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13 July 2019

Vaping on a Wave

They have these clandestine farmer’s markets around the area. You can get pretty much whatever turns yer crank & with out all the (yes) sir...er...charges. Been getting these full gram cartridges for $10 USD. Right now my poison is Green Crack live extract with Granny Smith terpenes.

Phenomenal elevation, my friends.

Hey, here's an idea. How about listening to some vaporwave!?!?!?

Vaporwave is a micro-genre of electronic music that emerged in the early 2010s. The style is defined by its appropriation of 1980s & 1990s mood music styles such as smooth jazz, elevator music, R&B, & lounge music. The vaporwave artists typically sample or manipulate tracks via chopped & screwed techniques along with a multitude of other effects.

The vaporwave adherents seem to possess an ambiguous satirical take on consumer capitalism & pop culture. They often tend toward a nostalgic or surrealist engagement with the popular entertainment, technology, & advertising of previous decades. It also incorporates early Internet imagery, late 1990s web design, glitch art, anime, 3D-rendered objects, & cyberpunk tropes in its cover artwork or music videos.

All thanks to 骨架的; (Skeleton)  for bringing a vision to this visceral visible exhalation, this fog, this mist, this steam, this smoke, or noxious gas, all diffused through or suspended in the air...responsible for the familiar processes of cloud formation & condensation...employed to carry out the physical processes of distillation & headspace extraction from a liquid sample.

Various - Vaping on a Wave, NØ Comps, 2019.
all decryption codes in comments

Eccojam A1 - Chuck Person
Smoke - Skeleton
Press Stop Immediately - SAINT PEPSI
Sleep 1 - Skeleton
Talk About It (SAINT PEPSI remix) - Erik Hassle
Silky Sheets - Skeleton
Alm Trees, Wi-Fi--Dream Sushi - James Ferraro
Once Again - Skeleton
Vagabong - SAINT PEPSI
Yeah - Skeleton
Eccojam B3 - Chuck Person
Stay with Me - SAINT PEPSI
90s - Skeleton
Gin City featuring Taøers - SAINT PEPSI
Global Lunch - James Ferraro
Intrusions - Tim Heckler & Daniel Lopatin
Haircut 100 - SAINT PEPSI

There are several releases you might want to follow up with if the Vapors have taken you. Ramona Xavier's (under the nom de musique Macintosh Plus) Floral Shoppe is considered by many as the blueprint for the genre.

Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe, Beer on the Rug BOTR009, 2011.

リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー
外ギン Aviation 

"PlunderCorporation+® would like to welcome you to an experience unlike any other.

Earth^2: An experience irresistible to the senses, where you can live out your wildest phantasies, and create entire realities from the most abstract of dreams.

Ev̶ery̢thi͏ng yơu co͡u̢ld ev̧er̸ wa̡n͟t̸."

Here's Bob!!!

final cigarette
groovy sundae
open wide the gates

Hit it then git it,


11 July 2019

Shut Up

Saw this 4th past, thought it fit in good here.

I was listening to Soul Jazz Records The World of Keith Haring compilation today.

Two song from Haring's fellow NYC artist/friend George Condo's David Thomas (of Pere Ubu) produced single by The Girls ( "Jeffrey, I Hear You" & "The Elephant Man" ). I had previously posted a very popular mega-post Separating the Boys from The Girls which dealt with a plethora of The Girls & The Girls related bands ( Hi-Sheriffs of Blue; Carney, Hild & Kramer; Cul de Sac; & Shut Up).

Shut Up was a crazy twisted synth punked outfit co-founded by The Girls vocalist, keyboard/ synthesizer wizard Robin Amos. At the time I posted StBfTG, I only had two tracks from their album Hell in a Handbasket. In the interim, I acquired the full album, so thought I'd do a little touch-up.

Liner note states, "A semi-articulate, unharmonious, dense, Non-Homogenious, Poly-rhythmic, Electro-acoustic, Psychedelic record".  Their rendition of "Hey Joe" is worth the price of admission here.

Shut Up is: Robin Amos - vocals & synthesizer; Glenn Jones - guitar; Gilda Brasch - syntesizer; & Gene Thompson - drums.

Shut Up - Hell in a Handbasket, Brasch Music BR101, 1985.
decryption code in comments

Side One -
All Alone *
Thalidomide ^
Stiff Birds
Every *
Pass from View

Side Two -
Hey Joe *
Looking at Dogs
Fear of Sounding Pretty

* Nathan Shapiro - bass
^ Gilda Brasch - vocals

Enjoy or shut up,

05 July 2019

Final Leg Leg Leg of the Elephant Walk Walk Walk

The final leg of this Elephant Table Album project begun October 7, 2017 (actually hatched from a post All the Usual Suspects six days prior & a fatal comment from one W. -).  It's been really enjoyable, just so many things get in the way or get their own way or...

( re-posted March 3, 2019 )

"When I started on October 7, & Other Galactic Funk I stated: 'that...I hope I can do the other three sides before my short attention span puts the kibosh to this plan. Well, at least, here's Side One..."  "

"I managed to post up the second side the next day Elephant Round-up Side 2. Then my mind took a walk somewhere else. But like this Elephant thaang goin' on, I never forget, even if I wander off for a while."

"Finally, installment three of this crazy-ass project  (Back to the Round-up, March 3, 2019)  that I started October 1, 2017 when I posted The Elephant Table Album (a Compilation of Difficult Music). Then NSS regular W. commented: 'This is a rather fantastic collection of early works from some now well know electronic/experiemntal artists.' which led me to the idea of posting a full album by each band on all four sides of TETA."

Here we go with Final Leg Leg Leg of the Elephant Walk Walk Walk with these suspect devices:  Bourbonese Qualk; Sirius B; New 7th Music; We Be Echo; & Bushido...

Bourbonese Qualk - Laughing Afternoon, Recloose Organisation LOOSE 004, 1983.
all decryption codes in comments

Side 1 -
God with Us
Idiot Pain
Barcelona Telephone Exchange
Blood Orange Bargain Day
Behind Closed Doors

Side 2 -
Qualk Street
Hell with the Consequences
Building Jerusalem
Feast of Trumpets
Virgin Ears, Virgin Eyes
Spanner in the works
Mystery Dance

Side One -
Trauma of the Hunt

Side Two -
Is This the End?

New 7th Music - In a Dream cassette, ADN TAPES 19, 1985

Side A -
Live at the Richmond Brighton
In a Dream
Violin Phase

Side B -
The Bitter Humours of Fermenting Passion Flow
The Circle of Violence
Life Began from Here

we*be*echo - Ceza Evi C60 cassette, Cause For Concern CFC 023, 1983.

Side A (really 2)
Punish You
No Going Back
Death Row
A New Day
I'm a Gambler
It was You
Dirty Harry

Side 1 (really B)
Survivalists II
This Hour’s Mine
I Want
Got You
House of Punishment

Bushido - The Sands of Nakajima, Third Mind Records TMLP 10, 1984.

Side Sunrise -
She Had to Say Yes
Johnny Fez's South Mediterranean Blues (Moroccan Roll)
First Respects (for NS & BV)
Laugh, Clown, Laugh

Side Sunset
Among the Ruins
False Prophets = False Profits (Concrete mix)
San Sebastian
Black August - The Rape of Honour

Bushido - Deliverance, Third Mind Records TMLP 12, 1985.

Side One -
A Question of Identity

Side Two -
An Imperial Affair
High Rise
Question of Time

Walk that Elephant Table Walk, y’all.