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19 May 2010

I think I'm Gonna Throw Up


At the time of this release, Pat Maley had run Yoyo Studios in Olympia, Washington for over eight years. His philosophy was that “good bands should be recorded regardless of their ability to pay” because he felt that most bands were at their best when they were new, poor, & still had something to prove. This album is a collection of what he considered to be some of the best recordings he had done at Yoyo.

From 1984 to 1990 Yoyo Studio recorded in a chicken coop & a barn on a ten acre farm in Olympia. In April 1990 they moved to the ABC House basement, then in July 1991 they moved once again to the Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia.

This material was recorded on a half inch eight track multi-track deck, a twelve by eight mixing board, & just enough microphones to record three piece bands properly. It was then mixed down to stereo on a DAT machine.

This copy is on green vinyl with a info insert. It varies from the CD re-release in that there are only 16 tracks here as opposed to 22 on the CD, & the order is different. Both start with Kicking Giant’s “Fuck the Rules” which is appropriate for this compilation.

Various Artists - Throw, the Yoyo Studio Compilation,
Yoyo Recordings YOYO-LP-01, 1992.
decryption code in comments

Side A:
Kicking Giant - Fuck the Rules
Bikini Kill - Candy
Gravel - Coming Down
Unwound - Stumbling Block
Al Larsen - Umbrellafication
Lumihoops - Roman Holiday
Mecca Normal - One More Safe
Burl - Hollowed Out Logs

Side B:
Some Velvet Sidewalk - Peel
Superchunk - Skip Steps One & Three
Glad - Pry
Courtney Love - Spray
Candice Peterson - After School Special
Oklahoma Scramble - Boy
Cannanes - Chia Pet
Heavens to Betsy - Baby‘s Gone



  1. Interesting. What eventually became of Yø-Yø ? Cuz I'm wondering why you would want to throw up.

    The label is a new one on me, as are most of the names. Although. I am getting DejaVu on some of them.

    I'm looking forward to listening to this.

    The thing with DivShare, apropos of who knows why such a tangent ? What started out as a nice Free hosting service turned out bloated the minute I opted to shell out for direct linking. Even the simplest function, like play counts, refused to work for me. By the time I switched to MF - a whole lot cheaper and infinitely more reliable - I had amassed so many files I let it ride.

    So. Finally I decided to pull the plug. The thing which bugged me no end is that they refuse to let you downgrade to the initial free service. Opt out of feeding the cash cow and the files are automatically deleted.

    I hit the cancel accountt button regardless. It was a relief to finally kill it.

    I got sick of all these would be litigators prowling through the back door. The sniffer dogs hot for links. I figure that if anybody seriously has a jones for one or two dead buttons on the virtual juke box they can pipe up.

    The Pat Maleys are few and far between. Now. I am guessing this story is somehow more entwined with Courtney Love than I can fathom.

  2. thanks for posting this. stoked on it so far.

  3. Some really good stuff on this. Unwound; Burl; Cannanes...

    A whole bunch of stuff. The guitar on Bikini Kill's Candy is great, too.

    Mostly, I'm amazed at how good CL's "Spray" is. I am not a fan of Hole and I don't approve of the hype. But. I'm impressed.

  4. NØ, Never saw this before - thanks for the 90's throwback!xoxo

  5. To ib,
    sorry about all the hassles. sometimes it's hardly worth it, then one gets comments like these. Thanks for the Ghosts.

    To josh,
    glad you're enjoying. I added a link to your button biz & will be contacting you to order some bottons.

    To Michelle,
    my belle, these are words that go together well.

  6. FYI, the "Courtney Love" on this compilation is a band featuring indie songstress Lois, and although is named after the person Courtney Love of Hole, is otherwise unrelated to her, and does not feature her.

  7. to anonymous,
    You are absolutely correct. Courtney Love was a short-lived 90s project out of Olympia,WA. featuring Lois Maffeo on guitar & vocals & Pat Maley (of Yoyo Studio) on drums. Thanks for the FYI. I thought everyone would figure that out from the song.

  8. ... And that explains why "Spray" is rather excellent. Given the 'real' Widow Twanky is seemingly possessed of a litigious bent, it's surprising every last copy escaped the bonfire.

  9. Thanks! The Yo-Yo Periscope comp is excellent, I'm eager to hear this.

  10. Any chance for re-uploading this?

    1. It is now re-upped.
      Thanks for the request & interest in this blog.
      The decryption code is below.

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  12. Thankyou!! love the yoyo a go go compilations if you have any others

  13. Any chance we can get another bump, please and thanks?

  14. If "another bump" means a re-up, the link is working fine. The MEGA decryption code is in the comment two above yours starting XwBy1o...
    Just cut & paste where prompted.

    If "another bump" means something else, then you'll have to explain to me what it is.