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18 March 2021

On the Move - Temporary Closure


Closing down the rodeo for a couple months. Relocating back to the right coast, to my natal native soil of Penns Woods. I’ll check in occasionally & try to address any issues, but I'm leaving you with this.


Some flicks, TeeVee, & books to fill in your time 'til I return. My tastes in other forms of entertainment may seem as outré as my taste in music, but give 'em a try if you know 'em or not. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I'll be back...

Jeff Beal – Carnivàle OST, Varèse Sarabande 302 066 627 2, 2004.
all decryption codes in comments

Carnivàle (Ben's Theme)
Dora Mae's Funeral    
Carnivàle Main Title Theme
Meet Samson, Ben's Dream
Justin at Mr. Chin's (Justin's Theme)    
His Name Was Michael
Storm's Coming    
Ben Heals the Girl
Rita Sue & Jonesy
Lodz & Ben    
The Carnivàle Convoy    
We Can Be Saved
The Mark of the Beast
The Silent Film    
Fix Up Dora Mae
Black Blizzard    
Ben Heals Kerrigan    
Justin Calls Iris    
Management's Advice    
You're the One    
The Russian Front    
Ben Searches the Templar Hall    
Sofie Reads the Cards for Ben    
Lodz & Management Plot
Lucky to Have Jonesy (Sofie's Theme)


Jay Chattaway - Maniac OST, Varèse Sarabande – STV 81143, 1981.

Side 1 -
Maniac Theme (Main titles)
Apocalypse N.Y.
On the Beach
Hooker's Heartbeat
A Little Knife Music
Inner Voices
Maniac Strikes Again

Side 2 -
Window Shopping
Subway Terror
Goodbye Rita
Cemetery Chase
Cry for Mother
Mannequin's Revenge
Maniac's Theme (End titles)


This is a soundtrack to Greil Marcus' book  Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century (1989), originally published in the US by Harvard University Press. I've included the book as .txt & .pdf as well.

Various - Lipstick Traces, Rough Trade R2902, 1993.

A Boring Life - The Slits
It’s Too Soon to Know - The Orioles
L'Amiral Cherche une Maison À Louer - Trio Exvoco
Roadrunner - Jonathan Richman
Hurlements en Faveur de Sade (excerpts from soundtrack) - Guy Debord
Ambience - The Roxy, London
Instrumentation Verbale (Face 2) - Jean-Louis Brau
Boredom - Buzzcocks
One Chord Wonders - The Adverts
Phonème BBB - Raoul Hausmann
At Home He's a Tourist - Gang of Four
Gary Gilmore's Eyes - The Adverts
U (Angry side) - Kleenex
Critique de la Séparation (excerpt from soundtrack) - Guy Debord
Stage Talk, Roadhouse, London, Sept.23, 1976 - The Clash
Never Been in a Riot - Mekons
Split - LiLiPUT
Röhrenhose-Rokoko-Neger-Rhythmus - Roman Bunka, Holger Czukay, & Raymond Federman
Wake Up - Essential Logic
You (Friendly side) - Kleenex
Mégapneumies, 24 Mars 1963 (Face 1) - Gil J. Wolman
In Love - The Raincoats
Hurlements En Faveur De Sade (excerpt from soundtrack) - Guy Debord
Karawane - Marie Osmond
I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground - Bascam Lamar Lunsford
The Building - Mekons
Lipstick Traces (on a Cigarette)- Benny Spellman

Henry Mancini - Music from "Mr. Lucky", RCA Victor LSP-2198, 1960;

Side 1 -
Mr. Lucky
My Friend Andamo
March of the Cue Balls
Lightly Latin

Side 2 -
Floating Pad
One Eyed Cat
Night Flower
Chime Time
Blue Satin
That's It & That's All

The Lions & the Cucumber    
Psycho Contact - Part One    
There is No Satisfaction    
Psycho Contact - Part Two    
The Message    
Psycho Contact - Part Three    
Ghosts or Good & Bad Onions    
Psycho Contact - Part Four    
Countdown to Nowhere    
Psycho Contact - Part Five    
Droge Cx 9    
Dedicated to Love    
People's Playground - Version A    
We Don't Care    
People's Playground - Version B    
The Ballad of a Fair Singer    
People's Playground - Version C    
Kama Sutra    
People's Playground - Version D    
Shindai Lovers    
People's Playground - Version E    
The Six Wisdoms of Aspasia

Tracks 1 - 11 taken from the movie Vampyros Lesbos performed by The Vampires' Sound Incorporation & directed by Jess Franco in 1970. Tracks 12 - 24 taken from the movies Sie Tötete in Ekstase (She Killed in Ecstasy) 1970 & Der Teufel Kam aus Akasava (The Devil Came from Akasava) 1971 directed by Jess Franco.

Gene Page - Blacula, RCA Victor LSP-4806, 1972.

