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30 December 2008

Kim Fowley's 523rd Dream

UPDATE: This post has been re-uploaded 08/09/2013.  Enjoy, NØ

Kim Fowley & Dyan Diamond
Kim is dreaming. It is Easy Rider era & Phil Spector has gone to cop cocaine from Wyatt & Billy. Kim breaks into Spector's mansion & steals Phil's platforms. Kim wants to follow in Wall-of-Sound Spector's footsteps & thinks that stealing his shoes will help. The Runaways show up dressed as the Keystone Kops & nearly spoil everything (again). Kim awakens, it's 3:30 in the morning, he stumbles to the phone & calls his friend Hugh. 'I have a new hustle,' sez Fowley.

'This time my girl-group won't even be all girls. The Clingers & The Runaways broke me of that. Fuck Spector.'

Venus & the Razorblades...'This is what the Runaways were supposed to be,' quips Fowley. 'The name connotes California Sunsets & all night rumbles.' What Kim could do once, he could do again. Unfortunately the Razorblades changed personnel more often than Kim changed underwear. At their live debut at the Bel Air Sands Hotel, the sound system blew up in the middle of Punk-a-rama (or Punk-o-rama, it's spelled both ways on the album). The rest would have been history.

from left: Cher, Kim Fowley, Steven T.
No press is bad press. V&tRB played the usual venues around LA & then broke up before going on tour or releasing an album. While Kim was moving out of his apartment in 1978, he was sorting through his tape library & came across the Razorblades material. He decided to edit & re-mix it to issue the posthumous album.

Kim Fowley - Svengali, Ring Leader & legend in his own mind
Steven T. - guitar & vocals
Dyan Diamond - guitar & vocals
Danielle Faye - bass & vocals
Vicki Razorblade - vocals
Nicky Beat - drums (ex-Germs, Mau-Maus, Cramps)
Roni Lee - guitar & vocals
Kyle Raven - drums (ex-Droogs)
Sal Maida - bass (ex-Roxy Music, Sparks)
Rene Bernard - drums (ex-The Swarm)

Venus & the Razorblades - Songs from the Sunshine Jungle, Visa Records IMP 7004, 1978.
decryption codes in comments

Side One -

Finer Things in Life
Big City
All Right You Guys (Alright You Guys on single)
Punk-o-Rama (from record & liner...cover says Punk-a-Rama)

Side Two-

Workin' Girl
I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are
Dog Food
Wrong Kind of Guy
victim of My Backstreet Love

Dyan Diamond - vocals, guitar, synth drums, & percussion
Craig Magee - lead guitar
Jerry Ackerman - bass
Joseph Fitzgerald - harp & keyboards
Randy Whepley - drums & percussion
Chris Darrow - mandolin, accordian, guitar, slide guitar & percussion
Dyan Diamond - In the Dark, MCA 3053, 1978.

Side 1:
Baby, What You Want Me to Do (written by Jerry Reed)
Western Ave. (Dyan Diamond, Kim Fowley)
Hot (D.D)
Teenage Radio Stars (D.D.)
Someone like Me (D.D.)
Back on the Strip (D.D.)

Side 2:
Mystery Dance (Elvis Costello)
Animal Girl (D.D. , Kim Fowley
Nervous (Chris [Ace] Spedding)
Your Neighborhood (D.D. , K.F.)
In the Dark (D.D.)
Gonna Rock Ourselves to Death (D.D. , K.F.)


27 December 2008

Her Name is ODETTA

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/01/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

A delayed post from earlier this month, no less poignant now...

On Dec. 2, the Queen of American folksingers, Odetta, died of heart failure just short of her 78th birthday.

Odetta Holmes was born in Birmingham, Ala., on Dec. 31, 1930, in the depths of the Depression. The music of that time & place...particularly prison songs & work songs recorded in the fields of the Deep South...shaped her life.

