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29 October 2017

Horace Provides Us with Dub Guidance

Two up & down cinema stands in straw images.
They have succeeded in securing themselves from Saint Nicholas (who?).
One night I dreamt about children,
who the wicked butcher was talking to in a pale violet mind.
They can foretell the night.

Smith was drawing the lantern light in the grey, glutinous, sup-sucking mud.

Identifying the disease as the wood in rooms charged.
Conspiracy thrives in spirits formidable.
The naive defray the cost as they ask,
"You blokes notice anything about the sky?"

The boy felt his mind bulked with the thrashing progress of some things,
a sound he knew as the easy beauty of the darkness.

Not only have the twins destroyed the night, they have destroyed us.
He & also yourself are the link today.
The entrance is the unicorn on the counter.
A better way to control it is a rendezvous for the young.
It's so simple - a simple shift & throng & it's so good.
It's the first step to all the audience's impatience.

The sobbing, writhing girl was on the tracks below them.

Nations - a fee that they think for - new Authorities.
They even have food. Burial mounds. Boiled coffee. Acid breath.

Me, if I me, insisting I think conspiracies as well.
Red, more deceptive than to be the one's fit, might be room for the rebellion.
I've said sure to the cure but you're so good since the Romans recovered.
The semiliterate subjects think to help again, right now.

Inside me I felt a dull sickness.
Inside me I felt the grey, glutinous, easy beauty of the darkness.

I found him in the Temple box, himself - you probably think you
have a monopoly, the better to prove the Greater Panama reality.
It really is. Not only there, but managed to fight for it.
In fact it is all fuck drive practice but the demand has
fallen & they haven't POOP!.

So WILL conquered up the young, seldom by auras.
They called the phase "popular".
How to turn a tiny interview into marital satanism.
What type of offerings are leading it?
Not only does mescaline, quite grounded in fact, bring it back to Pop.
It still takes far more for putting it in than it takes to be taking it out.

The boy was drowning in the lantern on the tracks below.
The sobbing, writhing burial mounds.
Smith felt his mind bulked with the thrashing progress of boiled coffee.

Twins are represented by appeals to the womb.
Sufficient from mother - the martyr twins.
The face turned toward the transmission, extremely touchy.
Three have hats. One has movement, put on in the rain.

Fodder for nincompoops - pass as their Father.
Saint Such.
Famous singer.

Skill cannot rightly qualify as religious mores.
Their Cosmas is only never daunted, it has obvious sources.
Choleric Occultism - a contradiction between dual established faces powdered,
salting merit that detracts from the two difficulties this year:
Occult (hidden) knowledge & revolutions.

An earthquake shade, gesticulating wildly, other things apropos.
Stroll the palace or change your occupation, hippy writer.
The water becomes at evening an "occult question from reporters".
He didn't give fuck all,
but will escort the negresses authoresses of Conspiracy Acapulco Gold.
How occult.
They joined the pleasure seeking in a dark, ill-ventilated well.
It was a tiny Post Office.
Tiny but difficult to reach the box,
to send the predictions,
busy wrapping the gift like lips painted carmine

Dead twins are deified. Black dandies have all dropped out.
The vacuum made its site outside until each fashionable & willing "practice".
He seemed to take the time or make the inclination,
a day long walk one night, undaunted,
where high-heeled shoes appear wearing white Claire voices.

Smith watched the sobbing, writhing girl & boy on the tracks below.
He threw his lantern's light against the grey, glutinous, sup-sucking dusk.
Suddenly the boy stopped thrashing. He felt his mind bulked with the lessening
of the acid breath darkness, the boiled coffee gloom, the burial mound dim.
He heard a sound he knew to be the tintinnabulation of hope.

The equal of living, I burst to work for the self-conscious life.
Inside, they sell it by the half tub,
even to obtain a favor only found in the East.

It is customary.

You're keeping up on ignorance.

Horace Andy - Dub Box-Rare Dubs 1973-1976, Jamaican Recordings JRCD007, 2002.
decryption code in comments

Why oh Why Dub
Dub Larking
Zion Dub
Dub Money
A True Dub
Dub Guidance
Dub Say Who
Dub on my Mind
Love of a Dub Band
Use This Dub
Dub Letter
Dub Angel
Bless This Dub
Dub ah Fulfill

One of the sweetest voices in reggae dubbin' it down.
Previously unreleased versions produced by Bunny Lee straight from the master tapes.

