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05 September 2011

The Noble Theft of Sound

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 05/11/2014. Enjoy, NØ. I also added several other post Steel Pole Bath Tub releases by Dale 'Agent Nova' Flattum & Mike 'Bumblebee' Morasky that they released under the Milk Cult banner.

Agent Nova

I’ve posted musick by the great bizarro noise-rockers SteelPole BathTub here before, used to see them all the time in the late 80s/early 90s around San Francisco.

Experimental electronica outfit Novex was actually a spinoff group from SteelPole BathTub.

When the band moved over to Slash after being with Boner/Tupelo for several years, they met resistance with their idea of releasing a cover of The Cars debut album (finally released in 2002 as the SPBT album Unlistenable after a comment made by one of the Slash team). Their label-related hiatus in 1996 turned into a breakup of the band. Bassist Dale Flattum (as Agent Nova) had cut his teeth on electronic music through SPBT's interest in sampling & tape manipulation. He then formed Milk Cult with SPBT guitarist Mike Morasky (Bumblebee). Following the release of their album Project M-13 in 2000, Milk Cult also went on hiatus. At that time Flattum reunited with SPBT drummer Darren Mor-X (Morey) to form Novex. Their first album together, 2001s Kleptophonica, continued the surreal found-sound experiments of Milk Cult, but placed them in a more accessible, song-oriented context.

Novex - Kleptophonica, 0 To 1 Recordings – 002, 2001.
all decryption codes are in comments

Tracks -
Mary Gravy
Paris Is Burning
Tea Pocket
Joan & Jack & Nina & Steve
The Pharmacist Will Help You Now
Paris Is Still Burning
The Happiest Song In The World

Milk Cult – Love God, Boner Records BR38-2, 1993.

Tracklist –
Love God – The Original Soundtrack Recording! Of Frank Grows’ “Love God”
Drag Strip Riot Dream Sequence
Relax & Sleep
Looking at the Drowning Man
Clown Party 1
Clown Party 2
Clown Party 3
Clown Party 4
Clown Party 5
Clown Party 6

Milk Cult – Burn or Bury, Priority Records P253914, 1994.

Tracklist –
The Fuzz Wah Song
Bow Kiness Static
Blue Godzilla
Urine, the Money
Big King Frog
Son of Obituary
Hello Kitty (Meow mix)
Rabbit in the Hole
’63 Mercury Meteor ($500)

Milk Cult – C.C. Nova Dispatch, Communion 31, 1994.

Tracklist –
Bus Stations of the Cross
Relax & Sleep
Purgatory, Isolation, & Pinball, pt. 1
Purgatory, Isolation, & Pinball, pt. 2
Purgatory, Isolation, & Pinball, pt. 3
Tuesday, September 3, 1964
Uptight Chevelle
40,000 Volts of Solitude
Bacon Train
The March of Hectors
Witchdoctor Highball
A Shovel Full of Pigeons
Whirlpool Bursting Test
Song for Amelia Earhart

Note: SPBT bassist Dale Flattum (aka C.C. Nova) issued this Milk Cult release as a solo project. It is often mistakenly called C.C. Nova – Milk Cult Dispatch (1995) with a different track list, but the information here is taken directly from the CD.

Milk Cult – Project M-13, 0 to 1 Recording 001, 2000.

Tracklist –
Hawaiian Motorcycle Joyride - Act 1
Hawaiian Motorcycle Joyride - Act 2
Ambient Obituary
Drug Lord
Martini Boat
Mystery Oasis
Tens & Twenties in a Brown Paper Bag
Paté Pipe Bomb
Biker Party Hole
Funky Fat Tony
Slow Twisting
Network Epilogue
Running the Plates
Detroit Disco Cop



  1. Kleptophonia
    Love God
    Burn or Bury
    C.C. Nova Dispatch
    Project M-13

  2. Love God link gives me an error. Thanks for all the great stuff!

    1. just checked the link & decryption code. it is working fine. if you have problems with MEGA, read the MEGA MESS post from April 1, 2015 (read comments as well for foloower hints). if you are still having issues, let me know, i'll upload it elsewhere.

  3. Gotcha. As with the other Steel Pole post I'm sure the prob is on my end.