Her discography is an aural history, centuries deep, of abduction, enslavement, social & sexual abuse by the whites in power...& of the determination first to outlive the ignominy branded on the race, then to overcome it. She marched with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & performed for President John F. Kennedy. The one thing that death denied her was the chance to sing at President Obama's inauguration.

Odetta never started out to be a folk singer. She was operatically trained. She earned a music degree from Los Angeles City College. Her debut performance was in Finian's Rainbow, but while on the road with the show, she met a group of folkies in San Francisco. Their interest in traditional songs took her back to her own youth & the songs that had helped form her being.

Miss Rosa Parks was once asked which songs meant the most to her. She replied, “All of the songs Odetta sings.”

Bob Dylan said in a 1978 interview, “The first thing that turned me on to folk singing was Odetta.” He said he heard something “vital & personal”. He added, “I learned all the songs on her first record", songs like “Muleskinner Blues,” & “ ’Buked & Scorned.”

You can hear them here. Featuring Odetta on guitar & vocals, Bill Lee on bass.

Odetta - The Best of..., Everest / Tradition Records TR 2052, 1967.
decryption code in comments

Side One -

Muleskinner Blues
If I Had a Ribbon Bow
Shame & Scandal
'Buked & Scorned
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Side Two -

Glory, Glory
The Fox
Lass of the Low Countree
Devilish Mary
Take this Hammer

This is some mighty great musick, & if songs like "Devilish Mary" or "Take this Hammer" don't get you dancing, well, then you're dead, Jim.


Odetta at Newport.

12 December 2008

Betty Paige R.I.P. baby!

Some music to listen to while you think about Betty.
Danger Girl

09 December 2008

Pablo Picasso's Never Been Called an Asshole (not by me)

UPDATE: This post was
re-uploaded 09/19/2013.
Enjoy, NØ

During a recent exchange concerning "Pablo Picasso" by Jonathan Richman, I had said I liked John Cale's version of said song. I found out not everyone is familiar with it, or the album it comes from, so...here 'tis.

John Cale - Guts, Antilles AN-7063, 1977.
decryption code in comments

Guitars - John Cale, Chris Spedding, & Phil Manzanera
Bass - John Cale, Pat Donaldson, Archie Leggatt, & Trevor Burton
Drums - Timmi Donald, Phil Collins, Fred Smith, Raymond Duffy, & Keith Smart
Keyboards - John Cale
Saxophone - Andy Mackay
Synthesizer - Brian Eno & John Wood
Percussion - John Cale & Tony Carr
Vocals - John Cale
Backing Vocals - Geoff Muldaur, Alan Courtney, Liza Strike, & Barry St. John

Side One -

Mary Lou
Helen of Troy
Pablo Picasso
Leaving it All up to You

Side Two -

Fear is a Man's Best Friend
Dirtyass Rock 'N' Roll
Heartbreak Hotel


Maybe take away their guns?

Copied without permission from 7 Dec. 2008 Sacramento Bee...

Group seeks to keep police officers alive
Danger is from their own guns, research sez...

"Far more police officers killed themselves with a firearm last year than were gunned down by criminals...research indicates that as many as 150 police officers killed themselves last year, usually with their service weapon.

During that time...55 officers were shot to death by criminals.
So far this year...about 80 police suicides nationwide. Another 20% may go unreported because many police agencies still view suicide as a disgrace.
'The facts are covered up, the families are shunned.' "
by David Richie

Cop Shoot Cop - Get Gone (unreleased-unmixed from final recording session)

Feeling safe now, are you?

06 December 2008

Deleted without Warning

I have become the latest victim of the Anti-Freedom Forces.
One of my file servers deleted my account without warning.
Since I was too stoopid to back-up everything, some is lost forever.
The rest I have pulled the links for now, & will re-upload the files elsewhere.

Both Earhole Stuffer II & Son of Earhole Stuffer II, Link Cromwell's Crazy Like a Fox from the Lenny Kaye post, a live Nick Cave show, The Fuzztones, Misfits/Rocket from the Crypt split, ROTR, & Scratch Bongowax are gone for good.

