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02 April 2008

Nasal Sex

 UPDATE: This post was 
re-uploaded 08/27/2013.
Enjoy, NØ

Here's some good mid to fast tempo DIY punk. This one is from some friends of mine, the CENSORED Bros., Joe & Rocci, & their friend Andrew Sacco. They lived in Morgan Hill, CA. at the time I was living in San JoeHaze. They were featured in EAT POOP! 'zine & did a couple shows for us. As far as I know this is their only vinyl, although they had tapes for sale at their shows that helped pay for this record.

Nasal Sex are: Joe CENSORED - percussion, backing vocals, castanets, & corduroy slacks; Andrew Sacco - all guitars, vocals, tambourine, & kaleidoscope; Rocci CENSORED - bass, vocals, slide trombone, & pressure suit; Dave Svec - backing vocals; & Mr. Rocksonrocks - drum machine programming on "Pray for Rain". Recorded July 30,1987, December 30,1987, & November 26,1988 at Creative Sound Studios, San Jose, CA. Engineered by Dick Dias.

If you're not sure here, try starting with "Social Suicide" or "Blur". Then see what you think. The song styles are actually quite varied within their genre.

Nasal Sex - Golly (Shove a Baloney Sandwich Up Your Butt)
Deep Nostril/Circo 005, 1989.
decryption code in comments

Side 666 -

Skin Damage
Choke Chain
Social Suicide
True Minions of Satan
Tongue Tied
Billy Club

Side of Beef -

The Strength to Laugh
Pray for Rain
The Arms of America

Enjoy (I sure did),


  1. wow... cool... thanks for posting this stuff! Pretty good sound too...

    btw: our only other vinyl is a track of the MRR "Turn it Around" compilation of Gilman bands.

  2. Hi! I've found this record in a second hand-store. I didn't know what it was and I was curious because it looked cool and had good song-names. It was something of the best I've heard in my life I think! thanks for sharing the songs here!

    Fluffy_X (Joppe_the_ripper@hotmail.com)

  3. Amazing blog---much like every other music blog that posts these amazing out-of-print albums. Do you mind re-upping this stuff? Thanks so much in advance.

  4. The bassist8/7/09, 10:39 PM

    Found a handful (7) of original unopened lps. Anyone interested?

  5. To the bassist,
    I'll post an update this week-end with your comment. Watch there for interested parties. Thanks.
    (I already have a pristine copy to play & an unopened back-up, but others might be interested.(

  6. Hey friend, this album download has expired or something... reuploading is possible?


  7. to dedos.info,
    yes, re-uploading is possible. I will try to do it this weekend. Thanks for letting me know.

  8. thanks for the share...all i have is a cassette made for me..but could hardly play it..luv this album

  9. Ya if any lp is still available...I would like one

  10. roccicensored6/30/11, 11:36 AM

    all the lp's be gone, or spoken for. Sorry.

    PS: Nathan... know this is a total weiner move, but can you remove my last name from the page? all refs? this happens to be the number 1 google under my name now and... well... some employer not happy...

    you can totally ignore this... but at least I tried. Hear that people! I tried! this was like 20+ years ago, and the music was pretty good. the name... yes... juvenile and lame... but that's about all. Sheesh.

  11. to rocci,
    I did the best I could. I changed the last names of you & your brother. Your comment was under your name so I deleted it & changed that too, then re-posted the comment. Sorry if this caused you any problems. I don't blame you for wanting to hide such a sordid past.

  12. Yes this is a very cool LP I'm personal friends with Andrew Sacco. He gave me a original shrink wrapped copy of this for my birthday one year. Woo Hoo for me huh?

  13. MEGA decryption code