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09 December 2018

Ultima Yule

Kung Fu Christmas is my all-time favorite Holiday song. I have posted it before, but this is the Ultimate Director’s Cut.

Enjoy & hasta lumbago.

The Dub before White X-mas

Present Arms in Dub was released by UB40 in October 1981. The album contains eight Dub versions of original tracks from Present Arms. The album was the first Dub music album to hit the UK top 40 charts. UB40 must have been listening to a lot of Lee Perry or smoking a lot of herb (maybe both) when they recorded this one. No vocals, no traditional song structures, just lots of echo-laden synth effects with awesome heavy Dub drum & bass.

White Dub for a white X-mas.

UB40 - Present Arms in Dub, DEP International LP DEP2, 1981.
decryption code in comments

Present Arms In Dub
Smoke It
B Line
Kings Row
Return of Dr X
Walk Out\
One in Ten
Neon Haze
hidden track

The song "Neon Haze" ends at 4:02. At minute 4:06 a hidden track begins: it's an industrial noise that closes the album. I have presented it as a separate track.