Nasal Sex, Nash the Slash, Renaldo & the Loaf, Pig Bag, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, John Sinclair, & The Detonators/Econochrist split will have to await re-up & their links are dead for now.

If anyone notices any more dead links or suspicious activities, please let me know.

28 November 2008

The Big Cover-up

Well, it's time to uncover the big cover-up here at Nothin' Sez Somethin'.

Various Artists - The Big Cover-up, EP Records EP023, 2006.

Sid Vicious - My Way
Motörhead with Wendy O Williams - Stand by Your Man
Devo - Don't Be Cruel
Dropkick Murphys - Fortunate Son
Elvis Costello - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Frank Zappa - Stairway to Heaven
Snoop Dogg - We Will Rock You
New Found Glory- Time After Time
Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus
L7 - Hanging on the Telephone
Devo - Head like a Hole
Lunachicks - Heart of Glass
Marilyn Manson - Another Brick in the Wall
Misfits - Great Balls of Fire
Motörhead - Blue Suede Shoes
Murderdolls - White Wedding
Nick Cave - Here Comes the Sun
The Pogues - Maggie May
Veruca Salt - Bodies

UPDATE 3/11/09 - Thanks to lazy & anonymous for the heads up on these files. they are now re-uploaded & good to go in glorious 320kbps. Enjoy!

UPDATE 6/3/18 -  Thanks to a new Anonymous, I have been advised that the old links were shite. I have re-upped this Cover-up to MEGA, so enjoy.

Then I had what seemed like a great idea at the time. Only you can know.

Time to pull the lid off another stinker.

Little Roy - Very Ape
Nirvana - The Man who Sold the World
Dinosaur Jr. - Show Me the Way
Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance?
Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company
The Residents - Hitler was a Vegetarian (see footnote below *)
Green Day - Working Class Hero
Scissor Sister - Comfortably Numb
John Cale - Heartbreak Hotel
C & C Music Factory - Pride (in the Name of Love)
Veruca Salt - My Sharona

* "Hitler was a Vegetarian" covers or samples (mutations) 14 songs in 18 1/2 minutes.

00:16 - Judy in Disguise (with Glasses) - John Fred & His Playboy Band
00:45 - 96 Tears - ? & the Mysterians
01:41 - It’s My Party - Lesley Gore
03:00 - Light My Fire - The Doors
04:22 - Ballad of the Green Berets - Barry Sadler
05:12 - Yummy Yummy Yummy - Ohio Express
08:26 - (We;re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & the Comets
09:04 - Pushin’ Too Hard - The Seeds
10:06 - Good Lovin’ - The Young Rascals
11:57 - Gloria - The Shadows of Night
13:12 - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly
14:04 - Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
15:38 - Hey Jude - The Beatles
17:47 - Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones
(times approximate)


Too Much Metamucil

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 12/22/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Four bands that had too much Metamucil. The third release from Temp, Arizona label Cactus Prick Records.

Various Artists - Four Bands that Had too Much Metamucil,
Cactus Prick Records 003, 1994.
decryption code in comments

This Dick -
Misery Index - Corrosive
Sanity Assassins - Lost Your Way

That Dick -
Sockeye - Two Babies Fucking
Sockeye - Fight for Change
Legendary Lunch - Johnny Sunshine


25 November 2008

The Playground Compilation 7"

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 07/24/2014. Enjoy, NØ

Various Artists - The Playground Compilation, Playground Records 001, 1991.

San Jose Side:
Krupted Peasant Farmers - Rednecks in Love
Preachers That Lie - Sticky for Nikky

Sunnyvale Side:
Collateral Damage - Unblinking Eye
Vomit Pancakes - Kids Suck
Vomit Pancakes - Dressed to Impress


23 November 2008

Re-ups & such

Checking back through my older posts, I found a few new comments that I need to address.

Johnthepunk - Thanks for letting me know about the Tape-Beatles links. Bestsharing is no more & those links were dead. I have re-upped both parts & also added the bands album The Grand Delusion.

