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12 March 2009

More Pink Dots

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 12/07/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

"I think something must be wrong with me. I keep seeing Pink Dots."
"Have you seen a Doctor?"
"No, just Dots."

Because I was reminiscing about seeing LPD live, I posted their Live at... first, but I should really go back to the early days now. Most of their earlier material (Curses, Brighter Now, Basilisk,etc. which originally appeared in cassette format) have been re-released on cds. The earliest vinyl I have of LPD is Stone Circles (A Legendary Pink Dots Anthology) from 1987 put out on Play It Again Sam Records here in the U.S. It contains cuts from the above mentioned cassette releases as well as from other mid-80s fare (Lovers, The Tower, Asylum) plus a previously unreleased song "Gladiators Version Apocalypse" recorded in July 1987. This is a great starting point for the uninitiated as well as a treat for Dots fans.

Legendary Pink Dots - Stone Circles (A Legendary Pink Dots Anthology),
Play It Again Sam Records BIUS 1001, 1987.
decryption code in comments

Side One -
Love Puppets
Curious Guy
Black Zone
Hanging Gardens

Side Two -
Golden Dawn
Fifteen Flies in the Marmalade
Our Lady in Darkness
Gladiators Version Apocalypse

note - the last two minutes of "Hanging Gardens" is recorded backward, so I have included as a bonus track that section reversed or backward unmasked.



  1. hey nathan,
    i just stumbled upon your blog by fluke this evening after googling the zarkons. i think i could read it for hours! i'm amazed.

    anyways, i found some posts with aleister crowley records. i wouldn't want you to think i was some satan-freak or anything, but i haven't seen those ANYWHERE. i wish i could access them, but i don't think the link exists anymore.

    i'm new to the blog, but maybe you could re-post them or something? it's up to you i suppose.

    also, do you have any The Brood, girl band from 90s?

    keep doing your thang & thanks so much for putting out this blog.

  2. To New-to-the-Blog Anonymous,

    The links to the two Crowley discs are now working.

    You can get The Brood - Vendetta here & Hitsville here. I have In Spite of it All on vinyl in some box or another. I'll dig it out the first chance I get, rip it, upload it, & let you know.

    If you comment again, even if you don't have a google or blogger account, just leave a name at the end of the comments, real or otherwise, so I'll be able to tell you anonymous from some other anonymous anonymous. (I won't have to call you NttB Anonymous)

    Thanks for your kind words & hope you find much to enjoy. If you have other requests, well try me, that's all I can say.

  3. MEGA decryption code

  4. Heard of these guys , but never HEARD them til now thanx to you Nathan
    The Oldest Groover In Town [ OGIT ]