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07 March 2010

Soldier of Love

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 01/12/2014. Enjoy, NØ.

Trying to keep up with the latest musick while at the same time finding all the ancient nuggets is kinda hard. I tried to do my part this week-end by buying some new tuneage. Two acts that I always like have new musick out now after quite some time so among others I picked them up & was not at all disappointed. Massive Attack just released their latest Heligoland & I've been waiting since 2003's 100th Window for something new, although lately I've been listening mainly to Collected because it has a great cross-section of their material. I'll post something from it after I've given it a few more listens & figure which song to present.

The other new purchase that I'd really been waiting for was Soldier of Love by Sade. I have a huge crush on Ms. Adu. I should probably feature the title track as it is such a fantastic song with excellent vocals & tremendous guitar, but everyone has been slapping that up (since the single release...cover above). It is my humble opinion that Sade's voice has become increasingly potent as she has matured & now at times the thought that pops into my mind when I hear her singing is 'the female Leonard Cohen'. I mean that in the most positive of possible ways. After nearly continuous replays, I have decided to honor you all with "The Safest Place". decryption codes in comments



  1. Love Sade...she has honed her craft to a molecular edge at this point.

  2. to icastico,
    I thought she was great when I first heard her some twenty-five years ago. She has so eclipsed that stage now. She is a true diva. She has indeed 'honed her craft to a molecular edge'. I love that edge.

  3. How'd you like Heligoland, dude? I thought it was fantastic, in the running with Blue Lines as my favorite at the moment

  4. to Heve Stughes,
    I'm really liking it. My favorite is still Mezzanine, but this one is not too shabby. They kinda wander about style-wise on the first three tracks (I do like the Pere Ubu-like sound of the first track). From "Girl I Love" things settle in & pick from there & by "Rush Minute" they are in great form. I guess i-tunes offers a deluxe edition with six extra track. I'm looking for those now.

  5. Now this is excellent. I, too, have always had a hard on for Sade; in performance and production. This has gone unreported for too long now - in the famous manner of guilty secrets - but now solidarity dictates I fall out that particular closet and unburden myself.

    Heh. Viva!

  6. Heligoland
    The Safest Place