Anonymous - Thanks for the heads up about the duplicate Pigbag track. I fixed the Pigbag link. Whoops!

Brooklyn Bill - Thanks for the comment about RootBoy. I added your Computers That Breathe blog to my links.

Anonymous - re Totempole. You are most welcome. Always glad to share the musick.

Thanks again to these & all.

19 November 2008

Honeymoon Killers

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded
08/31/2013. Enjoy, NØ. 

The Honeymoon Killers were a New York City band formed in the early 1980s by the multi-talented Jerry Teel. Though they are often lumped with bands such as Pussy Galore & other garage-y Noise bands, they never really achieved the success they rightly deserved. I was fortunate enough to have seen them several times live & I'm here to tell you they were the real deal. They began as a four-piece firmly rooted in the aesthetics of the splatter drive-in. Their sound is abrasive & primitive, kinda like The Cramps with less-commercial instincts & an even sicker sense of humor.

A partial list of Jerry Teels many projects:
1. was in the Sno-Caps on guitar with Lisa Wells on bass & Claire Slater on drums;
2. was in Huge Killer Ship on guitar with Claire Slater on bass & lead vocal ,Stephen Gullo on
drums, Stan Satin on saxophone, &Ted Parsons on drums (Ted went on to play with Prong);
3. was in Honeymoon Killers;
4. was in Boss Hog on guitar for the first two albums;
5. was in Chrome Cranks;
6. was in Little Porkchop;
7. was in Knoxville Girls;
8. has appeared with the Workdogs on a couple of songs & on one entire LP;
9. has appeared on the Cheater Slicks' fourth album;
10. has a studio called Funhouse, together with William Weber;
11. recorded/mixed/engineered/produced the first Dura-Delinquent album;
12. recorded/mixed/engineered/produced the 20 Miles 3x7";
13. recorded/mixed the 3-track debut-CD release by Lynnea;
14. appeared on harp on/produced a 7" by Spanish band Pretty Fuck Luck;
15. recorded the debut 7" & debut LP by Dan Melchior's Broke Revue;
16. recorded the 2nd 7" by The Starlite Desperation;
17. recorded the debut 12" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs;
18. appears on Spencer Dickinson's debut CD;
19. recorded, together with Peter Arsenault, the third album by 20 Miles;
20. is in Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers;
21. produced the Detonations' debut Static Vision CD;
22. appears on guitar on Rob K's The End Of The Earth CD;
23. was, as a one-off, in Bewitched.

Honeymoon Killers - Honeymoon Killers From Mars, Fur Records, 1984.
all decryption codes in comments

This first release from Honeymoon Killers was recorded in four-track horror fidelity beneath the Sixth Street Butcher Shop in NYC. Jerry Teel - guitar, Michael O'Neill - guitar, Lisa Wells - bass, & Claire Lawrence-Slater - drums. Graphics by Frankenjerry.

This Side -

Honeymoon Killers
Cornbread Fed
I Love to Eat
Rooms of Doom
Place in France

Other Side -

Ubangi Stomp
Cat People
Who Do You Love

Honeymoon Killers - Let It Breed , Fur Records, 1986.

After half of the band split, guitarist Jerry Teel & bassist Lisa recruited drummer Sally Edroso/Barry for Let It Breed, another crunching descent into tongue-in-cheek sonic warfare. Side A was recorded at Noise New York & engineered by the infamous Kramer. Side B was recorded at CBGB in such a way as to suggest the sound of a bottomless pit. This time the women share more of the vocal chores, chiming in with Jerry for a neat X/Cramps-like effect; they also exchange bass & drum chores on the brief "Zoo Train."

This Side -

Power Man
Injun Joe
Dr. Pain
Rich 'N' Famous
Dip it in the Gravey
Day of the Dead

That Side -

Zoo Train
Brain Dead Bird Brain
Face of a Beast
Don Gato

Honeymoon Killers - Hung Far Low, Fist Puppet/Cargo Records Fist 002, 1991.

