 November 2009

Peace Thru Vandalism

UPDATE:This post was re-uploaded 10/22/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Peace thru Vandalism...the debut EP by So-Cal punk rock band The Vandals, released in 1982 on Epitaph Records (EPI-V1). Fast punk rock with humorous, tongue-in-cheek lyrics & subject matter.

The Vandals here were: Stevo Jensen - vocals; Jan Ackermann - guitar; Steve Pfauter - bass; & Joe Escalante - drums with Brad Gurewitz (Bad Religion guitarist & Epitaph records founder) on back-up vocals for “Anarchy Burger”.

The Vandals - Peace Thru Vandalism EP
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Side 1 -

Wanna Be Manor
Urban Struggle
The Legend of Pat Brown

Side 2 -

Pirate's Life
H.B. Hotel (Elvis Presley cover)
Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government)