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Slinging tuneage like some fried or otherwise soused short-order cook

20 March 2020

Hunker Down Dub, Now it’s On-U

Well, as of midnight last, "Shelter in Place" is now Cali state mandate.

However, I get to go to work nonetheless, out in the public, working in the pit of it all, the grocery stores. Providing my "essential service" putting out magazines...errrr...essential magazines (People, Cosmopolitan, National Enquirer, etc....you know the "essential" ones...really Essence is the only essential one).

But it's the weekend now. I'm hunkered down, lissenin' to musick...sick...sick, smoking some Kali weed.

The following might be 21st Century AHC, but get real, son...

Bonjo is still the man, Crocodile is still A Maxwell Sherwood, George Oban is still Ras Levi, King Cry Cry is still Prince Far I, & Skip is Skip.

...it doesn't really get any better than this.

African Head Charge - Voodoo of the Godsent, On-U Sound ON-UCD1015, 2011.
decryption code in comments

In "I" Head
The Best Way
Take Heed...& Smoke up Your Collyweed
Stoned Age Man
African Bredda
Mysterious Happenings
This & That & the Other
Badman Plan
Dobbyn Joins the Head Charge
God Willing


02 March 2020

Aunt Jemima's Flapjack Ninja Killers from Hell

20-20 Vision

"So Mr, Mr. DJ
Keep those records playin'
'Cause I'm a-havin' such a good time
Dancin' with my baby"

Many of my NSS friends have been hittin' me with emails..."What's up?" "You still out there?"

Life sometimes just creeps up on us all & makes us do other things.

This blogging shit is like a drug. I had to go cold turkey. Now the longer I'm away from it the less I need the fix, but every so often, in the hour of the wolf...

"The hour between night and dawn. The hour when most people die, when sleep is deepest, when nightmares are most real. It is the hour when the sleepless are haunted by their deepest fears, when ghost and demons are most powerful..."

I fear taking just this one hit...that's how it starts...

I'll probably be back...I'm not that strong...but for now...what I'm doing & what I'm dubbing.


Various - Welcome Home, NØ Comps, 2020

WH cd1 -

Having a Party - Sam Cooke
Strange Land - The Tear Garden
And Even If I Did - School of Language
Cosmic Slop (Moodyman mix) - Funkadelic
Teardrops on Roads - Jaya Prime
Heartbreak Hotel - Poptone
Divide & Rule - Coldcut & On-U Sound
Lady Day - Johnette Napolitano
Somewhere in the Nowhere - Chrysta Bell & David Lynch
Weight of the World - Witch Prophet
Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand) - The Shangri-Las
Strange World in My Mind - June Tyson & the Sun Ra Arkestra

WH cd2 -

Never Get Ahead - Bobby Conn
This is Not Normal - Negativeland
Time - User’s Atmosphere
Out of Your Mind - Dub Narcotic Sound System
Solitary Man - Kramer with Bill Frisell
Noctournquet - The Mars Volta
Days like This - The Pop Group
Fuck it Up - Dream City Film Club
I’m Not Satisfied - Public Image Ltd.
As the Rush Comes (Radio edit) - Motorcycle
Dying on the Vine - John Cale & Chris Spedding (live)
Rock & Roll Music - Tenpole Tudor


Dub Garden is a relatively new band from Thessaloniki, Greece playing musick that to me is Satori...Dub & Trip-Hop so sweetly blended.

Here Dub Garden is: Victoria - lyrics & vocals; Steve Dickins - guitar; & Katerina Deligianni -bass. Produced & dubbed by Ste Stergios.

Dub Garden - Doctor Wind, Studio 10, 2017.
all decryption codes in comments

Doctor Wind
Try More
Late Station
Eye Origins
Open Book
Dub Book

& here Dub Garden is: Victoria - vocals; Bill Raikopoulos - guitar; Dimitra Remidians - keyboards, synthesizer, samples; Marw - bass; Popovic - drums; & Amira Lacrima - backing vocals. Mixing, dubbing & FX by Mitsile.

Blues Morning
Just a Man
Find a Way
Let You Go

See ya later???