Jerry Teel - guitar, vocals, & harmonica, Lisa Wells - bass, & from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Jon Spencer - guitar & trombone, & Russell Simins - drums, vocals, & bongo.
Red vinyl LP. Artwork by Jens Jurgenson.

Side A -

Mad Dog
Kansas City Milkman
Mr. Big Stuff
Vanna White (Goddess of Love)
You Can't Do That
Quittin' Time

Side B -

Devil's Jump
Tanks a Lot
Fannie Mae
Scootch Says
Something's Wrong
Madwoman Blues
Whole Lotta Crap


16 November 2008

Earhole Stuffer

Been filling my earholes with stuff I picked up recently from mp3 blogs around the Web. Here's a bit, in no particular order (except I started with the longest song title [& running time 10:41] first):

from Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun by Red Sparowes - Millions Starved & Became Skinnier & Skinnier While Our Leaders Became Fatter & Fatter

from Rubbed Out by Alexis Taylor - I Thought this Was Ours

from Harsh World by The Jack Brewere Band - Serpent of My Ways

from Another Orangutango flexidisc by Pigbag - Another Orangutango

from Microcastle by Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened

from DIY cd by Man is the Bastard - Lobotomize a Cop

from Turn Radio On by J.P. Massiera & Bernard Torelli - Radio Galaxia

from Goddess on a Hiway by Mercury Rev - I Only Have Eyes for You

from Squatter's Rights by Thin White Rope - Everybody's Been Burned

from Quick Culture by Quick Culture - Sister

From Lights Unfold by Beme Seed - Calling Peace on Earth

from Santa Dog by The Residents - Santa Dog '78,...er Santa Dog '78,...er Santa Dog '84,...er Santa Dog '88


14 November 2008

Hello America

By the Year 2030, the American continent had been abandoned. Its great cities were empty. On board the SS Apollo are the descendants of Americans who left their homeland when the economy collapsed. Now, nearly a century later, in 2114, an expedition from Europe reaches the Atlantic coast off what had once been Brooklyn... back cover notes


" 'There's gold, Wayne, gold dust everywhere! Wake up! The streets of America are paved with gold!'

Later, when they beached the SS Apollo against the derelict Cunard pier at the lower tip of Manhattan, Wayne would remember...

Annoyed with himself - already trembling with excitement like a child - Wayne looked out at the magnetic coast. An immense golden sheen lay over the Brooklyn shoreline, reflected from the silent quays & warehouses. The afternoon sun hung above the deserted Manhattan streets, adding its light to the glittering field above. For a moment Wayne almost believed that these long-silent avenues & expressways had carpeted themselves with the rarest treasures in preparation for just his visit.

Behind the Apollo was the massive span of the Verrazano Narrows suspension bridge, long familiar to Wayne from the ancient slides in the Geographical Society library in Dublin. He had gazed for hours at the photographs, as he had at a thousand other images of America, but he was unprepared for the spectacular size & mysterious form of the bridge. In some ways it had managed to exaggerate itself during that long century it had been forgotten by everyone else. Many of the vertical cables had snapped, & the huge copper-hued structure, covered with rust & verdigris, resembled a recumbent harp that had played its last song to the indifferent sea.

Wayne stared at the approaching city, again unable to reconcile the scene in front of him with the image of the Manhattan skyline he had day-dreamed over in the darkness of the library projection room. Dozens of towers rose through the afternoon light. Even at a distance of three miles the glass curtain-walling of these huge buildings glowed like bronze mirrors, as if the streets below them were stacked with bullion. Wayne could see the old Empire State Building, venerable patriarch of the city...& the 200-storey OPEC Tower which dominated Wall Street, its neon sign pointing towards Mecca. Together they formed the familiar skyline whose peaks & canyons Wayne knew by heart, & which now seemed transformed by this dream of gold...

Not one in a thousand Europeans of Wayne's age would have had the faintest idea what these scenic views represented. Sadly, Europe, Asia, & the rest of the world had long since lost interest in America. But clearly Captain Steiner had guessed that Wayne would recognise them...

