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30 September 2007

Barricaded in the Vinyl Room

Nathan Nothin here...

I've been barricaded in the vinyl room for four days now.
I just now found out that it's Sunday night.
So my Saturday Mix is a slight misnomer, well sue me.
The hurricane curtains block out all light, all sound louder than my stereo.
Four days of nothing but vinyl...
What I have convinced myself that I believe that I remember that I heard,
random pockets of memory left un-eroded by the torrential squall
of drugs & alcohol, the following soundtrack from my latest lost weekend.

Various - Barricaded in the Vinyl Room

Tracklist -

Baby's on Fire - Brian Eno
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Specimen
This is Your Life -Glaxo Babies
Punk-A-Rama - Venus & the Razor Blades
Bad Life - Public Image,Ltd.
QuaL - X Mal Deutschland
Anne Frank Story - Human Sexual Response
Trem Two - Mission of Burma
T.V. Snooze - Nina Hagen
Computer Cowboy - Neil Young
I Walk on Guilded Splinters - Dr. John, The Night Tripper
I Can't Stand Myself - The Contortions
21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson

Do you get it yet?

26 September 2007

Blame it on the Bombs

Nathan Nothin here.
So this blogging shite is craziness.
I'm always reading on other blogs 'well, it's been quite a while since my last posting...
Or I look for a particular blog I like & it has ceased to exist...
Now I know why...some of us have real lives that consume day to day
existence & leave very little time to just, ahhh (I guess), PLAY!

I still haven't posted the Joyride songs that I mentioned last Saturday & I
need to get on it. I've been putting together their MySpace page
(www.myspace.com/joyridewecomeinpeace ) which has been
stealing minutes if not hours, plus now the We Come in Peace cd. is up
on cdbaby ( www.cdbaby.com/joyride) which has eaten hours if not days.
I guess between the tracks on myspace & the clips on cdbaby, this info
will have to suffice until I can post a track
(although I now have the opportunity to put Thighland here since
both the intro Here We Come & the title track We Come in Peace are elsewhere).

The reason I started this blog in the first place is because I have hours of DIY
punk from the second wave in San Jose (1988-2000) that I think
a home & also as a way to preserve some great music that was mostly
produced, pressed, promoted, & paid for by the bands themselves in limited
quantities that have long since dwindled to Ø.
I had the privilege of knowing most of these band,
having written about them in EAT POOP!,
having partied with them many a drunken night
& having put together many area shows with them.
Their creations & efforts deserve a place to rest, if not to flourish.
I also believe there are many people interested in hearing or having said
music. This is my way of honoring those times.

Perhaps because of the disparity of economic strata that existed at the time,
San Jose was both the center of Silicon Valley affluence & "the Pit"
that trapped many a impoverished wage slave.
This dichotomy created a volatile punk scene before the Bush era
changed all that. The first wave of San Jose punk centered around
The Laundry Works & all-ages shows at local halls. Bands like Ribsy,
Whipping Boy & Los Ovidados could be seen every week with
touring bands like The Minutemen, Husker Du, & Jodie Foster's Army
stopping by San Jose as they passed up or down California. By 1986
the first wave had crested & AOR radio rock (like Huey Lewis & the News)
had taken root. The second wave of San Jose punk began shortly
thereafter, as disenfranchised youth from the decaying suburbs
found their way to the once again thriving scene centered around the
South First Street (SOFA) area (Marsugi's & The Cactus Club...San Jose State).
By 2000 that wave had crashed against the burgeoning rocks of
hip-hop/rap & the SJ Redevelopment Agency's philosophy of 'NO FUN'.

So while I was working on the Joyride post, my friend Fudgie D. Clown
(aka Feel Christ) called from his hide-out in Pittsburgh, PA.
Fudgie was THE!!! self-proclaimed 'drum whore' who played in The Nines,
The By-Products(II), The Puds, Bombs for Whitey, & many more bands
too numerous to list here. After talking to him I was moved to write this
& post the following songs from Bombs for Whitey's first vinyl,
a 45rpm beauty recorded just before Fudgie became their drummer.
It features Paul Nevins on vocals,
Allen Langone & Eric Johnson on guitars,
Ken DeLaCruz on bass, & Burt Vail on drums.
It was released in 1992 after Fudgie D. had already picked up the sticks.
It was recorded in Palo Alto at the locally renowned House of Faith
by the equally renowned Bart Thurber. Bombs for Whitey
were heavily influenced by the likes of Iggy & the Stooges, The Dead Boys,
& Johnny Thunders.

Bullet to the Soul
Lost Generation

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed putting them here
& the memories that writing about those times has dredged up.

15 September 2007

It's a Dog Eat God World

Nathan Nothin' here again...
Here's another quick one.
An ep. cd. one-off by WWF (that's Weird White Fuckers)
entitled Dog is goD.
Brainchild of Luche Libre masked assassin Mighty Mark Mystery
with great growled vox courtesy of his late tag-team partner
Rod "Wildman" Manning (R.I.P.)
Four & a half originals...five stars
(M.M.M. co-wrote the Stiff Richards classic "Gangrape" covered here).

Sweatshop Kidz
David Hasselhoff (must die)
Rag Boy

The entire set clocks in at under seven minutes
(for those of us with short attention spans).

ps. here's a fun file I found somewhere???
Psychiatric Office Answering Machine

Nothin' Sez Something Primal

Nathan Nothin' here...
This is my first ever post.
Just trying things out 'til I get the hang of this.
I edited a punk 'zine (the infamous EAT POOP!)
in inSane Jose, California thru the '90's
& early '00's.
I have loads of great local & international punk (mostly) musick
that I feel I ought to be sharing.
(I also have 1000's of vinyl records
[for those of you old enough to remember those]
that I'd like to get to posting).
I'm still involved in the music scene in northern Cali
so I have access to some fresh cuts as well
which I'll throw up
(he said throw up, yecch!)
from time to time.
First up, my good friend Stevie B's politico screamo/punk outfit
Statefaire Appocalypse's eponymous cd.
recorded late 1999, released early 2000.

Intro - Statefaire
Police State
La Mujer Que Sabe
Reality Oppression
False Consolence
Outro - Apocalypse

Enjoy, & if you do, let me know.