Enjoy once more,

08 October 2017

Elephant Round-up Side 2

Illuminated Records JAMS 42, 1984.
all decryption codes in comments

Stereo Side One -

Groove Jumping
Declaration of Intent (re-mixed)
Them Thar Hills

Stereo Side Two -

For Jackie M
Lapwing Chant
Men of Divine Wind (The Kamikaze)
Perspective 3

Konstruktivits - Psykho Genetika, Third Mind Records TM02, 1983.

Side A -

Mansonik No1
Free Form Fetish
P.T.I. (Bebor Raket)
Aural Wallpaper

Side B -

For Each of Us
Andropov ‘84
Mansonik 2

Lustmørd - Heresy, Soleilmoon Recordings SOL-9-CD, 1990.

Heresey Part I
Heresey Part II
Heresy Part III
Heresy Part IV
Heresy Part V
Heresy Part VI

Muslimgauze - Citadel, Extreme XCD 026, 1994.

Dharam Hinduja
Masawi Wife & Child
Shouf Balek
Beit Nuba

David Jackman - Sol Mara, Robot Records RR-21, 1999.

Sol Mara 1
Sol Mara 2
Sol Mara 3
Sol Mara 4

Two down & two to go,

07 October 2017

& Other Galactic Funk

W. commented at All the Usual Suspects about The Elephant Table Album:
     "a rather fantastic collection of early works from some now well known electronic/experimental     artists." 

That made me dream up this insanity. I hope I can do the other three sides before my short attention span puts the kibosh to this plan. Well, at least, here’s Side One...

Portion Control - Psycho-Bod Saves the World, Dead Man’s Cureve DMC008, 1986.
all decryption codes in comments

Side One -

Brain Scraper Death Dive
Siren City
Breaker Breaker
Danger Zone
Screen of Death
Coming for You Baby

Side Two -

Fistful of Creds
Trashville Baby
Cut & Thrust
H.O.T. Matter
Soap Distant

Chris & Cosey -  Technø Primitiv, Rough Trade ROUGH 84, 1985.

Side One -

Hazey Daze
Haunted Heroes
Stolen Kisses

Side Two -

He’s an Arabian
Last Exit
Do or Die
Technø Primitiv

Metamorphosis - Conception 1982 cassette, Flowmotion FM(C)004, 1982.

Side I -

Searching for a Secret
Canal Music
We Better Pray

Side II -

Fertile Ground
Flesh Trade
Cactus Land

Coil - Love’s Secret Domain, Wax Trax! Records WAXCD7143, 1991.

Disco Hospital
Teenage Lightning 1
Things Happen (with lovely Annie Anxiety)
The Snow
Dark River
Where Even the Darkness is Something to See
Teenage Lightning 2
Windowpane (with Rose McDowall)
Further Back & Faster
Titan Arch (with Marc Almond)
Lorca not Orca
Love’s Secret Domain (with Charles Hayward on drums)

Jnana Records JNANA 1974, 2004.

Side One -

Penis Fruit Loop (Deambulation mix)

Side Two -

A Perfectly Natural Expectation

06 October 2017

A Short (?) Respite Before the Insanity Begins Again

Enjoy this While you  May...

Edward Ka-Spel - High on Station Yellow Moon in its legendary entirety.

The Flick of a Switch
The Visitors Lounge
The Leary Cloud
Nowhere 2 Float 2
Layer Cake
Tresspass (sic)
Eight Mile Bridge
Good Book

Che Banana,

01 October 2017

All the Usual Suspects

If you liked that last one, here we go again...

X Tract Xx001, 1983.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -
Chew You to Bits - Portion Control
Raining Tears of Blood - Chris & Cosey
Muzak from Hawthorne Court - Metamorphosis
S is for Sleep - Coil
Nana or a Thing of Uncertain Nonsense - Nurse with Wound

Side 2 -
Beat the Devil - 400 Blows
Andropov ‘84 - Konstruktivits
Boning of Men - Lustmørd
Milens Jesenska (extract) - Muslimgauze
Edge of Nothing - David Jackman

Side 3 -
Despair - SPK
Vox Humana - MFH
Suffering Stinks - Nocturnal Emissions
Dream Sleep - Attrition
Surprise, Surprise - Legendary Pink Dots
Birth of Planetesimals (extract) - Paul Kelday

Side 4 -
Under the City - Bourbonese Qualk
Build Your Children - Sirius B
New Humanity Switchboard (extract) - New 7th Music
Alleycat - We Be Echo
Modelwerk - Bushido

Ellie Font Never Forgets