'With luck you'll be seeing them soon. Tell me, Wayne, from where in the United States did your family originally come?' He glanced at Wayne's long-boned figure, child-like straw hair. 'Kansas, the Midwest somewhere? You look like a Texan...'

'New England!' Wayne lied before stopping himself. 'Jamestown. My great-grandfather ran a hardware store.'

'Jamestown?' Steiner nodded sagely, careful not to smile as he beckoned Wayne to the door. 'Well, you're going back to the beginning, all right. Perhaps you'll start everything up again, Wayne. You could even be President. From stowaway to the White House, stranger things have happened.' He gazed thoughtfully at Wayne, his shrewd, navigator's face almost serious, set in a curious expression Wayne was to remember for ever.

'Think, Wayne - the forty-fifth President of the United States...' "

by JG Ballard, Hello America, Chapter 1 "The Golden Coast", Triad / Panther Books, 1983.


12 November 2008

Time for a Little Something...

This one goes out to Jeffen, not because he requested it, but because he commented positively the last time I posted some Cringer. These East Bay punks kick out delightfully tuneful hardcore. Great production, great lyrics, great music. Simply put, great! Possibly their best release. "Signals" is particularly tastee!

Cringer - Time for a Little Something... , Vinyl Communications VC-23, 1991.

Title Side:
Triangle Pt 2
Cartoon Side:

11 November 2008


UPDATE: This post has been re-uploaded 04/30/2015. Enjoy, NØ!

The cover photo is a curandero from the Vaupes region of Colombia.

I know more now than I did here at the time. Yage is the fictional pseudonym of Brian Dougans & Garry Cobain from FSOL. Often credited as the "engineer" on FSOL releases. "The Yage Letters" is the fourth track from the 2008s The Woodlands of Old
I decided to add the track "Yage" from The Future Sound of London's 1996 release Dead Cities as well.

Panama clung to our bodies---Probably cut---Anything made this dream---It has consumed the customers of fossil orgasm---Ran into my old friend Jones---So badly off, forgotten, coughing in 1920 movie---Vaudeville voices hustle sick dawn breath on bed service---Idiot Mambo spattered backwards---I nearly suffocated trying on the boy's breath---That's Panama---Nitrous flesh swept out by your voice & end of receiving set---Brain eating birds patrol the low frequency brain waves---Post card waiting forgotten civilians '& they are all on jelly fish, Meester---Panama photo shop---Dead post card of junk'

Sad hand down backward time track---
Genital pawn ticket peeled his stale
Brief boy on screen laughing my skivies all the way down---
Whispers of dark street in Puerto Assis---Meester smiles through the village wastrel---Orgasm siphoned back telegram: 'Johnny pants down'.---(That stale summer dawn smell in the garage---Vines twisting through steel---Bare feet in dog's excrement.)

Panama clung to our bodies from Las Palmas to David on camphor sweet smells of cooking paregoric---Burned down the republic---The druggist no glot clom Fliday---Panama mirrors of 1910 under seal in any drug store---He threw in the towel, morning light on cold coffee---

Junk kept nagging me: 'Lushed in East St Louis, I knew you'd come scraping bone---Once a junky always spongy & rotten---I knew your life---Junk sick four days there.'

Stale breakfast table---Little cat smile---Pain & death smell of his sickness in the room with me---Three souvenir shots of Panama city---Old friend came & stayed all day---Face eaten by 'I need more'---I have noticed this in the New World---'You come with me, Meester?'

& Joselito moved in at Las Playas during the essentials---Stuck in this place---Iridescent lagoons, swamp delta, gas flares---Bubbles of coal gas still be saying 'A ver, Luckees!' a hundred years from now---A rotting teak wood balcony propped up by Ecuador.

