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24 May 2008

Good Gawd Almighty

What can I say other than...Sun City Girls!

They sprang out of Arizona in 1982 & tackled every conceivable genre
of music & made it their own. They are truly one of a kind.

In February 2007, drummer Charles Gocher lost his long struggle with cancer & the Girls were no more.

In tribute, the remaining two-thirds, brothers Alan & Richard Bishop are performing as the Brothers Unconnected, doing acoustic renditions of Sun City Girls material this Tuesday night at the Gallery Horse Cow. The show opens with a 45-minute film of Gocher's video experiments followed by two sets of music.

I'm gonna be there!

In honor & memory, here is probably my favorite:

Sun City Girls - Midnight Cowboys from Ipanema, Amarillo AM-587, 1986,1994.
(since the tracks all kinda run together, I just ripped each side in its entirety.)

Side 1:
I've Done It All
Fly By Night
Achram, Slow That Speedboat Down
Midnight At The Oasis
Gary Had Sex
Sweet City Woman
I'm Gonna Die Tomorrow
Who's That Lady
Cook Ya Homos
Love Train
Caco Demons

Side 2:
Radar Love
Canadian Dave
Tell Me Something Good
Me And Mrs. Jones
Ha Ha

"Sun City Girls...
A Young & Inspired group of Young & inventive musicians get together in a Phoenix Studio & lay down 20 great songs on tape. Here is a group that could easily become a Top Attraction - quickly. Amarillo presents another great entertainment value."
I guess this came out on cd. in 1996, but since then Amarillo has gone out of business, so I'm not sure about the availability.

Brothers Unconnected



  1. Hi. Good to see that someone else is digging the "Girls". Awhile back, I posted a live Sun City Girls show and two Sir Richard Bishop shows on my blog Eclectic Grooves. I will check to make sure that the links are still working. Stop by and let me know what you think.

    Cheers, Kevin


  2. Hey Nathan! Thanks for your comment on Eclectic Grooves. I'm glad that you are digging the Ornette live show and the free jazz in general. I don't have labels for every post, so that's probably why the Sun City Girls and Sir Richard posts weren't searchable. I have posted the direct link for the Sir Richard Bishop shows and the Sun City Girls one below: Just copy and paste it into a new Internet Explorer window.



    I really dig your blog, and I am definitely interested in the Sun City Girls BU show. So I will keep checking your site for that. Are you interested in exchanging blog links with me?

    Take care, Kevin