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30 May 2018

Cover that Fish

Karate - In the Fishtank, Konkurrent FISH 12 CD, 2005.
decryption code in comments

Strange Fruit (Billie Holiday cover)
The Only Minority (Minutemen cover)
Tears of Rage (Bob Dylan cover)
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs (Minutemen cover)
Need a Job (Beefeater cover)
This Ain’t no Picnic (Minutemen cover)
Colors (Minutemen cover)
A New Jerusalem (Mike Hollis cover)



decryption code in comments

Voiture en Rouge
Dog Song
Nervous Persian
A Taste of You & Me
Things Go on with Mistakes
Your Cave


Fish Yoyo

decryption code in comments

Bombay Brassière
Pills, Powders, & Passion Plays
Doffen Ah Um
Theme de Yoyo


21 May 2018

Big Number IX Fish, Luckily They Gave us X

decryption code in comments



Fishing in the Rain

decryption code in comments

Grün Grün
Near the Cross
Just a Little Rain
Dig a Hole in the Meadow


20 May 2018

Down by the River, Fishing with Neil

Low & Dirty Three - In the Fishtank,  Konkurrent fish 7, 2001.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -

I Hear...Goodnight
Down by the River (Neil Young cover)
Invitation Day

Side 2 -

When I Called Upon Your Seed


19 May 2018

Im a Ginary Fishtank

I wanted to interrupt the pescado parade here to mention the passing of Glenn Branca, but I'm so caught up in the whole look & process I've got going that I decided I'd just make an imaginary In the Fishtank: Glenn Branca. It’s really just Glenn’s Song’s ‘77 - ‘79.

Branca - In the Fishtank, Atavistic ALP43CD, 1995.
decryption code in comments

Don’t Let Me Stop You
My Relationship - The Static (Glenn, Barbara Ess, & Christine Hahn)

You Got Me
Fuck Yourself
TV Song
Glazened Idols - Theoretical Girls (Glenn, Jeff Lohn, Margaret DeWys, & Wharton Tiers)

May 13, 2018  R.I.P.,

14 May 2018

Catch & Repost Fishing

June of 44 - In the Fishtank, Konkurrent fish6, 1999.
decryption code in comments

Henry’s Revenge
Modern Hereditary Dance Steps
Every Free Day a Good Day
     (I’ve combined tracks 1 & 2 as a single track as well as given the broken cuts)


Slow but Steady Wins the Fish

decryption code in comments

The Lawn of the Limp
Pooh Song (Christopher Robin’s Nightbear)
Central Heating
Pleasure as Usual
Did You Comb?
Huge Hidden Spaces


Vier Bananenfisch

Snuff - In the Fishtank, Konkurrent fish4cd, 1998.
decryption code in comments

March of the Day
Pen Blywd Happus
No Tenemos Bananas
Vi Har Inge Bananer
C’mon Kids Let’s do the Head Bang
Wir Haben Keine Bananen


13 May 2018


The Tassilli Players - At The Cowshed, Konkurrent FISH 03, 1998.
decryption code in comments

Into the Grey Area
The Hempster Meets the Grim Reefer in Dub
The Wobbler
Uit Het Grijze Gebied


One Fish, Now Two Fish

guv’ner - In the Fishtank, Konkurrent fish no 2, 1997.
decryption code in comments

Concord Jets
Help Me (Joni Mitchell cover)
Now is Not the Time to Love You (for Unai)
Whose Eyes?
Jungle Bells
You Lie


Plunging Into the Fishtank, pt. 1

nomeansno - In the Fishtank, Konkurrent FISH1CD, 1997.
decryption code in comments

Would We be Alive
The River
You’re not One
Big Dick


11 May 2018

Here’s Johnny!!! (& June & J-Bob & Jane)

I started attacking the alphabet back in August 2015 when I realized it would be a good way to fix up inadequate musick I had serving their stretch in a HELL called "Musick that NEEDS Work" It A-ll began with American Taboo & Art Phag. By July of the following year I was up to the Mighty H post. By January 2017 I had got no further than Ikara Colt. Since then, zilch...

A lotta shit happened since then, as shit has a tendency to do. I burned down my storage drive & actually no longer have the folder "Musick that NEEDS Work" (although there is always much repair still to be done).

But the idea sprang up again as I was piecing this brute from Nashville together & I decided to give it another go..

all decryption codes in comments (as usual)

tracklist -

One Too Many Mornings
Good Ol' Mountain Dew
I Still Miss Someone
Careless Love
That's Alright Mama
Big River
Girl of the North Country
I Walk the Line
You are My Sunshine
Ring of Fire
Guess Things Happen that Way
Just a Closer Walk with Thee
Blue Yodel #1
Blue Yodel #5
recorded at Columbia Studios, Nashville, TN, USA - February 17th -18th, 1969.

I Threw it all Away
Living the Blues
Girl of the North Country
recorded for The Johnny Cash Show, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN May 1st, 1969.

Nashville Skyline Rag
I Threw it all Away
Peggy Day
Country Pie
Tonight I'll be Staying Here with You
special Nashville Skyline Quadraphonic Mixes.

One Too Many Mornings
One Twoo Many Mornings
unknown source - not on all bootleg versions.

June of 44 was an American rock band which was formed in 1994 from ex-members of Rodan, Lungfish, Rex, & Hoover. The band's name refers to the period during which writers Henry Miller & Anaïs Nin corresponded. Their song relate directly or indirectly to Miller.

In the Fishtank is an ongoing project of Konkurrent, an independent music distributor in the Netherlands. In this project, Konkurrent invites one or two bands to record & gives them two days studio time. The first four albums were recorded by individual bands, but eight of the last ten releases were the result of two bands (three in one case) teaming up to record. The Ex is so far the only band to appear on more than one album in the series.

The following is a list of all the In the Fishtank releases:
    In the Fishtank 1 – Nomeansno
    In the Fishtank 2 – Guv'ner
    In the Fishtank 3 – Tassilli Players
    In the Fishtank 4 – Snuff
    In the Fishtank 5 – Tortoise and The Ex
    In the Fishtank 6 – June of 44
    In the Fishtank 7 – Low and Dirty Three
    In the Fishtank 8 – Willard Grant Conspiracy and Telefunk
    In the Fishtank 9 – Sonic Youth, Instant Composers Pool, and The Ex
    In the Fishtank 10 – Motorpsycho and Jaga Jazzist Horns
    In the Fishtank 11 – The Black Heart Procession and Solbakken
    In the Fishtank 12 – Karate
    In the Fishtank 13 – Solex and M.A.E.
    In the Fishtank 14 – Isis and Aereogramme
    In the Fishtank 15 – Sparklehorse and Fennesz

June of 44 -  In the Fishtank 6, Konkurrent fish6, 1999.

Henry’s Revenge
Modern Hereditary Dance Steps
Every Free Day a Good Day
(I’ve combined tracks 1 & 2 as a single track as well as given the broken cuts)

Recorded live at The Roxy in LA, some of the earliest product by Perry, Dave, & crew.

Jane’s Addiction - self-titled live, Triple X Records 51004-2, 1988.

Trip Away
Pigs in Zen
I Would for You
My Time
Jane Says
Rock ‘n’ Roll
Chip Away

My mind goes round & round.
Sometimes it even gets back to somethin’,
NØ Sez.