Side 1 -

Blacula (The Stalkwalk)
Heavy Changes
Run, Tina, Run!    
There He is Again
Main Chance

Side 2 -

Good to the Last Drop    
Blacula Strikes!
What the World Knows
I'm Gonna Catch You
Finding Love, Losing Love    
Wakeeli (Swahili Farewell)

Hunter S. Thompson - Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Magaritaville Records 314-524 309-2, 1996.

On the Road to Las Vegas... (voice – Hunter S. Thompson)
On the Road to Las Vegas...    
Strange Medicine in the Desert...    
Covering the Story...Ugliness & Failure    
A Night on the Town...Drug Frenzy at the Circus-Circus
Paranoid Terror...A Flashing Of Knives & Green Water
A Savage Invitation from the Police    
Aaww, Mama, Can This Really Be the End..Down & Out in Vegas with Amphetamine Psychosis Again
Another Day, Another Convertible & Another Hotel Full of Cops    
Savage Lucy
A Terrible Experience with Extremely Dangerous Drugs    
Getting Down to Business...Opening Day of the Drugs Convention    
Breakdown on Paradise Boulevard
Heavy Duty at the Airport...    
End of the Road...
Outro (voice – Hunter S. Thompson)

Narrated by Harry Dean Stanton with Maury Chaykn as Dr. Gonzo & Jim Jarmusch as Raoul Duke with a host of others.

Additional Music: "Sympathy For The Devil" recorded & mixed at House of Blues Studios;
"One Toke Over the Line" courtesy of Buddah Records by arrangement with RCA Special Projects; "Joy to the World" courtesy of MCA Records, Inc.; & "White Rabbit" courtesy of The RCA Records Label, a unit of BMG Entertainment.

Various - Gummo, London Records 422-828 927-2, 1997.

The Gold Torques of Ulaid - Absu
Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere - EyeHateGod    
D.W.S.O.B - The Electric Hellfire Club    
Gummo Love Theme    - Spazz
Schuld Uns'res Knöch'rigen Faltpferd's - Bethlehem    
Rundgang um die Transzendentale Saule der Singularitat    - Burzum
Equimanthorn    - Bathory
Smokin Husk - Dark Noerd    
Dragonaut - Sleep    
Matando Gueros 97 - Brujeria    
The Medicine Man - Namanax    
Hellish Blasphemy - Nifelheim    
Skin Peeler - Mortician    
Give the Human Devil His Due - Mystifier    
Mom's & Dad's Pussy - Destroy All Monsters
Verschleierte Irrelgiositat - Bethlehem
Suite No. 2 for Solo Cello in D Minor-Prelude - Mischa Maisky    
Some Grass - Sleep    
Jesus Loves Me - Rose Shephard & Ellen M. Smith

Mission: Impossible Main Title
        Suite from "The Contender"     
The Plot    
Sleeping Phelps    
        Suite from "Submarine"    
More Plot    
Mission: Impossible Theme    
        Suite From "The Killer"    
Bower Hotel    
Check Out Time    
The Trick    
        Suite From "Takeover"    
Signal Light    
Kate Thomas    
        Suite From "Underground"    
Tape Machine    
Good Job    
Mission: Impossible End Credit    
     from the original series, music by Lalo Schifrin
Mission: Impossible 88 Main Title    
        Suite From "The Plague"    
Tricky Ears    
This Is The Chase    
        Suite From "The Bayou"    
Croc Bait    
Not Worth It    
        Suite From "The Cattle King"    
Nice Boat    
Bait the Hook    
Hot Time    
I Guess It Is    
Freak Time    
Whacko Time    
        Suite From "Deadly Harvest"    
Melt Down    
        Suite From "Church Bells In Bogota"    
Ring Around The Finger
Mission: Impossible 88 End Credit    
     from the 1988 reboot, music by John E. Davis
An Interview With Peter Graves
Mission: Impossible Theme (The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lalo Schifrin)

Various – David Lynch's Inland Empire, David Lynch Music DLMC002, 2007.
Ghost of Love - David Lynch
Rabbits Theme - David Lynch
Colors of My Life - The Mantovani Orchestra
Woods Variation _ David Lynch
Three To Get Ready - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Klavier Konzert – Boguslaw Schaeffer
The Secrets of the Life Tree - Kroke
The Locomotion - Little Eva
Call from the Past - David Lynch
Als Jakob Erwachte - The National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Novelette Conclusion / Lisa
  a.  Novelette Conclusion (excerpt) - Antoni Wit & National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
  b.  Lisa (edit) - Jay P.Work, Joseph Altruda, & William McNeil
Mansion Theme - David Lynch
Walkin' on the Sky - David Lynch
Polish Night Music No.1 - David Lynch, Marek Zebrowski
Polish Poem - David Lynch & Chrysta Bell
Sinnerman (edit) - Nina Simone