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05 September 2011

The Noble Theft of Sound

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 05/11/2014. Enjoy, NØ. I also added several other post Steel Pole Bath Tub releases by Dale 'Agent Nova' Flattum & Mike 'Bumblebee' Morasky that they released under the Milk Cult banner.

Agent Nova

I’ve posted musick by the great bizarro noise-rockers SteelPole BathTub here before, used to see them all the time in the late 80s/early 90s around San Francisco.

Experimental electronica outfit Novex was actually a spinoff group from SteelPole BathTub.

When the band moved over to Slash after being with Boner/Tupelo for several years, they met resistance with their idea of releasing a cover of The Cars debut album (finally released in 2002 as the SPBT album Unlistenable after a comment made by one of the Slash team). Their label-related hiatus in 1996 turned into a breakup of the band. Bassist Dale Flattum (as Agent Nova) had cut his teeth on electronic music through SPBT's interest in sampling & tape manipulation. He then formed Milk Cult with SPBT guitarist Mike Morasky (Bumblebee). Following the release of their album Project M-13 in 2000, Milk Cult also went on hiatus. At that time Flattum reunited with SPBT drummer Darren Mor-X (Morey) to form Novex. Their first album together, 2001s Kleptophonica, continued the surreal found-sound experiments of Milk Cult, but placed them in a more accessible, song-oriented context.

Novex - Kleptophonica, 0 To 1 Recordings – 002, 2001.
all decryption codes are in comments

Tracks -
Mary Gravy
Paris Is Burning
Tea Pocket
Joan & Jack & Nina & Steve
The Pharmacist Will Help You Now
Paris Is Still Burning
The Happiest Song In The World

Milk Cult – Love God, Boner Records BR38-2, 1993.

Tracklist –
Love God – The Original Soundtrack Recording! Of Frank Grows’ “Love God”
Drag Strip Riot Dream Sequence
Relax & Sleep
Looking at the Drowning Man
Clown Party 1
Clown Party 2
Clown Party 3
Clown Party 4
Clown Party 5
Clown Party 6

Milk Cult – Burn or Bury, Priority Records P253914, 1994.

Tracklist –
The Fuzz Wah Song
Bow Kiness Static
Blue Godzilla
Urine, the Money
Big King Frog
Son of Obituary
Hello Kitty (Meow mix)
Rabbit in the Hole
’63 Mercury Meteor ($500)

Milk Cult – C.C. Nova Dispatch, Communion 31, 1994.

Tracklist –
Bus Stations of the Cross
Relax & Sleep
Purgatory, Isolation, & Pinball, pt. 1
Purgatory, Isolation, & Pinball, pt. 2
Purgatory, Isolation, & Pinball, pt. 3
Tuesday, September 3, 1964
Uptight Chevelle
40,000 Volts of Solitude
Bacon Train
The March of Hectors
Witchdoctor Highball
A Shovel Full of Pigeons
Whirlpool Bursting Test
Song for Amelia Earhart

Note: SPBT bassist Dale Flattum (aka C.C. Nova) issued this Milk Cult release as a solo project. It is often mistakenly called C.C. Nova – Milk Cult Dispatch (1995) with a different track list, but the information here is taken directly from the CD.

Milk Cult – Project M-13, 0 to 1 Recording 001, 2000.

Tracklist –
Hawaiian Motorcycle Joyride - Act 1
Hawaiian Motorcycle Joyride - Act 2
Ambient Obituary
Drug Lord
Martini Boat
Mystery Oasis
Tens & Twenties in a Brown Paper Bag
Paté Pipe Bomb
Biker Party Hole
Funky Fat Tony
Slow Twisting
Network Epilogue
Running the Plates
Detroit Disco Cop