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26 January 2014

No Flowers

Brilliant blues album by legendary Sonny Boy Williamson with a dream team of Brit legendary musicians like Jimmy Page, Brian Auger, Joe Harriot, Alan Skidmore & Mickey Waller.

Of the many obscure projects Jimmy Page was associated with prior to Led Zeppelin, one of the most notable was a studio session he recorded live alongside noted keyboardist Brian Auger & famed bluesman Sonny Boy Williamson. The session took place at IBC Studios on January 28, 1965. Those present at the session included, Jimmy Page on guitar, Brian Auger on organ, Ricky Brown on bass, Mickey Waller on drums along with Joe Harriot alto & Alan Skidmore tenor saxophones, & Sonny Boy taking up vocal & harmonica.

In an interview conducted by Mick Wall for the book "Blues: The British Connection" drummer Mickey Waller recalled the session itself, “We started at 10.00 am & it was all done by 1.00 pm. Also it was done completely live: there were no overdubs. We all sat in a circle & played. Sonny Boy got drunk & his erratic sense of timing gave them some trouble.”

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Side One –
Don’t Send Me No Flowers
I See a Man Downstairs
She Was Dumb
The Goat

Side Two –
Little Girl, How Old are You?
It’s a Bloody Life
Getting Out of Town



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  2. Thanks Nat for the listen

  3. Thanks, this sounds like a great mash up of swinging sixties London with claasic Chicago Blues!