'The brujo began crooning a special case---It was like going under ether into the eyes of a shrunken head---Numb, covered with layers of cotton---Don't know if you got my last hints trying to break out of this numb dizziness with Chinese characters---All I want is out of here---Hurry up please---Took possession of me---How many plots have made a botanical expedition like this before they could take place?---Scenic railways---I am dying cross wine dizziness---I was saying over & over "Shifted commissions where the awning flaps" Flashes in front of your eyes your voice & end of the line'

That whinning Panama clung to our bodies---I went into Chico's Bar on mouldy pawn ticket, waiting in 1920 movie for a rum coke---Nitrous flesh under this honky tonk swept out by your voice: 'Driving Nails In My Coffin'---Brain eating birds patrol 'Your Cheating Heart'---Dead post card waiting a place forgotten---Light concussion of 1920 movie---Casual adolescent had undergone special G.I. processing---Evening on the boy's naked flesh---Kept trying to touch in sleep---'Old photographer trick wait for Johnny---Here goes Mexican cemetery.' On the sea wall met a boy with red & white striped T shirt---P.G. town in the purple twilight---The boy pealed off his stale underwear scraping erection---Warm rain on the iron roof---Under the ceiling fan stood naked on bed service---Bodies touched electric film, contact sparks tingled---Fan whiffs of young hard on washing adolescent T shirt---The blood smells drowned voices & end of line---That's Panama---Sad movie drifting in islands of rubbish, black lagoons & fish people waiting a place forgotten---Fossil honky tonk swept out by a ceiling fan---Old photographer trick tuned them out.

'I am dying, Meester?'

Flashes in front of my eyes naked & sullen---Rotten dawn wind in sleep---Death rot on Panama photo where the awning flaps.

from The Yage Letters, William S. Burroughs

09 November 2008

Bill Nelson Deluxe

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/24/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

"Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape", "Axe Victim", "No Trains to Heaven"...whether in Be Bop Deluxe, Red Noise, or solo performances, I have always considered Bill Nelson a consummate musickian, who creates aural landscapes of unbelievable beauty, undeniable life, & often unappreciated depth. Here is some of his musick for your listening pleasure:

Bill Nelson - Sounding the Ritual Echo (Atmospheres for Dreaming),
Enigma Records 7 73382-4, 1989.
all decryption codes for this post are in comments

"Sounding the Ritual Echo was recorded in the privacy of my own home on broken or faulty tape machines & speakers, each track possessing its own technological deformity. For this I offer no apology as the music owes its existence to a very personal & selfish obsession. As a direct result, some pieces will require a little patience.

This album, originally released in a limited edition in 1981 as a bonus album for Quit Dreaming & Get on the Beam , was the first in a series of purely instrumental albums issued by Cocteau Records from the archives of the Echo Observatory." - Bill Nelson

Side 1 -

The Ritual Echo
Near East
Emak Bakia
My Intricate Image
Endless Orchids
The Heat in the Room

Side 2 -

Another Willingly Opened Window
Vanishing Parades
Glass Fish
Cubical Domes
Ashes of Roses
The Shadow Garden

Bill Nelson - The Summer Of God's Piano,
Enigma Records 7 73376-2, 1989.

Written, composed, & played by Bill Nelson. Originally released as part of the Trial by Intimacy boxed set in 1984.

Side 1 -

Antennae Two
Transmission (N.B.C. 97293)
The Sleep of Hollywood
The Celestial Bridegroom
Under the Red Arch
Orient Pearl
Falling Blossoms
The Difficulty of Being
The Chinese Nightingale

Side 2 -

Soon September (Another Enchantment)
Rural Shires
Perfidio Incanto
The Lost Years
The Charm of Transit
Night Thoughts (Twilight Radio)
Realm of Dusk
Over Ocean

Bill Nelson - A Catalogue of Obsessions, Enigma Records 7 73379-4, 1989.

Written, composed, & played by Bill Nelson. Originally released as part of the Trial by Intimacy boxed set in 1984.

