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03 March 2019

Back to the Round-Up

This is installment three of a crazy-ass project that I started October 1, 2017 All the Usual Suspects when I posted The Elephant Table Album (a Compilation of Difficult Music). Then NSS regular W. commented: "This is a rather fantastic collection of early works from some now well know electronic/experiemntal artists." which led me to the idea of posting a full album by each band on all four sides of TETA.

When I started on October 7, & Other Galactic Funk I stated: "that...I hope I can do the other three sides before my short attention span puts the kibosh to this plan. Well, at least, here's Side One..."

I managed to post up the second side the next day Elephant Round-up Side 2. Then my mind took a walk somewhere else. But like this Elephant thaang goin' on, I never forget, even if I wander off for a while.

Here we go with Elephant Round-up Side 3 with these suspect devices: SPK; MFH; Nocturnal Emissions; Attrition; Legendary Pink Dots; & Paul Kelday.

all decryption codes in comments

Ultra-Face -
Emanation Machine R. Gie 1916
Suture Obsession
Macht Schrecken

Hyper-Face -
Ground Zero: Infinity Dose
Stammheim Torturkammer
Epilept: Convulse
Kaltbruchig Acideath

MFH - Ground Zero cassette, YHR Tapes YHR 016, 1981.

Side One -
Back to Basics
Interlude I
The Last Few Days
Tunnel Vision
Interlude II

Side Two -
Ground Zero
Open-web Soldiers
Metal for Michael
Interlude III
Behind the Darkest Clouds

Nocturnal Emissions - Spiritflesh, Earthly Delights EARTH 004, 1988.

Side One -
T' Cow's Yed
Acres of Gold
Thor's Cave
Cloud Can

Side B -
Ch'i Sea
Ape Chime
The Well is Deep
Peter’s Stone

Attrition - Death House cassette, Adventures in Reality Recordings ARR 11, 1983.
side one -

side two -
Dead of Night

Attrition - Onslaught cassette, Third Mind Records TMT06, 1983.

1st Side -

2nd Side -
Tones in Black
First Onslaught

Ding Dong Records & Tapes DDC 011, 1985.

Side A -
Flowers for the Silverman
City Ghosts
A Lust for Powder
Tower 4
Neon Gladiators

Side B -
Pendulum Turns: Reflections
Redoubt of Light
The Next Day
Across the Divide
Beast of Burden
Surge & Run

I am a fan of all things LPD-related: LPD; Edward Ka-spel; Silverman; Tear Garden; Ryan Moore; etc.

My own favorite era of LPD is the early/mid 90s. I guess I’ve posted most everything from that time-frame elsewhere on this here mess. I believe one of the few things I haven’t posted is a split with Big City Orchestra entitled Tryst 7 from 1994 on Ubuibi. I’ll remedy that right now.

The Legendary Pink Dots side is a mix of old material into a new "mega-mix: song. An interesting note about this release is that BCO & LPD both produced two mixes each, so there are actually 4 different editions of this cassette totaling 200 copies.  Here’s my copy:

Side A: Bedgceityookastraw -
Release - all as one single track

Side B: Legendary Pink Dots -
The Politics of Excess

Side 1 -
Princess of Power

Side 2 -
Epitaph for the Rainbow Warrior