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08 September 2012

Smiling Faces, sometimes

Don’t really like to get into the political thing, but…

It’s just that I’m really sick of the Republican philosophy of ‘Just Lie, they won’t know’.
Started with Dubya, Karl Rove, & that ilk. They just took it from esteemed Nazi propaganda
minister Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels & hyped it up in this instant sound-bite era.

Romney & Ryan wouldn’t know the truth if it came up & bit them on the collective ass.
Obama might not have fixed things, damn, this boat’s been leaking for many years, but give him a chance. No better way of making sure the Mayan 2012 prophecy comes true than electing a Republican.
Those rich fucks know yhings are going to shit, but if they can just grab the reins one more time,
they can make sure they drain all the coffer that have anything left in them before blaming someone else.

Here a little something from the Sacramento News & Review:

"Robin Hood in reverse

Here’s what you should know about the Romney-Ryan budget Plan: It doesn’t do what it claims to do, which is reduce the deficit.

In fact, it won’t even balance the budget in the next 25 years. But it will devastate services the poor
& elderly depend on, such as Medicare, Medicaid & food stamps. & increase taxes
to the middle-class while cutting taxes on the wealthy.

You think Mitt Romney’s 13.9% tax payment is too low? Under the Romney-Ryan plan, it would
be less than 1%. That’s because the plan eliminates taxes on capital gains, including the so-called
“carried interest” of investment profits, the source of most of Romney’s vast wealth.

In other words, the plan is Robin Hood in reverse, a con game that, in the name of prosperity,
takes from the poor & gives to the rich…"

Just something to think about as the elections (i.e. possible Armageddon) draws ever closer.

Also, here’s something from Sacramento’s own to listen to as it creeps up…