Side 1 -

Sex Party Six
Wider Windows for the Walls of the World
Time in Tokyo
Happily Addicted to You
Snakes with Wings
The Boy Pilots of Bangkok
Birds in Two Hemispheres
Windmills in a World Without Wind

Side 2 -

Love's First Kiss
Initiation of the Heart's Desire
Edge of Tears
Test of Affection
Words Across Tables
A Promise of Perfume
This Dangerous Age
The Glass Breakfast
Talk Technique
The Last Summer for Dancing
View from a Balcony

Bill Nelson - Savage Gestures for Charms Sake,
Enigma Records 7 73373-4, 1989.

Produced, & all instruments by Bill Nelson except saxophone on "The Man in the Rexine Suit" by Ian Nelson.

Side 1 -

The Man in the Rexine Suit
Watching My Dream Boat Go Down in Flames
The Meat Room

Side 2 -

Another Happy Thought (Carved for Ever in Your Cortex)
Portrait of Jan with Moon & Stars

Bill Nelson - Map Of Dreams, Enigma Records 7 73389-4, 1989.

Composed, performed & produced by Bill Nelson. Recorded at the Echo Observatory, Yorkshire. Music from the soundtrack of the TV Series.

Side 1 -

Legions of the Endless Night
Spinning Creatures
At the Gates of the Singing Garden
Heavenly Message Number One
Heavenly Message Number Two
Heavenly Message Number Three
Fellini's Picnic
Dark Angel
Infernal Regions
Dance of the Fragrant Woman

Side 2 -

The Alchemy of Ecstacy
Aphrodite Adorned
The Wheel of Fortune & the Hand of Fate
Forked Tongues, Mixed Blessings
Another Tricky Mission for the Celestial Pilot
Water of Life (Transfiguration)

Bill Nelson - The Two-fold Aspect of Everything, Cocteau Records JC 10, 1984.

Record One subtitled "Eaux d'Artifice" is a collection of remixes, obscure B-sides & rarities never before presented in album form.

Side A -

The Best that Can't Go Wrong
White Sound
Living in My Limousine (Remix)
Eros Arriving (Single Version)
Hope for the Heartbeat (Remix)
The Passion

Side B -

Ideal Homes
Instantly Yours
Atom Man Loves Radium Girl
Mr. Magnetism Himself
The Burning Question
Haunting in My Head
He & Sleep Were Brothers

Record Two subtitled "Confessions of a Four Track Mind" is made up of domestically recorded four-track demo tapes which due to lack of time were never developed further.

Side C -

Connie Buys a Kodak
Be My Dynamo
Touch & Glow
Love Without Fear
Dada Guitare
Turn to Fiction

Side D -

Rooms with Brittle Views
Love in the Abstract
Daily Bells
Hers is a Lush Situation
When the Birds Return
All My Wives Were Iron

Bill Nelson's Orchestra Arcana - Iconography,
Cocteau Records JC 18, 1986.

Conceived, arranged & produced by Bill Nelson. Recorded at the Echo Observatory, Yorkshire. Released under the name Bill Nelson's Orchestra Arcana because of his contract with CBS at the time.

Side A -

Christ Via Wires
Clock Conscious
I Wonder
Eastern Electric
Search & Listen
News from Nowhere
One Man's Fetish is Another Man's Faith

Side B -

Right, then Left
The Gods Speak
Life Class
Alter Natives
Sex, Psyche, Etcetera

Bill Nelson's Orchestra Arcana - Optimism, Cocteau Records JC21, 1988.

Written, recorded, produced by Bill Nelson.
Recorded at the Echo Observatory, Yorkshire.

Side A -

Exactly the Way You Want It
Why Be Lonely
Everday is a Better Day
The Receiver & The Fountain Pen
Welcome Home, Mr. Kane
This is True
Greeting a New Day
The Breath in My Father's Saxophone

Side B -

Our Lady of Apparitions
The Whole City Between Us
Deva Dance
Always Looking Forward to Tomorrow
World thru' Fast Car Window
Profiles, Hearts, Stars
Daughter of Dream Come True


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