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15 September 2007

Nothin' Sez Something Primal

Nathan Nothin' here...
This is my first ever post.
Just trying things out 'til I get the hang of this.
I edited a punk 'zine (the infamous EAT POOP!)
in inSane Jose, California thru the '90's
& early '00's.
I have loads of great local & international punk (mostly) musick
that I feel I ought to be sharing.
(I also have 1000's of vinyl records
[for those of you old enough to remember those]
that I'd like to get to posting).
I'm still involved in the music scene in northern Cali
so I have access to some fresh cuts as well
which I'll throw up
(he said throw up, yecch!)
from time to time.
First up, my good friend Stevie B's politico screamo/punk outfit
Statefaire Appocalypse's eponymous cd.
recorded late 1999, released early 2000.

Intro - Statefaire
Police State
La Mujer Que Sabe
Reality Oppression
False Consolence
Outro - Apocalypse

Enjoy, & if you do, let me know.


  1. Nathan,
    Thanx for the heads-up & posting.
    Those were the good ole daze.
    Things are good here in Portland.
    I'll drop you a line later

  2. great blog man...simply great