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28 July 2010

Bombs for Whitey

Way back in September of 2007, not long after I started this mess, I posted up two songs from some friends of mine in a band called Bombs for Whitey. They were from San Jose & relocated to Lost Angels about the time I sloughed off to Sacko’tomato. While I was digging through my boxes of clutter recently, I unearthed their self-titled release, so without any further ado than to say all song are by Al Langone (guitarist) & Paul Nevins (vocalist) except for the last cut, a live cover by Pop/Williamson, here they are...

Bombs for Whitey - Bombs for Whitey, 1998.

Tracklist -
Time Waits for No One
I Don’t Need a Reason
Far Away
No Respect
Standing on My Head
Everything Comes & Goes
All My Heros are Dead
Lost Generation
True Confessions
Only Losers Deny
In My Head
Bullet to the Soul
Some Things Never Change
Search (live)


15 July 2010

San Jo Haze

Here’s a compilation of bands from San Jose from about the same time as the previous post. Give you an idea what was going on there then. I always hated the original cover


so I made my own.

Various Artists - San Jo’ & Proud,
Lithuanian Snake Dance Records LSD 003, 1995.

The Odd Numbers - When You’re Young
Cookie - Kathy & Eddie
Slip - Flooded Waters
The Spit Muffins - 25 Cent Monsters
Plum Loco - Tail Spin
Drug - We Can Go
The Kindred - Be a Fool
Shovelhead - Consequences of Ignorance
The Smashtones - Best Friend
Crack - Kramer
The Clay Wheels - Pep Armstrong
The Sugarbombs - Love to Stay
The Blanks - Death Wish
Shangri-La - Space Train
Ridlin - Past Tense


14 July 2010

Right Upside Your Head, Sucka!

Been culling through my musick & have been concentrating this last week on bands from my old homestead, San Jose.

Here’s one from San Jose's spastic jazz-improv group Horchata. They got together in 1993 playing informal jam sessions that got out of hand. The core members performed as Sacrilicious before adding horn players & arriving at this line-up: Jim Lopez - vocals; Ona Stewart - vocals & guitar; Jim Carrico - vocals & guitar; Brady Laucher - bass; Dale Means - drums; Reggie Webb - alto saxophone; Jason Walker - tenor saxophone; Rob Lombardi - trumpet; Justin Rivera - trombone; & Steve Delaney - harmonica.

The band musick seems to be about Kung-fu, getting baked, & Horchata drinks. They’re also into " weird solos & transitions," says alto saxophonist Reggie Webb. "Instead of jazz to jazz, we'll go from reggae to swing to ska to punk rock. Then we'll have a harmonica solo instead of a guitar solo."

Recorded live at Third Street Dojo; produced by Papa Hawk; released on Little Lucky.

Horchata - Right Upside Your Head, Little Lucky A01, 1994.

Harry Hempseed
Speakerbutt II
Green Butter
Beans & Rice