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26 August 2018

The Return of the (God)DubHead

By 2004 when Shake the Nation: A New Breed of Dub was released, Dubhead had already shot their load, IMO. They only pulled together 15 tracks as opposed to the 16 tracks they offered on the first three New Breed comps.

Most of their A-team Dubsters were MIA, having gone on to various other labels or projects: Nick Manasseh & Etherealites - Roots Garden; Ryan Moore (Twilight Circus) - Twilight Circus Dub Sound System; Centry, Music Family, Bush Chemists, Singer Blue, King General,  (all under the wing of the fantastic Dougie ‘Conscious’ Wardrop - East meets West, Hydroponics, The Dub Specialists) - Conscious Sound; Hi Tech Roots Dynamics (teamed with Martin Campbell) - Log On! & Channel One (UK); Mungos Hi-Fi - Scotch Bonnet; & Zion Train - Universal Egg.

These following Soundclash Sessions are from the more fertile 1999/2000 period with a healthy dose of the above mentioned artists. I’ll feature some of the individual acts in the next post. Since I’ve already touched on some of the sweet sounds of Conscious Sound, Roots Garden, & Twilight Circus, I’ll try to offer some less well known but equally righteous musick. But for now, my final Dudhead compilation.

Various - Dubhead Soundclash Series Session One, Dubhead DBHD 012CD, 1999.
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Shaka Dub Plate - Twilight Circus
Jah Come - Messenjah
Get Conscious - Bush Chemists
Top Line Special - The I-Tones
Rejection (Festival mix) - Iration Steppas
Silence - Dub Specialist
Kik Loop 16 - Twilight Circus
Give a Helping Dub - Messenjah
Live Up - Bush Chemists
De Jah Vu - The I-Tones
Tribesman Dub (Dubplate Dub Dat mix) - Iration Steppas
My Thang - Dub Specialists

Spirals of Dub - Urban Dub
Bitch Licks - Mad Professor
Sea Otter - Zion Train
Barking up the Wrong Tree (Bullseye mix) - The Love Grocer
Ahisma - Vibronics
Skenga Dubwise 3 - Manasseh
Everywhere I Go - Urban Dub
Jaffa Dub - Mad Professor
Trancedub 3 - Zion Train
Gure Ametsa - The Love Grocer
Samsara - Vibronics
Underground Dub - Manasseh


19 August 2018

36 Chambers Nike Dunk High

I have two more releases from Dubhead (Soundclash Series 1 & 2) & all the Dububerflow from those postings (All Nation Rockers, The Love Grocer, Etherealites & three more), but this just happened to come up.

Guess that pungent aroma is Morcheeba wafting on the breeze. Aid00 over at Welcome to Wherever You Are blog just posted several Morcheeba items.

 A few years back, I posted up Morcheeba’s Part of the Process. That posting got a big response (even two heads-up from Brotherhood of Dub OGs Ib & Jonder, both non-triphoppers) & one commenter hinted at more...well...cheeba as well as a request for Sneaker Pimps Becoming X. Sneaker Pimps are in my top ten trip-hop bands, but I felt at the time that Becoming was quite readily available elsewhere & so declined to follow up on the request. I briefly considered posting up Becoming RemiXed, but decided it was also around the interweb, so...

The other day I was reading an article about the Beastie Boys & their X-Large & sneaker love. The article used the term "sneaker pimp" to describe some nameless individual the Boys paid to dig for old-skool deadstock tennies. This leads full-circle back to Sneaker Pimps. According to Chris Corner (guitar, synthesizer, vocals), the band  took their name from said article.

Becoming X was SP's most popular release, due in large to the vocal stylings of Kelli Dayton. After the Becoming X tour, there was a parting of the ways between the boys (Corner, Howe, Pikering et. al) & Kelli. Splinter followed in 1999 & Bloodsport in 2001. Bloodsport has many of my favorite tracks, including the hyper-great "Loretta Young Silks".

Here is the album version of that song from Bloodsport, a trio of acoustic versions of other SP tunes, & the previously unreleased "Miami Counting".

