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28 May 2010

Courtney Love (the band, not the Hole)

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/07/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Been some conversation going on around here about Courtney Love, the band from Olympia,Washington that contributed the track "Spray" to the Throw compilation I posted a few days ago. Thought I'd post up three 7"ers from the band & a solo album by Courtney Love brain grrrl Lois Maffeo (known professionally [usually] as just Lois).

Courtney Love - Uncrushworthy, K Records IPU 12, 1990.
all decryption codes in comments

Side A -

Sunny Day

Side B -

Motorcycle Boy
The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Courtney Love - Hey! Antoinette,
Feel Good All Over Records FGAO #4, 1991.

Side A -

Hey! Antoinette

Side B -

My Last Night

Courtney Love- Highlights, K Records IPU 22, 1991.

Side A -


Side B -

Disappearing Lessons

On all three:
Guitar, Vocals - Lois Maffeo
Drums - Pat Maley

plus Lois Maffeo’s first solo release subsequent to Courtney Love.

Lois - Butterfly Kiss, K Records KLP 015, 1992.

Side A -

Press Play And Record
Staring At The Sun

Side B -

Stroll Always
Never Last
Bonds in Seconds
Look Who's Sorry

On this release:
Guitar, Vocals - Lois Maffeo
Bass - Stuart Moxham
Drums - Molly Neuman

Enjoy, all you Courtney haters...

22 May 2010


I know I'm a Luddite.
Every so often I go back through all my posts & physically dig out the latests comments.
My life has been in turmoil lately so I haven't checked regularly. Friday I noticed three friends commented on different things on two separate posts.

Anonymous wanted to let me know that the link to Dark Star - Travelogue II was no longer working & Quiscalas wanted to know if I could post Dark Star - Headtrip. Done & done.

bunchterror let me know that the Pigbag link was down, so I re-upped that & posted two more Pigbag releases as a way of saying thanks.

It takes a lot of thought & effort to post good musick. I truly appreciate it when folks take the time to let me know when links are down. I always try to respond with a little extra as well.

To those of you who asked & all the rest of you that might care...

Another re-up - kontort let me know about a problem with the LPD file Live at the Metro that was requesting a password. None of the posts here at NSS should require passwords. If they do, please let me know. Thanks kontort.


19 May 2010

I think I'm Gonna Throw Up


At the time of this release, Pat Maley had run Yoyo Studios in Olympia, Washington for over eight years. His philosophy was that “good bands should be recorded regardless of their ability to pay” because he felt that most bands were at their best when they were new, poor, & still had something to prove. This album is a collection of what he considered to be some of the best recordings he had done at Yoyo.

From 1984 to 1990 Yoyo Studio recorded in a chicken coop & a barn on a ten acre farm in Olympia. In April 1990 they moved to the ABC House basement, then in July 1991 they moved once again to the Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia.

This material was recorded on a half inch eight track multi-track deck, a twelve by eight mixing board, & just enough microphones to record three piece bands properly. It was then mixed down to stereo on a DAT machine.

This copy is on green vinyl with a info insert. It varies from the CD re-release in that there are only 16 tracks here as opposed to 22 on the CD, & the order is different. Both start with Kicking Giant’s “Fuck the Rules” which is appropriate for this compilation.

Various Artists - Throw, the Yoyo Studio Compilation,
Yoyo Recordings YOYO-LP-01, 1992.
decryption code in comments

Side A:
Kicking Giant - Fuck the Rules
Bikini Kill - Candy
Gravel - Coming Down
Unwound - Stumbling Block
Al Larsen - Umbrellafication
Lumihoops - Roman Holiday
Mecca Normal - One More Safe
Burl - Hollowed Out Logs

Side B:
Some Velvet Sidewalk - Peel
Superchunk - Skip Steps One & Three
Glad - Pry
Courtney Love - Spray
Candice Peterson - After School Special
Oklahoma Scramble - Boy
Cannanes - Chia Pet
Heavens to Betsy - Baby‘s Gone