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26 January 2019

Judy...Judy...Judy! Let’s Take a Chance.

Watched Town Without Pity the other night. Pitney’s been stuck in my head since then. Thought I’d remedy that by passing it on to you all. White of me, right. Well, don’t get all contorted.

Recorded in March 1988 in NYC, produced by James Chance & Jerry Agony. Executed by Judy. Unreleased until Irresistible Impulse in 2003.

I Danced with a Zombie
White Meat
Town Without Pity
Hyp No Tease


I Need a Surgeon

I seem to have developed a Dub blockage recently. I’m going to the Dub Surgeon to have the problem removed.

Do not confuse Dub Surgeon with the project with which Brit Tony Child has been testing the reinforced concrete of night clubs for years. We are talking here about the transatlantic variant, brainchild of the American nomad Jay Haze. Apart from Dub Surgeon he also calls himself
Fuckpony & The Architect.

Over 20 years ago, Dub Surgeon crafted an album entitled The Lost Future fusing his love of dub music with found sounds. He created an ambient space hard driven by horizontal rhythms. The Lost Future was recorded at the former Amsterdam Film Academy led by the recording engineer Ricardo Villalobos. Together, Dub Surgeon & Ricardo Villalobos mastered the album together. They put it through several vintage mixers then recorded it onto 2" tape. On one frightful night, a storm ignited a fire at the studio. As a result, the master copy was thought to have been lost forever.

Shortly after the fire, it appeared that the non de musique Dub Surgeon had faded into the shadows, after only 2 EPs on his now defunct record label Future Dub. 15 years later, Dub Surgeon received a demo of The Lost Future which brought his music back to him after all these years.  "Listen to this," it said.

Attached was a demo version of the long lost album which now, finally, has found a home on Dubai's Ark to Ashes imprint, so named in homage to the story of Lee "Scratch" Perry burning down his Black Ark studio to rid it of demons.

Newly mastered by Rashad Becker & sounding as fresh as ever, The Lost Future is an authentic dub experience with a story as special as the music itself. & if you believe this, would you like to buy a bridge?

Dub Surgeon - The Lost Future 2xLP, Ark to Ashes ARK006, 2018.
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Side A -
Untitled Dub 1
Untitled Dub 2
Untitled Dub 3

Side B -
Untitled Dub 4
Untitled Dub 5
Untitled Dub 6

Side C -
Untitled Dub 7
Untitled Dub 8
Untitled Dub 9
Untitled Dub 10

Side D -
Untitled Dub 11
Untitled Dub 12
Untitled Dub 13


Skinny Pink Puppy Dots

Recorded at Subconscious Studios, Los Angeles & Studio Klaverland, Holland 1999.

Track four was intended to be two separate tracks, but they were placed together due to a mastering error. Additionally, the track titles for "Castaway" & "Her Majesty's Trusted Food Taster" are mistakenly swapped on the rear cover tracklist. The list above represents the correct track titles in their actual order. I have separated the two tracks as originally intended.

This time around The Tear Garden is: cEvin Key; Edward Ka-Spel; Phil "The SilverMan" Knight; Ryan Moore; Neils van Hoorn; Martin De Kleer; Bill Van Rooy & Russel Nash.

The Tear Garden - Crystal Mass, Nettwerk 0 6700 30158 2 0, 2000.
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The Double Spades Effect
Desert Island Disc
Her Majesty’s Trusted Food Taster
Feathered Friends
To Mourn the Death of Colour
Six of One


13 January 2019

Along the Evrotas River

Now that I've been prompted to serve up some De Facto, I guess I should stay the course. That means giving up some Sparta.

Sparta is an alternative rock/post-hardcore band formed in El Paso, Texas in 2001, after At the Drive-In announced their indefinite hiatus. The band originally consisted of Jim Ward -vocals, Paul Hinojos - guitar & Tony Hajjar - drums...all former members of At the Drive-In.

After a brief stint with Erick Sanger on bass, the three recruited Matt Miller, an El Paso native & then-bassist for the band Belknap to become the band's permanent bassist. Within a year, the punk-inspired quartet had a deal with DreamWorks. They released their debut EP Austere in early 2002. Five months later Sparta issued their first full-length Wiretap Scars. The band returned two years later with the ambitious second album, Porcelain released on Geffen Records.

After that there were more line-up changes, they weren’t the remains of ATDI anymore, & I no longer care.

Sparta - Austere, DreamWorks Records 0044-50844-7, 2002.
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Side One -

Side Two -
Vacant Skies
Echodyne Harmonic (Demix)

Sparta - Wiretap Scars, DreamWorks Records 0044-50366-2, 2002.

Cut Your Ribbon
Sans Cosm
Light Burns Clear
Red Alibi
RX Coup
Glasshouse Tarot
Assemble the Empire

Sparta - Porcelain, Geffen Records B0002818-02, 2004.

Guns of Memorial Park
Hiss the Villian
While Oceana Sleeps
La Cerca
Breaking the Broken
Lines in Sand
End Moraine
Death in the Family
Travel by Bloodline
From Now to Never
Farewell Ruins
Bombs & Us


12 January 2019

Boy, I’m all Mixed Up

Sparta coming soon for any fucking completist who wants the rest of the At the Drive-In feature film just after dark.

Right now I’m funneling Clutchy Hopkins near on full-time, but every once in a while I need to fill a gap or so. Stuck this sucka on, yee-haw!

Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up, Capitol Records (some long number), 2007.
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B for My Name
14th St. Break
Suco de Tangerina
The Gala Event
Electric Worm
Freaky Hijiki
Off the Grid
The Rat Cage
The Melee
Dramastically Different
The Cousin of Death
The Kangaroo Rat

with: Adam (Ad Rock) Horovitz - guitar, Adam (MCA) Yauch - bass, & Michael (Mike D) Diamond - drums with additional percussion by Alfredo (Fredo) Ortiz.


06 January 2019

Mars Dub from the Drive-In

I'm always thankful for my friends for so many things.

When I'm drawing blanks for ideas here at NSS, I can usually count on someone to give me a nudge in the right direction. Mastermind of such blogs as Underneathica (deceased) & Jonderblog, frequent contributor, commenter, & illuminator around these part, Jonder did exactly that recently. He queried "No De Facto?".

I've served up plenty of At the Drive In & The Mars Volta in the past. I enjoy all things Rodriguez-Lopez & Bixler-Zavala related, but I somehow entirely neglected sharing De Facto.

De Facto first saw light of night in the form of small jam sessions after At the Drive-In shows. The original band consisted of Omar, Cedric, & Jeremy Ward playing local shows around their home town of El Paso, Texas. For their first recording they brain-stormed the name De Facto Cadre Dub, which was later shortened to De Facto. The lineup of the band was switched around from the usual ATDI (Omar on guitar & Bixler on vocals): Cedric played drums like he did before in his earlier bands Foss & Los Dregtones, Omar played bass, & Jeremy ran samples, sang, & did the sparse guitar work.

Their first self-titled recording was released as a very limited vinyl pressing in 1999; it would be re-released in 2001 as How Do You Dub? You Fight for Dub. You Plug Dub In. through Headquarter Records, now known as Restart Records.

Having relocated to California from El Paso around 2000, Ward, Bixler & Rodriguez teamed up with keyboardist Isaiah "Ikey" Owens (formerly of the Long Beach Dub All Stars) & re-launched their longtime 'side project'. De Facto mined an eclectic & constantly-evolving composite of sounds hinging squarely on tripped-out, instrumental dub. Influenced by Dub/reggae pioneers like Lee Perry & Dr. Alimantado, the band also added electronica, Latin/salsa, & jazz which gave their sound a distinct quality. They utilized the surprisingly-effective melodica popularized by the great Augustus Pablo.

Following the break-up of ATDI in 2001 Omar & Cedric switched their focus back to De Facto. That year eventually saw all the band's releases come out, starting with the 456132015 EP produced by Mario Caldato Jr.  De Facto's first full-length album, ¡Megaton Shotblast! was released on the Gold Standard Laboratories label. Légende du Scorpion à Quatre Queues, which would be the last De Facto album, followed the same year, released through Modern City Records. Both albums combined band's studio recordings made in 2000 with live recordings from the European tour in 2001.

Mid-2001 Eva Gardner joined up with De Facto to record several tracks that would later appear on the Tremulant EP by the band soon to be known as The Mars Volta. & the rest, as they say, is history.

Sadly, although there have been occasional rumors of the re-emergence of De Facto, Jeremy Ward's untimely death at his home in Los Angeles in May 2003 has left a question mark on the future of the band.

So, Jonder..."Yes! De Facto!"

DeFacto - 456132015, Grand Royal GR096CD, 2001.
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Vesica Pices
120E7 Dub version

De Facto - ¡Megaton Shotblast!, Gold Standard Laboratories GSL 45 CD, 2001.

Manual Dexterity
El Professor Contra De Facto
Descarga De Facto
Mitchel Edward Klik Enters a Dreamlike State...& it's Fucking Scandalous
Thick Vinyl Plate
Simian Cobblestone
Rodche Defects

De Facto - Légende du Scorpion à Quatre Queues, Modern City Records MCR#2, 2001.

Legend of the Four-tailed Scorpion
Mattilious Creed
Hoxadrine (live)
Muerte Inoxia
Vesica Pisces (live)
120E7 (original version)
Exit Template

Restart Records RST 003, 2001.

Aqua Mineral
1024 1/2
Thick Vinyl Plate
Radio Rebelde
Nux Vomica / Coaxialreturn


05 January 2019

The Only Radio that Matters

This is Radio Clash --- "This is Radio Clash on pirate satellite
orbiting your living room,
cashing in the bill of rights."

Radio Clash --- "This is Radio Clash resuming all transmissions
Beaming from the mountain tops,
using aural ammunition."

Outside Broadcast --- "Buenas dias senores y senoritas
esta noche estamos Radio Clash
y tota la jente ... hold on tight!"

Radio Five --- "Ghettology as an urban Vietnam
This is Radio Clash,
everybody hold on tight."

This is Radio Clash
Radio Clash
Outside Broadcast
Radio 5 - This is Radio Clash 12"

interlude - Return to Brixton

This is Radio Clash - from Kinston Advice
Radio One - Hitsville UK b-side
This is Radio Clash live - Bond’s International Casino
Radio One (Mikey Dread vocals) - from Lost Treasures
This is Radio Clash live - Tokyo, Japan
Radio Five - from Lost Treasures
This is Radio Clash  live - The Tomorrow (Tom Snyder) Show
This is Radio Clash - from The Boston Tapes

interregnum - Return to Brixton (SW2 Dub)

bonus tracks:
This is Radio Clash - Phoenix City All Stars
This is Radio Clash - The Urge
This is Radio Clash - Rockabye Baby

Have a New Year,