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28 February 2021

This is Eddie’s House, Junior


Just got back from getting my first Covid vaccination.



Not really sure what I'm feeling about it all. It should mean somethin' but as usual, nothin'. It all seems so...kinda strange. With everything we've all been going through since early last year, perhaps I'm not really aware of how numb I've become. But it's more than that. It's like it's some...odd deja vu. Like I already saw this moment happening but I have no inkling of what comes next. But I ramble on...it's probably just the drug...been listening to "Death Letter" too much...

February 28



Always thought it weird that Black History Month was given February (yeah, Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglass' birthdays), the shortest month of all. Systemic racism or just my pessimism? Last day of the month, thought I'd post up all my leftovers. 

Incorporated Thang Band - Lifestyles of the Roach & Famous, Warner Bros 1-25617, 1988.
all decryption codes in comments

Side 1 -
Body Jackin'
Still Tight
Androgynous View

Side 2 -
Jack of All Trades
I'd Do Anything for You
What if the Girl Says Yes?

P-Funk spin-off - the Andre Foxxe connection.

Trey Lewd - Drop the Line, Reprise Records 9 26319-2, 1992.

I'll Be Good to You
Hoodlum who Ride
Duck & Cover (Nuclear Butt-Bomb Booty Bang Bang)
Yank My Doodle
Nothing Comes to a Sleeper but a Dream
Wipe of the Week
Drop the Line
Man of All Seasons
The Next Thing You Know (We'll Be)
Squeeze Toy

Andre Foxxe, Trey Stone, &  Tracey Lewis (son of George Clinton & Tamala Lewis) connection.

Black Nasty - Talking to the People, Enterprise ENS-1031, 1973.

Side One -
Talking to the People
I Must Be in Love
Nasty Soul
Getting Funky Round Here
Black Nasty Boogie

Side Two -
We're Doing Our Thing
I Have no Choice
It's Not the World
Rushin' Sea
Booger the Hooker

Mentored by Johnnie Mae Matthews, Black Nasty featured her son Artwell Matthews on drums & her daughter Audrey Matthews as a lead singer.

Side A -
Across 110th Street
Harlem Clavinette (instrumental)
If You Don't Want My Love
Hang on in There (instrumental)
Harlem Love Theme (instrumental)

Side B -
Across 110th Street (instrumental)
Do it Right
Hang on in There
If You Don't Want My Love (instrumental)
Across 110th Street Part II

More Bobby...you can never have too much Womack. Instrumentals by J.J. Johnson.

& wrapping things up, we mustn’t forget the Blues on Black History Month...

Son House - Father of the Delta Blues 2xCD, Columbia C2K 48867, 1992.

CD1 -

Death Letter
Louise McGhee
John the Revelator
Empire State Express
Preachin Blues
Grinnin' in Your Face
Levee Camp Moan

CD 2 -

Death Letter (alternate take)
Levee Camp Moan (alternate take)
Grinnin' in Your Face (alternate take)
John the Revelator (alternate take)
Preachin' Blue (alternate take)
President Kennedy (previously unreleased)
A Down the Staff (previously unreleased)
Motherless Children (previously unreleased)
Yonder Comes My Mother (previously unreleased)
Shake it & Break It (previously unreleased)
Pony Blues (previously unreleased)
Downhearted Blues (previously unreleased)

Eddie James House, Jr...from Riverton, Mississippi to Detroit, Michigan to the World.

Hopefully saving the most important lesson for last, hoping to make that lasting impression. 

Black history is American history. American history is Black history.



  1. Incorporated Thang
    Trey Lewd
    Black Nasty
    Bobby Womack
    Son House

  2. Glad to learn you've gotten the first vaccination. I hope to join you asap, and that we can all get the 2nd soonish. Your observations ring true to me. It's hard to know what or how to feel. That said, thank you for the ebruary BH observances. Perhaps I'm just naive, it's happened before, but I also look forward to a day when history includes everyone. I already does, but it's up to our society to insure it's ALL taught. good and bad, honorable and dishonorable.

  3. History is always such fiction, written & re-written by the latest societal variation. If we could just learn the news (not fake news, but actual events) without all the spin. The best history lessons I've ever learned were garnered from just getting to know people from all walks of life, all ethnicities, & hearing them share their lives & pasts. Thank you for the uplifting thoughts, rev.