Sneaker Pimps - Loretta Young Silks, Splinter Industries SP007CD, 2002.
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Loretta Young Silks (Album version)
Empathy Low (acoustic)
M'aidez (acoustic)
Loretta Young Silks (acoustic)
Miami Counting

When SP were putting the finishing touches on Becoming X, they were still in search of a female vocalist. In a bar in Birmingham, they heard the band The Lumieres, a proto-pixie-punk group.
Kelli Dayton was the singer, songwriter, & guitar player. They talked her into working with them & Becoming X was the result.

Here is an ultra-rare three-track seven inch single from The Lumieres.

Side A -
Cinder Hearts

Side B -
Starry Eyes
In the Blue (Special Murder Version)

Kelli Dayton has been using her father's last name Ali for her solo releases since leaving the Pimps. Here is her second solo release (I wanted to post this but couldn’t resist the super hot cover from Tigermouth above).

Kelli Ali - Psychic Cat, One Little Indian US OLI335, 2004.

Hot Lips
Psychic Cat
Home Honey I’m High
In Praise of Shadows
Graffiti Boy
Last Boy on Earth

Back to the Sneaker Pimps.

Here is the SP4 demos from 2004. This was originally given to a record label, only to be refused thus making it unreleased. It's initial name was Recall, but was altered to SP4. This rejected fourth album was released on the Sneaker Pimps website, back when it was functioning.

Sneaker Pimps - SP4, not on a label, 2004

First & Careless Rapture
This Will Make You Love Again
Song of Imaginary Beings
One Method
Ma Fille Concrete
Kiss & Swallow
Naked but Safe

Many of the songs on this album were reworked for the first two IAMX albums. Chris Corner was becoming X, now he is...I AM X he declares. Taken from Kiss & Swallow / The Alternative, IAMX's first two releases, the I am X versions of SP4 tunes (plus two bonus tracks).

This Will Make You Love Again
Song of Imaginary Beings - The Alternative

Kiss & Swallow
I Polaroids
Naked but Safe - Kiss & Swallow

Song of Imaginary Beings (instrumental)
Kiss & Swallow (Moonbootica mix)

Back in 2005/2006, a music player was found in a Russian bar, it contained seven tracks which were suspected to be from the Sneaker Pimps. The tracks circulated the web for years with uncertainty, but several years ago, Liam Howe (keyboards) confirmed that they are indeed SP tunes. Howe referred to them as The Magnificent Seven. The vocalist on the tracks remains unknown. Here is the mp3 rip of the album.

Sun Ate the Moon
The Shutdown
Girl in a Box


11 August 2018

All Shook Up

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Impact - The Dub Project
Cunjamal - Urban Dub featuring Fairshare Unity Sound
Jah Will Never Let I Down Dub - Sir Larsie I
Dinosaur - Vibronics
Circle Dub - Brain Damage
Revelations Dub - Iration Steppas
Everyone Dub - SISM-X
Centipede - Infantry Rockers
Burn Baby Burn - Dubphonic
Blessed & Dubbed - Sound Imperium
Roots Exotica - Trial Production
Temptation Island Dub - AB-10
Rockers Delight - Nucleus Roots
Spiritual Dub - Jah Warrior
Dub is What We Need - Twilight Circus Dub Sound System


04 August 2018

Nothin' 2 C Here, Keep Moving

Various - A New Breed of Dub Issue Three, Dubhead DBHD 025CD, 2002.
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The Truth Dub - Mungo’s Hi-Fi featuring Brother Culture
Under the Stars - Lover Grocer
Keep Moving Dub - Twilight Circus
Hard Time Pressure in a Babylon - Iration Steppas
Space Station Zion - Dubclash
Backs Against the Wall - Bush Chemists
Embers - Etherealites
Big Foot - Urban Dub
Skadroponics Dub - Hydroponics
Wickedness Version - Mungo’s Hi-Fi featuring Brother Culture
Firing the Phasers - Music Family
Trance Dub 3 - Zion Train
My Sound - Hydroponics & Singer Blue
Push Harder - Goldmaster Allstars
Set a New Course - Dubclash
A Little Version - Love Grocer featuring Cheshire Cat