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26 March 2008

Soixante - Neuf

This post has been updated 06/07/2015. Read ADDED below:

Nash the Slash, who took his stage name from a murderous butler in a 1926 Laurel & Hardy movie (Do Detectives Think?), is the nom de guerre of singer/songwriter/musician Jeff Plewman. He made his auspicious debut in 1975. He wrote & performed the soundtrack to Un Chien Andalou, a 1929 silent film by Luis Bunuel at Toronto's Roxy Theatre on March 17 - a 15 minute short before the Rolling Stones' feature Gimme Shelter.

He later formed the three-piece progressive-electronic pop group FM with fellow Torontonians Cameron Hawkins & Martin Deller. They spent the better part of a year working on their debut, but BLACK NOISE wasn't released until 1979 when American Passport Records picked it up - over 2 full years after its completion. Despite the album going gold, the Canadian distributor (GRT Records) went broke, so distribution rights went to Capitol. By this point, FM had received nothing. Not until 1995, when FM re-issued the album on CD, did the band make any money from the sale of this record. To this day it sells very well on CD as one of Canada's top progressive-rock recordings, highlighted by the cult classic "Phasors On Stun".

He first donned his trademark body-bandages at a show at Toronto's The Edge - based on the near-disaster at the 3 Mile Island nuclear plant. He came out on the stage covered in green phosphorescent makeup shouting to the crowd "This is what happens!" By this time he had ventured out on his own & formed the independent label Cut-Throat Records. His first solo release was 1978's BEDSIDE COMPANION, a 4-song 12" EP of instrumental electronic music. His live theatrical shows had become infamous in the Toronto area, each based on a theme. Even his choice of instruments is unusual for the pop realm -preferring electric violins & mandolins to guitars.

The following year saw his second solo release - his first full length lp. DREAMS & NIGHTMARES was a collection of instrumental horror stories, destined to become another of Nash's trademarks. It sold over 12,000 copies in the first year - one of the most successful independent releases at that time. He opened up some shows for Devo, Pere Ubu & Elvis Costello, all the while gaining a reputation for his bizarre yet intriguing interpretations of the macabre.

He released a 7 minute twisted cover of Jan & Dean's "Dead Man's Curve" as his first ever single the next year - prior to his first tour of New York. This led to opening slots for the likes of XTC & Gary Numan for their North America tours. That summer he found himself on his most auspicious tour to date, on the same card as The Who in front of his hometown crowd at CNE Stadium. Though he offered to do the gig for free, he would end up being paid $125 - minimum union wage.

His next full album was 1981's DECOMPOSING. It was the first LP playable at any speed. DECOMPOSING gained rave reviews in Playboy magazine & The Village Voice.

1984 marked the unofficial reunion of Slash with FM cohorts Cameron Hawkins and Martin Deller. They collaberated with him on his most commercial record to date - AMERICAN BAND-AGES. A collection of re-workings of rock standards, it featured covers of Grand Funk's "We're An American Band", Joe South's "Hey Joe" and CCR's "Run Through The Jungle". Ironically, tho he'd been a solo artist for the better part of eight years at this point, he was nominated that year for a Juno for best new male vocalist - losing to eventual winner Alfie Zappacosta.

That same year, 1984, saw THE MILLION YEAR PICNIC. It contained some of Nash's greatest songs. "Swing Shift" has always been one of my favorite songs. The violin bridge before the final chorus is a simply sublime Pop Goes the Weasel, & you gotta love: 'Swing shift / soixante-neuf, tie her to a tree with a skipping rope'.

Nash the Slash - The Million Year Picnic, Ralph Records NS-8409, 1984.
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Side 1 -

The Million-Year Picnic
Swing Shift (Soixante-neuf)
Blind Windows / Countervail
Lost Lenore
Side 2 -

Dead Man's Curve
The Chase
Pilgrim's Lament
Life in Loch Ness



Jack Bone  recently asked if I could re-upload The Million Year Picnic. I have done so, but while I was at it I decided to post up a few other related items.

First is the Nash’s first band, Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s prog-rockers FM & their first release. After this Nash went on to his evocative solo career...

FM – Black Noise, Passport Records, 1978.

Side One –
Phasors on Stun
One O’Clock Tomorrow
Dialing for Dharma

Side Two –
Slaughter in Robot Village
Black Noise

Then a few other Nash the Slash gems I had lying around…

Nash the Slash – Bedside Companion, Cut-Throat Records CUT-1. 1978.

This Side –
Fever Dream

That Side –
Blind Windows
The Million Year Picnic

Nash the Slash – Dreams & Nightmares, Cut-Throat Records CUT-2, 1979.

Left Side –
The Chase
Un Chien Andalou

Right Side –
Blind Windows / Countervail
Moon Curse
Lost Lenore
‘Til Death Do Us Part

Nash the Slash – Children of the Night, Cut-Throat Records CUT-4, 1980.

Side One –
Dead Man’s Curve
Children of the Night
Deep Forest
In a Glass Eye

Side Two –
19th Nervous Breakdown
Swing Shift (Soixante-Neuf)
Dopes on the Water (Smoke on the Water)
Danger Zone

One of the most interesting releases from M. Slash, this instrumental composition is able to be played at any turntable speed (16, 33 1/3, 45, or 78rpms) & still be musically coherent (it was recorded at 45rpms). I’ve included all four speed versions.

Nash the Slash – Decomposing 12” mini-album, Cut-Throat Records CUR-5, 1981.

Side One –
The Calling
Life in Loch Ness

Side Two –
Pilgrim’s Lament

On May 10, 2014, Nash died at his home in Toronto at age 66, from a suspected heart attack.



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